More Musings From SoulCalibur’s Director

By Ishaan . February 12, 2011 . 10:31am

Present SoulCalibur director, Daishi Odashima, is known for interacting with fans and voicing his musings on the series over Twitter from time to time. Once instance had him discussing guest characters in the next game, while another saw him offering some interesting insights into SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny on the PSP.


This past week, Odashima took to tweeting once again. While there was no particular topic of focus this time around, he made some interesting comments all the same. On Friday night (Japan time), Odashima left work at 3 AM, which almost certainly means he’s in the thick of a crucial phase of development.


“I think the title “Soul Edge” suits the game more than “Soulcalibur”. Other than SC1, the story always revolves around Soul Edge,” he tweeted, after he’d awoken the next day. “Plus everyone seems to like Soul Edge better than Soul Calibur. It’s something I was thinking from a while back,” he continued, referring to the two weapons central to the series.


Odashima, too, prefers the Soul Edge, incidentally. “It looks stronger and the design’s cooler. Especially the eye,” he tweeted to one fan who agreed with his thoughts.


“I didn’t think SoulCalibur would become a numbering sequel. Thought it would change from Soul Edge > SoulCalibur > Soulxxx etc.,” he revealed to another. “Soul Edge (Soul Blade) was about Soul Edge. SC1 was about Soul Calibur. SC2 was about Evil Calibur. The rest is all about Soul Edge,” he told a third Twitter follower.


Finally, a fan asked Odashima if he’d considered retconning the SoulCalibur franchise. To this Odashima replied: “No no. ‘Learn from the past and create something new.’ No deep meaning :)”

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  • Locklear93

    Dunno. I’m sure he’s right about Soul Edge being more popular. Most gamers I know prefer grotesque, vicious badass looking over gleaming, immaculate badass looking, but as for me, I’ve always liked Soul Calibur better than Soul Edge. I don’t like gross stuff with random eyeballs on it. :P

    • You don’t share my roommate’s eating habits then.

  • shy_mel

    I agree with the learning from the past comment, though I wouldn’t mind if SC4 never happened.

  • makes sense, since Soul Calibur story is always about Soul Edge sword.

    but it’s too late to change the name now.

    unless they make Soul Edge 2 which is about Soul Calibur…you know vice versa:P

  • z_merquise

    ‘Learn from the past and create something new.’

    That’s a nice one. Most people nowadays always thought of reboot even if it wasn’t necessary. It’s not that reboots are bad but it’s seems that they ALWAYS thought reboot was the solution in everything if the previous projects (whether it’s a game, a film or anything) turned to something they didn’t wanted.

    • Think of how many people on here even suggested a reboot!

  • PrinceHeir

    as long as it’s fast paced as Soul Calibur 2 with anime portraits sign me up :)

  • Whatever the name is i will still play it, still i hope there will stille be a character creation, and how about Scenario mode in The next game like the tekken one did?

  • I just hope the next Soul Calibur is as good as Soul Edge, SC or SC2.

    And I agree that Soul Edge sounds better.

  • NaelAM

    Perhaps he’s talking about using the Soul Edge name again now that Tim Langdell’s trademark on the word Edge in game titles has been revoked?

  • xxx128

    I’d really apreciate some deep gameplay instead of the senseless button mashing that sc often comes down to.

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