Zombie Abe Lincoln Will Fight For Your Rights In Square Enix’s Deadman’s Cross



Opening the press release for Square Enix’s Deadman’s Cross, I frowned. “Another zombie game? And a free-to-play card game on your smartphone, at that?” I mused, half baffled.


Isn’t it about time for the zombie genre to die out (hah) by now? But then, I stopped. In the first promo shot of the game is an image of an undead Abraham Lincoln as a capturable zombie card. Also, the man who designed Final Fantasy Active Time Battle (ATB) system, Hiroyuki Ito, is on board as the game’s Battle Designer.


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Deadman’s Cross is from the same team that made Guardian Cross (Hence the similarities in the name and game convention) and is all about the zombie apocalypse. Having been a sensible person and barring yourself in a defensible home for the past three(!) months with nothing but spam and beans, it’s finally time to grab your rifle and head out as supplies dwindle.


Much like Guardian Cross before it, you’ll have to hunt down the undead in a 3D first-person shooter style mode and capture them to your side. Players will also be able to join clans and complete large-scale objectives, or take on quests to advance the storyline.



You’ll also be able to utilize zombie Abe and other cards you find in fights against other players.


Deadman’s Cross is available on the iOS and Android now. If you happen to also be playing Guardian Cross there’s a collaboration going on where reaching level five in Deadman’s gives you a free card for Guardian Cross.