Kara no Shoujo Fan-Translation Nipped In The Bud, Too

By Ishaan . May 8, 2010 . 3:35pm


It would appear Minori’s appeal against fan-translations on the TLWiki has sparked something of a chain reaction, as other visual novel publishers have begun sending in cease & desist letters to have projects pertaining to their properties removed from the site as well.


The latest company to voice their objections are Gungnir, parent to Innocent Grey, who requested the removal of the Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra translations. Here’s a translated version of their e-mail to TLWiki, courtesy of Encubed:


This is Gungnir Ltd.

As the copyright holder, we request the following:

Please immediately stop translating our games Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra.

Please remove all relevant text, images, etc. from your website as well.

We look forward to your cooperation.


Minori’s heated arguments with the TLWiki inhabitants appears to have set an example for other companies. The publishers following in their footsteps have chosen to go the direct route and e-mail the TLWiki staff directly, rather than attempt to appeal their case to the translators themselves, which has made removal of their projects a lot quicker.


On the bright side, hopefully, this means that a legitimate visual novel publisher now has a chance to license Kara no Shoujo.

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  • Xien12

    Licensing Kara no Shoujo would be like licensing Gore Screaming Show.

    * Which, I might add, is a very great game despite the usual stuff.

    • Artavasdus

      I haven’t played GSS or KnS, but isn’t the first infinitely more guro and heavy on violence and sexual elements than the second? The little I read about it was decidedly extreme, while KnS doesn’t seem to go to those lenght.

      Cartagra on the other hand seemed to be quite guro, but I can’t be sure since I base my impression on some screenshot and an online review.

      • Xien12

        True, GSS has more gore, but KnS is more scenic and realistic. Most of Innocent Grey’s stories show what… things humans are capable of. Not pretty. Although GSS is more or less the same, it has way more supernatural elements. Also, there’s the matter of censorship. KnS has less.

  • Guest

    Again, I hope this doesn’t stop the release of a patch, even if the translation has to occur out of sight (and out if site) now.

  • Thankfully, TLWiki is taking steps finally to end these cease and desists. And also happy to find out that Kara no Shoujo’s fan translation is far from dead and should be out relatively soon.

    • Artavasdus

      True, KnS’s patch will probably make it after all. The real victim will apparently be Cartagra’s translation project, which had resumed in the last weeks and had the same staff as KnS’s :(

      I think TLWiki needs to rethink its role before every project they host get C&Ded, but they seem to have understood they need to do something and I am confident they know what is best for their projects and for themselves.

      Seeing how Ef and Muv Luv Extra were released in the space of a few days (Remember11 is also nearing the completion of its editing phase), however, the situation doesn’t seem so grim.

  • A friend of mine is working on a translation of one in a series of visual novels of a single circle. If one of them is noticed, I would expect that all of them would go.

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