This Week In Sales: Atlus vs. Capcom: Fate of Two Games

By Ishaan . February 23, 2011 . 4:33pm

An Atlus game beating Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Yes, that’s exactly what happened last week when Catherine and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds went head-to-head on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Atlus’ platformer/puzzler/horror adventure game debuted at the top of last week’s sales chart at close to 142,000 units on the PlayStation 3, and nearly another 22,000 units on the Xbox 360 further down the chart. According to a post on Japanese site, Ketai Watch, Atlus’ initial expectations for the game were 150,000 units. How the game holds up in terms of numbers in next week’s chart should be interesting to see, as the Nintendo 3DS barrage hits Japan this Saturday.


Speaking of holding up, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is doing just that, with yet another impressive lot of copies moved last week. Portable 3rd sold nearly 40,000 units during the week, and while it won’t reach Pokémon Black/White’s numbers any time soon, it most certainly is well on its way to being as significant a brand in Japan.


Finally, at the bottom of the chart is Ni no Kuni, clinging on in the top-20 for yet another week. While the game still isn’t close to selling out its 600,000 unit shipment, it does seem to be selling consistently at its lower price. The Last Story, unfortunately, didn’t make the week’s top-20.


The top-20 chart for the week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Catherine 141,826 New PS3 Atlus
New 02. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 67,187 New PS3 Capcom
02. 03. Samurai Warriors 3Z 58,089 266,637 PS3 Tecmo Koei
03. 04. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd 39,727 4,289,349 PSP Capcom
01. 05. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 26,504 248,572 PSP Namco Bandai
New 06. Two Worlds II 24,324 New PS3 Ubisoft
New 07. Catherine 21,936 New 360 Atlus
New 08. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 13,779 New 360 Capcom
New 09. Hakuouki: Zuisouroku DS 13,373 New DS Idea Factory
04. 10. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 13,186 176,362 DS Capcom
08. 11. Donkey Kong Country Returns 10,824 817,181 Wii Nintendo
06. 12. Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends 9,638 32,236 Wii Tecmo Koei
11. 13. Pokémon Black/White 9,502 5,081,369 DS Nintendo
New 14. DJ Max Portable 3 8,990 New PSP CyberFront
New 15. Two Worlds II 8,225 New 360 Ubisoft
05. 16. Kenka Bancho 5 8,193 109,543 PSP Spike
07. 17. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 7,861 29,580 PS3 Take Two
13. 18. Wii Party 7,472 1,794,813 Wii Nintendo
18. 19. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 6,312 176,788 PSP Konami
19. 20. Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer 6,174 481,003 DS Level 5


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

  • Code

    Color me impressed, I’m surprised Catherine out sold MvsC3~! Neat~!

    • Yeah! I totally didn’t think that Cathy would be a hit.

      • the melted cheese of a pizza can beat anything

        • Testsubject909

          That was melted cheese? …

          Um, no wait, I mean. Yeah. Melted cheese. ahaha…hah…..

          Why’re you looking at me like that!?

      • Testsubject909

        She’s a hot woman on a hot topic in Japan with the hopes of a possible Persona 5 riding on it’s successes from a beloved company that’s been taken in by a different company that focuses on more casual cellphone games and whose independence within said company depends on it’s success.

        I’d imagine you can also put some thanks in the Atlus faithfuls.

      • Code

        Oh I knew it’d do good, but I really didn’t expect it to do this good, let alone beat out MvsC3.

        • Marvel vs. Capcom games have never been big sellers in Japan compared to the west, so I think it’s not surprising at all that Catherine beat out MvC3 and that it did good numbers.

          • Code

            Yeah basically what I was saying down below, plus the lack of an arcade release before the console release wouldn’t help things over there, I’d figure. I still think it’s a bit surprising to see Catherine outsell it by over double though >w<'

          • Catherine’s marketing has been awesome. Looks at the marchandise they had ready for the game before it was even released, the constant feed of trailers. Add to the fact that the game has anime-isms to it as well as nods to the horror genre – still a hugely popular genre in Japan seemingly.

            To be honest, MvC games probably wouldn’t sell as well if they didn’t have the tournement, competitive aspect nailed down well. No one cares if the game is slightly broken (you think MvC games have cheap combos? Check out the Hokoto no Ken fighting game on the PS2).

          • Code

            @Gabriel May
            Yeah it’s definitely points for Atlus and there stellar marketing, they’ve been building it up for months and it has paid off >www<'

    • Wiccan1109

      One reason why MvC3 has such a huge cult following in America and Europe is that its also part Marvel, aswell as Capcom. Marvel alone has never done as well in the east as it does in the west, its mainly just the Capcom side selling it for them. The irony is that they primarily built the roster for the Japanese consumers though xD

      • Code

        I don’t know, Marvel has made decent efforts in Japan going all the way back to the 70’s, although agreed it still wouldn’t have the wide popularity that they have in America and Europe.


    And tales of the world 3 seems to be doing great too! This is so good, seems the tales of games have a good place in Japan.

    Sucks for The last story, and at least Ni no kuni can still be seen, also for Ace attorney 2

    And lol, i can’t help but laught at the difference between 360 sales and ps3 sales of Catherine, anyway, i imagine they also did 360 release for the American release

    • Zero_Destiny

      “Then saith Jesus unto them, All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad.” And by smite the shepherd he means silence the trolls. By sheep he means Catherine and by scattered abroad he of course means coming stateside. If my lord and savor said it, it must come true. :)

    • Aoshi00

      Hey, I bought both ver of Catherine and love both boxes :P (the PS3 ver text’s font is smoother though) Just got them last night and played several hours, got to stage 3-3 (it has 8 stages), the boss stage was pretty clever and devious (for the 2nd boss, I panicked and had to use an item to reach the top, otherwise I would be stuck and needed to start again).. pretty hard on easy and died a lot, but fun and thrilling, both the story part and puzzle part (psycho gf and mistress and other poor stray sheeps), the force feedback is doing its job lol.. lots to do in the bar.. the relationship bit is very heavy though, many quotes about man and woman during the loading screen.. The player polls are engaging, questions like if you think “marriage is the end or the beginning of your life?”, and only the “first” responses are tallied. I had to play some Graces F to calm my heart down a bit before going to bed..Just got AA Investigation tonight too.. Too bad for Last Story.. I had a ton of fun beating the game at 43 hrs, and later I dabbled into multiplayer, playing the raid mode w/ 5 others online fighting different bosses. All the spoken lines for the chars are available for players to macro, so yelling out the commands was hilarious and never gets old, so many silly lines and phrases.. :) I intend to go thru it again on new game+, I pretty much did all the sidequests alrdy except missing a couple…Ni no Kuni on backlog..BTW, for those who are interested, I found a video review of Last Story from this guy, very good review and I thought he was very funny (he used the Magic book from Ni no Kuni lol), not sure if I need to ask his permission to link.. looks like that guy imports like crazy too or he’s actually in Jpn..…/

      • Haha, if your ps3 version is getting in the way, i will always be here to receive it >8D.Man, those questions will be hard for me, i seriously would like to go for the blonde (Catherine i think) But i would feel bad with glasses (Katherine?! is so confusing, im bad enough with names!). In the demo, i felt bad for not answering the msges to Katherine…
        I just beated AT1 again, and it was still hard to choose between Aurica and Misha, SO HARD!!! I SPEND 1 HOUR THINKING WICH ONE TO GO FIRST T_TAt least i beated Aurica’s and Lady Shurelia’s (i took 30 minutes to choose between Aurica’s and Lady Shurelia’s ending too, and i just had to load the last save between them and hear the credit song again >_>), ill go for Misha now….

        I can’t wait for Catherine…

        I wished more for the Last Story, but i guess it is at least ok… I hope it wasn’t a let down for the developers thought

        • Code

          Katherine looks like trouble, go with the blonde, my instincts have never been wrong~!

          Seriously though I’d love to be playing Catherine right now, but I’ll have to hold out for english release, which hopefully won’t take too long >w<'

        • Aoshi00

          haha wish I could.. but my PS3 is some desperate need of trophies..

          The choices are pretty easy for me so far, I just go for w/ my instinct. For e-mails, I’m trying to be a good boyfriend to Kat even though she’s kinda bossy sometimes and try to fend off the one-night stand (or two nights now..), on 360 I’m doing the opposite. I don’t know what effect they have on my gameplay yet… For the polls, I’ve gotten the same answers as the majority except one so far, one question was “Do you envy actors who get to kiss so many other people in different movies?”

          The voice in the confession booth is cheeky though, Minagawa Junko, best known as Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis :)

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Oh-ho, cheating in a parallel dimension (360), eh? You sly dog. I wonder if you can have a happy threesome ending… You know, like an easter egg ending that just doesn’t make any sense…

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. that’s a funny way to put it, yea just want to try the different responses.. to be honest I don’t like this one night stand at all, Cat feels like a stalker psychopath parading in her lingerie.. I kinda spoiled myself and read that there’s a very happy ending if you choose to stick w/ Kat, I think that’s the one that I would go for first (I like bossy women in real life and bring out their mother instinct lol, not bitchy just mellow the strong ones :).. I can’t play too much of this game in one sitting, too much mystery and a very scary Elm Street feel.. and deals w/ a lot of relationship issues that mirror real life.. maybe I’d play more during the day on the weekend, that’s how I play scary games :) They really put a lot of effort in both the puzzles and story element though, you could talk to sheeps in nightmares and people in the bar.. but they really got the horror down..

            Have to say I prefer the 360 controller, and the OK btn is A and cancel is B, but on the PS3 all the Jpn games are reversed circle is okay and x is canceled, opposite of the US configuration, hard to get used to.. the loading/saving time is a little faster on the 360 as well w/ hard drive install.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s


            Nah I’m kidding, If I were to play through it twice I’d do the same thing. NOOOO by spoiling yourself you just spoiled me as well!! I didn’t actually want to know >_<' Ahhhgggg… oh well I was going to go with Kat anyway. Uncomfortably close to reality? That can only be a good thing for me. Sounds like a different kind of deed-seated emotional horror preying on humanly innate, social insecurities, delightfully deviant from the pathological horror of Silent Hill and primal horror of Resident Evil.

            You confirmed the puzzles are uber-hard, even on easy, right? I have this feeling the US version will already have the patched difficulty level and be easier out of the box… The X/O button switch always gets me too, even though the Japanese way makes more sense naturally (crossing something out is "no", circling something is "yes").

          • Aoshi00

            I’m still picking the good answers though when I talk w/ the other sheeps, there’s this angel-devil meter, I could never be a jerk..I’m not sure if being a bad guy affects your gameplay, so far I know getting drunk in the bar makes you move faster in the tower. I’m actually not very far into the game yet, only 4-2 (4-3 would be the 3rd boss), the boss stages are hard, I died a lot at the 2nd boss. And each new stage introduces some new elements like spike traps, springs, crumbling blocks, other sheeps pushing you or blocking your way, ice blocks (which I haven’t gotten to yet), so it progressively gets more demented, and you really need to get your technique and instinct down (some sheeps show you nifty rules to remember via tutorial videos). I was used to the first two stages because i’ve played the demo (the demo was stage one, and stage 2-3). From what I heard if you think stage 3 is hard, people say wait till stage 4, and some think up to stage 6 is manageable even dying a lot, but stage 7 gets really wicked (there are 8 in total, 3 parts in each stage including the boss stage). It was late last night and I didn’t try the boss yet.. I died quite a lot, so the game is definitely hard on easy.. but I might not have seen nothing yet since I’m still so early not even half way.. If they’re patching it, I think they might just make the easy mode easier (or add a very easy mode) and keep normal and hard intact? They could make the easiest mode actually easy, I doubt they would take the challenge away for those who want it. Yea, I know the X batsu means no (cancel) and O maru means yes (OK), but it still throws me off alternating the ok and cancel btn when I switch btwn US and Jpn PS3 games. Also when I quit my game, then it’s the US configuration again.. like when I play a Jpn PSP game, it’s reverse, but when I go to save it’s reverse under the US system again you know.. and we’re all used to the X at the bottom being OK.

            P.S. I must’ve died like 50 times in the 3rd boss stage, getting pawned :(… yes it’s uber hard on easy.. I came very close almost near the top but blew it.. and then I died like 20 more times.. anyway lots of swearing at the TV :(… *whew!!!* finally got it, F-ing hard, can’t imagine what’s to come, just half way now… whew… it’s hard to keep calm when the boss (giant baby) is trying to throw you off and crush you…

      • Guest

        WTF??? Noooooooo. The Last Story is not even on the list WTF?? Whats wrong with people?? Now we’ll never get the game in the U.S.

        • HarryHodd

          Maybe the game just isn’t that great?

          • Aoshi00

            Why would you say so? It’s tons of fun and a pretty polished game, some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the Wii so far. At least better than FF11-14 for me at least.. Felt more like a Sakaguchi FF anyway.. just the fate of a new IP I guess?

          • HarryHodd

            From impressions I’ve heard it’s short, easy, linear, mostly brown environments, combat is too shallow and the story is cheesy. But I have not played it like you have good sir.

          • More a new IP on the Wii than anything. I honestly believe that if the game had come out on PS3 or one of the portables that it would’ve been a big hit, considering its pedigree.

          • Aoshi00

            @ Charles Lupula

            Well, Archaic Sealed Heat didn’t sell well or get a localization on the DS either being on the popular Nintendo handheld and I thought that was an excellent game (not perfect but good and different). And if this weren’t a Nintendo title, it probably wouldn’t have turned out to be as polished as it is w/o the backing of the Mario team. If you have Sakaguchi and Uematsu gracing the names on a title w/ the word Final Fantasy in it, I’m sure the result would be much better, regardless of system.

          • It’s just that japanese people are really hard on new franchise, not many have as much luck as Catherine has (let’s see if it can stay in a high place next week), but i think it was mostly because this game is so different from the ordinary, and because of all the fame Atlus won with persona 3 and 4 (let’s not lie, persona 3 is for Atlus what FF7 is for Enix/SquareEnix, even if there is a lot peple that prefer the games before that one)

          • Aoshi00


            Hm.. the main game is not too hard if you level up and upgrade your weapons/armors right, the bosses still require strategies and the sidequests are challenging (taking advantage of the environment destruction would help, charging into enemies’ summon circles would get you wiped out or the battle dragged on). Combat felt refreshing, a mix of action and turn based, pretty addictive and satisfying.

            Depends on what you mean by short, the main quest would be about 30 hrs if you skip the sub chapters or sidequests, like they said. I finished almost everything in 43 hrs, missed a couple of sidequests and didn’t fight all the Colosseum battles, and could still have a lot of fun playing multiplayer if I want. The game encourages new game+ like Chrono Trigger as well. Not multiple endings, but I’m picking some different conversation choices just for fun.

            Story is better than FF12 & 13 in my opinion, the characters are much more likable and I alrdy ordered the Uematsu soundtrack. Nothing revolutionary but a very feel good story at the end, w/ some surprises in the middle.

            As for linear, if you have played FF13 and liked it, I don’t think it could get any linear than that, I would say the main quest is linear but at different points of the story you’re free to roam around and do a lot of sidequests at your own pace. W/ FF12 being the most open world and FF13 being the most linear, I would say it’s fair to say it’s in the middle.

            For the color there is a reason in the story the color is quite muted, although there are several greener environments. But for the attires once you pick up several items in town, you could make the clothes as outrageous and colorful as you want. Color palette aside, still some of the best graphics for a Wii game.

            I think the video review I linked up there summed the game up pretty well, not sure whose reviews you read, some people liked the game, some people don’t, that’s bound to happen.

            It’s a very good game for me, could be better like everything else, but nonetheless very satisfying.

            So maybe it just didn’t sell well because it wasn’t called Final Fantasy 15?

          • Not putting down Last Story, because I haven’t played it and don’t know much about it, but saying something has a better story than FF12 is not really a compliment. Most napkins have a better story than FF12.

          • HarryHodd

            Thanks for your impressions. Sounds like a game that I’d like to play. The sidequests seem to make a good difference on length and enjoyment of the game, however total playtime is still a bit short for an RPG when considering only single player. As for being linear I enjoyed FF13, but the linear part was not a good thing and pretty widely criticized. I’m trying to look at this from a sales perspective and why possibly the game didn’t sell better.

          • Aoshi00

            @ Charles Lupula

            I said it had better story than the last 4 FFs in the last decade combined, including FF12 AND 13, and felt more like a real FF, just like Lost Odyssey. I thought FF12 was more interesting and engaging than FF13 anyway personally. For many the same could be said for FF13 as well.

        • Aoshi00

          That does warrant some worries, like I thought Archaic Sealed Heat was coming over before, but later left to the wayside.. I’ve logged in more hours on the Wii from Xenoblade and Last Story than many other Wii games combined :) Catherine would have a good chance coming over, I’m not sure about Last Story.. Nintendo Jpn’s involvement was so much, not sure about NOA..

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          It seemed like a sure fire hit the way Nintendo was promoting it and there were so many ads and much coverage… shame.

      • Belenger

        Stage 3 boss is so lovely and just when you couldn’t think something harder as a boss could be then you get stage 4 boss, bet you are loving those “hearts” from that boss ^^, then you are going to start loving those “V”.

        • Aoshi00

          I hope I’d manage what is to come, up=down, right=left, that was nuts!

    • SolidusSnake

      over 20k is probably like a mega blockbuster for the Japanese 360. Hell it’s almost a third of what MvC3 did. Awesome that Catherine made #1, and that both versions are in the top 10!

      Anyway, good going Atlus, kudos, congrats, now listen to WildArms’s sage advice and bring the damn thing over to Murka so I can finally play it. ;)

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      The 360 version sold less because Katherine is not half naked in a stripping pose and blushing. Obviously that’s the reason.

      If Atlus doesn’t bring this here (covers must be intact!), then I’ll… I’ll… KISS NAMCO’s FEET! And trust me, you won’t like me when I’m kissing Namco’s feet. No siree, not at all.

    • I pretty much expected the 360 version to sell horribly in Japan and expect it to do not-as-well-as-the-PS3-version-but-still-alright in North America. I think if they had no intention of localizing, they wouldn’t have even bothered with a 360 version.

      I can’t say it did “horribly,” considering it is a 360 title (in fact, I think it sold more than FFXIII 360 JP did), but still comparatively…

      • Guest

        You also have to remember 360 visual novels/ADV/puzzle games are a niche novelty scoop up in Japan despite the lower number of 360 console sales over there

  • mikanko

    Thinking Capcom might find those disappointing sales for MvC3 compared to what it’s done in the US. Not too surprising since MvC2 was never big in Japan, but hoping this game could turn it around.

  • Seems like a low selling week, how was Two Worlds II…

    I wonder what the target unit sales for Catherine was

    • According to a post on Ketai Watch…150K, at least initially. So it’s gone beyond their expectations.

      • Wow, if Atlus keeps this up, they might as well look to expanding their company.

        • They already did! Index Holdings picked up Gonzo Rosso a while back, which is an MMO studio that targets the Asian market. :)

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Well some Atlus representative stated in some interview a while ago that they were pretty surprised themselves that Catherine was so highly anticipated.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Definitely thought MvC3 would’ve sold more. Maybe popularity is shifting genres?

    • Testsubject909

      I don’t think Marvel is a big deal in Japan to begin with. For Japan, I believe Tatsunoko vs Capcom has more relevance to their culture and to their interests. For more hardcore fighting games, they also have a plethora of choices, from your King of Fighter, to your Darkstalker, from your Street Fighters to your Tekken. And with many others such as Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Blaz Blue, etc etc etc…

      Can’t really blame them. Also, if people are pretty conscious of Atlus’ situation, they’d certainly support Atlus’ entry into the HD era.

      • Yu_TheKing

        I see what you mean.

        Atlus has had quite the successes recently and their diversity is definitely factor.

        • Successes? They’ve gotten taken over and been oriented towards social games and remakes (except for Catherine) ever since.

          • Got taken over? What are you talking about? Werent they already owned by their parent company anyway? If anything that event has strengthened the foundation of Atlus, both in Japan and here in the United States.

            Theyve had resounding success since early 2009.

          • Code

            Point awarded to Tsuna >w<~!

          • Not exactly. It’s more like the parent company took direct control over Atlus after buying a majority stock a few years earlier. After that they’ve published several mediocre titles that make me nervous. As far as I can tell they really need this game to be a big hit, along with the remakes of Devil Survivor and Persona 2 IS.

          • Yu_TheKing

            Merger aside, they’ve been steadily attempting to make a comeback.

            Edit: Boss agrees ;D

          • Yui

            Mediocre titles? Are you serious?
            I’d just like to point out that since 2009, Atlus have published Radiant Historia, Demon’s Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Persona 3 Portable, Catherine, Devil Survivor, Strange Journey, Hexyz Force, Knights In The Nightmare, and Etrian Odyssey III. Not only are you a crazy person, but you’re also rather far off about the Index Holdings situation – they’ve merged the Atlus group into the company structure a little more strongly, but Atlus still retains creative control AND ultimately is still in charge of publishing, now they simply work closer to Index and do occasionally publish social and/or mobile titles.

            Please, please, don’t be crazy. It hurts me when people are crazy. ;_;

      • I thought in JPN the fighting game scene would be in their robust easy to access arcades anyway.

        • Yu_TheKing

          Yeah. I think majority of the fighting games in JPN now see arcade releases/re-releases.

          Namely: SSFIV, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

          Others. (Memory fail -_-)

      • Guest

        They made an Iron Man and Wolverine Anime recently. Dont forget Japanese Spider-man live action TV series from the 70’s :P Marvel is quite a deal over there. Its just…so is Atlus…

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          That Wolverine anime looks absolutely awful to me.

        • lol they made an Iron Man anime, Wolverine anime, we’re getting X-Men next anime season, plus a Blade anime during the summer season…

          I really don’t think it has anything to do with Marvel.. it’s probably how simple the buttons are set up and how it’s completely different and lacking from MvC2. I have friends who are die hard fans of MvC2 and they HATE MvC3, not even thinking about buying it for their consoles..

      • Code

        I don’t even know if it’s that Japan isn’t interested in Marvel (it does have a fairly decent history in Japan), so much as that MvsC itself has always had a stronger base in North America. Plus the lack of an arcade entry to soften up potential buyers for MvsC3, may contribute to a more cautious launch for the game.

        • Well if we look to old charts, it outsold MvC2 (wk 1) thus far, so it did better than the first.

  • HarryHodd

    Great sales for Catherine! I don’t know too many new IPs that have charted that high on conssiles this gen. Happy for Atlus.

  • cmurph666

    Catherine being #1 makes me happies~! :D

  • Yu_TheKing

    Perhaps it was merely her seductive appearance that tempted so many to buy it?

    If so, quite a successful strategy on their part. >.<

    • They did have some, hm, catchy promotional materials for the game…specifically that pizza one!

      • Yu_TheKing

        Indeed, she was quite “into” that pizza. *___*

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Boobies sell. Always. But in this case it’s got the sheep factor. Extra kinky. Sells even better.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m sad to see the Last Story go. Please come back next week. :)

    • No chance unless it’s sold on some budget label and interest picks up. Looks like we can kiss goodbye to TLS coming to the west :(

  • Hah! Take that Marvel.

    • FireCouch


      • I’m a bit irritated at some of the decisions they made in their game, especially about the story.

  • Phoenix_Apollo


    Now Atlus should definitely bring us this game! There’s almost no excuse now…and hey, Ni No Kuni and AAI2 should come over as well. I’d love to have them.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Who knows, the success of Catherine could prompt Atlus to not just make Persona 5, but more off-the-wall experimental games in this vein or even crazier/weirder games, the likes of which has never been seen by man. I mean, they could spark a whole new sub-genre with this thing… maybe even creatively spearhead the Japanese console game renaissance!!

    Yea, that’s it! No more retreating to social gimmick! No more aping western manly! ATLUS WILL BE BRINGING THE BACK DELICIOUS CAKE OF NO MORE CONSOLE HEARTBREAK ONLY LIKE JAPAN CAN MAKE MAGIC. Because that’s only right.

    • Yu_TheKing

      Well Said!

      A little more variety in the gaming universe never hurt anyone.

      Can’t wait to see what they come up with in the not-so-distant future.

    • HarryHodd

      But all I really want is Persona 5, after Catherine that is.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Oh I do too, but after that…

      • It’s coming. They are in “JRPG mode” now.

        • HarryHodd

          This makes me happy.

    • SolidusSnake

      I had my doubts when I heard Cathy was a puzzle game, but the gameplay looks incredibly addictive. Atlus obviously has some damn talented people in their corner, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  • Jirin

    This makes me happier about the odds of localization.

    I imported Tales of Graces only a week before it got announced for localization. I’m not going to make the same mistake for Catherine. Now is the time to be patient.

    • HarryHodd

      I bought Graces f 3 weeks before the announcement. Played it for 100 hours but I stopped before the future arc. Gonna play the future arc the first time in english.

      • You have gained my respect as a player if what you say is truth >8O!

    • Aoshi00

      I imported Tales of Graces F after they announced it just because of the BOA song “Mamoritai” lol.. So those 10+ free skits from the Jpn PSN, do they pop up thruout the game or something?

  • Guest


    Persona 5 greenlighted!

    • I hope they had already started much work on that one, lol. Well they have too as they arent finishing up any other game except for Persona 2 PSP (and overclocked)

  • PrinceHeir

    congrats Atlus :D

    it’s too bad The 3rd Birthday and The Last Story drop out :

    hopefully we do get a PE4 on PS3 :P

    • Why PS3?!

      • PrinceHeir

        cause umm the series started on consoles(PS) not to mention they already plan on bringing the series on consoles(i even read that T3B should have been PS3)

        • I dont see how thats a valid point, then why even have T3B go to PSP then. With market conditions having handhelds as profitable, you, as a gamer ought to be willing to follow them and prefer it on the system they bring it too, lol.

          • Zero_Destiny

            It’s more profitable for BK to put less meat in their burgers but I don’t want that. This is the same thing. We’re not asking the company to be crazy and do something anti-profitable but we do appreciate it when they either take risk or offer us something that we really want. Besides we all own home consoles so what’s the prob with wanting more good stuff on them?

          • One of Tsuna’s other personalities is in charge right now. Wait an hour and he’ll be wanting Parasite Eve 4 on the PS3 like the rest of us.

            Wait another hour and he’ll be saying it should be multiplatform with robust multiplayer.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @ Charles Lupula Oh I see so Sawada’s like Shinobu Sensui. He’s got a different personalty for everyday of the week. :D

          • Yu_TheKing

            @Zero_Destiny: More like Roger the Alien that changes personalities as often as he changes clothes. ^-^

          • Really? Im quite sure that more people own PSPs than PS3s at this point in time, thus, it is more profitable for handhelds to have the games…meaning that we all own handheld systems and want more games on handhelds.

          • “We all” own handhelds? Really? I don’t. I can think of a TON of people who don’t.

            I don’t like this personality. You should really switch it to the other one. This one is annoying and fills me with rage.

          • Well.. T3B on the PSP is a port of a cellphone game. Don’t see any big news about a cellphone game being ported to or remade for a console..

        • Zero_Destiny

          I think Sawada’s confused because the PSP by far offers him more HD visuals and voice acting than that piece of crap total waste of a system PS3 can. lol *sarcasm*

        • Testsubject909

          Why not the NGP then?

          You’d have touchscreen/touchpad controls to top it off, so you can have a little mini-game of “Clean out the shower fog” and “help undress Aya” controls or “massage Aya after a stressful day fighting dangerous creatures” when you go to sleep to recover.

          Don’t judge me!

      • Because i have a ps3, i think the ps3 is freaking cool, and i love it, and most of the times, all games made only for ps3 tend to be super great quality and…

        I imagine PE is persona, and that 4 should be a 5? O_O, with more reason, for the ps3!!! because its other releases has been on ps2/ps/psp

        • I thought he/she meant Parasite Eve?

          • Then never mind me xD

          • Testsubject909

            Persona has always been refered to with a simple P, nothing else. But I can understand your confusion.

      • HarryHodd

        Good graphics and sound.

      • Because the first two Parasite Eve games were on PS1 and I don’t own a portable system.

  • I am excited about Catherine’s success, but sad for the Last Story, especially after how much fuss was made about it being a last ditch effort. :(

    Oh Radiant Mythology 3, I was trying to hold out on importing you for a bit, but I don’t know if I can!

  • I’m proud to see little Catty’s growing up *sniff*

    • Zero_Destiny

      But I’m scarred to see what she’s growing into to. Eehhhh

  • Glad I could be one of those Catherine sales! :)

  • WOW! with it doing that well Atlus has got to bring it over here. 160k?!?! that’s insane. If only this turns out to be true i’d be a happy camper

  • malek86

    Even if it may not surpass Pokemon, MHP3 is pretty much guaranteed to outsell DQ9 for best selling third-party game in Japan ever. A relatively new franchise surpassing the highest-selling Dragon Quest? I don’t think anyone can complain about those sales.

    Those Catherine numbers are great. A western release can’t be far off. I’ll take the 360 version as proof.

  • MonHun 3 still managing to move 40k units after months is just ridiculous… Who waited until only the 3rd month to get it?

    • Yui

      People who didn’t have enough money for it in the first or second months, or people who had higher-priority games? :D

  • Catherine beating Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – no surprises there.

    Two Worlds II debuts impressively. Yeah I’m sure it will be gone by next week but I like the fact that a western RPG like Two Worlds II got that far.

    Ouch for DJ Max Portable 3. I guess Japanese gamers are getting sick of the music genre. That or many high profile games just meant it stood no chance.

    So proud of Ni no Kuni: The Jet-Black Sorcerer, the little game that’s too stubborn to go down without a fight. I think it’s staying power will benefit for the PS3 version, which I feel many Japanese gamers are waiting for.

    Sony pretty much owned this month, with the top six spots belonging to the PS3 or PSP and having ten games overall. Xbox 360 had an impressive showing though with three games with two in the top ten ^_^

  • Tokyo Guy

    It’s interesting that The Last Story has completely fallen off and yet Ni no Kuni still remains on there.

    • Aoshi00

      I guess after all’s said and done, Ghibli art and music still is a strong brand and selling point, like Gyakuten or FF. Not to mention it comes w/ that huge well made magic book and the price has been slashed in half in most places.. I could imagine some aren’t entirely interested, but “for that price and the Ghibli art, what the heck I’d pick it up”. And it’s still a handheld game, despite the big book..

  • Not surprised by Last Story. Bought it, beat it, and sadly thought it was mediocre. It didn’t live up to the hype it was building at all.

    Also, I’m glad Catherine did well….but it isn’t the type of game for me. Hope the money made from it goes to Persona 5. ;D

    • Wow if thats the case, then I rather hope they bring us Xenoblade rather than Last Story in CONUS

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve always been wondering, you always say CONUS, so the people in Hawaii and Alaska don’t get to play games released in the US at all?

        • Unfortunately they experience delays in getting games on Day 1…so if one doesnt get a game on day 1 then its the same as not getting the game at all, thats my philosophy.

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t know how their local games stores get their shipment, but I’m pretty sure they could place orders from sites like Amazon or EBGames the same way, maybe they need to pay more shipping compared to the other 48 states. It’s just funny you choose to leave out the 2 states is all. Who the heck refers to the US as CONUS anyway. I’ve only heard the game is released in the US, I’ve never heard people say “the game is released in CONUS”. You make it sound like Hawaii and Alaska are not part of the US and they’re like sub humans or something. If the game is localized, then Hawaiians or Alaskans are also getting the game, just like the rest of America. Whatever floats your boat.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Well you see it’s simple. Sawada just doesn’t care for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, Puerto Rico and all the other parts that make up North America. And don’t even get me started about his feelings on the other Protectorates of the United States. Plus I’m sure many others will tell you about his hatred for the Europeans and their “Better Deluxe” packages. Heck half the time I don’t even think he like Japan. All Sawada cares about is his CONUS. Which begs the question, why is he here again? lol

          • @Zero_Destiny¤♥DragonQuestVI¤ Of course I care about CONUS, its where I live and is most relevant to my interests. I do care for CONA.

          • Aoshi00

            @Zero_Destiny lol.. just know that there are some sane Americans who don’t think the world centers around them.. but make no mistake, he’s NO Sensui Shinobu despite the multiple personality disorder, Sensui is cool :)

      • I thought Xenoblade was MUCH better. I understood enough Japanese to know what was going on so I probably wouldn’t buy it again but I hope it comes for you and everyone else who wants to play it.

  • :D I’m REALLY glad to hear and see the results of the sells of Catherine. :3 ATLUS now you have to start the localization of Catherine.

    I’m not surprised yet in a way i am that it that it got a higher sells ranking the MvC3 in both the PS3 and 360. Maybe that’s why. Either way, I’m happy. Hopefully these sells and next week (hopefully) that Atlus will take the initiative of localizing Catherine (with reversible covers).

    [Beggars can’t be choosers but still..]

    • Im sorry, but I would hope that they would have had started on localization of Catherine way before “this week”, if it truly takes 6 months to bring out a title, well, we will be waiting until August/September for it. Being that they cant be that small of a company…it cant be that odd to think that work has already been underway.

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