NIS America Want Your Trinity Universe Questions

By Ishaan . April 2, 2010 . 4:10pm

Nippon Ichi and Gust’s joint project featuring characters from Disgaea and the Atelier Viorate is coming to Europe and North America this year. Trinity Universe features two separate modes — goddess and demon — based around Gust and NIS characters respectively, and is another gorgeous 3D RPG.


That’s about all we really know about Trinity Universe, aside from a few videos of the battles. Luckily, NIS America got in touch with us to talk about the game, and we figured we’d hand the questioning duties over to our readers. At the risk of their own well-being, they were nice enough to agree.


So fire away with your questions in the comments, and we’ll pick out the best ones to have answered. Oh, and try to stick to questions about this game. The Atelier Totori begging will have to wait for another day.

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  • kashiwaba

    I will make it very simple NISA just pass on localizing this trash and give us Ar tonelico III and Atelier rorona faster.

    • trash ur troll face

      • What does that even mean?

        English… do you SPEAK it?

        • was that meant to me? well o.o he said trash game… so i said, trash his troll’s (yes i forgot the ” ‘s”) face, like, not the game but his face… and troll is how normally ppl that say offensive and innecesary stuff on the web are called.

    • What I really want to see is Classic Dungeon and Zettai Hero… STAT.

      • Gosh… I wonder what other games I’m working on are >_>

        • LastFootnote

          So Nick, since we’re dropping hints about future games and all that, can we shed some light on La Pucelle? It would be nice even to have confirmation that we’re not getting it.

          As far as Trinity Universe goes, I can’t say I’m all that excited about it. It would be nice to know something about its gameplay. How much do the two modes differ? Different stories? Different gameplay?

          • Ereek

            Consider this: NISA’s press conference usually occurs in May, that’s when they announce many of their games. I would say “if” it’s coming, don’t expect an official announcement until then.

          • LastFootnote

            Good call. I’m looking forward to it. On a side note, I’m also really looking forward to Disgaea Infinite. Two thumbs up to NISA for bringing it over.

      • Here here. Two games I can’t WAIT to be brought over to the US.

    • I could have sworn this was an invitation for readers to ask NISA questions about the game, not to attack them.

      I mean… that’s why we open the door for fan fueled Q&As.

      • kashiwaba

        I didn’t attack NISA I just asked them to shift their focus on better games.

        • Ereek

          No, I’m pretty sure that you attacked the game. You sounded quite hostile and negative. “Trash?” If you were asking them to “shift their focus,” why not say that in the first place?

    • Subjectivity and opinion are fun. I think all three games have ups and downs. I think every game has ups and downs. *shrug*

    • raymk

      why are u saying this localizing this is set in stone. anyway i would like to know how long this game is and will there be DLC/costumes like Cross-edge

    • jj984jj

      As if Atelier Rorona is any better.

      Tell them to hurry up with Zettai Hero!

  • Ereek

    1. Is keeping Violet/Viorate in-character difficult, considering that her Atelier game has never been released in English? Has the localization team looked over her previous game in order to give her an accurate portrayal? Have they added any quirks of their own?

    2, How does NISA balance their split fans? A lot of people prefer English voice acting and don’t mind name changes (York/Yuuto), but another portion prefers Japanese voice acting and gets angry at any minor name changes, even for localization purposes.
    Edit: This actually is a question directly related to TU, though I realize it doesn’t seem like it. For example, is her name Violet, or Viorate in the localization? Did they make any purposeful changes to names of original characters in the localization process? If so, what do they feel about some fans reacting negatively to it?

    3. Is this an easier or more difficult project than Cross Edge?

  • epy

    The vast majority of the gamers outside of Japan are not familiar with the characters of Atelier Viorate. Do you think this might lower their enjoyment of this game?

    Also, do you think there is a way to fix this? (wink, wink)

    Will the game be feature both english and japanese voices?

    What are the main differences between the goddess and demon modes?

  • im wondering if this will have for disgaea chars, the original english voices?! flonne’s english voice pwnz!

  • Don’t really have any questions, really. Just wondering when we’ll get an exact release date.

  • nyobzoo

    will the US version have DLC come to it also like the Japanese version?

  • JeremyR

    My question is this:

    “Are you going to screw up the DLC like you did with Disgaea 2 portable?”

  • Soma

    Q: Will Trinity Universe be released in a deluxe and regular version?
    If a deluxe version is a possibility, what kind of extras may it include?

  • mach

    Will ALL of the lines that were voiced in Japanese be dubbed into English? Or will NISA only be dubbing some of the voiced lines, just as they did with Mana Khemia 1 & 2, Ar Tonelico 2, and Cross Edge? If the latter is true, what is the primary reason for NISA choosing not to dub all the lines?

    • Ooooh. That’s actually a pretty good one. Thanks for asking what I should’ve.

  • kupomogli

    Not interested in Trinity Universe so no questions, but when are we getting Prinny 2?

  • Hours

    Will the entire game (including the DLC) be brought over? There has been issues with games being incomplete in the past.

  • Xeahnort

    My question:

    Will the american or european version of Trinity Universe have some goodies ?


    Never make a definitive Assumption upon a videogame, unless you’ve at least sampled. TU is wonderful.

    • kashiwaba

      All the gameplay videos which I watched for this game didnt encourage me but still I’m getting it I tried The last rebellion and nothing can be worse than The last rebellion :P.

  • Kris

    I’ve got a couple of somewhat offbeat questions, but I hope they’ll get answered.
    1.Are there multiple endings for the two storylines?
    2. Will this game have alternate costumes that will be seen in battle?
    3. Will there be any name changes like Cross Edge’s Yuuto becoming York?
    4. Is there any added content for the US version?


    • Spekio

      From playing the JP version I can answer the first two.
      1. There are Bad, Normal, and True endings for each side.
      2. No alternate costumes.

  • Spekio

    My only question is if they’ll fix the major bug in the JP release of Trinity Universe when they bring it to the US. For those who don’t know, there is a bug in the JP version where when starting a 2nd play through loading off your clear file, you become unable to buy any of the synthesis recipes bought in the first play through. This is actually a big deal since all of the weapons sold in the shops are extremely weak. They patched in the Black Market which is basically a band aid where you can trade items for TP, and then TP for items (like Cross Edge) and still get those items, but they never actually fixed the problem.

    Reference link for the bug (Japanese):

  • zhemos

    Will we get the Japanese audio? And also what type of goodies can we expect for pre orders? ^^

  • Xien12

    1. How many names are you going to change?
    2. How much content are you going to change?
    3. The above two.

  • stealth20k

    Trinity universe is greatm and cross edge was very underrated. If trinity universe is coming in june, atelier rorona is coming july- september.

    Next years schedule looks to be ar tonelico III, atelier rorona 2, and the new disgaea project (probably localized in 3 months)

    • jj984jj

      Are you and wildarms the same person? You both have exactly the same opinion on all niche RPGs I see you talk about and ask Atlus for the same games all the time.

      • It is possible that several different people would have the same opinion. I haven’t played Trinity Universe yet since I knew they’d be localizing it, but I totally think Cross Edge was underrated and I want all three of those games that were mentioned localized. Doesn’t mean I’m also Wildarms, does it?

        • jj984jj

          You ignored half of my post but I was joking.

          Partly. >_>

  • eliel

    will there b free DLC? or mostly free like cross edge…

  • Genjo


    1) how well are ya guys Relationship with Gust and how ya got the idea of doing this game?(if possible to ask lol )
    2) will we see some kind of add more stuff in future for this game?

  • john411

    Why choose not to bring it on the 360, if a 360 version was available for licensing?

    • There is no 360 version. There may be one in Japan in the future, but as of right now, that was just a rumor. And besides, there’s no market in America for niche RPG’s on the 360. Just ask Atlus about that.

      • rock1644

        Correction, there is no market for bad niche RPGs on the 360. Now, if there were niche RPGs on the 360 that were actually good, I’d expect Atlus to bring them out here.

        • LORDMATRIX2004

          I agree with you. NIS America should be asked why they decided not to localize the X360 version of this or Cross Edge DASH. I find it silly how they are licensed Xbox 360 Publisher’s yet they have still not brought a game out on Xbox 360 nor have they localized Cross Edge DASH which they already localized for PS3. It’s stupid tbh. The RPG fanbase on the X360/PS3 are nearly identical in the Americas. NIS needs to wake up and realize this. Perhaps Aksys or Atlus will do it. They are not blinded by the fanboyism like NIS apparently has become.

      • Not trying to open a can of worms, but this isn’t a “rumor”.

        Compile Heart’s GDC pamphlet specifically said Trinity Universe for PS3/Xbox 360 and coming to the USA soon.

        • EDIT: Wish there was a delete, as I think my above comment sums things up better than my original one.

        • Well, that pamphlet doesn’t contradict anything I said, anyway. I said that it would probably come out in Japan, like Cross Edge Dash and Record of Agarest War. Cross Edge Dash never came out in America, yet it’s listed in a very similar way to how Trinity Universe is listed. The pamphlet, if it is not a typo, does not say that the 360 version (or even the PS3 version, for that matter) is coming out in America, just that the game, in general, is coming here. Personally, I am glad that it’s PS3 exclusive in the States, as was Cross Edge. I’d much rather the companies that I support focus their budgets on localizing more games I want to play for the system I own, rather than waste money on a system where they aren’t going to see any sales, using up money that could’ve been used to localize something else for the PS3.

          • LORDMATRIX2004

            Way to be self-centered. So because you don’t own an Xbox 360 means they shouldn’t even bother bringing a X360 version over? What are you a fanboy? I know plenty of X360 owners who would love to play Cross Edge DASH or Trinity Universe on their X360. Spectral Force 3 did alright on X360 in the USA but the other SRPG games that came out were pretty bad so far. Next time think before you speak. Unless you enjoy making yourself sound like a total tool.

  • MisterNiwa

    My question is..

    What can this game offer me, so that i will gladly buy it?

    • it offers you three disgaea character.

      • MisterNiwa

        But if the battle system or the story is flawed, 3 disgaea chars do shit to me. :[

  • MrRobbyM

    I know the Atelier Rorona begging is supposed to wait…but I just can’t help myself..


    • Xeahnort

      Atelier Rorona is coming this summer and almost at the same time as Trinity Universe.

      • MrRobbyM

        I know, but as the one commercial says…”IT’S MY RORONA AND I WANT IT NOW!” …that’s what they say…right?

  • Between this and Cross Edge, does the bringing over of games with “classic” Atelier characters mean that the older games might finally come over? Does NISA have any interest in that?

    Also, there’s a little debate over “Viorate”‘s name (Violet, Viorate, etc), so has NISA decided on a direction to go in on that front?

  • ForeverFidelis

    Why do you guys keep leaving Laharl outta the crossovers?

  • malek86

    Semi-serious question: in light of this collaboration, and with the recent craze of RPG fighting games, can you say you have never thought of making a “Gust vs. NIS”?

    • Ereek

      I’d play it. NIS has shown they’re capable of working with other genres (Prinny), so I’d like to see their work in new areas.

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