This Week In Sales: Rhythm Heavens And Red Zones

By Ishaan . July 27, 2011 . 4:32pm

Period: The week of Jul 18th – Jul 24th (2011)

Top-seller: Rhythm Heaven – 118,173

Nintendo 3DS sales: 31,826 | Total sales: 1,289,741


Last week saw the release of Rhythm Heaven for the Wii in Japan, which grabbed the top spot on the software sales chart with 118,000 copies sold. Following at #2 was Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes for the PSP, and at #3 was No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition.


Red Zone Edition — the second re-release of No More Heroes in Japan after Heroes’ Paradise — greatly outsold its predecessor, at least on a single console. Heroes’ Paradise, released in April 2010, sold around 15,000 units on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (each) in its first week of release. Red Zone Edition is based off the enhanced overseas version of Heroes’ Paradise and contains new features, such as cut levels from the original Wii version.


Other notable releases during the week were Nora and the Time Studio, which is a game developed in collaboration by Gust and Atlus. Nora debuted at #8, followed by Alice: Madness Returns at #9.


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Rhythm Heaven 118,173 New Wii Nintendo
New 02. Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes 82,798 New PSP Capcom
New 03. No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition 40,313 New PS3 Marvelous
03. 04. Inazuma Eleven Strikers 36,555 110,782 Wii Level 5
01. 05. Power Pro Baseball 2011 35,739 153,498 PS3 Konami
02. 06. Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX
35,694 115,910 PSP Namco Bandai
04. 07. Power Pro Baseball 2011
27,158 100,405 PSP Konami
New 08. Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest 24,481 New DS Atlus
New 09. Alice: Madness Returns 19,994 New PS3 Electronic Arts
09. 10. Wii Sports Resort 18,666 421,465 Wii Nintendo
05. 11. Puyo Puyo!! 14,877 49,780 DS Sega
10. 12. The Little Battlers
12,098 268,973 PSP Level 5
12. 13. Wii Play: Motion
11,817 39,347 Wii Nintendo
08. 14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
11,273 267,647 3DS Nintendo
11. 15. Pokémon Black/White
11,147 5,249,434 DS Nintendo
New 16. Sniper: Ghost Warrior
10,772 New PS3 Ubisoft
New 17. Alice: Madness Returns 9,093 New 360 Electronic Arts
15. 18. GoldenEye 007 8,920 67,783 Wii Nintendo
06. 19. Star Fox 64 3D 8,626 41,102 3DS Nintendo
14. 20. Steins;Gate 7,576 116,593 PSP 5pb


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media-Create and

  • The numbers seem to be a bit out of order. How is Pokemon (10,951 sold) higher than Zelda (11,273)?

    • I hope they can return to their usual on point flawless posting, every other day seems like a typo is found. I wouldnt mind waiting longer for the articles if they were flawless again.

  • sandra10

    #11…#16 A little screwy, no?

    • @sandra10:disqus @twitter-22097251:disqus   Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Rarutos

    Yay! I’m very happy Nora did somewhat decently! Hope Atlus can bring it to us. ;3;

  • puchinri

    Yay! I’m glad Nora made it into the top ten! And I hope to see a localization announcement relatively soon~. ;u;

    And awesome that Rhythm Heaven stole the show!

  • Well looks like it is safe to conclude (via regression) that the increase in 3DS hardware sales was not because of the games and that the new color had little effect beyond its week of release. 

    Why arent 3DS games beyond Zelda moving…Its also distressing that none of my favorite type of games, mainstream shonen battle animu charted :(

  • Steins;gate still on the top 20! THIS MUST BE THE CHOICE OF THE STEINS;GATE! MUWAHAHAHAHA!

    • Aoshi00

      You’re back to watching the anime right, ep 17 yesterday was awesome :)  They omitted what wasn’t necessary (Feyris’s RaiNet tournament final) and keep what’s important..  My 2nd Steins;Gate blu-ray from Amazon Jpn just came too, it takes like 2 days by DHL!  That must be the choice of Steins;Gate as well :) Comes w/ a booklet w/ lots of art and staff commentary and the TV series OST.  Man, I want to get this T-shirt..

      I placed a big order on blu-rays from them (the whole Steins;Gate series, Kenshin OVAs, Saint Seiya movie blu-ray set, Laputa and Whisper of the Heart blu-rays), so the shipping is spread out and pretty cheap, yet everything still shipped to me separately on release day by express :)

      • YES!! I SAW EP 17 AHhh, sadly for me, i really got mad they jumped so many stuff, ppl only watching the anime wont get close to feirisu that much now T_T!, thanks to her arc on the game, she became my 2nd fav (1st being kristina), i really loved her arc and i think i cried more than on kristina’s ending… So i felt kinda insulted when they jumped that! Or made the full arc in 1 ep… i mean, at least  2 T___T, now comes ruka’s wich i didnt liked much… But feirisu was awesome… *sigh* not much i can do now anyway…

        Still, if i didnt played the game, then maybe i would had been fine with the anime xD, i guess im just a feirisu fan like daru (its weird tho, i normally dislike anime girls that act like cats and whatnot, but i loved her story so much….)

        And lol!!! i had that shirt on my shipping bin for a while now! im so planning to get it, medium size tho (only 2 left T_T i must hurry to get some money)

        • Aoshi00

          I like Feris too, I remember Raioh or PrinceHeir mention she’s your favorite lol.. but not that crazy about her nyaa cat talk.. and I loved it when she dropped it in that important scene and spoke normally, so touching..and here in the anime we saw Okarin got all beat up..  yea, the RaiNet match was very exciting and scary in the game against that damn punk, but even w/ 26 eps it still won’t fit everything from the game so.. I still think the writer and director did a good job of choosing what essential stuffs to keep.  I was surprised they dropped it at first, but in other eps they added the scenes of others playing RaiNet too like in the cafe or in the lab, the scene w/ Okarin playing w/ Suzu was funny and cute (and Kristina giving her advice).. I actually like Rukako a lot, cried for her, I mean his ending.. so I guess I would see him in the next ep.. I’m actually a big fan of Moeka too, I love Shining Finger and her cute e-mails.. and Suzuha looks so hot in the anime, she’s the most well drawn, last episode was really great w/ her letter…

          Oh yea, just 2 mediums left, don’t steal mine lol.. I’ve been eyeing it forever, that or the I love CRT one, but over $40 for a T-shirt that’s quite much.. but this one has the “This is Steins;Gate’s Choice” and the meter on the back, so it’s really awesome.. and it’s less anime-ish to those not in the know :)

          • OH! oh, damn i love to talk about this xD, yeah, i liked Ruka as character, but i didnt liked her story too much, felt too “simple”, it was awesome the, ummmm, the message! yeah!, his arc wanted to give, i feel it was really cool, but i felt it was kinda too simple O-o~ i wanted something a bit more epic for such a great message, it was ok anyway :P, but this really depends on the person, one story my touch other more than to another (this itself is awesome too).

             And yeah! i liked moeka too, i knew there was something kinda sick and deeper for her ever since that happened xD, her mails were awesome (when you get her mails in the middle of the first conference she is with the labo membar xD). Too bad she didnt got an ending =/
            Suzuha was great, they almost didnt skip anything, but i think she was a lot sexier on the game (with those freaking, awesome golden eyes).

            2 stuff that bothered mainly that they skipped of feirisu’s arc tho… first, they didnt showed the gang’s leader, i was like what?! why the hell O-o, maybe because his drawing was kinda hard? xD… how was his name? lol, he repeated it so much, 0C? all i remember the C of centigrades xD.

            Also, they completely ignored feiri’s “special powar” that she can know when someone is lying u.u. And they didnt showed her when she lost, and when she “lies” to okarin and then when he tries to make her wear the glasses xD and she trusted him at the end… *sigh* oh well…

            And i understand you xD, i didnt liked her cat talk at all, or her neko mimi and whatnot… but she really growed on me on that story, and her ending was awesome too xD!.

            Still, NOTHING COMPARES TO THE ASSISTAN!!! Chrinstina!!!8D…. I think its the perfect steins;gate shirt… But yeah, over 40$ for a shirt is hard… but i think i will get it nonetheless, when i buy&import catherine and agarest zero maybe, i just have to, loves steins;gate too much.

            2 left…. we must be the 2 choosed by the steins;gate that will get them!

          • Aoshi00

            Yep, too bad Moeka didn’t have her own ending.. in the spinoff she does and she was cute, but I still couldn’t get enough of her :)  It’s a bit weird they didn’t show the gang leader in the anime, we only hear him over the phone.  His name is written as 4 degrees Celsius and looks like yondo-C, but it’s read as Shido.. I don’t mind not seeing him in the anime, hate his stupid face anyway lol..

            I’m cool w/ all the slight changes they made in the anime, what little they omitted don’t impact on the story, and they even added many little but important scenes that the game didn’t have which I thought it was cool.. I guess they cut a lot out of Feyris.. overall it makes the anime flow better though because it’s continuous instead of separate endings like in the game so each one could be longer.  But I’m not a huge fan of hers so I didn’t mind too much..

            The design of the T-shirt is indeed subtle and deep at the same time and it’s black too w/ the meter, one for me and one for you, Choice of the Steins;Gate indeed :)  I’ll maul over to decide if I want to get it or not lol.. 40 bucks argh… 

            Yes, Viva Christina the Assistant!!  Her figma is still in the box, I don’t want to take it out.. but I want to look at her all the time :)..  All the characters in Steins;Gate are super unique.

  • Aoshi00

    Would’ve gotten the Red Zone Edition (despite the extra viewing mode being DLC and not on disc) if not for them getting rid of the Jpn track :(…  It’s too bad after the improvement, fixes on the loading time, and being bumped back to Cero Z, yet it is downgraded from the Heroes’ Paradise dual track ver before..

    Glad to see both PS3/360 ver of Alice Madness Returns up there, I love that game, still haven’t finished the original American McGee’s Alice though.  Unfortunately Jpn gamers are not getting a dub for that game (I know the British dub is excellent), so they would have to be content w/ only reading subtitles..

    BTW, for those who still haven’t ordered Catherine, has a great deal, $56.99 (+ bonus CD & artbook) w/ free shipping and it gives 2000 rakuten points, which is a $20 credit, but it won’t mature until 45 days later, so it’s like $36.99. Luckily I could cancel my pre-order w/ Amazon (took them forever to ship)… I just found out it shares the same trophy list as my Jpn ver though.. was hoping to get another set of new trophies *.*…

    Sucks to import these days though w/ the $ being so weak, $1US = 75 yen, it’s crazy *.*…

    • I hope it stays weak for tales of xillia xD, btw, ordering the asian ver., the most the could do is put the box in chinesse and booklet too right? something like that o.o? I have to get it, and the asian ver… those 20$ less are really precious to me xD

      • Aoshi00

        yea, it’s essentially the same Jpn ver w/ a Chinese manual and a different HK rating logo or something.. I think the free DLCs (should be free skits coming if it’s like Graces F) on the Jpn PSN are still compatible since they’re both Jpn ver. 

        Weak dollar would benefit you? Like your currency would be relatively stronger? The exchange rate is really bad for me though, damn gov’t… and I thought importing at $1=120 yen several years ago was expensive..  it’s us small guys that get jipped..

        • mikanko

          I really miss those yen to dollar rates of just six years back.  ;_;

          • Aoshi00

            Tell me about it… and all this talk about potential gov’t default and downgrade of the US dollar… maybe I should pre-order Type-0 and lock in the price at $82.99 before the dollar further gets weaker :(…  and my AmiAmi pre-orders might cost a lot more too when they ship later if the exchange rate continues to get worse..  If only Amazon Jpn ship games outside of Japan, then buying from them in bulk would save so much on the discount and shipping..  I just pre-ordered a bunch of anime blu-rays from them and each disc only has ~450 yen for shipping on average so it’s pretty nice, and they’re still DHL’ing each item to me on release day and I get them in 2 days!

          • mikanko

            Yeah, I’ve just kinda stopped importing things more than not lately.  blu ray box set of Kara no Kyoukai was my splurge this year, and while FFXIII-2 and Xillia are ever so tempting I think I have the willpower to hold off.

            Feels odd looking at my game library seeing all domestic titles compared to my Saturn and PS2 days. ^^;

          • Aoshi00

            Jpn anime blu-rays are killers.. I’m getting Steins;Gate because I think it’s a great anime that’s worth collecting and each volume comes w/ lots of bonus and the Kenshin OVAs.. and the Ghibli ones as they’re coming out from Jpn..

            Yea, importing Xillia and 13-2 is like $100 a piece.. I pre-ordered Xillia.. but 13-2’s release date is only a month apart, so I think I should play the US ver first and then get the Jpn ver eventually once it gets cheaper a couple of months later.. I might be tempted to import 13-2 on day 1 lol.. but by the time I receive it, I probably only have like 2 weeks to play it before the US ver is out.. I’m getting Instant Brain too, looks sexy :)

  • LezardValeth

    Funny how no one gets pissed about re-installments of No More Heroes but a re-hash of a fighting game sends people into a tizzy, including me. No More Heroes is one of those titles where I don’t mind being repeatedly raped for my money. I don’t care what comes of Lollipop Chainsaw either as far as direction goes, I will still have it day one if it gets a domestic release. Love these kind of games. Keep it coming Suda.

    • indeed but here’s the thing.  At first it was just to put in on different systems for NMH and then they added stuff, but Suda51 and his team are good at making fun games so we don’t mind giving them our money.  Crapcom…They’re just desparate, that and They pretty much made it out that buying MvC3 was pointless since we can’t get DLCs for stuff from UMvC3.  And People are still annoyed by the whole MML3 thing

      • jourdal

        Lol, its funny you call them crapcom when they’ll end up outselling the hell out of this game. How is it desperate when they’re doing what people wanted. Given that MVC3 has been present at every major…and hell any random tourney and people are STILL playing the game, there are combo videos daily AND evo coming with a silly number of sign ups for MVC3…well. yeah.

        • OOOO a Game is outselling that means its good, oh wait it doesn’t :l.  Noone asked for SSFIV or UMvC3 with its all content we SHOULD have had in the first place, that was all Capcom making it, not the people

          • jourdal

            It doesn’t quite work that way, vanilla even ADDED characters to the console release. People wanted vanilla rebalanced and we got super, if thats not doing what your fans ask for idk what is. And lol people have been clamoring for an update of some kind for MVC3 since release, people have been asking for vergil phoenix wright  etc for ages now, and capcom has delivered, again giving people what they ask for. I’m just going to assume you’re not really an FG fan, or just play them casually.

          • Doesn’t matter if ur a fighting game fan or not,  I’m just saying we been ripped off and the company thinks it can get away with that if they give us the same game but with new things that we should have had and that aren’t even Dlcs

          • mikanko

            Still, it’s supply and demand.  If people didn’t want a serious update to MvC3 they wouldn’t be making it. 

            The game was rushed, and a lot of it needs to be overhauled, enough that I think it’d be very hard to patch it under 2gigs (microsoft’s size limit for dlc) They’re completely revamping the games interface, menus, netcode, doubling the number of backgrounds, increasing the cast size by 31%, adding significant changes to most of the cast with new specials/hypers, and changing core mechanics to the game engine.

            Seriously, if they could offer that as DLC they probably try to because it’d be a better business decision.  Sucks the game was rushed, but people still had fun playing it.  People will trade in their used copies and spend a net of 20-30 bucks to play the better ver. of the game 9 months later.  It’s not as dastardly a business practice as people are making out.

            If you don’t enjoy the game, then don’t buy it, obviously it’s not meant to be sold to you.

            People shouldn’t act so emotionally invested in the business practices of a video game company whose main goal is to make money.

        • LezardValeth

          Just because a game sells incredibly well does not make it good at all. MvC3 was a disappointment to most…it’s not bad but it wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been. No need to argue about it, just look at the facts. Even terrible games manage to sell millions of copies…otherwise why would there be a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 looming?

          • jourdal

            All the game is really lacking was some single player options and more solid online, other than that the game is fine. And i love the logic of bad games selling millions of copies…clearly not everyone thinks its bad no? Again, if it’s so disappointing then why is it still such a major force in the tourney scene? Why did the announcement of UMVC3 cause SRK to crash from the traffic? As i said before comparing FG updates to a upgraded port (which again i will be buying) is kinda :V.

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Odd logic. Does that mean Justin Beiber is the greatest singer in the world?

          • No, it just means he’s good enough for lots and lots of people to love him and disregard whatever they don’t like about him. It comes down to perceived worth.

          • jourdal

            No but denying something is popular makes no sense, the comparison should have never even been made.

        • kevinposta

          Er, sorry but that doesn’t justify making another version of the same game the same year with minor balance changes and new characters. While some of the new characters are great additions other still come off as akward. Rocket Racoon, seriously?
          IMHO They should have waited one year and a few months more to release another version instead of abusing MvC3’s hype

          • jourdal

            [email protected] changes seriously..i need to remember this isnt a FG forum, people who actually played the game or top marvel players like floe have reported how differently the game plays. Ryu is a perfect example of completely revamped character. I don’t get people, they ask for a rebalance, they get it and now its too soon. And capcom doesnt want its own games clashing, that release window you brought up is close to SFxT. People dont realize that marvel has final say over which marvel characters get in, not capcom.

          • mikanko

            Rocket Raccoon kicks unmitigated ass.  Read Guardians of the Galaxy sometime, Seriously. 

            Marvel picked the cast, and all of it is far more relevant to Marvel comics of the last few years than better known characters from 90s TV shows or movies. 

    • kylehyde

      I half agree in your point. However the decisition about the many versions of no more heroes didn’t came from Suda, it was Marvelous Entertainment the one who take the decisions. Actually Suda was not involved on the ports.

    • jourdal

      comparing a rehash of an action title to an update of a fighting game is kinda :V. I bet the changes in NMH are shorter than the list of buffs and nerfs for a single character in UMVC3 (ryu’s changelog alone is enough) or even AE. No one gets in a tizzy because the NMH fanbase is none existent compared to say SF, i’m not insulting NMH at all, i’ll be buying heroes paradise and own the other two wii games, i just found this comment funny.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Yeah, but there haven’t really been multiple versions of it in the States. There’s been one for the Wii and one coming for PS3. It’s a bit different.

  • Raiyu

    Does Red Zone Edition have English menus and English voices?

    • Darkrise

      Just english voices

    • Aoshi00

      Like Darkrise said, just English voices but Jpn text, menu, subtitles, and the extra viewing gallery is pre-order bonus DLC instead of on disc like the US ver.  Also disappointingly they dropped the dual track option unlike the previous bug-ridden Heroes’ Paradise release.  So the only difference now is just the Sylvia cover and text pretty much, so not much reason to import the more expensive Red Zone edition at all.. and I think Kmart will have some deal on Heroes’ Paradise as well, maybe a $10-15 gaming coupon like they always do.

  • d19xx

    It’s nice to see that Little Battlers is still on the chart. It gives a glimmer of hope for a western release.

  • PrinceHeir

    disappointed that there’s no JPN VA in the game :(

    will buy this for sure sometime this year :P

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