Solve A Murder Mystery With Edgeworth In February 2010

By Ishaan . July 24, 2009 . 6:01am

Capcom’s Ace Attorney Investigations video from Comic-Con does a good job of demonstrating the new logic system. You get to watch Edgeworth school Gumshoe in the ways of deduction, complete with signature frown and frilly bow tie.


It actually looks very similar to the courtroom interrogations from Ace Attorney, only this time, you’re looking for and presenting evidence on the fly. There’s also a fun scene involving Kay toward the end.


Unfortunately, we’ve got a long wait ahead of us before we’ll get to play Ace Attorney Investigations. Capcom announced at Comic-Con that the game’s North American release is on February 16th, 2010.


During the show we spoke with Motohide Eshiro, Producer of Ace Attorney Investigations and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Keep an eye out for that interview.

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  • Trotmeister

    SEVEN more months to wait!? Agrh…

  • Wake

    I feel your pain man. I was hoping for a 2009 release. Damn!

  • Aoshi00

    When I know the release date is so far away, I know I had to pick up the import. I’m playing the game on the bus and before bed now, it’s totally awesome.

    Still in 2nd act so I haven’t met Kay (Mikumo) yet, but I have seen so many familiar faces already that it feels more like GS4 than Apollo. At first I was worried about having no trials, but it’s actually the same thing except carried out in crime scenes. Running around w/ the sprites and investigating is surprisingly fun, instead of just picking location names and pointing at the screen. The characters are extremely well animated and fun to watch. It would be pretty cool if they continue using this in Gyakuten Saiban 5.

    I’m going to apply the protective film on my DSi tonight (not in a dust free lab..) so wish me luck.

    • So do you solve the crimes before they go to court?

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah pretty much, Mitsurugi (Edgeworth) just solves the case on the spot by confronting and cross examining witnesses. The evidence gathering part is similar and he deduces new clues by putting pieces together. The funny thing is it’s like the criminal didn’t have a chance to a lawyer, you know people usually keep their mouths shut till the attorney arrives, lol. Even w/o the wacky old timer judge, this definitely feels like a main entry instead of a spin off.

        Another thing that’s cool is this is the first time the past Phoenix Wright characters are in DS quality, the trilogy ports had GBA graphics, and Apollo Justice didn’t reprise many of the old cast.. thoroughly enjoying this Everything looks so bright and vibrant on the DSi, even the text are easier to read.

        The Edgeworth/Gumshoe duo is priceless.

        • Man, I can’t wait to play this now. Just from that trailer above, I can see what you mean about the graphics, Gumshoe in particular looks so much better.

          Sorry to bother you again, but where does this game’s story fit in with the previous ones?

          • Aoshi00

            It really doesn’t specify, I would say anytime during or after the trilogy before the Apollo time skip.

            I just finished case 2 and onto 3 now, and Kay just came out :)

            I hope they take their time to proof read since the translation/localization has always been so good, but marred by careless typos.

          • I believe this takes place both before and after Trials and Tribulations, after Edgeworth returns from Europe. I’m scared of trying to confirm that for fear of spoilers though.

            Is Franziska in the game, Aoshi? I’d LOVE to hear what she thinks of Edgeworth’s new “partner.” :P

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, she’s in it, that’s why I said this actually feels more dear than Apollo Justice, seeing so many familiar chars (wonder if Phoenix would make a cameo..). And she’s giving everybody a taste of her whip like crazy :) I just started Act 3, not sure if Kay and Franziska would have a chance to meet yet.

          • Replying to my own post since I couldn’t reply to yours. We should get this Disqus thing sorted out someday. ><

            That's awesome. Franziska = <3

            I'm really liking what I've heard of the music so far, too. Damn them for pushing this to 2010!

          • I hope this game has some kind of epliogue to Trials and Tribulations or at least (spoilers?) what happens to Maya and Pearl. I was really disapointed they didn’t even show up or have a cameo in Apollo Justice. I know it’s all about Apollo but… it would have been nice to see them, if only briefly.

            I don’t blame you for not looking it up, the amount of games I’ve accidently ruined for myself while just looking up information… : (

          • Aoshi00

            K, I played far enough now. Act 3 made clear that this takes place right after the 3rd game.

          • Ah, excellent! Now to endure the painfully long wait!

  • Josh

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Capcom said winter 2009 for the west before, so this is a delay… but at least we have a firm date now.

    And Capcom seems to like the third week of February, since that’s when Apollo Justice was released in North America in 2008.

  • For the European readers, the current release date is the 19th February!

    • Comment thread got too long. Yea, I really want to know what happened to Maya, too. Luckily, the Ace Attorney team is pretty receptive to fan feedback (that’s how we got Investigations), so perhaps in the next one, they’ll elaborate on the events between PW and AJ?

      I’d love to see Edgeworth go up against Kristoph Gavin and tear him to shreds.

      • Oh wow, I didn’t know that was how Investigations came about, that’s made me optmisic for future Maya appearances! If the next main game is a follow-up to Apollo Justice, I think that could be really interesting considering the ending of it.


        I wonder if they would make the Jury system as standard and have a bar showing how convinced the jury is that your client is innocent or something along those lines.

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