Yakuza 4 Was Japan’s Favourite PlayStation 3 Game In 2010

By Ishaan . April 18, 2011 . 2:36pm

Japanese videogame sales archivist, Geimin.net, has graciously put together an online version of sales tracker Media-Create’s list of top-selling games in 2010. While the usual suspects held the top-most spots on the chart (Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Super Mario), it turns out Japan’s favourite PlayStation 3 game was Yakuza 4.


Coming in at #16 (out of 500 games) on the chart, Yakuza 4 sold 577,199 units in 2010. The game was released on March 18th, which means it took a little over nine months for it to reach that figure.


The other Yakuza game released in 2010, Black Panther: New Yakuza Chapter for the PSP, was no slouch itself, coming in at 275,648 units by the end of 2010. That’s a little under half of Yakuza’ 4’s sales, but Black Panther was released toward the end of September, which means it only had three months to reach those numbers. Most impressive.


If you’re curious, the best-selling first-party game by Sony on the PlayStation 3 was Gran Turismo 5 at #17 on the chart, with 563,378 units sold. Note, however, that Gran Turismo 5 was only released in late November, so that gives it about a month of sales.

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  • Nice- I have put dozens of hours into the US version and I really love it. Yearly releases haven’t put me off yet, hope to see ‘of the End’ next spring.

  • So Playstation 3 didn’t have a great year in Japan. Decent but could have been better

  • Currently going for platinum myself. I spent 80 hours on the game and still gotta beat it on Hard and Ex-Hard and finish the last handful of Ultimate Skill challenges. Phew… long road indeed.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Oh well, at least Nier made the top 100…

    Yakuza 4 is amazing, so this is good news!

  • Currently, it’s my favorite game of the year (with Ar Tonelico Qoga a close second). The year is only four months old, so there’s a good chance it’ll change as time goes on, but right now, Yakuza 4 is probably the best thing I’ve played this year. I pity those who have not met Goro Majima. I’m about 30 hours in and just finished Saejima’s chapter. There’s an almost overwhelming amount of stuff to do in this game. Plus, I love the fact that I was doing things like giving alcohol to homeless people and recruiting runaways to become hostesses only to then have to avoid the police at all costs in the next section. I love how different the characters play from each other and I was totally marking out when Majima showed up.

    If Yakuza Of the End does not come to America next year, I will be filled with uncontrollable rage.

  • I’m playing Yakuza 4 right now along with Yakuza Kenzan!.
    Both are great games.
    Hopefully Sega will localize at least Yakuza of the End and Yakuza PSP. In the best case scenario, they will also localize Kenzan which is still lots of fun even today.

  • kupomogli

    With over 80 hours, the current online high scores in Boxcellios, Boxcellios 2, and Table Tennis, and just a few more trophies to platinum the game, it’s my favorite game of 2011. Yakuza 3 practically platinum(already finished mini game master. very hard and mod a weapon are the only ones left and those are easy,) it was my favorite PS3 game of 2010.

  • Guest

    Release the Black Panther!

    • PrinceHeir

      yes along with Of the End :)

  • It’s a pretty awesome game. I hope it’s not too late for the sales to gain momentum.

  • Good stuff.

  • “Yakuza 4 sold 577,199 units in 2010. The game was released on March 18th, which means it took a little over nine months for it to reach that figure.”

    Not necessarily true. We don’t know that it took all nine months to reach 577,199 units. It could’ve hit that mark at any time between March 18 and the end of the year.

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