Radiant Historia’s Localization Began In August 2010

By Ishaan . February 6, 2011 . 10:21am

In Japan, Radiant Historia was released on November 3rd, 2010. The U.S. will see it on February 22nd, 2011. That’s a little over a three-month difference, which is rather impressive, given that the wait for role-playing games to be localized can potentially take anywhere between 6 months to a year.


Localization of Radiant Historia actually began in August 2010. Atlus USA had a large team assigned to the project, with as many as four different translators working on translating the game’s text alone.


The fine-tuning of Radiant Historia’s text in English was handled primarily by two editors, Nich Maragos and Scott Strichart, with two additional editors, Mike Meeker and Clayton Chan, handling some of the ancillary dialogue in the game, like that of NPCs. In addition to the text staff, were the QA team, led by Richard Rodrigues.


While editing, Nich and Scott alternated the game’s chapters between themselves. However, since several characters appeared in both their assigned chapters, there was a constant back-and-forth discussion to ensure that dialogue remained consistent throughout, as per the guidelines established by both.


Curious to know where the team drew inspiration for Radiant Historia’s localization? As lead editor, we posed that question to Nich, who revealed that the tone of the game’s dialogue was inspired by Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country comic series, as, like Radiant Historia, it is also a story about spies and infiltration.

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  • Just another tip off that this game will be more awesome than sliced bread. AND I LOVE MAH BREAD.

    • White? Wheat? Rye? Sourdough?

      • Sourdough is pretty awesome. But artisan bread goes well with vinegar… AND RADIANT HISTORIA. *nom nom nom*

  • Started in August and announced in November was it. That was just three months to announce the game and 3 months to release, so it still took 6 months to release. Hopefully people do buy this and enjoy it, reading on the past comments people said they would stop begging for LA3 if Atlus did bring Radiant Historia over!

  • Yui

    Four translators is a lot? Huh. That actually explains why localisation can take so long for some games. ;_;

    On the other hand, yay for Radiant Historia getting such a strong team! The game deserves everything it can get. =D

    • cj_iwakura

      Considering Snatcher had ONE, yes.

      • One? Wow, poor guy.

        • That just makes him/her epic

        • Skua

          The process is actually much smoother with just one or two translators. In an ideal world, game translation would always be done that way, and the personnel involved would have enough time to do everything.

          Having multiple translators usually means that the schedule is tight (not surprising given today’s desire to reduce the wait between Japanese and English releases). Coordinating the project and keeping all the text consistent is tougher and requires extra work.

    • Guest

      They (every foreign developer) should just start localizing when the game is in progress like FF XIII did

      • vegalta

        The problem with that is text can change over time, features can be cut, characters can change… It presents a different challenge. There is no one perfect solution, unfortunately…

  • It’s amazing how fast games get localized these days. Do want this game badly.

  • cj_iwakura

    You know what this says to me? That means Atlus USA now has a lot of available staff.

    I wonder what they could possibly be assigned to next…

    • I bet its Catherine, as well as finishing up SMT: Devil Survivor: Overclocked.

      • The 3DS hasnt even been released yet, so my vote goes for persona 2…

        • What does that matter with, they announced they are releasing it this summer, I would hope they have moved on to working with it if they are trying to get it out this summer before E3 (in June). Persona 2 would probably come out after it, I think, as well as Catherine…

          • … Do you think they are going to start from zero? As far as i know it may take them 2 weeks to translate the “extra” chapter it brings, and of course, they will copy and paste everything from the DS ver. (i know is not as easy as copy and paste, but still they dont have to translate everything again), i dont think it will take that much time for them to localize Overlocked so i dont think they are rushing either. They still have time, and the 3DS isnt even out yet, so they are working on other stuff first, or at least, that is what i imagine.

            Who knows, maybe they are already done… o-o

          • The extra chapter + extra monsters + voice acting would be that small to finish in 2 weeks???

          • I said translation of the extra chapter, read again, extra monsters included, just some new names is not that much, and the attacks surely already are translated because of other monsters.

            And now that you bring that, i dont think the voice acting would take that much either… This game doesnt have that much dialogue, like most strategy games… And they already have the Main Character’s voice done xD… haha

            I do know that voice actors in the US is a bit more complicated thing, so maybe getting the same guys again will be the part that takes most of the time.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            There’s some talk of fine tuning the localization I’ve heard. It’s not unexpected, considering some of the mistakes made in the game.

          • Yeah, what i meant to say is that is not a full localization, for fixing minor details is just reading again.

    • I’d imagine Persona 2 and Catherine, with a smaller team for Devil Survivor.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Man I can’t wait. Glad to see it come out so fast, even if they started to work on it before the game was finished 6 months is still quite fast for this work. :) Yet another awesome Atlus game to put in my collection.

  • onilink888

    That WAS pretty fast…

    Hopefully they’ll move on to Endless Frontier EXCEED now. I’m suffering from a severe withdrawal of Haken’s sexually harassing brand of dialogue, Kaguya’s adorable airheadedness and Kion’s side-splitting foul-mouthery. :P

  • im really looking forward to play this game!

  • badmoogle

    With a game as text heavy as this Europe is obviously out of the question so it’s time for some importing!
    Unfortunately i won’t be able to do the same thing with the 3DS so i predict Europe will get lots of shafting in the next generation.-.-

    • deCarvalhoVitor

      For real? This game isn’t going to get released in Europe?
      So that’s why I haven’t been able to find it on amazon.co.uk or game.co.uk. God Dammit!

      Why wont they release the same version that they are releasing in America?

      • badmoogle

        I’m not 100% sure,it’s only my prediction.But as you say i haven’t seen the game to be available for pre-orders in any European retailer either…

        • deCarvalhoVitor

          Yeah, the game’s official site only shows pre-orders for America and Canada. Gamespot and Wikipedia only have the American and Japanese release dates.

          And to top it off, amazon.com doesn’t ship games to where I live! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

          • http://videogamesplus.ca seems to be a popular site for European importers. Might want to give them a try?

            (I’m in the U.S., so I can’t say I’ve used them myself, but maybe someone else can vouch for them.)

    • landlock

      Not really they can just release it English only, it wouldn’t be the first time an RPG has been English only.

      • badmoogle

        Which RPGs they have released in Europe only in English?

  • It’s awesome. This is how companies should treat their titles: trying to start localization ASAP. I’m proud of Atlus USA. ^o^ (Just not so proud because of certain titles I had hope they would localize, but it’s OK [for now, at least])

  • Jirin

    I’m interested in this game but need to know more about the combat.

    I barely got any RPGs last year, this is looking like a bigger year for RPGs. Tales of Graces, (Hopefully) Catherine, (Hopefully) Xenoblade, (Hopefully) Last Story, Mass Effect 3.

    Screenshots look like you can actually explore cities. That’s a big part of the immersion of the game for me.

  • My legend began in the twelfth century

  • Pichi

    Much respect for such a high text game. I love it when companies make sure that everyone involved know what each other is doing, making things flow naturally as though it was one. Great job, Atlus!

  • Well Atlus never lacked effort when it came to providing for western fans. Two weeks and I can get my hands on this game :D Can’t freaking wait. To me Radiant Historia will be one of the final swan song for the Nintendo DS (Okamiden and Pokemon Black & White as well) and it will be a fitting send off.

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