Watch A Bunch Of Cute Girls Play Cubic Ninja

By Ishaan . March 6, 2011 . 1:35pm


Cubic Ninja is AQ Interactive’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS platformer starring…well…a cubic ninja. The the puzzle-platformer is controlled by moving and tilting the 3DS, making use of its internal gyrometer.


AQI released a new promo video for Cubic Ninja this week, and it shows a bunch of girls having fun with the game, and gives you an idea of how you’ll be playing it. The people in the background are possibly the game’s development team, seeing as how the gentleman in the blue shirt is Takuya Matsumoto, the game’s producer. Matsumoto also worked with Mistwalker and Nintendo on The Last Story, for which AQ Interactive handled the programming.


The trailer also brings up another interesting point of note. Recent reports have indicated that Cubic Ninja won’t be 3D-compatible, but now we aren’t so sure.


At one point in the trailer, the text specifies that if you aren’t looking at the 3DS from a reasonable angle, there are things that you won’t be able to see. We can’t tell if this is a subtle way of specifying that the game isn’t compatible with 3D or if it means that the 3D can be turned on at the cost of visibility while you make Yoga poses with your 3DS.

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  • Wow women in the true blue shirt toally hogged all the camera time. I dont even know why I watched it as the games looks so motion filled that it made me want to barf, bleah!!!! Its too intense, I think it confirmed my fears, the 3D is gonna be too much for me to handle :(

    • Then don’t use 3D and don’t buy this game. Simple as that.

  • Can someone please give me the girl in the light green shirt number! Tall Japanese girl equals dream come true! Well he is at least the tallest there! LOL!

    I also like that developers are trying to use all of the 3Ds features!

  • Apache_Chief

    This looks like a Wiiware title. From the little amount of actual game footage I saw.

  • Aoshi00

    The girls are okay, not as cute as Luke’s VA Horikita Maki :).. You definitely don’t want your kids to drop this expensive machine.. Cute game. I ordered Prof Layton alrdy, I hope the get an Aqua soon (the mark up price dropping alrdy)..

    • Ninty makes durable products, people put their game carts through the washing machine and dryer and they still worked, a simple drop is not gonna break it, I think.

      • Aoshi00

        You think? Maybe next time you’re waving the system around, try to let it go and see how many pieces it breaks into when it hits the ground, or if the 3D would still work right? Would probably mess up the hinges if anything.

        All portables are delicate, that’s why people buy rubber covers to protect their smart phones. I don’t even want to think what would happen if I drop my DSi XL or PSP, let alone an even more expensive 3DS, that’s why people buy pouches, and even then dropping a couple of feet is still no guarantee your system would be the same.

        The Wii remotes worked pretty well w/ the broken TVs back then..

        • tr1gun1212

          That extremely thin layer of rubber is probably not going to do much in the event of a fall, anyway, though. Those are mostly a rip-off. They just make weird peripherals like that to make money.

          Reminds me of the horizontal stands for the PS2… yes, I bought one.

          • Aoshi00

            I know, a fall that high would still damage anything, still having some protection is better than nothing absorbing some shock from banging around at least, also it could prevent scratches.. but that goes w/ the territory though, every time I buy a new handheld, I’m getting the protective screen and a pouch.. Kindle, iPad outer covers (I haven’t gotten the last two yet)

            I never got the PS2 vertical stand, didn’t look too sturdy to me, could you spin it aorund? But I have the stand for my PS3 slim now.. it’s just a piece of plastic, but I needed it since it can’t stand on its own..

        • I’d say the PSP is pretty durable myself. Dropped it a couple of times, at differing heights from my toilet’s water tank to standing height, each time I go #()%*$#)&$ but it still works mighty fine.

          But since I got Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori to sign it, I will take care of my baby better from now on <3 ~

          Smartphones nowadays are really fragile compared to phones of yesteryears. I can literally throw my P1i without it suffering any damage, but try doing that to an iphone/palm/androids.

          • Aoshi00

            Your PSP was signed by them? That’s pretty cool… I dunno, the -2000/3000 feel flimsier and pretty fragile compared to -1000, but the old one was pretty heavy so dropping it still wouldn’t be that good.. The old phones were definitely more durable.. I actually never owned a smart phone up to this point (had my dino phone for years) and just bought a Samsung Galaxy, I hope it’s good..

          • Never had the 2000/3000 since I’m happy with this 1000, although it is showing its age now >_< The analog will be happy to move left or right without me telling it to.

            Have fun with your Galaxy. Kind of surprised you went with Galaxy instead of the newer Galaxy S


          • Aoshi00

            wow, what a battle worn PSP, what did it ever do to you to deserve this :)…

            The 1000 was definitely sturdier overall (I imagine the DS phat could take more of a beating than the Lite/DSi), -2000 feels like you could break it if you twist it hard enough.. I hate it when the analog stick doesn’t listen to you…

            I think I got the Galaxy S, the rep said it came out last week or something? I figure my phone was so old and I would use my new phone for a while, I might as well get a good one..

          • It’s a long story, but all those years we shared together through thick and thin definitely brought tears to my eyes. *sobs* Those epic battles, the social links, the heart wrenching drama, the roman cancels and the pretty visuals were all carved into this mind of mine. (*´▽`*) She will be missed when I acquire her successor at the end of year.

            I’m sorry but I’m not sure about the release dates of smartphones because there’s just too many to keep track of :P The thing I really know is that I’ll have to change my phone sooner or later too ^_^

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Below: That is a thing of beauty <3

          • It’s a battle hardened thing of beauty >_< Why thank you.. I don't think I can play it anymore, since it's signed :P

          • That was a beautiful story ;__;…sorry I couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes, they totally should turn it into a movie, a relationship between a man and his handheld~

          • Zero_Destiny

            Naturally every man wants his hand held. XD

          • @ZD
            Oh you, someday you and your jokes will kill me, that’s for sure! XD

          • Thank you. It was indeed a heartwarming journey (*´▽`*)

            I wouldn’t make it into a movie, though. The Console Rights Association will definitely throw me in jail for neglecting the basic well being of my PSP and getting a random stranger to sign on its body. Uh oh

        • Joanna

          I thought that too until I accidentally dropped my DS Lite a few times. One time it was a pretty bad drop too (really stupid of me, I left it on the edge of the desk and accidentally rammed my chair into it sending it flying under my bed. That fall left a crack in one of the hinges, but a year later and it still works with no problems!

          I think the biggest problem is the touchscreen. After repeated usage, it’s going wonky on me. I can never put those screen protectors on right (air bubbles D: ) so I just gave up and used it without them.

          • Aoshi00

            The one time I “dropped” my PSP was I accidentally brushed it off my bed, but my foot kinda broke its fall.. w/ the DS it would be bad if the two screens came apart.. I’m usually a very careful person, but my old Nokia cell phone could take a lot of abuse, it took several major falls but still works great, just the outer shell chipped.. more durable than the new smart phones :)I hate applying protective screens too.. every time I get a new DS, I need to be extra careful and not to let dust get in, I consider it an “operation” :) Not to mention the instruction is very obscure and not helpful at all.. The instruction for the Hori film for the 3DS is very clear though, everything is labeled and there’s pictures showing you the steps, the is the first time I applied a protector perfectly aligned w/o bubbles in one take. One thing that bugs me though is the touch screen is kinda crooked, one side is higher than the other.. but it’s a Jpn system so I can’t return it :(..

          • Joanna

            Yeah, I try to be very careful too…but sometimes I have my butter finger episodes. I’m actually surprised my DS Lite has lasted as long as it has since I’ve had it since 2006 (5 years this fall). So I guess 3-4 drops for 5 years isn’t too bad and it doesn’t look too worn out either. xD

            The old Nokia models are great. I have a Nokia as well, not too old but not very recent and it’s really sturdy as well. I never worry about it and I’ve actually drop it once as well. >////////<

            That's horrible. :/
            I hate when I pay full price and get something less than perfect (well perfect may be too strong a word, but I guess less than how it was advertised?). I recently picked up the Birth by Sleep PSP bundle (after months of torment I gave in) and I was a bit annoyed to find the UMD comes in a cardboard slip. I felt a bit misled since it showed the case on the box, but I honestly should have know after the same experience with the GBA bundle. I did get a manual with it though, so I just have to track down a case.

          • Aoshi00

            Oh you got a BBS PSP bundle? Cool.. I got the decals w/ my game but never used it.. I know, I think most system bundles don’t come w/ the game boxes since they don’t want you to resell it (it has the not for resale label anyway..), like the MGS PW bundle or the Red Wii w/ NSMB Wii.. at least the UMD has a shell so it’s not the DVD touching the cardboard, I don’t like DVD boxsets being held in cardboard sleeves (accordion style), I would worry they’d get scratched, that kind of packaging is the worst.. Yea, the uneven-ness on my 3DS’s bottom screen is quite noticeable the more I look at it.. and I paid quite much for the Jpn 3DS too.. and then it just dawned on me mine can’t even play Netflix when the update it in May, a feature that I would really love.. I guess I wouldn’t get a US 3DS until the next revision is out.. If it were a US system, I could’ve returned it to Amazon.. it’s all their fault cause the region locked it :(… 3D Layton is kinda cool, but it’s actually a pain to play compared to the 2D series.. the map is on top screen and you need to close the instruction screen if you’re jotting down notes.. now that I think about it I think Netflix is worth more than Layton :(.. oh well..

          • Joanna

            Yeah, I knew in the back of my head that it would probably come without a case seeing as most bundles do, but I let myself get hopeful. So it was entirely my fault. I am enjoying the PSP though~ I love playing Flying Hamster on the go and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology is fun too. (I’m saving BBS until I finish with the other Kingdom Hearts games….so behind! D:)

            From the way you are describing Layton, it would seem as if Level 5 switched to 3DS after doing considerable work with the game as a DS title. We can always hope the final game in the second trilogy will benefit from the 3DS more. I think I’m going to hold out on getting a 3DS until the revision because the three layer look really bothers me. I will be picking up any must have games as they come out though. :)

          • Aoshi00

            I haven’t played the cute Flying Hamster yet, I think I got it for free as Plus member. I’m way behind in KH.. I only played the beginning of KH2, I got both the Jpn & US ver of BBS, played a little bit, but I’m not very interested in them anymore..

            I dunno..I think they built the 3DS Layton game for 3D from the ground up, it’s just that by forcefully showing more things in 3D as a launch title it kind of gets in the way of gameplay, more like cool vs practical. That’s actually the only title that I really want, that’s why I got the Jpn system but the bad thing is I can’t watch Netflix (I guess I would get a cell phone that can later..) Yea, if there aren’t enough killer apps (mostly they’re just ports now) you should wait till a sexier revision w/ longer battery life or something.. w/ ~3hrs on high brightness, I can’t imagine it being that suitable to watch Netflix movies on anyway..

            The 3DS layton’s story should be good though as it talks about young Layton :) Right now I have a couple of priorities, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Layton (I actually haven’t finished the 4th game yet, but the 5th doesn’t make much reference to the last one it’s like a brand new entry), and Steins;gate.

  • Guest

    Looks lame, the girls aren’t cute, must have been a slow day for siliconera.

    -amature troll

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t find the ladies to be that cute either.. Let’s just say they aren’t exactly commercial material :)…

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        You’ve seen too much high quality J-pop material. Though I reluctantly agree. XD

        • Aoshi00

          Oh Yusaku you… alas I’m too spoiled and shallow lol.. you know what, they are “cute”, that’s how I compliment girls when I don’t find them beautiful *.*.. I guess their reaction was kinda cute..

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            No! You must aim for perfection! Only ze BEST!

            Nah I’m kidding. We’re talking about real life vs. TV. When I see girls in film or commercials I hold them to a high standard. My criteria for what looks good IRL is inevitably lower. Different standards. Double standards. Sometimes subconscious, mostly can’t be helped.

      • Yamaneko22

        Tall one is ok:)

  • tr1gun1212

    How can anyone play a game like this on the train? It’s up there with how embarrassing it must be to play a game where you are required to speak into the microphone. I am glad not too many games ever used that.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Disappointed. I came in thinking I was going to watch a bunch of cute girls play *Pubic* Ninja. With lots of internal gyrating.

    Not that I’d have the slightest perverted clue what that could look like.

    EDIT: @00:59 Ooouwwiiiieeeee! O_o

    • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

      I really hope you purposely misspelled Cubic Ninja for “Pubic Ninja”.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        It’s fixed. What I REALLY meant to say was Music Ninja.

  • Do the girls come with the limited edition of Cubic Ninja?

  • mmm am i suppose to be buying a game, or a girl? either way, ill take two

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