Steambot Chronicles 2 Still In Development

By Ishaan . March 7, 2010 . 3:42pm


News on Steambot Chronicles 2 has been scarce…or non-existent, rather…since the game’s initial reveal. The project, named Bumpy Trot 2 in Japan, was originally in development for the PS2 until developer Irem switched over to the Playstation 3. Recently, ScrawlFX got in touch with Irem to investigate whether or not it was still in development.


“We are still developing Bumpy Trot 2,” an Irem rep confirmed to them. “We are now trying to release it in Japan as soon as we can.” When further questioned as to whether there were plans for a western release, Irem responded that no plans for a release outside of Japan had been decided upon yet. Keep your eyes on the game’s website, just in case…although, it hasn’t been updated in ages.


A big thanks to Xeahnort for the tip!

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  • Dark_Sage

    This almost makes me want to finish the first one… almost.

    • thebanditking

      Nah, pass on that thought. The original was horribly translated in my opinion (pimp my trot? come on) and was really sub par from every stand point, and that was on PS2. I really like Irem but Im not going to set my anticipation too high for this one.

    The level of happy this makes me is irrational.

  • kupomogli

    I thought this game dropped off the face of the earth after not hearing about it for so long. This is a nice surprise.

    I thought the first one was a good game. The only bad part about it is that it had to load waaay too often. Walk around a small part of town. Loading. Walk a little bit more through town. Loading. Hopefully everything in the first game is brought to the second game and then more.

  • EvilAkito

    Glad to see that it still exists, especially since it’s one of the games that made me want a PS3 in the first place.

    The first one was a cool concept, but it was hurt by all of the loading screens that interrupt you while you explore towns. Hopefully that won’t occur in the sequel now that they have superior hardware to work with.

  • holyPaladin

    Nice gonna play this if released :)

  • Kris

    I need more Bumpy Trot in my life!!

  • Chow

    Ear-swabbing during hot cocoa ftw!

  • thebanditking

    Still coming huh? Its not that I forgot about it but with a release date of “before the end of the current generation” its not hard to imagine people forgetting all about it. I don’t really know much about this game as I never paid the original much attention.

  • ’bout time! I thought this was a goner for sure.

  • Ha! I knew I was right in keeping faith in this project! Now if only I could find everyone that said this project was canned and make them eat their words.

    Hopefully, “as soon as we can” translates to, “Summer” ! I’d love to play some Bumpy Trot 2 this Summer :)

    EDIT: Oh and for all you fans who went through the first one, you’ll get what I mean when I say this, lol. I’m just glad they didn’t pick option 3, “Crush his dreams” and still plan on releasing it!

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