Zubat And Gastly Added To Pokémon Planet In Halloween Update


As it’s the season to get spooky (or maybe it’s already passed?), the team creating the MMO Pokémon Planet has updated the game with new Halloween-themed content, including two new playable ghastly Pokémon.


For all this week, Oak’s Corral is now the “embodiment of Halloween,” meaning there are menacing faces carved into pumpkins, black clouds piercing a full golden moon, and an overhanging gloom over the whole map.


Plus, there are 21 candies for you to hunt down around the map. For collecting them all, you’ll unlock a pumpkin head costume that you can wear inside the game. Plus, there are golden candies that will unlock yet another cosmetic piece, but you’ll have to collect all of these to find out what it is.



Now, about those two new Pokémon, they’re Zubat and Gastly. You can collect these two new additions to the game and have them fight for you, as you’d expect.


Here’s the description of their attacks that the Pokémon Planet team has provided:


  • Zubat
    Bite – melee attack that deals damage
    Supersonic – close range attack that confuses the opponent


  • Gastly
    Lick – melee attack that deals damage
    Hypnosis – close range attack that puts the opponent to sleep; woken upon attack or end effect duration


If you want to get your candy-covered mitts all over this Halloween update, you can download it on the update’s page. And, of course, there’s much more about Pokémon Planet to found on the game’s forum page.

Chris Priestman