Spend 12 Whole Minutes With A Busou Shinki: Battle Masters Mk. 2 Video

By Ishaan . July 26, 2011 . 11:16am

4Gamer have a very long look at Busou Shinki: Battle Masters Mk. 2 up on their site with a 12-minute video that shows a very healthy amount of in-game footage:


Each Busou Shinki in Battle Masters Mk. 2 has its own story. Eukrante, Ianeria, Tsugaru, Estoril and Jill Rivers are confirmed to be in the game. Konami will also release more characters as downloadable content. You’ll also be able to import save data from the first game into Mk. 2.

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  • haku67

     Awesome, the first one was pretty fun. I’m looking forward to this one :D

  • How playable was the first if you didn’t know Japanese?

    • Very… well, if you’re used to seeing a bit of Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana.  None of the part names are in English, I’ll tell you that much.

      Thankfully, I know pretty much all Katakana, some Hiragana, and a trace of Kanji, so that’s enough for me to be able to play.

      Fun game, and the characters pretty much cover all bases of moe archetypes <3

      • KotaroInugami

        So I’d say not very…

        • Right :/


      • I have those basics too: hiragana, katakana and some kanji.
        I’m still having JP class and yeah it helps a lot obviously.

        But I’m playing games way out knowledge (story-heavy games such as ToV PS3 and Ryuu Ga Gotoku games), with the right tools they become playable and understandable.

        I use:
        – Wakan for PC (free program, translates japanese words to english)
        – Kanji Sonomama DS Rukubiki Jiten (R4. Draw kanji, show meaning in english with examples)

        Perhaps, it could help a lot of people with those tools.

  • This game rocks, I can’t wait lol. Play Asia here I come hahaa.

  • I like the opening D: kind of useful to have one in your house xDD

    The gameplay seems better IMO.

  • Exand

    For a second there I thought it was a game based on Infinite Stratos and was grinning from ear to ear. Oh well, still looks good though. 

  • I hope they fixed the somewhat wonky battle system now. 

  • Xerain

    I have the first game but never got around to playing it. That makes it tough to buy the second game. As much as i like Busou Shinki, Monster hunter and project Diva 2nd are such excellent games i can’t bring myself to play anything else on my PSP.

  • Aha~~

    Tsugaru is a Tsundere!  Strarf is an older-sister type! So muuuuuch looooooove!

    GOD I can’t wait for this game!  Didn’t I hear that the save from the first game can be transferred?

    EDIT: MEIN GOTT! Estoril is a genki-girl? Konami really knows how to hit my spots…

  • Altoire

    Looks cool :O.. I wonder if this will reach us here..

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Unfortunately, I think that WE will have to reach it from there. XD

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