The First Ever 3D Screenshots Of Beyond the Labyrinth

By Ishaan . July 24, 2011 . 11:01pm

Konami have put up 3D screenshots of Tri-Ace’s Nintendo 3DS RPG, Beyond the Labyrinth. There’s no new information on the game yet, unfortunately, but you can download the four screenshots on in this post in this .ZIP file and view them on a 3DS.


Beyond the Labyrinth is described as a dungeon RPG is being directed by Takayuki Suguro, the director of Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Konami haven’t provided a release date for the game yet.



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  • DanteJones

    That’s pretty impressive for being what I’m assuming are in-game screenshots. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one, haven’t heard of it before.

  • speedstersonic

    Looking good. Loved the hell out of VP2 and RoF

  • M’iau M’iaut

    if those are in game then yes, the claims of what the 3ds can do might just be true — keeping an eye on this one u can be sure

  • PersonaSpace

    As per usual with awesome looking games, I hope this make its to the US. The track record hasn’t been so hot lately.

  • Just need to know the details of the battle system and other playable characters.

    • puchinri

      Supposing both of these things will be present~.

      • Belenger

        Its Tri-ace you can bet they will be, along with a complicated system, extreme eyecatchiness and in worst case scenarios they can always port it to the rival console adding more language options and call it international version (SO4), or make an extreme well made game with countless possibilities of merchandizing a full clothing lines and just miss the oportunity because your publisher is too lazy to even do basic publicity (Resonance of Fate/EoE).

        Either way, Tri-ace never dissapoints.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, lol, I wouldn’t be surprised. I was just pointing that out (kind of testing/questioning his norms). 

          But I love tri-Ace. I’ve only ever been disappointed with one title, and even that didn’t fully disappoint. (And to me, RoF will always be a special, shining gem so they can do little wrong in my book.)

        • I cant imagine Konami being much better than SEGA at advertising this game, assuming they bring it over.

  • kylehyde

    If you want to look at them on 3DS browser, check the links of these post

    credits to: VideoMan from neogaf

    I can’t wait for this game, is good to know that is still in development, I hope that this week we can know more (or I should something) about this title.

  • malek86

    Now this is more like it. I thought the first few screenshots looked too good for a 3DS game. These are still very good, but not as unreal as before.

    PS. if you go to the game’s official site, you can view the images directly from the 3DS browser, without having to do the card swap. You can also save them to the gallery.

    • Suicunesol

      I really don’t think there’s a difference between these new screenshots and the first ones we got. These shots are just taken at the correct resolution, resulting in plenty of aliasing.

  • RagnaXBL

    That hair X_X
    dunno y but i’m always a graphics whore when it comes to 3DS games
    anyways this game should be interesting, hope the release isn’t too far off

  • KotaroInugami

    Maybe its just cuz she was my favorite character, but her face reminds me so much of Leanne from RoF :O

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Shes her sister — which makes her related to Lenneth!

    • puchinri

      Seriously. And I love her more for it.

  • Guest

    That last screen is cute as hell….

  • There seems to be a lot of aliasing in these screens, but it’s an element that has never really bothered me. 

  • Would I be wrong to assume that the game could possibly use AA when not in 3D mode due to the extra horsepower available? I can’t imagine it’s impossible to make a game detect when 3D is on and adjust minor settings on the fly.

    Either way, it’s an absolutely gorgeous game. I just checked out the screenshots from my 3DS and I’m actually interested in the 3D a bit. Having never actually played a 3DS game yet, this was much more pronounced than the 3D effect in the pack-in software.

    I still doubt I’d be able to play a game in 3D for extended periods of time, but i looks wonderful regardless of how you view it. Can’t wait to see more details!

    • I think that would depend on the game. Some games already do it, I think. There’s a slight difference with Ocarina of Time that I spot every now and then, but it isn’t super-noticeable. I can’t even tell if I’m imagining it or not.

      In most games, switching from 2D to 3D results in a framerate difference. That’s the major trade-off, I feel. Jaggies and stuff tend to be a lot less of a concern when something’s in motion.

      • malek86

        From what I’ve seen, Zelda uses AA2x in 2D mode. However, there is generally a trade-off. If you employ AA, chances are you ain’t gonna have 60fps.

        That said, even without AA, the double-lining used for 2D mode should somewhat conceal the lower resolution anyway. Every 3DS game looks a bit “softer” in 2D mode, even though it’s supposed to be a lower resolution.

  • origami_samurai

    Just Checked the images in 3D, and I have to say the graphics are really darn good, really looking forward to this game, along side Tales of the abyss ^_^

    Come on bring more Jrpg to 3DS :D

  • Can’t wait. I hope it comes to NA. Trying to finish Resonance of Fate as I type this :). Game is awesome.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Now this is the stuff I was waiting to see, Ninty. Show me more of what the 3DS can pull off, and I’ll show you my money.

  • Hexen

    Reminds me of Namine from K.H. , only short hair.

  • This is why you don’t make bullshots (or maybe those were GC animation screencaps?)
    Either way the game looks fine, I don’t have a 3DS to see them in 3D but I’m sure it looks amazing.

  • Roses4Aria

    Wish they’d give us a bit more info on this.  I want to know what it’s all about!  I loved Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2, so I’m really excited for this one, even though I don’t have a 3DS yet.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Looking great! I hope it comes to NA /EU.
    The 3DS needs original titles like this one.

  • EmLeingod

    If there is a god, this game will be good!

  • Cute <3

  • eilegz

    looks ok but all those jaggies =/

    • thebanditking

      Agreed I don’t think any 3DS title lives up to the screens put out by the devs because it would seem that the 3DS does not have any anti aliasing built into the dev kit (surely the hardware can support it, but it would likely have to be something the dev would create specifically I remember this same this from the early PS2 days). Either way the game still looks great, now I need gameplay info and a demo..

      • eilegz

        maybe with RE revelations which its looking great almost HD like compared to re5, i expect developers to improve a lot on a machine that have more potential than the wii, what its sad its that even nintendo its not doing the effort, all nintendo games looks worse than GC and wii equivalents

      • Suicunesol

        I think I have to disagree heavily. 3DS games almost always good better than what is shown through screenshots. This is because 3DS screenshots are not designed to be viewed on a computer screen.

        (unless the screenshots are issued with a higher resolution… which is not a good idea…)

    • see them in 3DS with full 3D slider … you won’t see the jaggies

  • This game looks beautiful

  • Most anticipated 3DS game by far.

  • where do I put the pics ? thanks guys

    • Allan Mayorga Gutiérrez

      extrac to the DCIM folder of your SD card

  • Day 1…….

  • Suicunesol

    I wouldn’t worry about jagged edges, guys. For one thing, games (all games) are meant to be played in motion and look better in motion. And for another thing, your standard computer screen will have a lower ppi (pixels per inch) than a 3DS’s screen. This means that jagged edges in 3DS screenshots stand out more prominently on a computer screen.

    I can’t tell you how important it is to view 3DS screenshots on actual 3DS systems. And boy… it looks good in 3D. I’m glad Tri-ace (or whoever is developing the game) knows how to achieve a good stereoscopic effect. The girl’s cuteness is just beyond the edge of the screen~ oh!

    There’s got to be a US publisher who’s willing to localize it.

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