BlazBlue 3DS Sold 6k, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Ships 1 Million Globally

By Ishaan . April 8, 2011 . 10:02am

It’s Friday, and that means Japanese sales tracker, Media-Create, have more pearls of wisdom to share with us number-loving folks. Here are some of tidbits pertaining to this week’s sales chart:


  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional debuted at 163,008 units in its first week. Media-Create point out that this makes it the game with the highest first-week sales on Nintendo DS in 2011.


  • Next in line behind Joker 2 Professional for best 2011 Nintendo DS debut is Ace Attorney Investigations 2, which sold 132,000 units in its week 1.


  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II for 3DS ranked #22. Media-Create say the 3DS version of the game sold 6,000 copies in its first week.


  • Disgaea 4 was at #43, while ClaDun 2 was at #47. Last night, ClaDun 2 developer, System Prisma, said that the game crossed the break-even point and is profitable.


  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition has disappeared off the top-50 chart, but Capcom Japan recently revealed that they have shipped 1 million copies of the game worldwide.

  • Christian Wright

    we’ll get there one day 2D fighters…….one day

    • Get where? They do fine on the consoles. Playing a fighting game on a portable system just seems odd.

      • Christian Wright

        compared to sf and mvc they dont do fine. thats why we didnt get the collector’s edition of continuum shift. thats why we dont get alot of anime titles. either the fan base is too small or most people pirate and never buy. and worst case scenario it gets the 4kids treatment.

        • You’re forgetting that the entire first run of PS3 Calamity Trigger Limited Editions sold out in North America the first few days they were out. They had to make an entire new run. It sold pretty well. So, sales were not really the issue there. The fact that you couldn’t find it on PS3 for about a month means they sold more than they thought they would have.

          The only fighting game that I’d say did really poorly was KOFXII and that deserved to do so, with how barebones that was. If ever there was a title that would have benefited from being delayed for a year, it was that one. Everything that is in XIII should’ve been in XII.

  • Wow only 1 mln worldwide for Super Street Fighter 3DS? That doesnt put it in good territory to even chart in the US NPD’s.

    6000 just seems so low for BlazBlue even if it came to PSP, surely more would have been willing to play it on their 3DS. Doesnt seem hopeful for more PSP-3DS ports for games.

    Oh well, DQM did excellently and nice for that record!

    • thebanditking

      It did come out on PSP (or it was supposed to) does anyone know the PSP numbers? I will update if I find them, also if given the choice I would rather play this on a PSP because the dpad in in a more central location.

      • #5 with 23,808

      • Pretty sure the numbers for the PSP version were in the top ten of last week.

      • malek86

        The PSP version did some 23.000 units, I think.

      • neo_firenze

        Media-Create’s PSP numbers are never a fully accurate picture, since they don’t take into account PSN sales. So you can always assume higher numbers than what they list.

        • jarrodand

          From all indications we have, PSN sales in Japan are anemic, roughly 1:9 with retail. And that if the game even gets a PSN release, did CT2 get one?

          • What’s CT2? Do you mean Continuum Shift 2? If so, that’s supposed to be patched in to the existing versions of Continuum Shift with Platinum the Trinity being, at least, $8. Not sure what else they’ll charge for.

    • Considering that the game is pretty old by now and that portable fighters are something of a rare event, 1 million is pretty good. :)

      BlazBlue is more of a “there’s no point playing it on 3DS” issue. It isn’t going to affect 3DS/PSP ports in the least…in fact, the PSP may even get a bit of a life extension thanks to people being able to port between the two systems.

      • malek86

        The problem with Blazblue might be more than that. I mean, if it were just “no point in playing it on 3DS”, then the opposite would hold true as well – and with the added 3D for that version. And there’s supposed to be around 800k 3DS’es around Japan, sure it’s not many, but most of those should be itching for a good game (and we could think that SSF4 might have created a small market for portable fighters as well). Really, 6.000 sounds pretty low, all things considered. Maybe it will sell better with time (since there aren’t many other games yet).

        I prefer to blame it on the less optimal controls. The d-pad of the 3DS, on top of being placed awkwardly, also doesn’t feel nearly as good as the one on PSP. It’s too clicky. I guess fighter junkies would care about things like that.

        I’m also a bit doubtful of the number of multiplatform 3DS-PSP games we might be seeing, regardless of the performance of this one. We have seen Japan is mostly geared toward making games for one platform and then eventually porting them to other platforms only after some months. Never quite understood the reason, but some told me it was due to the used market being pretty big over there.

        • Code

          I don’t know, I don’t think there’s a breed of gamer more the fighter gamers, who are more touchy about even the slightest control issue xpx; I played SSF4 on 3DS for a little bit, I thought the D-pad was extremely crisp, it’s position I could see possibly wearing though for long sittings though, but for just pick up and play, every so often, seems alright. Still like, 300% better then playing on a traditional 360 pad, lol opo;;

          I think the problem, Blazblue ran into is, it has no online play, when SSF4 turned out something that hasd excellent online play. Also I can’t help but feel like BB’s audience is just waiting on so much like Trinity, CSII Patch, playable Jubei *hinthint* omo;; BB on 3DS just seemed like a bump in the road, by comparison. Where as I think SSF4 sold as well as it did was because it was pushed as “the hardcore launch title” to get. Plus with this being it’s first SSF4 outing on a Nintendo system, it was a fresh consumer base. But overall seems like it was a case of inflation because of a lack of competition, and better marketing on Nintendo/Capcom’s part.

          • Istillduno

            The BB on the 3DS is CSII, so no waiting for platinum also while a stick is best, the d-pad on the 3DS doesn’t seem too bad for fighters, can still do all my old Seth combos without much trouble.

          • Code

            Yeah it is CSII, but it’s also not CSII on consoles, which is where everyone’s still waiting for there balance patch >w<'

      • Oh I guess that makes sense. I feel like that was said before that it doesnt offer anything over the PSP version except 3D.

    • Back to your old trolling ways I see. As of March 27 SSF43D has only sold 72,786 copies in Japan. So with the amount shipped to both regions. The game has major potential to chart. The chart this month is going to be have a large drop off from 1st to 2nd. Due to the Pokemon effect!

      • Shipped to 4 regions…Europe, US, JPN, and Australia, even coming out in even shipments to the US, well 250K (and assuming every single unit sold), 250K isnt good enough to get on the chart for top 10 of the month. Maybe I was expecting it to be way higher due to it essentially being the best game on 3DS, most advertised one by Nintendo it seemed, and most lauded by players and 3DS owners.

    • jarrodand

      uh, 1m for SSF4 3DS puts it ahead of either of the HD versions, which only did 1.6m combined. It’s already outsold all of Capcom’s PSP fighters combined as well.

      • malek86

        I’m pretty sure that’s just shipping though. Actual sales seem kind of lower, but I can’t really take VGC’s word for it.

        Besides, doesn’t SSF4 have the advantage of being a launch title (and pretty much the only good launch title)? Surely that’s gotta help. Just look at how much DOA3 sold, even on the Xbox.

        • jarrodand

          I’d wait for NPD to comment before talking about actual sales. VGC also greatly undertracked MVC3 in the US, by almost 50%.

          SSF4 does have the advantage of launch, but then it’s also the 3rd release of a game that’s a year old and also half the price elsewhere now. It’s also only the sixth handheld game in Capcom’s entire history to ship a million (and four of the others were PSP Monster Hunter titles).

          I’d also say 3DS launch had other attractive titles, like Layton 5, Pilotwings, Nintendogs, etc. The worst version of SSF4 was hardly the only (or even best) option for 3DS buyers.

          • malek86

            But with SF4 never reaching the Wii (and SSF4 neither), I’d say SSF4 3D might have benefitted from being the only way Nintendo fans could play the game in some form. Well, aside from multiplatform owners. It kinda makes sense, because when you think about it, many of the early adopters of a console are usually aficionados of that particular brand.

            Also you forget that Layton was only released in Japan. Where, in fact, SSF4 has only sold 70k copies in its first month (maybe it’s a lot, maybe not, can’t really say). In the west, things are looking a bit grimmer, and I don’t think Nintendogs appeals to the same kind of audience. Everything else ranges from decent to meh.

            Overall, SSF4 is probably gonna sell quite a lot in the coming weeks, considering the lack of competition and the fact it’s actually a good game, it seems (I know many people, even owners of the console version, who are very satisfied with it).

      • Uh, as Malek86 wrote, that’s 1 million shipped to stores, not sold. According to the latest sales figures, as of last week, the 3DS version of SSFIV has only sold 250,000 worldwide (75,000 of it being in Japan).

        • jarrodand

          Did I say sold? SSF4 shipped 1.6m on 360 and PS3 combined. That means in all likelihood the 3DS version outshipped them each individually.

          • Not sure where you’re getting such outdated data, but to date, the PS3 version of SSFIV has sold a million. The 360 version has sold 730,000. Shipped doesn’t matter if it just sits on a shelf. They obviously would’ve had to have shipped more 1.6m today, since they sold more than that and I can still find it in any store I want.

            Either way, your point is wrong. It didn’t do better than the console versions, period. In fact, you might also consider that most console users probably already bought vanilla SFIV, so add those numbers and there’s no comparison between the 3DS numbers and the console. I’m not expecting there to be. The system hasn’t shown any reason for people to buy it yet. When they do, maybe they’ll have stronger fighting game sales then. But for you to try to twist things to say its doing better than the console sales is just silly.

          • jarrodand

            I’m “getting such outdated data” directly from Capcom. And it’s accurate as of Dec 31,2010.


            So my question from you is where exactly are you pulling sales data that claims Capcom’s sold more than they’ve even shipped? lol

            Whatever the case, it’s clear the highest shipped single version of SSF4 is on 3DS, at least according to Capcom. And that after just q few weeks, I don’t doubt it’ll end besting each version of vanilla SF4 in time too.

          • And it is what month now? April? Four months old would be outdated. Check your calendar sometime.

          • jarrodand

            lol, so you’re telling me Capcom shipped an addititional 100k and sold through every single copy they’ve shipped in the last 3 months?

            How about you give us an answer as to where you’re pulling this clearly bogus sales info? What were they saying “sales” were as of Dec 31… more than 1.6m?

  • Capcom managed to send retailers 1 million cards, then make the game look outdate with the release of the AE DLC. I seriously hope for all 3DS buyers that they will be able to get the same DLC sometime… and for free or at least much much cheaper.

    • Capcom offering a DLC update that big…for free?!? You aren’t very familiar with them, are you? As it is, we console owners will probably pay $15-20 for the AE DLC.

  • So for Blazblue, it seems to be that people are sticking with what they know in terms of what system to buy it for. if the 3DS had online play that could have been a difference maker. Or not.

  • Suicunesol

    Simple reason. PSP has a much larger screen, and there are more people who own PSPs. Ishaan is right–unless you want 3D for your 2D game, PSP version is just better.

  • *sigh*

    BlazBlu II selling better on PSP than 3DS has NOTHING to do that one version is better.

    It’s just right now PSP is on the upswing while 3DS is just taking off in the market. So naturally, there are WAAAAY more people out there with PSP’s than 3DS’s.

    Or for example, between multiplat releases in Japan more people own PS3s and in America more people own X-Box 360’s. So there is no surprise when a multiplat game in Japan sells better on PS3 while in America it sells better on 360. Neither version is better, just a different leading platform at the time.

    • Top 10 Games Sold at Retail, March 2010
      1. God of War III (PS3), 1.10 million
      2. Pokemon SoulSilver (DS), 1.02 million
      3. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3), 828,200
      4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360), 825,500
      5. Pokemon HeartGold (DS), 761,200
      6. Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360), 493,900
      7. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii), 457,400
      8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3), 451,200
      9. Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board (Wii), 429,600
      10. MLB 10: The Show (PS3), 349,200

      So in March 2010 in the US, the Playstation 3 was the leading platform since Final Fantasy XIII sold more on PS3 than Xbox 360?

      There is ultimately more than just being the ‘leading platform’ that sparks sales version differences.

      • You know, the other day, I was thinking about how there really are different audiences for the different consoles. My proof? The fact that there is gap of ELEVEN MILLION systems between the PS3 and 360 in the states. While the PS3 worldwide is doing better than the 360, in the states, I don’t think it’ll ever outsell the 360.

        So, when you’re dealing with a gap that wide, for ANY multiplatform title to sell better on PS3 than 360, it shows that there is more of an inclination for PS3 owners to purchase it than 360 ones. For example, with the exception of vanilla SFIV and Soul Calibur 4, fighting games always sell better on PS3. Same thing with Japanese RPG’s. While on the other hand, first person shooters and western RPG’s always sell more on 360. If one were to assume that the same types of people, with the same tastes, bought both systems, every game would sell more on 360 simply because of how much bigger its userbase is. In fact, statistically, EVERY multiplatform title should have a Call of Duty-sized ratio of 360 to PS3 sales, but as we can see, that’s not always the case. It just kinda backs up my idea that different fans of different genres bought one system or the other.

        As for the portables, though, while I don’t see the point in playing a portable fighting game, I think it’s too early to judge whether or not the 3DS will attract genre fans. Right now, to put it bluntly, the system has very little to offer, game-wise, not to mention everybody’s expecting the 3DS-lite (or whatever upgrade they’ll do) in a year or two, so of course, the PSP version would outsell the 3DS version.

        Give the system a year or two and then we can properly judge.

  • PrinceHeir

    would love to play the 3DS version of Blazblue :D

    • It’s pretty cool. The graphics seem to get crisper when you turn 3D on, but I find I enjoy it most when I have the 3D slider at about 1/4. The only gripe I have about it is the 3D look: It’s very layered, like looking through a View-Master or pop-up book. It’s unique, and while I’m whole-heartly behind hand drawn graphics, I think this could have benefited from some polygon backgrounds, if for anything, to give it more natural depth.

      • Aoshi00

        I only got Layton and am eager for new games too.. I think you’re right, w/ the 3D effect on, the graphics and text are both sharper, but viewing 3D for too long could be tiring for eyes as well as you need to concentrate more.. I heard BlazBlue looks a bit smaller on the 3DS than on PSP? Or maybe I’m just too used to the big screens on the DSi XL now..

        I’m curious about SFIV on the 3DS, but I think I would just get the DLC on console since I alrdy have SF IV and Super SF IV.. and the extra char for BlazBlue would come out on console later too right?

    • PrinceHeir

      awesome :D

      they do have the DLC character story right?

      i wonder how games like 999 will look like in the 3DS?

  • SF4 if the 3DS is already getting discounted to 2990 yen new here in Japan, as is Ridge Racer. Other launch games are dropping pretty fast, too. When I look at my street pass data it looks like most people who own a 3DS are playing Layton.

    One of the reason’s it’s not doing better is because there’s no games for it. PSP is getting a lot of good releases right now, and this week the 3DS got… Cubic Ninja. Just one game. And that didn’t even ship to a lot of stores. People are getting a little frustrated of only having 4 additional games come out since launch. I love the system (I’m one of the 6,000 that bought BlazBlue on it) but even I get a little impatient. People are hungry for games. Where the heck is my Steel Diver and Dead or Alive? WHERE ARE THEY???

    • malek86

      If people are hungry for new games, shouldn’t that be helping BlazBlue’s case?
      I mean, for once that a good game comes out…

      • Well, I think you have to look at the demographic. When I’m in the train or at the mall, or in a coffee shop the people I see playing PSP’s are the younger “hipper” people, meaning they’re probably age 16 – 34 and they’re 99% male. I have never seen anyone else playing a 3DS in the train or on the street or what have you. The feeling I get from my street pass data is that most 3DS owners are older, say 27 – 50. The 3DS is selling to a more adult audience; but that’s no surprise considering it’s price point. What I’m saying is the demographic that is attracted to the 3DS right now is not necessarily interested in 2D fighting games. Having said that, the game is great.

        One of the things that I’ve not seen in the news on the internet is that PSPs are almost impossible to find in the store any more. Only one time since NOVEMBER have I seen a store with PSP’s in stock, and they sold out quickly. I’ve been told by stores that if I want a PSP I have to reserve one and it could be up to 6 weeks before it arrives.

        • Joanna

          Interesting. I find this really interesting because a lot of people tend to stereotype and say only kids play on Nintendo systems and the older group is on Sony’s machines.

          Also, when you point out 99% male for PSP, do you mean to suggest there are more women with 3DSs? If that is the case, I wonder if the otome market will move to 3DS.

  • Its funny that the latest issue of Nintendo Power has a preview of Blazblue and they made sure to hide Makoto’s underboob. anyone have a NA Blazblue box art?

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