Ono Comments On Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition On Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . April 13, 2011 . 12:06pm

Following Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken announcements yesterday, Yoshinori Ono – producer on both games – has been watching fan response on Twitter.


While there’s plenty of feedback and opinions making the rounds on the Street Fighter X Tekken front, one of Ono’s followers — an IGN writer, it seems — also asked when Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition content would be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS.


To this, Ono replied in typical fashion: “Heheheeee. ;P”


In the past, Ono has stated that adding Arcade Edition content to Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is technically possible, and that Capcom will consider updating the game if demand is high enough.

  • Do it MF! I need to get on twitter!

  • I bet Street x Tekken will be on 3DS too ! They love money, don’t they ? :p

  • Guest

    I should follow Ono…

    It would be cool but I’m not willing to pay for it. Hopefully they update the retail release with all the content later.

  • Aiddon

    do it, the eshop should be up by that time.

  • Let the fan demand….BEGIN! *Follows*!^_^

  • “To this, Ono replied in typical fashion: “Heheheeee. ;P”

    He’s gone insane. He can no longer tell the difference between the real world and the world of Street Fighter.

    • Exkaiser

      There’s a difference?

  • mikanko

    I can’t see the demand for this being remotely as high as it was for consoles as having SF4 on a portable system will always be more of a casual experience(while a pretty cool one). Hardcore SF aficionados wanting their frame and hitbox data to be in line with the latest update of the game will already be playing this on console with an arcade stick. So it might not be worth the manpower to program all the game changes into the 3ds version.

    I hope they divert their attention to putting Karin in SFxTekken before this at least. A Lili + Karin tagteam will be what sells me that game.

  • I bet it’s already in the cartridge waiting to be unlocked by a software update or a DLC key.

  • kupomogli

    So why didn’t they just release the 3DS version with the new arcade edition content? That’s right. Capcom Classic Milking Their Fanbase Vol 7. After the million dollar donation didn’t take them too long to lose my respect again.

    • Why is it milking? Arcade Edition content is extra, and took additional budget and time than Super IV did to create. Why would they give it away for free? I don’t understand this at all.

      • Because we want a new DarkStalkers. And until we get it we will bitch about Capcom :D

      • kupomogli

        Yes. Arcade Edition is extra. However Super Street Fighter 4 3D was released after Arcade Edition. Rather than adding the extra content along with it, they leave the game in an incomplete(at the time) state, and will add it as long as demand is high enough. This means that yes, it will be announced as DLC at a future date, that can be assured.

        They’re doing it all for the money. They already had the content created and could have very well included it in the 3DS game. The more content left out, the more they get when they release it as DLC or another version on the 3DS. And they constantly do this. Monster Hunter, Resident Evil 3DS, Street Fighter, etc. Take the previous game and add slight additions to it so that you can sell it as a new game even though 90% of it is the exact same as the last. Make sure you leave content out and have it ready to release at release date to screw your fanbase out of money even more(if they want a complete game.) With Monster Hunter, thankfully it’s free but all it is is hunting monsters that are already in the game.

        • You’re making no sense. First of all, Super IV isn’t “incomplete”. Rather, Arcade Edition is a different take on the game, with rebalancing across the entire roster and yes, new characters as well. It isn’t like some minor DLC patch they decided to brew up one evening while they were drunk — it took time and money to develop and they need to make that time and money back.

          Second, I don’t see what’s wrong with providing additional content for additional money. It’s called providing a service. You don’t go down to your local gas station and whine about how they aren’t filling your car up for free, do you?

          Third, I don’t know where in the world you got this ridiculous idea that they make “slight” upgrades and sell them as a full new game. Monster Hunter revisions add new monsters, new weapons, tons of under-the-hood balances and tweaks, and again, all of those take a lot of time and resources to put together. Similarly, Super IV and AE make radical changes and character additions. You aren’t paying full price for Arcade Edition either. If they were to charge $60,I would understand your complaint, but they’re charging $15.

          Again, it’s like providing an after-sales service. It sounds to me like you just want to complain and know nothing about how development of any of this actually works.

          • daizyujin

            Arcade was complete and released BEFORE 3D Edition came out. We know this.

            If the content was already done and held back, which is very likely since this is Capcom we are talking about, then isn’t it at least understandable that some would feel as if they are being played? If the game was truly complete and the arcade content was removed before hand, or even worse, is already done and hidden on the cartridge, don’t consumers at least have some reason to feel cheated? I sure know I think they do.

            It sure doesn’t show much good will towards consumers to me. After all, we know they do this kind of crap, look at the costumes in SFIV. They are obviously fully complete when the game ships.

            I guess what I see it as is “disingenuous.” The fact they waited until 3D Edition shipped to even announce the home DLC for Arcade Edition kinda shows they knew the game they were playing and they knew it was deceptive. I really don’t see how you can claim “budget” when the content could very well be designed as one piece and merely broken halfway down the development line specifically to just milk a consumer for more money. You call it “extra service” but I have worked in enough sales positions to know that phrase is misused way too much and in a lot of cases, in exactly the same way that Capcom and every other publisher on the DLC bandwagon has been known to do.

            Again it comes down to intentions. If the game was designed without the content and it is decided later to create it, fine. If the content is designed in tandem and the product is sold to a consumer as a “full and complete” product, then doesn’t holding out content created at the same time, by the same team sound, well, like a lie?

  • d19xx

    I want someone to ask Ono why they never released a PSP version. Besides MH, Capcom has not made any serious in-house developed game for the PSP since 2006. They just focused on publishing games for it. :/

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ‘added’ for Free for 3DS users. I wish the eShop would be available now :(

  • Yesshua

    Hey Capcom, just a memo for you. If you launch the arcade edition for 3DS, I’ll buy the game. I’ve never ever played a Street Fighter game before, but I’m kind of curious about jumping in. I’m EXACTLY your target audience with this 3DS port. Now I don’t own a 3DS yet, but if you release AE for the system, I’ll make sure I buy it new when I pick the hardware up.

    Sound good?

  • PrinceHeir

    i can’t wait for SF X Tekken :P

    oh and they should have done this in the first place

  • daizyujin

    No way, Arcade Edition was out in Arcades before this game shipped. They didn’t announce home version dlc till it shipped. I see what you are doing here Capcom, and I don’t like being made to look like a fool.

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