Lots Of People Bought The New Monster Hunter PSP Bundle (Surprise!)

By Ishaan . February 18, 2011 . 8:27am

Last month, Sony announced a pair of special Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP bundles, titled the “Rookie Hunters Pack,” for release in February. The bundles came in two themes — a white/blue Jinogre theme, and a red/black Tigrex sub-species theme.


Both of these PSP bundles were to be released in limited supply, and came with a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, all for 19,800 yen. Last week saw their release, and Japanese tracker, Media-Create had some insights to share on their sales as usual.


Total PSP sales for the week were 106,893 units. Of those, around 74,000 units were the Rookie Hunters Pack bundles. Media-Create also report that the PSP is presently supply-constrained in Japan.


Naturally, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sales saw a nice boost due to the new bundle as well. Sales of the game for the week were 93,483 units. Given Media-Create’s numbers, only around 19,483 of those people bought a standalone copy of Portable 3rd. For comparison, sales of the game the week prior were far lower at close to 28,000 units.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sales are now at a total of 4.2 million units. Capcom revealed in a recent investor that they feel the game could eventually reach the 5 million mark in the future.

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  • malek86

    That’s not the enhanced PSP, right? Sigh, I’d relaly like to get my hands on one of those.

    Ona side note, just a little more (another 100k or so at this point) and MHP3 should surpass DQ9 for the title of best-selling third party game in Japan.

    • Code

      I’m pretty sure these ones did have the reworked thumb stick, but not sure if that’s what you meant by enhanced?

      • malek86

        From the images, they look like standard PSP-3000s. I don’t think they have the new analog. They also are a bit too cheap.

        • Code

          Yeah, just checked into it, these ones don’t have the altered thumb stick.

  • Guest

    really strange. You’d think people wanting this game would already have a PSP and with the NGP around the corner why not save up and wait for that (or the 3DS). Oh well, money to burn I guess…

    • malek86

      I would buy this too, actually. Why wait for the NGP? It’s probably going to be expensive as hell for at least eighteen months after launch. With this bundle, you get both game and console for a price that is less than the 3DS alone.

      I also dig that black model with red buttons.

      • Guest

        dont you already have a PSP? I’m just saying the people who want this game enough to pay for a PSP probably already have a PSP and maybe even a better model at that

        • malek86

          I guess MH is the purest definition of system seller, then. Yeah, I have one already, but I was just saying that if I wanted one, this would be the best chance.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Not really because the NGP isn’t backwards compatible. It takes cartridges and PSP is UMD’s. So if there’s games on it that you REALLY want, now is a great time to buy it. It’s way cheaper than years ago at launch, you get a better version of it (that I’d imagine is only limited. I bet it’ll worth more years latter), and is in a bundle with a very popular game. Why not buy it?

      • malek86

        This bundle has the standard PSP. You want the better model, you buy it (and it doesn’t include the game).

        • Zero_Destiny


      • Guest

        digital download?

  • Croix

    Whether you love or hate Capcom (I personally have no ill will toward them), you must admit that their marketing strategies are golden when they want them to be.

  • It’s like people buying a new 360 slim. Get rid of your old 360 for a new one that might not RROD. For the PSP get the new one for the superior analog stick!

    • Actually, this one doesn’t have the new analog stick/battery. That was a different bundle and was also limited. :)

    • only to realize now it called the GROD

  • It would be nice to see more PSP LE’s outside of Japan with this, being one of them.

  • puchinri

    I wish I had remembered this sooner. I would have loved to get the Jinogre bundle. I guess playasia isn’t getting any more in stock again either, right?
    (Do they ever release them in limited supply initially and go back and release more?)

    Missed a nice PSP bundle again. =A=

  • Well, you know Capcom, release that over in NA and you’ll break that mark and more.
    > _ >

    • Exkaiser

      I highly doubt that. Monhun is nowhere near the juggernaut it is in Japan. A couple hundred thousand, sure, but it won’t be anywhere near the 800,000 required to break 5 million.

      • Bruce

        i love the series , but many don’t have the attention span required to learn the game’s mechanics . but i’m pretty positive that 3rd would be localized eventually .

        • Exkaiser

          Oh, I don’t doubt it’ll be localized. I’m guessing it’ll be around August, though. Monhun’s slow to come over.

          • As Exkaiser says it’s a cult over in the west. MH is a duanting game that requires a lot of investment but it is rewarding. More so with friends.

  • PrinceHeir

    japanese just can’t get enough of they’re monster hunters :P

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