Sales Of Kingdom Hearts “Final Mix” Titles In Decline

By Ishaan . January 28, 2011 . 10:01am

Last week saw the release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix in Japan, and sales tracker, Media-Create, have some interesting facts to offer about the game, as well as data on how it compares to previous Final Mix titles.


Final Mix titles are re-releases of Kingdom Hearts games with added content and English voiceovers. According to retailer reports, several of the people that bought Birth by Sleep Final Mix were women. Media-Create high interest amongst women in their 20s in particular, which is a trait the game shares with Ni no Kuni on the Nintendo DS.


The more interesting fact, however, is that sales of the Final Mix titles — and only Final Mix, not the original games themselves — are in decline. The original Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep sold 446,000 copies in its first week. Birth by Sleep Final Mix sold 77,317 copies in its first week, or 17.34% of Birth by Sleep’s sales.


In comparison, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix sold 30.8% of the initial first week sales of the very first Kingdom Hearts game. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ sold 23.81% of Kingdom Hearts II’s first week sales. Birth by Sleep Final Mix’s numbers are the lowest yet.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I’m not surprised. Especially with this one. In my eyes, and I’m sure most people agree, there’s just not all that much extra content to warrant the new purchase, especially so soon after the original was release. If they had maybe waited longer than a year and added in a lot of goodies, I’m sure it would’ve done better.

    If I’m not mistaken, hasn’t the amount of extra content gotten smaller with each Final Mix release? Maybe that’s related

    • no KH1 had a heck of amount of new moves a extra boss and thats it.
      KH2 Is the mother of extra stuff New moves, Extra drive form, New Extra Boss, Fight the XIII Order, and still had room for an entire REMAKE of KHCOM. Yeah thats was amazing.
      KHBBS 3 new boss all incredibly hard *No heart is a BEAST he does a barrage of kicks in the middle of a fight* Monstro stage, Not much changes in terms of moves,and it was toned down a bit right.

      • Just a note that you’re comparing US releases versus Japanese versions.

        KH Final Mix also had the extra bosses from the US version, like Kurt Zisa. The extra boss, sticker system and so forth in BBS is new for Japan too.

        So, there’s a little more extra content between releases for Japan because we got a little more content they didn’t get the first time around.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        KHCOM was on its own disk, but your point is still valid. I actually imported KH2FM because of all the extra stuff including that game. I’m surprised the percent of original owner purchases wasn’t higher with that game

  • Ereek

    I know this might not be a popular opinion, but I think this is a good thing. We need less “re-releases with a small amount of added content.” If they waited an extra year or so it might be better.

    That said, I think there is more to it, economically, than just saying “Japanese gamers are sick of Final Mix titles.”

  • Final mixes should be DLCs now.

    • i agree… it earns more that way..

      • Testsubject909

        But they’re greeeeedyyy. They want us to pay full price for their D-L-Ceeeee…

        Seriously. I do believe they’re counting on the strength of the Kingdom Heart’s Franchise as opposed to the FF13’s strength right now to regain a stable economical footing by having the fans pay full price for a simple addition in a time when such simple additions are but small little files you can download online.

        It stank of rip-off on the first announcement. It still stinks of rip-off now.

        • noxian

          that would make more sense if a Kingdom Hearts title ever sold as much as Final Fantasy does and if Final Fantasy XIII hadn’t sold over 6 million copies…

          seriously, do you REALLY believe that Final Fantasy XIII was a failure for Square-Enix?

          creative quality of the title aside, i leave that to your personal opinion.
          you brought up an economic/financial business reasoning.

          so seriously, from a commercial standpoint, do you seriously believe FFXIII was a commercial failure?

          i’m sorry but there’s a limit to how out of touch you can be with the reality of the numbers and still justify it with “that’s my opinion”.

          Kingdom Hearts AS A SERIES has pushed 12 million copies worldwide.
          Final Fantasy XIII pushed 6 million by itself.
          Final Fantasy XIII sold better than the best selling Kingdom Heart title (KH1).
          and you’re working off an argument that S-E is counting on the strength of Kingdom Hearts over Final Fantasy XIII’s supposed 6 million copies sold “weakness”?

          • Testsubject909

            I never stated it was an economical failure. But I do suppose I should’ve been clear and stated that it was a Critical Failure… And not the Critical as in “Critical hit!” but rather, with critics and reviewers.

            The difference, I would say, is that with Kingdom Hearts, it has a pretty strong following and that it’s also a safer bet, with a smaller production budget. Also, considering the money it would take to add a few new content to an already existing game and then re-sell it at full price, they gain far more money in proportion to the cost then they would with a sequel to Final Fantasy 13.

            Going solely by sales numbers, Final Fantasy 13 is impressive, and Kingdom Hearts far less so, but going by the profit a “remix” or “sequel” to either would generate in proportion to it’s production cost…

            Well, let’s just say I’m too lazy to go see the numbers. So there ends my reply.


            But of course, what we’re seeing here is a decline, so as it stands. Kingdom Hearts definitely brought them less profit then they were hoping for.

            Fans are starting to become quite aware of Squeenix’s ploy to squeeze money out of us, and every single fan who decides “no more” counts.

            There’s this odd chance that FF13-2 could bomb and sell extremely little. I for one am hoping for that if the game is equally as divisive for the fanbase.

            A sort of “Stop screwing with us Squeenix” message from the fanbase… I know they did it quite well with FF14. So I’d like to see more of those “Consumers slaps the hell out of Developers over fanbase abuse” kind of things.

    • Which is what I’ve been saying @[email protected]

      Also, having an expansion pack might not sell in the PSN as much it would now, because the Japanese are “afraid of the internet.” You won’t believe me even if I explained it, so I’ll send you to a professional of sorts.

  • Yeah well maybe they should mix it right the first time

    • PrinceHeir

      this ^^

      just make everything right from the first time

  • because… there is something call youtube and there aren’t allot of stuff in final mix…

  • “hey they’re not buying the same game with extra stuff as much as they did before, i wonder what that means”

  • Whats the point for this data, lol. Were they of the belief that final mixes sell as well as the original games? I doubt 75% of those interested in the original game will be buying a final mix…tbh.

    • Apparently, they were before, but they’re less willing to double-dip with each successive installment. In contrast, you have a game like Monster Hunter Freedom 2, which really hit its stride when they released an upgrade in the form of Freedom Unite.

  • Good. Put in the game the first time around or make it DLC.

  • Yukito

    lol square enix

  • jotun_of_greed

    why do i feel like i felt this coming?

    way to go, SE. Better luck next time :p

  • Bring it stateside. Guarantee you’ll change that figure reeeeal quick.

  • brooklyngamer86

    Waste of a game, it shoulda been DLC for the original BBS.

  • Christian Wright

    square needs a better marketing department. i erks me when i see news like this that I shouldnt be seeing. square needs to make a final mix collection (1,2, sleep) and throw it stateside and then NEVER make a final mix again.

  • mirumu

    Maybe it’s just me, but the Kingdom Hearts naming system seems totally confusing. When a new game in the series comes out I have no idea where it fits in relation to the older ones any more, and remixes just confuse things even more. Now I’m sure this isn’t a a problem for those who, unlike me, have followed the series buying every game along the way, but surely it must be a barrier when it comes to pulling in first-time buyers? Just throwing a number on the end might keep first-time buyers away too, but at least you know where you stand.

    This seems to be starting to happen to Final Fantasy as well. Versus, Agito, Type-0, Dissidia, Nova Crystallis…surely it’s only the proactive news-following gamers like us who can even hope to know what it is we’re buying when we see these names on the cover of a game box?

    • Joanna

      I don’t really think it matters too much. I mean the series has been jumping around the timeline for some time now (since KHII) and you don’t know where exactly in the timeline it fits until you play it (unless you’ve been following the news…which gives hints/outright states the time it takes place). I don’t see anything wrong with that, since it allows you to piece stuff together yourself. Thus those not following the news are probably better off because they don’t have the experience ruined for them.

      As for the remixes, they have the same name as the original game with the added final mix to designate they have more content, so I don’t see where the confusion could be coming from. After one final mix, I think it should be easy to grasp what to expect from any title with final mix on the box.

      I do agree with your assessment of Final Fantasy XIII/Fabula Nova Crystallis since the links between the games are weak at best (a goddess and crystals is all we have so far, which the exception of XIII’s direct sequel), making it easy to confuse anyone not following the news just how these games relate to one another and what to expect from each one (whereas KH boxart usually features a familiar face and the basic combat is the same throughout the series -i.e. 358/2 features Roxas on the box so buyers will know that this game will be about Roxas/Org.XIII with the core KH gameplay).

  • Hexen

    they’ll just waiting for the very last title before they buy it.

    “Ultimate Last Final Finally Mix Plus +++ ++ +…”

  • This is rather… unexpectable in my opinion. Japan got all those stickers, new bosses, songs for ICB, a new track for Rumble Racing and moar, but still managed to hit under the bar there?

    Though it’s the first week though, I for one cannot always afford for new games on the initial release, but we’ll see if the sales get any better in the following weeks. If they don’t… well, sucks to be Square-Enix. I will be getting my own copy of this though.

  • Masengan

    I wish Square would release KH 1 and 2 Final Mix on the PS3 with an HD upgrade.

    • Dude theres enough space on a Blu-Ray for them to include Chain of Memories in that HD collection too, lol!

      • Masengan

        Oh yeah, wow I forgot about the Remake.

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