Who’s Developing Digimon World Re:Digitize?

By Ishaan . July 22, 2011 . 2:30pm


In their previous blog post, Namco Bandai said they’d reveal the game’s developer soon. They’ve now revealed the developer to be Tri-Crescendo, who developed Eternal Sonata and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.


Re:Digitize is a return to the start of the Digimon World series. Namco Bandai say that the original Digimon World is the most praised by fans, which is why Re:Digitize will contain elements from it.

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  • the 1st was awesome. i hope this is just as good

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I REALLY hope that somehow Namco Bandai gets this to North America / Europe.

    I remember playing the first one on the original PlayStation and it was fun!
    I wouldn’t take my Digimon to the toilet and it would turn into a poop Digimon is return xD
    Or not training the Digimon the right way, or something, would turn it into a snot Digimon o o

    • Some of the later games did get translated, but only around the time the memory is about to fade. If Bandai seriously considers reminding people of Digimon, this is a good opportunity – although… you’ll have to excuse my skepticism on this.

      tri-Crescendo seems to have a rather modest work list so far, so I can’t discern how promising this is. But in any case, I consider this a step-up from Bandai actually making the game themselves. Many of previous Digimon games made by Bandai, while some of them are nice, had pretty questionable design flaws. Bandai makes great toys, but… they’re just not a good developer.

      Admittedly though, later ones are noticeably better, especially DS games.

  • It’s nice to revisit original material once in a while, I liked Digimon and watched the anime up to like 3-4 seasons making it hard for me to care about a game set with newer material.

    Ironically I didn’t play much of the games.  I remembered renting the first World but don’t remember anything about it, I didn’t own the game so must not of liked it.

    • Should of aim for the second or third one since they played more of rpg than anything and it was kinda of cool especially the third one.

    • That reminds me, the Japanese release of Digimon Rumble Arena had instrumental in-game arrangements of evolution themes like Brave Heart.

      Since Dragonball and Naruto combined profits will pay to just about anything Namco Bandai spends on, it would be nice if Namco Bandai would spend them on the anime themes.  *Wishful thinking*

  • I loved Eternal Sonata so much in fact that the main reason I picked up Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon was because Tri-Crescendo was the developer xD.

  • joesz

    omfg lmfao omfg! day1 baby!

  • ManaKnight

    OMG, now I really want the game.  I like Digimon and Tri-Cresendo.

  • banballow

    Dammit. . .
    . . . I’ll take it.

  • Please have Motoi Sakuraba as the composer.

    • puchinri

      Honestly, I’d like Hitoshi Sakimoto more as a composer. (And with Basiscape of course.)

    • Haha, interesting! I wonder Sakuraba’s take on Digimon would sound like.

    • I want Riei Saito (Fragile Dreams composer)!!! Even though, on a second thought, Sakimoto already did the soundtrack for a Digimon game!

  • Code

    rar, approved, good artist and good team backing it owo; I think this game is taking all the right steps so far if you ask me!

  • Tri-Crescendo also developed both Baten Kaitos games along with Monolith.
    (*_*) /

  • Digimon world was amazing, and with this great developer choice.

  • Altoire

    Want :O

  • What program is that!?

    • Exkaiser

      The 3D modeling one on the left monitor? Kinda looks like Maya, but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

      • Cheers, I think it is indeed Maya (left).

    • Room201

      Based on the blurry image, I think it’s Maya. It could be 3ds Max but Maya has multiple tool bars at the top along with that tool bar on the right too. Also that curve editor on the right monitor looks more Maya to me.

  • So sad I won’t get to play this. This sounds like the best Digimon game in a long time.

  • I really hope this gets localised, Digimon made up half my childhood. (The other half was Pokemon) 

  • Vyrhn

    yay it’s sukamon!

    • theworldofnoboundries

      Where is Numemon??????

  • I’m definitely importing this and buying the localized version if they make one. This is as important as Monster Hunter to me.

  • No, I can’t… I just can’t. God, my body is not ready.

  • Asura

    Digivolve into digital champions… who will save the digital… WORLD!

    Oh, childhood…

    • You are awesome, I loved that song

  • theworldofnoboundries

    All right everyting is okay now. The only thing left is hoping that a miracle happens and this game is brought to the West……. (as Bandai is a jerk with good games)

  • Good god. My heart just exploded. I… I… I can’t believe this. One of my favorite childhood franchises, and one of the best development teams I can think of in today’s age… I… I just… ♥

  • Room201

    I’m loving all the reference material on the desk.

  • I’m gonna look like a immature idiot if I were to buy this….. I DON’T CARE! If it’s really like Digimon World on PS1 I AM SOLD!

  • Oh god, oh god, why it has to be for console that I don’t have? WHYYYY?!
    Gotta save up for (second-hand) PSP now, I guess.

    • Or wait for Vita, if it gets localized and put on PSN.

  • I gotta get me that charger…

  • Oh ho- PSP! I’m in! (If it gets localized..)

  • planetofthemage

    Devil Survivor Artist + Digimon + Fragile Dreams = a very, very good game.

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