• I’m Skeptical but at least this isn’t Yakuza 5. Actually, that worries me more so cause Sega may not even release this in the West… ugh, if they do they don’t need to ruin this with horrible Voice Acting and just sub it. Can’t be that much to it for a zombie game, can there? I just want it quicker than waiting 1 year from the Japanese release.

    :o Also, thanks Ishaan for the video!

    • kupomogli

      The original Yakuza easily had some of the best voice acting of any video game ever released.

      Aside from that, when is the last time you’ve heard English voice acting in a Yakuza game? Yakuza 2 didn’t have it, Yakuza 3 didn’t have it. Is Yakuza 4 going to have English voice acting or are they going to leave it in Japanese? We’ll see.

      • It has been since Yakuza 1 but Sega seems to have mood swings and sometimes does the irrational when it would have been better to go with the rational course of action…

      • Agreed, Yakuza has my favourite English VA track of all time!

  • Better than RE5 D:

    • thebanditking

      My thoughts exactly

  • )WPMNCP([email protected]”_IOCM”W

    I’m sold!!!

  • FlamingSausage

    What the hell have they done to this series…Just what.. is this I don’t even.. This is just a what-if story right? Umbrella attacks Kamurocho, a Resident Evil/Yakuza combination universe.

  • This seems like a Left 4 Dead kind of spinoff to the main series if you ask me….i’d be down for that :D

  • capristrider

    Totally unexpected and totally fun looking! Maybe genesis of a new genre: Gangster Survival Horror! Only in Japan, Gangsters vs Zombies :)

  • As fun as it looks, I can’t bring myself to play this game… I’m scared of ghosts :(

    • Hraesvelgr

      Luckily for you, this has zombies instead of ghosts.

      • I’m scared of anything supernatural (are zombies supernatural?).

        I nearly died of a heart attack when playing L4D, and I never touched RE and Fatal Frame after the first 30 mins, instead giving it to my brother.

        However, Shadow Hearts is an exception

  • I’ve never actually played a game in the Yakuza series, but I’m a huge fan of zombie movies/games. I’ll certainly be picking this one up!

  • thebanditking

    I’m not understanding the animosity among the fans with this. Personally I think its an interesting “what if” and if they let you fight the zombies this will be better then Dead Rising, as Yakuza has a better hand to hand combat.

  • SO Sega Craps out Yakuza games yet refuses to finish Shenmue….something is horribly wrong here HORRIBLY WRONG

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