Shantae, More Art Style, And Electroplankton Slated For DSiWare

By Spencer . September 15, 2009 . 4:21pm

image Nintendo gave us a rough look at the future of DSiWare. Instead of more Mario clocks, Q4 2009 has more Shantae. WayForward, the developers of Contra 4 and Lit, are working on Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, a follow up to their Game Boy Color game.


Nintendo is planning a bunch of DSiWare titles too, some of which we know little about like Picturebook Games: The Royal Bluff and Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. Art Style: Digidrive appears to be an updated version of the Game Boy Advance game DigiDrive. Art Academy: Second Semester is a follow up to Nintendo’s drawing training game which came out yesterday. Sparkle Snapshots sounds like a localized version of the sticker photo app they released in Japan. We’re also getting the diced up Electroplankton digital re-release which is split into ten parts, just like Japan.


Gameloft’s Uno, Subatomic Studios’ Fieldrunners, and Bomberman Blitz from Hudson are also heading to the DSiWare shop later this year.


These games may not be system sellers, but DSiWare is slowly improving. At least we’re not getting another round of Animal Crossing calculators.

  • Joanna

    from a theoretical standpoint, do you think it would be possible to have a virtual handheld with at minimum GB/C games? or is the hardware/download limit theoretically unable to cope with such a service. I’m asking because I don’t know the typical size of GB/C games, or whether the DSi could emulate them.

    I agree with the DSi ware improving, but I’m still waiting for a few games that really grab me to invest in a DSi (200 CAN plus tax is a lot of money for a poor student like me ^^;;;)

    • lostinblue

      surely. even GBA micro could handle software GB emulation, there was that emulator (rin?)

      it’s easy for DS, let alone a DSi. And the games are really small too; they’re all under 4 MB.

      • Joanna

        thanks for responding. I was wondering about emulation because the DS wasn’t backwards compatible with GB/C games so I was wondering if the ability to emulate was taken out to make the device smaller, or if it’s just that the carts don’t fit into the slot.

        Of course, I bet if Nintendo wanted they could re-program these GB/C games to run on the DSi instead of the DSi emulating them. (It’s just the emulation seems to take less effort, which is probably what most companies want to do).

        • Zefiro Torna

          The lack of GB and GBC game cartridge support for the DS was likely a financial decision Nintendo made. Considering that way back when the DS was first released, Nintendo was still producing GBA units and profiting from its sales, and they could have wanted the GBA to posses a unique feature which the DS didn’t have.

          It’s just a theory, and I’m probably also taking their former “third pillar strategy” statement further than for what they intended it to mean.

          • jarrodand

            The GB/C’s Z80 ran at a higher voltage, that’s why Nintendo dropped it for DS. They also dropped it for GB micro actually.

            I’d really like to see a Virtual Console Portable on DSi though, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

    • I think it’s only a matter of time until Nintendo starts a DSi Virtual Console. It’s a logical next move as long as they can get publishers to agree to a contract.

      • It wouldn’t be possible for many games, the DS screen resolution is different to what 16 bit games were, if you tried to do it, sure, it would emulate but you’d have the screen cut off or have to scale it down.

        GB/GBC games are the best bet as they look great, even GBA is an option due to the lack of cart slot found in the DSi.

  • doubleO7

    Is this Shantae that one developed for GBA that never got released?

    • Joanna

      I never played it, but from a little research I discovered that it was in fact released here, just a little late into the GBC’s life. So most people ignored it because they were moving up to the GBA. So Shantae is a GBC game, not GBA. :)

      • conchobhar

        I think he’s asking if the Shantae DSi game is the same as the planned (and half-finished) GBA sequel that WayForward had been working on.

        I have no idea whether it is or not, but I kind of have a gut feeling it’s new. Might be wrong, though.

        • Joanna

          that makes more sense. I never knew about the canceled GBA game, probably because I don’t know that much about Shantae in general. ^^

  • goldbar

    what about art style or box life why isnt anyone talking about those

  • goldbar


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