Watch Metal Sonic Speed Through A Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Stage

By Ishaan . April 30, 2012 . 9:30am

An in-progress version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II was accidentally leaked onto Steam about a week ago, and enterprising fans managed to get their hands on it and capture a bunch of footage from the game. YouTube user, Melpontro, is one such person, and grabbed footage of both Metal Sonic as well as a special stage. Take a look at them below:



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  • leeorv

    Still waiting for the Square Enix exclusive game reveal…

    • aoihana

      As are many people, though, I think it is a bit unnecessary to comment such things on unrelated articles. It’s a bit rude to completely disregard the article, like brushing off Ishaan’s efforts. (◕‿◕✿)

      • leeorv

        Well, to comment on the two videos: I’m disappointed with Sega, I can see why Sonic 4 Ep 1 was a return to origins of sorts, but that doesn’t mean that they need to recycle materials and keep the outdated sound design and outright copy the bonus level design from sonic 2, it all just seems…. lazy.

        and I felt what I said needed to be said since the Siliconera staff implied it would go up around morning, I’ve been refreshing the page on my iPhone most of the day… hehehe.

        • aoihana

          It’s understandable, a lot of people are anxiously waiting, but it seemed a bit hasty, like you didn’t care for such articles, which is why I thought it a was a bit rude. 

          That was the impression, but, that is clearly not the case as you gave your input now, so thanks! (◕‿◕✿)

          •  Sonic Colors & Sonic Generations are great great games and Sonic return to form.
            This looks like a bad fan made game

        • Anime10121

           Um no, actually Ishaan said it would be up some time in the afternoon.

          On Topic: Cant wait to see the improvements made to this game, although I agree that I would have much preferred more original content to this recycling of ideas thing they have going on.  I could have sworn that they said the second episode was going to see less of that and more original ideas.  But honestly I wouldn’t care about any of that if they made the physics and level design more like the Genesis games.

          Im starting to believe that maybe the Genesis did have some kind of super rare Blast Processing chip considering it was the only system that had the same kinda momentum based gameplay in all 4 games (Sonic 1-Knuckles).

          Still cant wait though, hoping for the best, since I’ll take Sonic over Mario any day.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      That entitlement attitude you have there is rather jarring and entirely disrespectful.  The fact that you  put this in an unrelated thread enhances that tenfold.

      Ishaan and Spencer will get around to it when they get to it.

      • leeorv

        That exaggeration attitude that you have there is rather jarring and entirely disrespectful. 

        all I said was that I am waiting (implying that I’m anticipating it even) for a reveal that was set for today. 

        I didn’t claim nor say that I’m entitled to the reveal or that I’ve earned it in some way or will be upset if it doesn’t happen, I only said that I’m waiting for it. 

        take your extremely negative attitude into consideration please.

  • aoihana

    I haven’t really looked into Sonic since the Sega Genesis days, and the miscellaneous ones on Gamecube. 

    It looks beautiful! I love the 2D-3D mix, and from my understanding, Generations is similar. 

    For anyone that’s played Generations on the 3DS, is it as awesome as this, because this looks fantastic, I think! I love Metal Sonic, too! (◕‿◕✿)

    • Last I checked this wasn’t gonna be on any Nintendo system. Generations was the 2D/3D mix

    • HeatPhoenix

      There is no 3DS version of this. Might you be confusing it with Sonic Generations (Blue Adventure Ver.)?

      Which, as a sidenote, is quite awesome but very short.

      • aoihana

        Oh! I know it’s not on the 3DS, it’s just that it reminded me of Generations because of the style, so that’s why I said 3DS version.

        Though, I understand the confusion, I guess I shouldn’t have said 3DS version! 

        But yeah, that’s the one I meant, so good to know it’s awesome! Thanks! (◕‿◕✿)

  • LustEnvy

    Why does it still look pre-rendered like Episode 1? I thought that was one of the many complaints?  The animations look a bit stiff… I dunno.

    • Remember Sonic and Knuckles’ “Lock-On” technology back in those glorious Genesis days? They’re doing the same thing with Sonic 4 – Episode 2. If you own both Episodes on the same console it unlocks Metal Sonic in Episode 1, just like unlocking Knuckles in Sonic 2 and 3. The footage you’re seeing with Metal Sonic is Episode 1. Episode 2 has both 2D and 3D graphics in the stages.

      (Here’s an example, but this video is a ‘spoiler’ as it reveals a zone in Episode II)

    • To be honest, I haven’t been feeling the graphics and animations from either part of Sonic 4 (and this is coming from a lifelong, die-hard Sonic fan).

      Personally, I think they should’ve had graphics like those in the Sonic Advance titles, utilizing Sonic’s modern design with classic, 2D sprites. Just make it in HD, and I think the fanbase would’ve been pretty satisfied.

      On a side note, Metal Sonic seems cool for those who are fans of him (I’ve never really liked ol’ Metal :P). I wish more characters were playable, though, like in the Sonic Advance games. Those were great.

      • Never

        With the graphics and animation you can clearly see the detriments console and PC versions received from Sega choosing to make the episodes available on phones as well. What could have been great was restricted to minimal capacity.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the soundtrack was similarly limited because of mobiles, it just wasn’t the best route to go- sales aside.

  • Omg I love this. It’s like looking at my childhood through HD glasses.

  • Why does the music still suck as bad as ep. 1?

    • lordroto

      Seriously! THIS THIS THIS THIS. Sonic games always had great music, why must sonic 4 continue this… Abomination of music terror? Ugh… Yakuza games are all I can love sega for now-a-days

  • Why is Metal running? Wait a minute why does he have a spin dash? Wait all of this is just wrong. Goes back to Sonic CD to see the real Metal Sonic.

  • The bonus stage reminds me of Sonic Adventure DX… Nice clash between 2D and 3D!

  • xxx128

    This game looks so wrong in 3D it makes my eyes bleed :/

  • wakeuplan


  • Haohmaru HL

    “speed through?” the person who controlled metal sonic looked like he was playing the series for the first time, lol

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