Is Namco Bandai Making Another Tales Narikiri Dungeon Game?

By Spencer . February 2, 2010 . 1:29am


One of the earliest Tales spin-offs was a dungeon RPG called Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon for Game Boy. Namco Bandai went on to release two more Narikiri Dungeon games under the Tales of the World banner for the Game Boy Advance. Each had its own mix of Tales characters and a scaled down linear motion battle system.


Recently, the Radiant Mythology games took over the Tales of the World label. But, Namco Bandai may be bringing Narikiri Dungeon back into action since they trademarked Narikiri Dungeon Cross in Japan.


The “cross” at the end intrigues me. With respect to video game titles, that usually indicates some kind of crossover — Namco x Capcom, Cross Edge, etc. Wonder what characters could team up for a Tales style dungeon RPG…



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  • Kris

    Chances are, we won’t see it here!
    Namco’s really been a bitch about not releasing things I want lately.

    • Vanilla

      I’ve always found it rather sad that out of all of the Tales of fanservice games Bamco’s made, Radiant Mythology is the one I was NEVER interested in.

    • Indeed that’s how I am with anything Tales related from Namco we aren’t getting it the hope died for me.

  • vall03

    you know, whenever the Tales series is being mentioned the first things that comes to my mind is “It wont get localized” and “I cant wait for the fan translation to come out” *sigh* what the hell is Namco afraid of that they dont want to localized any of these games? and they localized Muscle March over many other Tales games?! I really dont understand this…

    • But Muscle March is much smaller than ANY Tales game.
      I bet they got it done in like… a week.

      • raymk

        yeah thats probably true but don’t they need to release a certain amount of games a year. What else has US got planned for the year

  • jarrodand

    Hmm. I smell Monolith…

    • Nah, Monolith is too busy with Xenoblade and Endless Frontier Exceed

      • jarrodand

        Exceed’s already done, I’m betting this is the next game from that team. They also did Namco X Capcom btw.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hm, except for Radiant mythology what other Tales spin-offs have Bamco localized. None right? Localizing this would be quite a break-or-make which I doubt they’ll want to chance. About the Cross-part, I don’t think it sounds like a crossover… Namco x Capcom has an x-character instead of spelling “cross” and Cross Edge is a whole new title unto itself. I know that’s not really any argument, my gut just tells me it’s a fancy word they could use for making Narikiri more interesting and fresh. I could be perfectly wrong though, which would be great.

    • Maybe it isn’t strictly a Tales affair…
      After all the trademark doesn’t include Tales of or Tales of the World anywhere.
      It might still use the LMBS, and on the intro have the Tales of LMBS(which was trademarked) logo but it might use more Namco characters, hence the X, kind of like a “cross” of Namco characters with the usual Narikiri Dungeon gameplay.

  • SanityCrisis

    Like the others, I’m not expecting this to be localized. Heck, it’s not even announced for real yet.

    But what I’m hoping for is that if this does come into production, that they revamp the sprites. Those Eternia-styled sprites have been recycled for far too long. =___=;;
    (And if you’ve played VS, I really like the style they used for the overworld sprites for newer characters)

    And Cross… I’m thinking either it’s just a fancier way to remind us this is a this is a Tales crossover, or Namco’s gonna throw in characters from their other games, like Xenosaga and Eternal Sonata.

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