A Peek At Digimon World Re:Digitize’s Anime Cutscenes

By Ishaan . May 1, 2012 . 1:01pm

Digimon World Re:Digitize has a new trailer, courtesy of Namco Bandai and developer, Tri-Crescendo. Japanese blog, Game Jouhou, caught onto it and you can watch it below:



The anime cutscenes in Digimon World Re:Digitize are part of the game’s prologue, which is about the Digital World and why kids are attracted to it. They’re being produced by Tokyo Animation as mentioned in a previous report.


Digimon World Re:Digitize is scheduled for release on July 19th. The game will cost 5,230 yen both as a UMD release and a PlayStation Network download. You can follow our extensive coverage of it using its tag.

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  • konsama

    I want this game! I think i won’t even wait for a localization announce.

    •  Because you know you’d be waiting for the rest of your life to end?

  • esquiviasjacob

    I now see why Kyoani is so busy to do little busters  

  • Herok

    Honestly I want articles to stop being made about this game so I can stop being reminded there will be no easy way to play this. (learning Japanese but it would still be hard to play a full game in a different language) 

    • Auragar

      That is true. Because it is highly unlikely that we will be receiving this.

      • Vyrus

        It’s kinda sad, really… :(

        • Auragar

          Yah. I love Digimon games and the anime is ok still. But it has really declined here. Pair that with it being on PSP… yah. Not very good.

    • Solomon_Kano

      On the one hand I agree, but on the other articles like this do help to raise awareness of games we’re unlikely to see and, while it’s a infinitesimally small chance, it’s possible our notice could have SOME effect on its chances.

      • Herok

         I was joking, even though there is little to no hope of this coming out in English its still nice to see how well a game is coming together

        • Solomon_Kano

          Ah. It’s getting harder to tell these days man lol.

          • Herok

             its fine I worded the first post really seriously so I am not surprised I was taken seriously.

  • MrRobbyM

    Gosh, if this was for any other system, this would actually have a shot at a localization. It’s a good thing they’re already releasing it on PSN, because that’s the only way we might see it in English. *crosses fingers*

    •  Yes, because all of those Digimon DS games were localized…

      • Raharu95

        Only Half of the DS games were localized, the first half to be exact, in a handheld that thrive more than the system this game is currently on…

      • MrRobbyM

        Well I’m sorry I’m not being ignorant to the fact that the PSP is dead in the States. If this game were on DS it’ have a much better chance at getting localized.

        • Solomon_Kano

          That was actually his point, I believe. He was getting at the fact that you said -any- other system by pointing out that several other games on another system were passed over as well.

          • MrRobbyM

            Fair enough. But still, my point stands and what I was getting at is that there would be a chance on any other system that isn’t the PSP. Even if there were some DS games that weren’t localized, there is still a much higher probability of localization of a DS version being localized than the PSP.

          • Solomon_Kano


  • LunarKnite

    Hum. The music that plays reminds me of a mix of Pokemon, Dragon Quest, and Fire Emblem for some reason. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I see them largely as fantasy games, while Digimon always felt a little more sci-fi.

    •  Digimon has always felt like a fantasy genre based off a sci-fi mechanic (digital data, etc.) for me.  Digimon game music, though … hm.  I think it’s a bit everywhere, to honest.  Not to say it’s bad, though =P

      • LunarKnite

        Heh, I suppose. My favorite season was Tamers, which is definitely more sci-fi than the others. (Haven’t watched seasons 5 and beyong though), which is why I tend to associate Digimon more with sci-fi than just strictly fantasy.

    •  the awesome moment is digimon used the ‘bolero’ song in movie 1 and 2

  • If there’s a Kana only option, I think I’ll give it a try

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • damn this looks so good! i’m surprised it took them this long though to make another digimon in this style though (as in DW1 style where it wasn’t turn based) Digimon world 1 was always my fav. digimon world game, 2 never came to the UK, and 3 was pretty fun. 4…I don’t even wanna talk about 4 :P haha. i’m glad they’re taking it back to the roots though with this game because it was always the most fun for me. and FUN IS WHAT GAMES ARE FOR! :D I might import it just to support the series and then try and download one off the interenet just so if hackers patch it into english then I can play it in english, i’d feel some justification though since I still supported it by buying the original. probably get a bit of hate for downloading a homebrew version but it’s only because I can’t see this being localized. I hope it is though. it looks like it’ll be amazing!!

  • Beautiful… just brings a tear to my eye. *sniff*
    Oh how I wish this game gets localized!

  • Crowlevel8

    Finally a Digimon Game that could be as good as the anime series, referring to season 1-4. :D

    • After Tamers it went downhill….

      •  yes, but not really i think

      • Nathanael Chu

        Didn’t go downhill enough to be bad by season 4, at least . . .
        Never really cared about Savers.

        • icecoffemix

          It was the most refreshing Digimon anime since 1, yes I don’t really like 2-4.

        •  actually overall is good with the storyline. Savers was contained with some fillers, yes it’s kinda bad. But after that, it went cool. No matter what the terms they used and whether it’s bad or good, the most important thing is the storyline, characterizations, and emotions in the series

  • This may be the game tht will motivate me to buy a PSP/Vita if it got localise……
    And one thing I notice, I didn’t know you could play MMORPG on iPhone.

    Also, the next Digimon anime should be base on this…….

  • arrrgggghhhhh JULY PLEASE COME FASTER!!!!!!!!!

  • When Digimon is a smartphone app, its still in dot matrix!
    Somehow it feels like the old Digimon games with a more 3D horizontal feel instead of the over-the-head view.
    Feels like the same thing with improved graphics.

    Hope it has a good story.

  • looks kewl, though the music is on the generic side of things. . .

    Oh well, here’s hoping they bring this overseas

  • Historiata

    Haha ha, did anyone else think of that old Pokemon Red and Blue commercial where the bus driver shoves all the Pokemon into his Gameboy?

    Good stuff, people.

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