Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Is The “Fastest-Selling” Capcom Game Ever

By Ishaan . December 19, 2010 . 6:07pm

Yes, you heard that right. Not only is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd the fastest-selling PSP game in Japan, at 3 million copies shipped in 17 days, it’s also the fastest-selling game in Capcom’s history.


Well, sort of. At launch, Resident Evil 5’s initial shipment was 4 million units, but that was worldwide. While Monster Hunter isn’t nearly as global a franchise and relies mainly on Japan for its sales, it’s “technically” selling faster than Resident Evil 5, given that it’s operating within a smaller demographic.


In its first week at retail, Portable 3rd nearly sold through its entire 2 million unit shipment at 1.95 million units sold. In its second week, the game moved another 629,541 copies, making for a total of over 2.5 million sold. Capcom’s internal expectation for the game in Japan is 3.6 million units.


Portable 3rd’s PSP predecessor, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, took half a year to ship 2.5 million copies. It took the combined sales of the game and its “PSP the Best” budget re-release for Freedom Unite to ship 3 million units.


Capcom attribute this growth to brand awareness, which they believe is the result of several industry collaborations. Indeed, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd features collaborations with Konami’s Metal Gear Solid, with a Japanese Internet sensation, and of course, with Sony, just to name a few.


Spin-off title, Monster Hunter Diary (PSP) and Monster Hunter Diary Mobile (for mobile phones) have also contributed to expanding the series’ audience, particularly by introducing more women to the franchise. Monster Hunter Diary itself features a collaboration with Sanrio’s popular Hello Kitty brand.


Capcom plan to continue their promotion of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd throughout the year, and are holding a Monster Hunter festival throughout six regions in Japan in March 2011 to raise brand awareness further.

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  • Woot that sounds just simply fantastic! Thats like 20% of PSP owners have this game! I ought to state that phrase about sales and quality, but I grow tired of restating it, lol.

  • *Fakes a “omg what a surprise!” comment* xD Im starting to think that japanese feed with monster hunter!! Hooooo

    • shion16

      felynes pwns cait sith and doraemon xD

  • Apollokids


  • Guest

    Just imagine how well it would’ve sold WITHOUT that small portion who pirated it instead of importing or whatever.

    Sony, you have a great handheld here, UMDs still make up a very large majority of your sales… don’t screw up the PSP2 with your digital download only BS.

    • kupomogli

      The game isn’t in the US or PAL areas yet. Most of the Japanese actually purchase their games.

      • Yep, and the digital download doesnt have anything to do with piracy

    • Zeik56

      You do realize that the PSPGo is actually the least pirated of the PSP consoles, right?

      • Apollokids

        Probably because there’s no real interest in hacking the pspgo. What was originally inteded was for all psp games to be played using cfw and also all ps1 games. A psp-2000 with 5.50 genD3 allows you to do this. There would also be no glory in hacking a pspgo. But when the PSP2 arrive, hackers will see it as a new challenge and another round will begin.

        • No… It’s just because is new, and it seems it already has been hacked

      • Guest

        This doesn’t change a thing.
        These sales, regardless, mostly consist of physical UMD copies.
        I’m saying it only goes to show that these games will sell really well with physical distribution over digital.

  • Cloud_ST

    Can’t wait to play this game.

  • shion16

    i wanna be hunting too Dx!!!

    • Lulz hamma’
      Great blades pwnz

      • Draparde

        Bow ftw!

        • shion16

          we are enough for an Ad hoc party =P

      • Cloud_ST

        Great Sword FTW!.

      • SpiderCVIII

        *looks at avatar*

        Great Swords PWN indeed.

  • hopefully this will convince them to port the MHFO to english

  • deimos

    Add our import orders! :D Western release please?!

  • PrinceHeir

    as expected.

    Monster Hunter is like the PSP’s Pokemon.

    now please make one for the PS3 as well.

    • malek86

      If Monster Hunter is like the PSP’s Pokemon, then I guess it’s understandable they aren’t making a PS3 version.

      I mean, have you ever seen a proper Pokemon game for a home console?

      • PrinceHeir

        i was actually waiting ofr this to happen. yes Pokemon on a console wouldn’t work(unless they reinvent it someway) but have you seen a Monster Hunter on a Console? yes ^^

        the reason why i compare this to Pokemon is due to it’s sales and popularity, not to mention they’re both handheld. the reason for popularity in japan is because of the co-op component(don’t know about pokemon having a co-op component never played the new ones) of course if there’s a new console version, they might support it either 4 or up to 6 players. but of playing it besides your friends is better and more fun than online.

        • Joanna

          Pokemon has always been about co-op even back in the gameboy days. That’s why there were version exclusives and the link battles. The only difference was the co-op was local and you needed a cable. But to answer your question, yes pokemon does indeed have online co-op. It had it since Diamond and Pearl. No voice chat or text chat though, which I assume MH has (never played it).

          • PrinceHeir

            i think only Monster Hunter Frontier and Tri has voice chat or text chat. the PSP i don’t think so.

  • d19xx

    “Capcom attribute this growth to brand awareness, which they believe is the result of several industry collaborations.”

    You mean brand awareness/advertising helps sells a game? Nonesense!!! If the game doesn’t sell well it’s gotta be pirates!!!

    Just ask Sony….

  • Heh…As WildArms said, there is no shock to this. And since MH has a cult fanbase in Europe and North America, I expect it to do well there too, helping boost MHP 3rd’s already impressive numbers a little bit.

    MH has joined the elite likes of Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest as guarenteed big sellers.

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