Square Enix Give Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection The Special Treatment In Europe

By Ishaan . February 28, 2011 . 11:04am

It appears as though all of Square Enix’s major PSP games are getting special edition releases in Europe. Following in the footsteps of Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together and The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will be available as a special edition, too.


The Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection special edition will come in a special package, and will include a bunch of art cards (pictured above) along with the game, featuring artwork from both Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, The After Years.


Also included will be a special cleaning cloth decorated with a design of Cecil, and downloadable content for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy.


The special edition of Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will be in limited supply. You’ll either have to pre-order the game or pick up a launch copy if you want to grab it when the game releases on April 22nd in Europe.

  • I would love to pre-order this but it isn’t even up on amazon.co.uk yet… which makes me very sad.

  • Yet another special edition that those of us in CONUS will be missing out on.

    Anyway, I guess Im still waiting on a final fantasy to get me into the series.

    • darkfox1

      you have tons of final Fantasy Games to play to get you into it.

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    Goddamit…..why can’t we get DLC for Duodecim WITHOUT buying extra games.

    • PurpleDoom

      It’ll probably be available in a normal fashion later.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection The Special Edition. Got a nice a ring to it. Just like Street Fighter The Movie The Game lol

  • Must be a great month to be a European fan.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Why always Europe? First they got the bbs bundle, and now this? And what did the States get? A bunch of stickers.

  • kupomogli

    Another special edition? US collector’s get screwed so hard when it comes to this stuff being released over here. Prison style. Seriously.

    With PAL gamers it’s unfortunately the other way around, where they get screwed over getting games, but it’s gotten much better since a couple gens ago. Now they get almost everything we get and what they don’t get, they can import being that systems this gen are so import friendly.

    I guess we can atleast thank XSeed and Atlus for the special editions we actually get.

    • malek86

      It’s really only Squenix. Any game licensed from Atlus, NIS, etc. is almost always a PSN version or a barebone retail release (whenever they do actually arrive here at all).

    • I really want that Ar Tonelico 3 LE, but I’ll have to settle with a Duodecim LE instead

    • Really man, like the two already said, it’s mostly only Square Enix, now you might be a big SE fan, than that’s hard yes, but at the end of a day, when compared, EU is still a sad case.

  • I’m not happy about this…

  • No hate towards EU but why are they getting all the special editions of recent games, while NA gets nothing but crap pre-order bonuses. No Duodecim Legacy, No 3rd Birthday Twisted, No Tactics Ogre Limited, now no FFIV Collectors. This is just getting ridiculous.

    • Remember that Lord of Arcana did get an EU collector’s edition as well. Oh, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep as well. Sure, we had a PSP bundle, but it’s not the same.

  • Barrit

    Not surprised, we never get any special editions from SE USA. O well, this game doesn’t have online capability nor is it getting DLC, so that makes it a very easy decision to just import.

  • Hours

    This is awesome for PAL gamers, they have gotten passed over many times in the past, so it’s nice to see them get all this cool stuff.

    But why is Square Enix leaving it’s North American fans out with all these special editions? It’s upsetting. Why can’t we all have access to these releases?

    • Testsubject909

      It’s nice to see them get some of the good stuff, but we’re still lacking many of the Japan special editions. And this reminds me a bit of feminism if you believe this is balancing out the issue as well. Since, rather then providing equal rights to all, they attempt shift the power from one group to another, creating another lack of balance which in the end just lacks a spirit of fairness.

      And if we look at it from what they truly give a damn about, their bottom lines. These special editions sells, no matter the country… And they guarantee pre-orders as well, which in turn increases the amount of sales in their first week.

      Of course, that means manufacturing some, and I have the odd sensation that they’d need to purchase the rights from the Japanese home companies to be able to make english ports of those for some odd reason…

      And also… I myself am also quite curious about Why they’re not giving the US these special editions. What? Don’t believe the US, and by that extent Canada because we’re stuck with an umbilical cord to the freaking US as to what game we do and don’t get despite the fact that we have our own companies up north here to handle dubbing and whatnot, not to forget some large companies such as Ubisoft who have home bases up here yet for some reason means that we can’t get a game unless the US freaking gets one…

      (I swear, sometimes it feels like taking care of a retarded younger brother whose mom is absolutely draconian and backwards, not wanting him to have any foreign games or sexual games but with no troubles over extremely violent games, except for that little psychotic moment she had when she started believing that violent games should’ve been banned for sales for kids younger then he was but somehow included himself as well… I know, screwed up analogy, I didn’t have much time to think about it.)

      … Getting back on track. What, don’t believe there are enough gamers who enjoy RPGs who would be willing to purchase your games? Don’t think your bottom line would enjoy a boost, no matter how minimal it may be, if you took that extra effort to give us some spoiling as well?

      Seriously speaking though. I’d like to know why they aren’t, or are unable, to provide North America as a whole with their Limited/Special Editions.


      • hmm… maybe too many cry babies that bitch about anything that appears under the sky? and SE just give up? Or SE try to get more people in EU to buy their games and be their member by letting them feel special?? who knows.. lol..

      • Meh, today’s feminism is a joke. “Omg we want equal rights, but if you smack me like your brother, I’m calling the cops!”

        pfft, just get back in teh kitchen >:O

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Hazarding a guess there are two possibilities that pop immediately to mind.

        – The Yen/Euro/USD exchange rate is keeping a SCEA suit from approving the swaggier versions.

        – There’s a suit somewhere in SCEE that sees a potential for the nicer SEs that said similar suit at SCEA does not.

  • Oh my God please don’t say that the DLC is Cloud kh costume please no holy cow…please no…oh well I might get it anyway..lol

    • ToSeektheChosen

      LOL yes they’re using his KH costume.

    • Testsubject909

      It is. But if you don’t want that, you can get the Tifa recolor/single-strap costume. Honestly, you’ve got the choice between a whole make-over, or a slight change of appearance… And from where I’m standing. I would’ve honestly preferred seeing a DLC for any other characters as I don’t give much of a damn about Cloud, and Tifa’s DLC costume is nearly a joke.

  • Geez… where’s our special treatment for like, four games Square Enix? lol

  • Wow!! Another special box for us:) Thank you Square-Enix:)

  • ZeroNova

    I think it’s good that we finally get some nice bonuses here in Europe, it was a lot worse in the past, a lot of games were never even released here at all, plus they were region-protected.

    Nowadays I don’t really care if games aren’t released over here though, since I usually just import them either way (it’s actually often cheaper than buying them where I live).

    Anyways, I’m definitely getting this, and at least people outside of Europe can import it.

    • Testsubject909

      Glad to hear the gaming scene is getting better in your home country.

  • Roanoke834

    “In Europe.” Big surprise there…

    • Testsubject909

      I’m still annoyed as to how the earlier EDFs are only available in Europe.

  • I’m getting this if only for the original Japanese cover art. That “exclusive” hard cover art is identical to the one in the US release though, no?

  • evilmoogle

    Today is good day to be european man.

    • Testsubject909

      You know what would be best? For it to be a good life rather then just a good day.

      Here’s hoping that the various publishers of the world continues to treat you guys well… And hopefully doesn’t forget about the rest of the world.

  • Mullane

    Why don’t you US folk just import the games?

    • Testsubject909

      Money tends to be the issue here. The overseas charges tends to be killer. In the past, we also had to worry about Region Locks, but no longer for the most part (360 still suffers with Japanese games every now and again. And soon enough, we’re going to have that problem pop up all over again with the 3DS… Boy am I glad that One Piece Gigant Battle is on the DS.)

      But seriously speaking, it really is all about maintaining our gaming budget. If it costs something like 20$ for me to get shipping from US to Canada, that’s just a simple border crossing on land here. Imagine how much they’ll charge my ass for a shipping order overseas.

      In some cases, it’s the equivalent of “Do I buy this one game in it’s special edition overseas… or do I just buy two games at home?”

      • Mullane

        I know shipping from the US is expensive. Shipping from the UK however is very cheap, which is where I import most of my stuff to Australia. I can usually also get free shipping from the UK, but from regular stores or from eBay, international shipping would never cost more than US$12 (CAD??).

        The game prices are often better in the UK aswell, so this would offset any shipping prices. Maybe you should look into it a bit more.

      • malek86

        Now you know how we feel about having to import all the time :/

        Anyway, worldwide standard airmail shipping should be pretty cheap. Something like 5-6$ at most. For example I never paid more than 4$ for airmail shipping from Japan, and I’m in Europe. Of course, if you want your package to get there day one, that’s an entirely different matter.

        But if you can afford to wait, importing is not that expensive.

  • Square Enix makes us proud of being Europeans :’)

    I’m gettting this, along with the 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition, and Duoedecim’s Legacy Edition. I also got Birth by Sleep’s CE, and Dissidia’s CE, as well as FF XIII’s CE. I’m a SE CE master


  • badmoogle

    Special editions with no art-book inside them are not so special.

    • Testsubject909

      What if they offered a 1/16 doll with the game as opposed to an artbook?

      • badmoogle

        I’d still choose the art-book.:p

  • Oh wow, so many EU rage :

  • Whoomp

    For all non Europeans who complains about not getting this I only have one thing to say: deal with it. We get screwed in so many other way, like not getting a physical UMD release of games such as Lunar, Ys and Persona and not to mention all the games we don’t get at all (Knight’s in the Nigtmare, Jeanne d’Arc and Class of Heroes).

    I have gotten used to importing US editions so I don’t see how it would be so difficult for that to work in reverse if anyone is craving this edition that much, the PSP is completely region-free for those who don’t know.

  • Oh Yea!!! Can’t wait to buy and play it!! XD

  • BlackStrife

    OK, I am noticing two kinds of people in these comments: 1 – North Americans complaining. 2 – Europeans who’re puffing out their chest ‘pridefully’

    Listen, both of you need to calm down. This special edition is nice, but not all that great. It’s just a special box with some cards and toilet paper. FYI, the Japanese get the absolute BEST limited editions – this doesn’t even compare!

    And if you’re upset that this isn’t coming to North America, please realize Europeans pay more for their stuff anyway. (exchange rate, folks)

    Most importantly, if you want this special edition, just import it, plain and simple. It doesn’t get much easier. The PSP is region free and at sites like CD WOW, they even list prices in your native currency.

    Zavvi, HMV, Play.com, and other sites also ship abroad.


    • Nei_chan

      yeah and Zavvi also ships for free, right? To my country it does at least

    • Well if they are truly paying more than surely Europeans make more money? (exchange rate folks?)

      Why should I, as an American, have to subject myself to importing? It doesnt makes sense and shows that we Americans live in an unfair world.

      • Mullane

        Funny if it is a joke.
        Disturbing if you are serious.

        • BlackStrife

          Yeah, I agree. This guy HAS to be joking. If not, then his comment makes me ashamed to be an American.

          “shows that we Americans live in an unfair world.”

          lol, this is why the rest of the world hates us.

  • Nei_chan

    So it’s just cards and some dlc?

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Frankly, I am not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I am always happy when a Special Edition gets released in Europe.

    On the other, this particular special edition honestly seems rather underwhelming and probably isn’t going to be worth the significantly higher price markup. That said, that cleaning cloth does look quite nice.

    Another problem is that special editions, such as this one, give people a reason to whine about how Europe “gets all the good stuff”. Nevermind that this has only really applied to Square Enix games so far and that, very frequently, Europe is lucky to even see a game released over here AT ALL…

  • BlackStrife

    @Nei_chan – yeah Zavvi ships for free in certain EU countries I think. I’m not sure about international orders, though.

  • Wiccan1109

    I’m from Europe, and being an RPG fan ive had to spend pretty much my whole life using a chipped PS2 and buying imports just to play the genre i enjoy. Here in London however, game shops cant sell anything unless it has a gun, a footballer, a car or some boobs on the cover. Proper JRPGs just dont sell, only the sexed up ones without any guys in them actually shift copies, and even then they only sell because of the novelty. They still make a big deal of Final Fantasy at the shops but apparantly its all for nothing, the people who work there tell me they hardly shift anything now, some RPGs they dont even bother ordering in.

    I dont even care about special editions, all i want is the games themselves. As it stands i now buy as much as i can in digital form, its just so ironic that now companies have started releasing RPGs over here, no one seems to want them anymore. All the old gen classics like FF6-10, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Legend of Dragoon. I remember when they came out over here it was frantic trying to secure yourself a copy, and after a couple of months some of them were impossible to find anywhere but the internet. I’m glad that SE, despite their outrageously racist attitudes towards north americans and europeans, have always kept a very strong and steady flow of game copies coming here though. Atleast someones making the effort, and ill keep paying them so long as they do. =)

  • Sweet, makes a nice change to America getting the awesome editions, I’m getting kinda bored of S-E standrad ’44 page art book” (Which contains 42 pages of screenshots and one or two concept art pics)

    I mean, wasn’t it Tactics Ogre that got the tarot deck? That was freaking awesome! And all we got was mini-art book + mini-soundrack :(

    Thank you Square-Enix!

  • PrinceHeir

    lucky europeans but then again they don’t get half of the good games in US let alone in japan. so i understand they’re pain.

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