This Week In Sales: Black Ops Levels Up, Criminal Girls Subdued

By Ishaan . November 24, 2010 . 4:30pm


Here’s a few interesting sales tidbits from the week of November 15th – 21st:


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops was the highest-selling game of the week with 128,922 units.

  • Combined first-week sales of Black Ops came in at 159,201 units, as compared to Modern Warfare 2’s 178,000 units.

  • Criminal Girls, for all its fanservice and butt-spanking, failed to even manage 20k.

  • Pro Evo Soccer 2011 released on three more platforms: PSP, PS2 and Wii with that last one not doing so great.


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Subtitled) 128,922 New PS3 Square Enix
New 02. Super Fossil Fighters 42,829 New DS Nintendo
04. 03. Pokémon: Black / White 39,883 4,450,879 DS Nintendo
03. 04. Super Mario All-Stars Collector’s Edition 38,219 565,928 Wii Nintendo
01. 05. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together 37,350 213,503 PSP Square Enix
New 06. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 35,500 New PSP Konami
New 07. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Subtitled) 30,279 New 360 Square Enix
05. 08. Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery 24,918 65,126 DS Konami
07. 09. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 22,383 323,803 PS3 Konami
New 10. Record of Agarest War 2 20,889 New PS3 Compile Heart
06. 11. God Eater Burst (standalone and append editions) 18,726 375,082 PSP Namco Bandai
New 12. Criminal Girls 17,855 New PSP Nippon Ichi
New 13. CR Evangelion – Beginning of the Gospel 16,964 New PS3 Fields
08. 14. Wii Party 16,814 1,208,037 Wii Nintendo
02. 15. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 14,632 62,241 PS3 Namco Bandai
New 16. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 14,450 New PS3 Konami
10. 17. Kirby’s Epic Yarn 11,840 199,618 Wii Nintendo
09. 18. Wii Sports Resort (w/ MotionPlus) 11,745 26,184 Wii Nintendo
New 19. Pachislot CR Evangelion – Beginning of the Gospel 9,102 New PSP D3 Publisher
New 20. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 8,105 New Wii Konami


Sales data sourced from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

  • malek86

    That’s about as much as I expected for Criminal Girls.

  • cmurph666

    Any chance in Hell, Criminal Girls is going to get ported?

    • Code

      Seriously these posts are getting all kinds of old lately x_x’

    • What do you mean by ported? o.o

      • Code

        Given the trend lately, I figure there wondering if it’ll get ported to PS3. Been seeing those kind of posts a whole lot lately x_x;

        • Ohh… O_o I see, well, maybe.. if you have some yen in the japanese account, it would be good for it to be ported… Oh!, I imagine this game had a psn release? for psp go?

          • Code

            I meant people literally want the game as a PS3 game over a PSP game, not just listed on PSN for PSP. Seem a lot of people want PSP games ported up to PS3 which people have been bringing up lately on a variety of games omo;

            Personally though Criminal Girls fell out of my interest, I was hoping it was going to go in a different direction, but oh well guess now xpx;

      • nyoron

        I have a feeling he meant “localized”.

        Which I’m actually kind of optimistic about lately, though I’m not exactly holding my breath.

        • I cant really see criminal girls localized (sadly) T_T, but if it gets localized, then i would really be surprised, and the company releasing it would be god

          • nyoron

            I’ve read impressions that there really isn’t that much ero and that a lot of it was just the marketing (like Aksys did with Agarest). Also, at the Image Epoch conference the CEO said in an interview with Dengeki that they have a deal with NISA to localize their games for the US/EU. All they’d have to do is change the name to something else that emphasizes say, the prison rather than the girls and they’d probably be good to go.

            But who knows, I’ll give it a couple months and if not maybe I’ll import it.

          • Yeah, im also thinking to get it one way or another >8D

    • Testsubject909

      Agarest War made the cut, it wouldn’t surprise me if I saw this…

  • xNekux

    Thats what NIS gets for thinking “sex sells”

    • And for Idea Factory too.

      I don’t have to guess how IdolMaster sells, but even that can’t grab more than 50,000 people if they use the same redundant tactic.

      • Well, idolmaster is pretty popular in japan, i read somewhere that it quickly became the top pre orders there….And i dont know…., agarest wars 2, isnt a game that would get to the first places, i think they just sell good, but at a long term rate…

        Pretty funny that call of duty pwned everything though :P, there must be a lot of CoD fanboys in jap as well xD

        • Of course. Even Japanese women in their 20s still play Halo. Despite that shooters and sandbox games are pretty niche in Japan, they still sell. Just as Final Fantasy and Street Fighter sell in America when RPGs and Fighting Games are pretty niche.

      • HarryHodd

        Idea factory actually posted a pretty big profit last quarter for them. So sex does indeed make profitably if you keep costs down.

        • Ladius

          Even then there isn’t any “sex” in the Agarest series (I know you weren’t implying that, it’s just to clarify), just some thirty-seconds cutscenes ranging from innocuous to raunchy thrown into dozens of hours of battles and normal dialogues (to the point that some players were actually angry because they expected a semi-hentai title XD).The fact that those cutscenes often have special requirements and aren’t available to all but the most dedicated walkthrough users makes the whole association between Agarest and blatant erotic contents even more funny, aside from Aksys’ fairly deceptive marketing for Agarest’s american release.

    • Criminal girls was “close” to 20k though, i dont think it did that bad, besides, a sprite based game with sexy GCs, the battles are interesting, but still, it was sprite based, they surely got some good money from it. Maybe the seiyou were the most expensive part =P

    • Ar Tonelico 3 does get quite a number of sales.. And they put mahou shoujo undressing scenes in the official trailer + several other stuffs.

      But yeah, relying on ‘sex sells’ alone is a fail

      • Criminal Girls isnt only “sex” anyway… Its just…a new IP. This happened to Last Ranker as well, and it is a pretty decent, innovative game. Its not the freaking ecchi’s fault peopleeee!And as i said, there is a lot more into this game, each dungeon has a diferent purpose than others, one will make the girls work together, other will make them fight each other, other wil make them remember their sins, and we get to know that, and they start to depend on you (the MC), there are various endings depending on the girl + a perfect ending

        • And It’s barely Ecchi, considering Ecchi involves at least some form of nudity. SPOILER SPOILERnonuditySPOILERSPOILER

        • Blame me for my English skill because I failed to make my point, uguuu ;__;

          What I was trying to say is, they should’ve marketed the gameplay along with with ecchi.

          In AT3 the AT3 trailer, I was impressed with the shift from Turn based to Real Time battle, and was drooling over it. Then they had to top it all up with lovely scenes <3!! That made me decide over a day 1 buy

          However, in Criminal Girls, I failed to see any interesting gameplay sample.. Probably it's just me watching the wrong videos.

          But yes, as you said, it is a new IP, so it's bound to have slow sales. I wished I could play this, but I know only kana :P

          • Hehe xD its ok, i wanted to say that to everyone anyway, lol, when i saw ar tonelico 3, JUST WITH THE “AR” WORD I WAS LIKE.

            OMG MINEEE!!, thats the power of not new IP xD

  • Wow I guess that stands as a testament to just how awesome Black Ops is and that first persons are potentially up and coming as the most accessible and enjoyable genre of videogame for gamers worldwide.

    Sony systems are ruling these sales charts, PSP and PS3

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I am shocked at CoD’s sales figures, wow.

    That’s what you get when SE publishes your games in Japan, I guess.

  • Well, they were only expecting to sell 50000 units total of Criminal Girls – not in its first week.

    To be honest, their bar for success is very, very, very low – Not quite as low as some of Atlus USA’s expectations, (I’ve heard 10k being floated around once to make the books for a couple of its titles) – but pretty low.

    Of course, they’re only really aiming at a very specific subsection of the market, so, we’ll have to see.

    As for an overseas release? Given what’s happened every time they’ve walked close to certain boundaries, (Think Ikkitousen and a few other games) it’s unlikely, but weirder things have happened I guess…

  • urbanscholar

    Wow its like looking things backwards, a shooter for S-E brought home the bacon that week.

    • Code

      Monster Hunter 3 Portable coming out next week will cook that bacon >w<'

      • Testsubject909

        *Reaches in his pocket, grabs the bacon, tosses the spit on the ground. Wraps the bacon around a metal pole, spins the pole above the spit*

        Trun-dun-dun~ dun dun dun dun, dun-dun~ dun-dun-dun trtrtrdun-trtrtrdun-trtrtrdun-trtrtrdun~ drun dun dun dun duun!~

        *Grabs the cooked bacon and holds it up victorious!*

      • Not a bacon, a full pig, a farm of pigs.

      • urbanscholar

        Well played sir.

      • MarkMario

        I dun like Monster Hunter (But that’s just me ^_^)

  • HarryHodd

    Compile heart must be happy with Record of Agerest War 2 sales. It’s above the previous two entries. Poor NIS. Disgaea 4 can’t come soon enough.

  • Don’t worry, imageepoch will save the JRPG genre! Wait…

  • Neckbear

    Oh look, it’s Japan having bad taste.


  • joesz

    This list is sad.

  • Methylene

    -Criminal Girls, for all its fanservice and butt-spanking, failed to even manage 20k.-


  • Ereek

    I’m conflicted. I want NIS to do well considering their financial issues, but I definitely do not like the direction they’re going with Criminal Girls – with either published or developed games.

    • vadde939

      I absolutely agree. I love NIS and I want so see them start making a good profit again but I despise all the hentai/fanservice crap that is all over Japanese games these days and want it to die horribly. Bad sales for a NIS game= :( Bad sales for hentai/moe/loli/fanservice anything= :) So I just don’t know what to think.

      • But that’s their thing! If the Japanese weren’t known for their zany fetishes, then the attention would fall on US, what with all our porn and nudie magazines! Face it, we NEED the japanese to be pervs!

        • SolidusSnake

          I agree. Without a good scapegoat to point the finger at, we would be forced to confront our perversions. And I’m sure none of want that, do we.

    • This is, of course, depending on the idea that their advertisement is what really was Criminal Girl’s angle. NIS has a habit of giving you a shallow concept or story at first, and then expanding it through the storyline as a result, and giving it interesting twists and turns.

      Of course, NIS wasn’t the only company involved with Criminal Girls… So who knows?

      • I’ve been playing it a little for a few hours and it’s not a bad game. Getting the Ecchi pictures is something you have to actually work for and the game can be a bit challenging when it wants to be. If you’re gonna pick it up JUST for the pics, you’d be better off just looking it up online. But if Ecchi is a nice bonus for you then I say grab it, cause it does have an actual story.

        Saying that this is a hentai game is like saying Persona 3 & 4 are Dating Sims.

        • Ereek

          I don’t think anyone was saying it’s a H-Game.

          I’m just not interested in punishing anime girls or risque images/ecchi. That said, if it’s a fun game I can overlook some of these things, that doesn’t mean I have to like them or want them in future games.

          • As Far as punishment goes…well, it’s not. It’s a different button-timing event for each different skill you want to learn and the only ‘Punishment’ the girls get is the the tool hits their sprite and they go into their Sleep Stance.

            I wasn’t trying to imply that you had to like the features, just that they aren’t as explicit as some commercials/Trailers made them out to be.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Poor Criminal Girls, not many people want to break them out of prison and give them redemption.

    That, and I guess there are fewer spanking fetishists in the world than I thought.

  • Ladius

    It’s nice to see how everyone is treating Criminal Girls as an hardcore hentai game when it’s a traditional dungeon crawler with a peculiar battle system and some original mechanics (and the whole spanking think is simply coreography, just as Agarest’s fanservice is 30seconds every x hours of battles).NiS may have been shallow to market the game with heavy fanservice, but people bashing on a game simply because “ZOMG fanservice is evil, so the game must undoubtedly be horrible!!” without even knowing what it is about aren’t better, even more so when NiS’ fate seems gloomier with every new flop. That said, a first week of 17k really isn’t that bad for a LTD expectation of 50k, it isn’t like Radiant Historia which moved less than 50k in three weeks and has an expected LTD figure of 138k.

    Aside from CG, I’m really, really happy for Tactics Ogre: 213k is a big number for a series that in its last entries many years ago managed to pull 200k and 282k, especially since those are LTD totals while TO PSP still has room for improving. Even Agarest 2’s opening is an improvement over the last two entries, IF-CH must be happy.

    • People will wish for it to be a hardcore hentai after playing it, that game has too much teasing D8<, i find it pretty fun though xD and the battles are rather interesting and different. But the game is deeper than that, each girl has her own sin, and you will find out that sin, you will be their teacher and a lot of stuff will happen as you progress, the characters arent boring either.The punishment system is fanservice powar, but they are necessary if you want the girls to learn skills (and this is necesarry if you want to beat the game)

      This may be spoilers for some people o-o:

      Also, each girl has her own ending, and it seems there is a true ending after you do some stuff with all the girls in some extra dungeon, after beating the game once.

    • MisterNiwa

      Don’t want to sound like an douche now but it is their own fault. They shouldn’t put half naked girls that get punished while doing naughty sounds into the game if they want to be serious RPG contenders.

      Your logic fails something big and that is actual logic.

      • Ladius

        Because a game with a lot of fanservice can’t be a “serious contender” in his own genre? Your own avatar would probably beg to differ, along with a slew of great games who employ innuendo and sexuality without becoming porn, hentai or fanservice-centered titles (at least not for those who actually play them).
        I don’t know when this kind of pseudo-conscious seriousness mixed with utter lack of auto-irony came to be in the gaming community, but it’s rather sad to see fanservice demonized as something that ruins altogether a game (and again, we are talking about a meager dose of innuendo, this isn’t an hentai in any shape or form and 99% of the time will be spent grinding and dungeon crawling), with inquisitor-gamers ready to flame it even when they don’t know anything about the actual game contents, especially when they have no problem with extreme violence, dismemberment and so on (protip: I also haven’t a single issue regarding violence, but if the problem with fanservice is morality or a game’s perceived image I wouldn’t consider spanking worse than beheading, torture, gore and realistic violence- they are all choices made to fit their own context and game design choices, from both an aesthetic and gaming point of view, and rather to flame them one should analyze if the way they are employed is coherent or not).
        That said, read others’ posts before accusing them: I was the first to consider NiS’s marketing shallow, but that doesn’t excuse in any way flaming a game without even knowing what it is about, that’s simply the old “judge the book by its cover” thing. Even more so, two wrongs don’t make a right, ever.
        p.s. Funny thing, not only CG’s aesthetic doesn’t interest me (I’m more a Tactics Ogre guy, to go with this week’s titles), but I’m actually not particularly interested in CG even as a game because I’m tired of over-grinding dungeon crawlers: even so, this kind of reactions really piss me off.

        • MisterNiwa

          Let me ask out of curiosity, did you already complete the game?

          Well this question doesn’t make sense at all since you didn’t which you already confirmed, but what I want to say is, what is if this game is all built up on these sexual innuendos and half naked girls.

          Does only the gameplay which also is linked to this perverted stuff count?

          Take a game as a whole and talk about it, don’t chop the different aspects of it into tiny little parts and defend these. A game needs to be completely good not only a bit.

          Oh and, I think these girls are a pleasure to look at, the game is most probaly fun and I would definetly buy it if it was localized.

          • Ladius

            You avoided my points, but that’s fine.
            I’ve never said that I’ve completed the game (on the contrary, I have said that I’m not even interested in buying it XD) but instead of flaming it because FANSERVICE IS EVIL! I simply went to read what the importers are saying about this title (bebpo on Gaf and others) in order to understand its mechanics and, lo and behold!, fanservice is actually a fairly insignificant part of the game compared with grinding, dungeon crawling, battles and character customizazion, not to mention even that meager part is all but hentai in its nature (a given on console, but still worthy to note since many apparently think otherwise).
            Even so the game continues to be uninteresting to me, but reading people flaming it with arrogance as if it was a pile of hentai CGs hastily thrown on PSP to make some quick bucks, to the point that some are actually happy that its sales are poor and NiS is almost bankrupt, is really sad.
            Personally i have a habit of criticizing things after having spent at least some minutes gathering informations in order to avoid quick judgements and insulting others’works without concrete basis, but maybe it’s just me.

          • MisterNiwa

            I’m good at avoiding stuff. I learned that from Bayonetta.

          • It’s barely Ecchi, let alone Hentai.

        • Darkrise

          You know, what makes it even sadder is that innuendo in video games in the west are completely fine, it’s a double thumbs up for everyone but something anime like, and seriously, something that’s 2D! Not even real and everyone get’s into a frenzy. There was also that time with Mass Effect 2 being attacked by media and every gamer was like defending it like life and blood and swearing at the media but when it comes to games that aren’t 3d, they just say ah that’s just hentai s#%t. And seriously, alot of them show alot less skin than “our” own games here in the west. Do I detect a hint of conspiracy or is there something wrong with society…

          • Just to add more fun into what’s really sad – You’d think that government departments which would act as gatekeepers would be more conservative than the people who populate them.

            At least in the case of the US, you might be forgiven for believing incorrectly. But that’s moral schizophrenia for you.

          • JustaGenericUser

            It’s funny because I actually said something to this effect in another article, if not this one.

        • RupanIII

          lol that’s how it goes with the US media/general culture – violence is okay, but sexuality is something of a no-no. Just look at that Janet Jackson Super Bowl ‘wardrobe malfunction’ from years back. That tiny little flash threatened to undermine the entire pageant of burly men violently smashing their heads into one another and beer commercials with farting horses.

          *disclaimer* I am not against violence/sex in artistic works, football, the US, or hooved mammals of any variety.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hopefully NIS can make a profit from this

  • Darkrise

    No surprise here =/. Kind of disappointing really but I might just import this since we all know NISA is bringing it over.

  • RagnaXBL

    When Mh comes out its gg

  • I’ve been playing it a little for a few hours and it’s not a bad game. Getting the Ecchi pictures is something you have to actually work for and the game can be a bit challenging when it wants to be. If you’re gonna pick it up JUST for the pics, you’d be better off just looking it up online. But if Ecchi is a nice bonus for you then I say grab it, cause it does have an actual story.

    Saying that this is a hentai game is like saying Persona 3 & 4 are Dating Sims.

  • PrinceHeir

    damn please port Record of Agarest 2 PS3 here in the west.

    the move feature seems awesome O_O

    • Unless the next Agarest War fails to excite in sales here in NA and Europa, then, I guess we wouldnt see Agarest War 2…

      • JustaGenericUser

        Sorry, I have to pick on the grammar here. I think you mean, IF the next Agarest War fails to excite in sales.

  • neetloaf

    Well the low chances of Criminal Girls getting localized seems to have gotten even lower.


  • I played, I finished it (5 times); and I still think this game it’s too far to get localized. It’s good for being a “flavor of the month” but only that.

    hardcore game? lmao since when? it’s hentai? not really, that was just the bait to buy the game and the pictures are not good.

  • Joanna

    Seems like Criminal Girls scared most people away. Is it wrong for me to be happy that this game did poorly in hopes that NIS and other smaller developers don’t focus on making games for fan service but actually focus on making good games?Personally, I can swallow a lot of crap I don’t like if the game is fun enough (and often times I don’t mind little bits of echii CG, and even laugh at some of the perverse jokes -my type of humour actually-), but the premise of Criminal Girls just bothered me. I guess the combination of punish the girls to make them good, the fact that some of them haven’t even done anything wrong (Heresy girl just hears voices), the fact that the marketing highlighted that the player can punish these girls whenever ‘he’ (male avatar) feels like it, and that these punishments improve the girl’s performance, was just too much for me.

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