Amazon Say Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Is A Standalone Game, Too

By Ishaan . April 12, 2011 . 3:51am

A leaked trailer from Capcom’s “Captivate” event last week revealed that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be released as a downloadable update to the existing Super Street Fighter IV on consoles. However, if Amazon are to be believed, it will also be available as a separate game.


Amazon list Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition at $40, slated for release on June 28th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3:


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  • Apache_Chief

    The picture of Ryu getting punched in the nuts is appropriate.

  • urbanscholar

    And the award for fastest and consistent revisions and series additions in the hd era goes to…

  • As long as there is still the DLC version, I guess this is alright. I see a lot of people around the net actually complaining about a lack of a retail version (which, honestly, just boggles my mind) and I guess this will placate those people.

    • Ever try running a tournament using games with DLC characters? When you do, all confusion as to why we want fully packaged disks will vanish, I assure you. :)
      Blazblue is a nightmare at the moment.

      • No, I’m not a tournament organizer and neither are most people who buy fighting games, otherwise, there’d be more tournaments than people to participate in them. ;)

        I can see why it’d be bad for an organizer, though, but for your average customer, in this economy, DLC is a godsend.

        • Oh don’t get me wrong – I’m fully aware of the general population’s desire for DLC as opposed to full retail releases. Everywhere I’ve been, the general hope from the fighting game community was that it get both a DLC and a Game of the Year edition sort of disk release – that way the casual gamer gets the DLC and the tournament people retain the ease of popping a disk in any console.
          In my earlier post I wasn’t suggesting that Capcom do away with the DLC – I was merely pointing out the reason people would complain about the lack of a disk release.

  • Nothing wrong with this. Some people don’t download content. For them they need something. It’s one of those things people will whine about endleslly even though it doesn’t affect them.

    • Yeah, if it’s available both as DLC and as a package deal, it’s basically the equivelent of a GOTY edition relelease for something like Oblivion or Borderlands. I don’t see what the problem is.

    • godmars

      But isn’t the original game $40 also? Paying extra for something someone else is getting for free?

  • xxnike629xx

    If they release it as a stand alone, then I’ll probably get it. If not, then I’ll get the DLC.

    June 28… Wow. A day before my birthday. =P

    • Kibbitz

      Nice birthday present?

    • So, if you’re talking about getting the DLC, that means you already have SSFIV, right? But you also said you’d buy the stand alone. Does that mean you’d sell your copy of SSFIV and pick this up?

      • xxnike629xx

        You obviously didn’t read what I said carefully..


        Arcade Edition is supposedly a DLC. But this article claims that it could be a stand-alone too.

        So what I’m saying is that if it does turn out to be a standalone, then I’ll get the standalone game priced at $39.99 or whatever it’s going to be.

        But if the standalone is not made, then I’ll get the DLC instead.

        Either case, I’m not selling my Super Street Fighter IV game.

        • What confused me is that, if what this article says is true, they’re going to make it both. I figured everybody had seen that the trailer specifically said it was downloadable content, so it’s pretty much 100% going to be DLC, but if this article is correct, then it will ALSO be on disc.

          • Right. If it’s on disc… we’d opt for the disc over the DLC.

  • If this is true then…

    for someone who bought Super Street Fighter: £25 + whatever the DLC cost

    for someone who hasn’t brought Super Street Fighter: Approximately £25 (in today’s currency).

    Am I the only one who is pissed off that I’ll be paying more than someone who hasn’t bought it?

    • Think of it this way, if this wasn’t DLC, then you’d be paying 50 pounds (Jesus, it’s been about 10 years since I’ve lived in London, but is $40 now twenty five pounds?) if you had bought SSFIV and then bought SSFIVAE.

      Early adapters always pay more for something than people who wait. Think of the people who bought Dragon Age: Origins and then paid the $60 for DLC, only to have the Ultimate Edition announced the next year, that included all the DLC.

      That said, I bought the Special Edition of SFIV. I bought SSFIV, even though I wasn’t happy about it being another retail disc. I would NOT have bought a third disc, but I don’t mind paying a little bit more for the extra stuff.

      • Like you said the ultimate edition of dragon age came out more or less a year after every DLC came out but in this case the disc of AE is coming out…I think the same time or month as the downloadable version. This is strictly speaking if this is true. If Capcom was to release an ultimate edition of super street fighter IV with arcade edition and all costumes a couple of months or a year after the release of the downloadable version of AE then yeah I would sort of understand but seriously? releasing it at the same time or month as the downloadable?

        I don’t mind paying a little bit more for extra stuff but what I’m pointing out is in term of money value, I’ll be using more money than someone who hasn’t bought it. For all we know the disc version could include all costumes. Just to let you know I also bought the special edition of SSFIV. I probably messed up somewhere while writing this.

        • This is Capcom, though. You don’t think they’re going to miss out on the chance to sell people the DLC costumes, do you? If they do, I will honestly be surprised.

  • cmurph666

    I admit; Probably going to pick up the disc.

    It’s a heck of a lot easier to lend to a friend or carry over to someone’s house than a 20lb PS3 with accessories.

  • WTF the rumored price of the DLC is 15 bucks. Anyone that gets the disc is seriously getting ripped off.

    • Well, that’s their choice to do so. They want to stick with discs, they should pay more for the physical product. Personally, I bought a 320 gig HDD for my PS3 for a reason.

    • Give me a break. You really think that’ll be for just the DLC? It’s the full game, an option for those just coming in or just coming back. Use some common sense, kiddos.

      • Obviously. I was talking about people who already have SSF4 and buy the disc version of AE. Duh.

        • When your hard drive dies and Xbox Live/PSN is shut down… I’ll still be able to play my Disc of SSFIVAE. It’s not a rip off to people who don’t want “rentals”.

          • Guest

            back up your hard drive data?

          • Does you no good when you can’t backup the DRM keys.

        • Guest

          Why would they do that when they can save money on the DLC then? Thats why we have options. If they want to waste money by rebuying the disc then go ahead no ones stopping them and thats not their only choice if this news is true.

  • lag0morph

    It’ll probably end up being something like Resident Evil 5 Gold, where it’ll just come with the DLC in some form or another (either on the disc or as DLC code.)

    I doubt it’ll be $40 for just the DLC. That’s probably an entire Super Street Fighter IV game along with AE.

  • What annoys me most is that Capcom is continuing their tradition of unnecessarily long names for Street Fighter titles.

  • shion16

    We all expected that
    And if the boxart and the price is good, i have no problem in buying it again

  • Options people… it’s never a bad thing to have options.

  • PrinceHeir

    it has already been confirmed to be both DLC and Disk

    “That’s also led us to our current business plan, which is to offer the game as a disc with everything on it for people who didn’t buy the game and are looking forward to it, as well as DLC for Super. It was clear there was a market for each and it was clear enough, again, that there were comments for each.”

    yes can’t wait for the Disc version, hopefully ALL of the costume packs, and the new characters, modes, and balance changes are on disc :P

  • neo_firenze

    Hey look, they did exactly what I speculated they would a month ago when everyone here was nervous and asking if it would be DLC OR Retail release. :)

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