This Week In Sales: Destrooooybeeeeeeeam!!

By Ishaan . April 25, 2010 . 3:54pm


Inconceivable! It’s a Marvelous Entertainment game in the top-ten. Twice! It looks like porting No More Heroes to the HD systems was the right choice after all. The series is more popular now, and the added exposure probably created a bit of an additional audience for it, especially since MMV made the effort to add Japanese voices to the game. Hopefully, they’ll fix the issues with the ports and find a publisher in the West willing to bring them over.


…no, Ignition. You stop eyeing them right now. *smacks hand*


The top-ten for the week of April 12th – 18th was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Tw. Sales Tot. Sales Sys. Publisher
01. 01. New Super Mario Bros. Wii 32,108 3,686,739 Wii Nintendo
05. 02. Tomodachi Collection 20,883 3,110,984 DS Nintendo
03. 03. Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 20,880 102,733 PSP Konami
04. 04. Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 19,104 106,864 PS3 Konami
02. 05. Fist of the North Star Musou 18,866 510,052 PS3 Koei
06. 06. Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light 15,961 396,498 DS Nintendo
New 07. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise 15,763 New PS3 Marvelous
New 08. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise 15,153 New 360 Marvelous
09. 09. Wii Fit Plus 14,685 1,832,540 Wii Nintendo
08. 10. Yakuza 4 11,094 529,977 PS3 Sega


It seems the uncensored nature of the Xbox 360 version of No More Heroes allowed it to debut neck-in-neck with the PS3 port. Speaking of neck-in-neck, the PSP and PS3 versions of Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 continue to sell very close to each other for yet another week. While the PSP version might have a “portable” advantage, the PS3 version has an exclusive online mode that allows for downloading of updated stats as the game season progresses.

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  • ForeverFidelis

    Oh please Lord

    Please have a US release…

    I already have a wii, but for some reason I don’t want to buy it unless it’s for the 360..

    • lostinblue

      You really should, the gameplay on the Wii is what makes it feel different from other games and it works so well… One of the best games on the platform. Done from the ground too.

  • Loving the Ignition diss.

  • Pichi

    Make the PS3 version uncensored and its a go.

    • MrRobbyM

      Agreed. I’m trying to keep all my games on a single console unless the 360 version of a multiplat game is THAT much better.

      • Aoshi00

        I usually buy all the multiplatforms for my 360 (Nier/Resonance of Fate, etc) and only get the exclusives on PS3 (Replicant perhaps?), prefer the controller/achievement/crisper graphics in most cases. The occasional loading for NMH isn’t too bad once you start playing the game, I have yet to encounter any freezing *knock on wood* But I’m just about to start the 2nd boss fight Dr. Peace now, so still very early…

        It’s amazing to see Yakuza 4 doing so well, so they really like that game over there huh? Shenmue 3 :(?? Sadly the closest thing there is now is “Revenge of the Wounded Dragons” lol…

        • I’m always surprised by people who prefer the 360 controller. I mean, my thumbs are symmetrical, so the Dualshock 3 is perfect for me for just about any type of game I can play. It’s so weird to have the stick on top on the left. Plus, those controllers are ridiculously huge.

          • MrRobbyM

            I’m fine with the playstation controller but the 360 controller has grown on me. The arms are longer and it has some nice curves so it feels more natural in the hand. I also like the concave(I think that’s the correct word) sticks. Maybe your hands are just small? Don’t mean that in a rude way.

          • lostinblue

            Dual Shock should have been updated aeons ago regarding ergonomy, it’s not so much that it sucks, but it has improvement room. I’d say the X360 controller is really better; as is the GC controller or Xbox 1 S-Controller for that matter when it comes to 3D games (joystick in the main position is a godsend)

  • kylehyde

    Well we have to considerer that this week was really low. In previous months I saw many games that sold 30,000 and barely made it to the top 10.

  • Ereek

    You know, I’m all for welcoming the Ignition-bashing (they deserve it) but will it hurt Siliconera’s relationship with them? . . .Did you even have much of a relationship with Ignition in the first place? We all know you’re on good/great terms with XSEED and NISA.

    • lostinblue

      They’re the ones who have to mend it really, Siliconera is their userbase and we’ve been burned to hell and back, give them credit when they said they were working on their issues several times now.

      In short, being the core userbase of their titles I believe siliconera dissing them is in line with what’s of interest to us.

      That being: they have to try WAY harder. (or leave the games I intended to purchase alone)

    • I actually did think twice before putting that in, but I don’t think we’re being unfair. You know I hate giving companies heat for no reason.

      But honestly, going after NMH seems just like the sort of thing they’d do…and considering how NMH1 isn’t that great of a game (the boss fights and the dialogue / personality are definitely the highlights), if Ubisoft refuse to fork over their localization assets, Ignition will need to redo it from the ground up. NMH oozes personality, so it’s not an “easy” game to localize either.

  • lostinblue

    They should release the 3 versions worldwide, including a updated Wii version to ride the wave sort of speak.

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