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By Ishaan . March 8, 2009 . 12:21pm

Stephen Totilo over at MTV has been tracking the usage stats of Wii games religiously for the past few months now. Using data he extracts from the Wii Usage stats obtained from Nintendo’s online service, Stephen has been piecing together just what games Wii owners spend time with (those of them that allow for their stats to be recorded anyway), and what games they enjoy.



This month, he discovered something very interesting. Something that a lot of us Wii owners have known for a while, but apparently, developers had no clue: Wii owners seem to love role-playing games. Says Stephen:


Among the standout trends in the Nintendo Wii usage stats I’ve been tracking here each month has been the dedication that role-playing game fans show to the RPGs on the system. Take the November-released “Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World,” which has garnered an average playing time of more than 31 hours per player among the users of Wii’s Nintendo Channel. “Tales” isn’t alone. “Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn,” released in November of 2007, has an average playing time of over 44 hours. (Maybe it’s a “Dawn” thing?)


He goes on:


Few people consider the Wii to be an RPG system. Maybe sales figures bear that out. Nevertheless, the feverishness with which Wii owners play the RPGs that they do get suggests that there’s an appetite there hungry for more.


Of course, we’re going to be seeing quite a few RPGs on Wii in the near future. Crystal Bearers, Monster Hunter Tri and Arc Rise Fantasia are a few off the top of my head, but there are more coming. If you look at Stephen’s stat analysis for March (linked to above), you’ll see good playtimes for Okami and Call of Duty as well. Developers might want to keep an eye on his column if they aren’t already. Nintendo’s stat-tracking service is genuinely useful for developers planning their next project.


This post is secretly a hint to Namco that they need to localize Fragile, stat. No, we don’t want an English dub.

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  • Volcynika

    Yes, needs Fragile! (And I don’t mind English dubs, because I prefer to understand what’s being said! :P )

  • Hello Hello

    I want an English dub. :(

    • RagolSlayer


      • Zuga

        disagreed, I can do without English dubs in general

      • pressstart

        I vote for choice! Both English and Japanese voiceovers! Too bad Namco hasn’t done it AFAIK with Tales series.

        • I agree with pressstart.

          While the original Japanese is nice, sometimes I don’t want to read subtitles.

  • Aoshi00

    Fragile got the desolate atmosphere down and seems like a hauntingly beautiful game, but I’m not sure how fun it plays, would definitely get it though if it comes stateside (can’t import since I oon’t have a Jpn Wii).

    Why not include dual tracks, that way everybody’s pleased. Personally I would very much like to hear Kuwashima Houko (Claire of Claymore) as Seto, that’s probably one of the main reasons I’m interested in this game.

    • daizyujin

      From a programming perspective it is easier to replace a track than add one. Also I am not sure how much this game fills the disc. Seriously though, the game is mediocre at best IMHO. The atmosphere is down pat but the controls, in particular the camera were annoying.

    • ECM

      It’s a pretty lousy game–you aren’t missing anyting at all.

  • Everyone forgets about Opoona!!

    • 11:42 Robot

      Not me. I love Opoona!

  • why so much

    nintendo, need some side scrolling games as well like : CONTRA, R-TYPE SHOOTER, GRADIUS 6

  • lostinblue

    moar rpg’s please. cut the crap, third party’s.

  • Just to play devil’s advocate — RPGs tend to be long games and the genre in general may have longer play times on all consoles. Unfortunately, we don’t have stats like Nintendo of America provides for other consoles.

  • So, he’s saying people spend more time playing RPGs? It couldn’t possibly be because they’re longer games than, say, No More Heroes. Heck, if I put as many hours into Devil May Cry as I do Final Fantasy (for example), that’d be darn impressive.

    I guess I don’t really see the point of these results o_O. I’ve spent more time on Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3 than all my other PS3 games, so does that mean PS3 owners spend more time on RPGs, too?

  • James

    It just means that there are people actually buying the games and spending a decent amount of time with them, thus not all Wii gamers are “casual” gamers looking for 10 minutes sport fixes

    • What James said.

      I think the reason NOA is releasing these numbers — and we all know how secretive Nintendo tends to be — is to encourage the idea that the installbase DOES consist of more than soccer moms and little kids etc etc.

      So, yea, while the numbers don’t say “Wii owners love RPGs more than other console owners,” they do show that Wii owners like RPGs just like everyone else. Personally, I think having numbers like these are fantastic and would be great for all three systems.

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