Fire Emblem: Awakening Sells Through 80% Of Stock First Week

By Ishaan . April 27, 2012 . 9:30am

As reported earlier in the week, Fire Emblem: Awakening sold 242,600 copies in its first week upon release in Japan and was the highest-selling game for the week with sell-outs at multiple stores.


That’s a better debut than any Fire Emblem title has seen in years, and sales tracker, Media Create, say that Awakening sold through 81.63% of its first shipment, which is fantastic.


Media Create attribute the success to the long wait for an original Fire Emblem title and Nintendo’s promotion of the game, among other factors such as the character designs and new game systems.


Meanwhile, Code of Princess, a beat-em-up developed by the Guardian Heroes team, was at the #2 position on the software sales chart, but only sold 19,554 copies. Feeling bad for the game? Don’t! Code of Princess sold through 72.62% of its shipment, which isn’t too bad either.

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  • Regretting buying Code of Princess over this. Rather, I’m regretting not getting both at the same time.

    Not too late I guess.

    • XiaomuArisu

       Yet I have no regrets.
      My whole life was unlimited game works.

    • usagi_san

      How is Code of Princess, gameplay-wise?

    • raymk

      You regret but at least you have the game to be able to regret.  Its going to be a wait until both of these games are released in the west and only FE is confirmed for the moment.  I want code princess bad especially since it has online. 

    • Göran Isacson

      What usagi-san said. I’d love me some details on how Code of Princess actually handles gameplay wise.

  • sophiaaetheria

    I am convinced that with this sort of sell through, the register of the NA domain and the fact that it is being localized for Europe, we’ll be seeing Awakening in the Americas for certain. 

  • I hope that in Europe and NA the new Fire Emblem will receive good notes and with that will sell a good amount of copies because Awakening totally deserves it!~

  • MrKappa

    240k is 80% for FE while 19k is 70% for Code of Princess? I wanna play both games but I know only one of them gets the honor of leaving Japan. :/

    Then to top it all of FE will earn a good chunk more through it’s expensive DLC. Never though Nintendo would go that route though…

    • James Beatty

      Well, i don’t believe the DLC is THAT expensive and from what i read it only adds to the game. It won’t feel like an incomplete game, and you don’t need to buy it. BUT, if you do like it and you want to spend more time in that “world” then the DLC (which is free for the first few weeks) is a good way to do that. 

    • VenerableSage

      The DLC is priced about the same as some DLC content here in NA. For instance, the highest priced content (A DLC chapter that nets you a character AND a special item at the end of it) so far is 400 yen, which is about $5. $5 gets you the Selvaria mission(s) in the original Valkyria Chronicles, so I’d say that the content is priced pretty well.

  • usagi_san

    My judgement of how Code of Princess was spot-on. A new IP to sell 72.62% of its first shipment is still really good. Just need to see how it does in the next week of sales.

    EDIT: Fire Emblem I can’t wait for you to come to Europe and I hope for a confirmation for a NA localization.

  • I definitely think that a lot of the success has to do with the wait. After two remakes (Shadow Dragon was very lackluster in my opinion), of course people are excited for a brand new entry.

    That, and the way Intelligent Systems seems to have placed every great gameplay element in this one (the map, branching promotions, marriage and kids, etc) paved the way for a great start.

    • VenerableSage

      Sounds about right, though I’m sure that the title being on a handheld definitely helped. From what I saw of Media Create’s data, even Shadow Dragon and New Mystery sold better than Radiant Dawn in Japan, so I’m thinking that it being an original title (with the best elements of the series all-in-one) coupled with being a handheld game was the reason, not necessarily the wait.

      Yeah, it was a five-year gap between new installments (instead of ~two years), but you still had original content coming out after a “long” period of time in the past (two years is plenty of time to beat a Fire Emblem game and shift into the thirst of wanting a new, original title in the series). The only reason that Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn weren’t as well-received was because of Japan’s current focus on handheld gaming I’d say, given that they both expanded the series in their own ways and were still original stories in the series.

      • It just feels like Fire Emblem – at this point, anyway – belongs on handhelds. That’s a good point you bring up that I hadn’t thought about. Japan for sure seems to pick up more handheld titles in mass numbers than those on home consoles, so I bet you’re right on that one.

  • Darkrise

    It’s been so long since I’ve played a FE game… This one will be all the sweeter.

  • pockystix

    How much can I say WANT, before I go mad?

  • Awesome! Sounds like we should get this overseas…*hinthintNOAhinthint*

  • ivanchu77

    Glad to see that is selling good, but it´s not really a surprise considering this is the japan market.

    The market i´m worried about is the west, considering that “shadow dragon” sold bad and “new mystery” wasn´t localized, i hope this game gets good sales here too, otherwise we can say good-bye to this franchise to get localized ever again

    • raymk

      Shadow dragon sold bad in general so I don’t think that means much.  Its also understandable why we didn’t get a game that was in late DS lifecycle that wouldn’t have sold more than shadow dragon.  Its going to sell probably a bit better than any past FE game in the west.

  • ShadowWolf

    good news for everyone!

  • Exand

    It would have sold even more if the 3DS was region free! I refuse to import another 3DS just so I can play Japanese games…

    • Fritzroy Woods

      arent they both headed over seas? – i cant imagine the wait kills that much..

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