A Look At The Tales Of Graces Hardware Bundle And Swimwear

By Ishaan . November 22, 2009 . 1:28pm


Thanks to Impress Watch, we finally get a good look at the Tales of Graces Special Pack, which includes the game, a white Wii and a white Classic Controller Pro for 27,800 yen. The special pack goes on sale December 10 and will be released in limited quantities, although, no one has cited any numbers yet.


Impress Watch also shows off the swimwear costumes you can equip your characters with. They show up both in battle and during event scenes, and have names like "Cat girl" and "Waterside angel." You can also look at screenshots of the various modes of transport in the game.


Good thing this bundle is releasing before Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. Expect November and December to be good months for Wii thanks to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Tales of Graces.


Food for thought: Why a plain white Wii? Wouldn’t that put potential console double-dippers off from buying the bundle? The black Wii was what made the Monster Hunter 3 bundle so appealing, and even that didn’t give hardware a huge boost.

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  • speedstersonic

    Lame it doesn’t have that awesome art on the wii itself. Wii bundles just suck in general it seems, there is nothing special about them.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s a pity the only thing nice about this is the eyecatching packaging (I mean not even the special pre-order bonus DVD). I got the black one during the summer because I’ve been waiting all these years to import a 2nd system in different color, would be silly to have 2 white Wiis sitting next to each other side by side. If they actually have the Graces art on the system, at least you would be able to tell. Nintendo should make faceplates like the 360 or the DS since I never use stickers.BTW, I can’t take any more man-junk, seeing Bruno has blinded me eyes :(…http://game.watch.impress.co.jp/img/gmw/docs/33http://game.watch.impress.co.jp/img/gmw/docs/33

  • i.. want this….. but how much time for this to come.. i dunno what is happening to our namco bandai with tales series, taking so much time for vesperia for ps3, never bringing tales of mythology 2 (and the 1st one sold well as far as i know) and not even tales of hearts that seemed to be a great chance for portable tales here!*sad*

    • Kris

      Since my last comment somehow needed approval to go through, I’ll just say I’m tired of Namco-Bandai not localizing the games I’m interested in. Still holding out hope for Vesperia though.

  • pacanug

    That’s some damn fine boxart right there.

  • malek86

    I still say that Sophie looks like an alien, and that the other girl’s design is clearly made to appeal to zettai ryouiki fanboys.

    Aside from that, looks good. I’ll wait for an english release tho – not going to play this one in japanese too, right after Hexyz Force (and I need to start Soul Hackers after I’m done).

  • vrakanox

    Now this would be my prime import game. If only the wii wasn’t region protected….

  • Yeah, this would have been an interesting package if they’d put some of Inomata’s art on the side. Or even just on the controller!

    o scamdai u so lazy :/

  • jarrodand

    I agree a 3rd color would’ve been nice. You’re wrong about the MH3/black Wii not giving a huge boost though, it quadrupled hardware sales.

    • I guess this is relative to what people’s expectations of MH3 were. Personally, I kind of expected a larger boost…but maybe I was being a little unreasonable in that regard. Kind of amazed there’s no red Wii bundle with NSMB, too.

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