Media-Create’s Words Of Wisdom On The Last Story

By Ishaan . February 4, 2011 . 8:04am

Our weekly sales column earlier this week reported that Mistwalker and Nintendo’s The Last Story debuted in Japan with 114,722 units sold in its first three days on the market.


Japanese sales tracker, Media-Create, reveal that while The Last Story had a special Wii bundle, sales of Wii hardware were only 19,448 units, which means that most people interested in the game already owned a Wii. This isn’t surprising in the least, considering the number of Wii consoles sold to date.


Interest level in The Last Story is higher than it was in Xenoblade, which sold 83,000 units during its first week. Incidentally, a significant portion of this interest in Mistwalker’s game comes from…you guessed it…women in their twenties.


This is a trait The Last Story shares in common with other recent releases such as Ni no Kuni and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Next week’s sales column should give us a better idea of how the game is doing and whether or not word-of-mouth is helping its sales any.

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  • Is media-create easily shocked by women or something? Do they not provide any hypothesis or discussions on why they think it is?

    • Voice actors maybe? Character styles? Theme of the game? Is not something that easy to know though…

  • badmoogle

    I really hope it sells a lot regardless of whether it will come in the west or not (crosses fingers.)We definitely need more games like this one for home consoles,this generation was kind of a disappointment IMO.:/

    • Define “a lot”? 20 mlns?

      • Zero_Destiny

        lol No reason to get on the guy’s tail about it. He just hopes for a company he likes to do well, and maybe be able to get it’s stuff released here. I too feel the same way. We’re just talkin’ in terms of hoping here. Not trying to start a serious business debate. lol

  • i believe miyano mamoru caused this

    • Aoshi00

      I think you have a point, gotta admit he’s a pretty lovable guy (he’s tall and he’s not bad to look at).. I have liked the chars he voiced so far.. most notably Yagami Light of Death Note and King in Ouran High School Host Club :) He did quite a good job as Elza. But yea, the voice acting and cast in LS are really good.

  • Happy Gamer

    I guess I am ultra girly lol

  • Whoever dress those chars for the Screenshots has no Style.

    • Guest

      Well considering they’re all the same outfit (two) just with different color palettes..yeah

      • That’s What I meant haha. Ther’re more outfits than that >.>

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow I guess the days of gaming being a “guy” thing is over. lol I remember hearing about reports a couple years ago that said most of the people who played a certain MMO (I can’t remember which one) here in America were mostly females as well. I figure this is happening everywhere. Pretty cool if you ask me. Nothing wrong with expanding your boundaries and getting more demographics interested in this stuff, even if by accident. lol

    • PrinceHeir

      this is a reason why countries like japan and korea where gaming is accepted as a norm. unlike in the west where the media and some people think games are all just shooting and for kiddies and males. i think the media should stop with all the BS thinking that gaming is only accepted in males and such.

      and did you even see the pro leagues in japan and especially korea? in korea where top starcraft players are considered to be hollywood status there. im really amazed how they really support the gaming industry there.

      i kinda wish more countries should take gaming not just as form of hobby but as a way of life as well. oh well not every country can be like that so i understand. different cultures and different points of view.

      *on a side note does anybody know what the name of the song in the background? i have been looking for that song for a long time now

      • Tom_Phoenix

        As a person who followed the StarCraft professional scene in Korea religiously for over two years (stopped mid-last year, mostly beacuse I simply lost interest), I can tell you that the popularity of StarCraft progaming in Korea tends to be greatly exaggerated. While it is most certainly more popular than anywhere else in the world, it is still very much a niche appeal. Infact, the popularity of Brood War in particular has peaked a few years ago and has been dwindling since, probably due to the fact that the game has been figured out for the most part and beacuse the gameplay has become very mechanical. Its sort of like the reputation of Japanese animation, which people outside of Japan often mistakingly consider to be the norm in Japan, when in truth it is a limited industry that is currently facing a serious crisis.

        As for gaming…unfortunately, the media aren’t the only problem. The game industry itself is responsible for perpetuing such an image, especially since…well, most of it DOES, infact, cater to teenage and young adult males. Just look at how Dead Space 2 is being advertised. They state “Your mom would hate it” as if that is some sort of a selling point…and it certainly is, if you are advertising the game to adolescent boys who love to be rebelious towards their parents, particularly mothers.

        The problem is that the “counterculture” mentality is still very much pervasive in the gaming industry. A significant (if not essential) component of such a culture is hostility towards the mainstream and anyone or anything trying to become mainstream (like, if you are a singer who deals with a relatively niche music genre and your songs become massively popular, your peers will start to shun you for “going mainstream”). While many people say how they want gaming to become mainstream, that often isn’t reflective of their actual behaviour. For example, many game developers hate, if they are not outright REVOLTED by, the idea of developing games for a mainstream audience, beacuse they went into game development in order to develop the type of games THEY want to play and developing for a mainstream audience often necessitates games that do not fit that bill.

        Its even worse with certain core gaming fans. Every time a developer makes a move to appeal to a mainstream audience, you will always see a few core gamers expressing hostility and feelings of abandonment and betrayal. Also, any game that isn’t directed towards the core audience is automatically considered shovelware, regardless if it actually deserves such a distinction. I am sure you have noticed it by now. Just look at the backlash towards Wii Sports and Wii Fit…you would think the apocalypse had come beacuse Nintendo decided to develop games that focused on utility instead of immersion. It is akin to Fantasy book fans threatening to burn cookbooks.

        Right now, gaming finds itself touching the mainstream, but still being mostly a counterculture activity. If gaming is to become mainstream, it will have to drop the counterculture mentality. It can’t primarily be both, beacuse being mainstream, by its very definition, means that it follows established culture. Only then will gaming rise above its ill reputation and expose media fallacies for what they really are.

        Also, I believe the song you are looking for is “Drop Dead!” from Rage:

        • PrinceHeir

          yeah i didn’t like Dead Space 2’s commercial. talk about taking the stereotype to new levels.

          i think what developers should just do is that if they’re gonna make the next game in a series “mainstream”. they should just save it for a new IP instead. for example the Silent Hill series. pretty much the new one’s a very2 different from the first four games. it feels like a new game itself. same thing as Lords of Shadows. i remember it was just named Lords of Shadow then suddenly Konami decides to put the castlevania name to it. what gives?

          oh well i understand that games that are barely known tend to sell low and such but what can you do. it’s hard enough to make a game let alone a new IP that will sell.

          i think your right about korea pretty much figured out everything about starcraft broodwar. that’s why im pissed at blizzard for not only removing the lan feature(which is stupid) but also not introducing at least 3-5 new races. i mean this is just brood war in HD. they should have improved what brood war did 10 years ago instead of the same game with new visuals. some korean companies refuse to pay blizzard for airing starcraft II(which is again stupid, they wouldn’t even do this if the game was not popular in the first place) blizzard had a chance to make starcraft another 10 year run instead they messed up so badly. not to mention you only get 1/4 of the game? wow just wow.

          thanks for the song though ^^ do you know any of the remixes?

          oh and btw who’s your favorite pro player in korea? i think for me savior, jaedong and Firebathero(especially his ceremonies XD)

  • Guest

    That’s the difference….women in the West aren’t interested in WRPG’s. That’s why the characters in WRPG’s look like trolls instead of Bishounen types : )

    • Hraesvelgr

      I don’t know about the genre as a whole, but BioWare’s games have pretty big female fanbases. There is character obsession and fanfics that are on par with some of the more “hardcore” female JRPG fans.

      • Guest

        Well Mass Effect certainly does not speak for the whole genre nor does it reflect it really.

      • Ren

        Do you mean that on a slash level?

    • gatotsu911

      Um, what? I’ve seen plenty of female Bethesda/Bioware fans.

  • HarryHodd

    Word from Dengenki is that Last Story had a 65% sellthrough. Not 90% like many believed. Must have got a second shipment pretty quick.

    • jarrodand

      First shipment was estimated around 120k, I guess the difference likely has to do with tracking period cutoffs and if it’s weekend restock made it by each tracker. Looks like it made it for Dengeki but didn’t for MC.

      Will be interesting to see what Famitsu says…

      • HarryHodd

        MC never released sell through though and they both have around the same number of sales.

        • jarrodand

          Oh, I thought they had? Guess they’ll probably also include the restock then, which would be for one day.

  • *there may be little spoilers below, they are no biggie, but some people may consider them spoilers*

    The game is not bad, but im really sure they could have made something better with the story… i dont know how crazy it gets later on but the… “The cheery Princess that has always been trapped in the castle and wants to see the world, and they make her marry someone she doesnt loves, also , she has some unknown power that is only for those with royal blood” plus the “Mercenary that wants to be a knight to be respected, that got some random power from a dungeon because he didnt wanted to feel alone when a friend got a fatal wound (and the spirit that gave him the power said he had the same heart as her) , because of his tragic past where he couldnt do anything to save the people that died (and the tragic past seem to be kinda cliche too)”.

    I mean, is ok to use those themes, they are not bad, but the way they put it made me feel kinda bored, they could had made the main character a little more different too, he is those kind of optimistic guys that thinks that friends are the most important thing, etc, they could have made the princess different too…. I just cant see where is the hard part on twisting personalities a little more, to make them different and at least a little new. I did like the designs of the MC and the princess though, but in personalities… they weren’t bad, but they werent good either

    • The tragic Past part was pretty Graphic (while not at the same time?). It goes past Cliche Territory.

      I agree about the ElzaxKanan Plot though. The side Characters are what make the story enjoyable though.

    • That’s whats going on in One Piece right now! The best shonen currently available. You know the do a nice job explaining their relationships. With the nice flash backs that happen when you talk to people. So everything fits, and is done quite nicely.

  • Wackoramaco87

    As it has been expressed by others, I hope the game continues to do well, I would love to see it out here in the West! This would be the extra push I need to finally get a Wii! =)

    As for there being so many female gamers being interested in this game- Yessss! Haha, It’s nice to see pretty boys (yay, shallowness!), a good storyline, and an overall fun concept! I just hope this isn’t a green light for developers to make game games (with the female demographic in mind) that are only pretty boys, and some sort of froufrou story. ><

  • I often feel out of place in game stores, especially when the ultra tough crows shows up to get the latest R18 release. More female gamers playing games I can at least enjoy on some level is a nice thought, and would certainly not hurt the variety in genres.

  • gatotsu911

    I guess Sakaguchi’s next game will be promoted with images of a half-naked dude.

    • puchinri

      That would be fantastic.

      • JustaGenericUser

        No it wouldn’t.

        • gatotsu911

          Presumably the degree of fantasticness is reliant on one’s gender and sexual orientation.

        • puchinri

          Oh believe me, it would be. It wouldn’t hurt anyone, that’s for sure. >uO

    • Ren

      Only half? I hate things half done. The same reason I hate miniskirts.

  • Happy Gamer

    I said this on another post, but do any of you feel the same as me? In where waiting for a Mistwalker RPG feels much closer to when we used to wait for another “Square Soft” title?

    I so can’t wait for this game state side!

    • puchinri

      That’s a perfect analogy I think. x’D

  • Seems like a normal JRPG to me. The girls are either sexy, cute, or beautiful. Their is always the badass guy, and the pretty boy with a good heart.

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully it continues to sell ^^

    please Nintendo localize

    The Last Story
    Fatal Frame 4 and 2 Remake
    Earth Seeker
    Captain Rainbow
    Zangeki no Reginleiv
    Disaster Days Crisis and Another Code R

    soo many games nintendo hopefully at least Xenoblade, The Last Story and both Fatal Frame games would be nice :P

  • vadde939

    women in their 20s seem to love all the JRPGs these days

  • Joanna

    I sure hope these numbers tell developers to keep in mind female gamers from now on. This isn’t directed at Sakaguichi, but I sure hope to see more developers giving us realistic, or at the very least interesting, female characters. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I often find all the interesting and cool characters are male.

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