Rumour: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate In Development For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . May 22, 2012 . 12:30pm

This week, fan site N1ntendo reported that Konami are publishing a new Castlevania game for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Castlevania: Mirror of Fate.


Mirror of Fate is allegedly being worked on by David Cox of Konami and Enric Alvarez of Mercury Steam, both of whom served as producer and director on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, respectively.


Adding a bit of credence to the rumour is the fact that Konami Europe have registered a domain for, which was recorded back in February. Meanwhile, another separate rumour claims that Castlevania: Mirror of Fate has been in development for nearly 1.5 years and will be a 2D side-scrolling game.


This rumour comes from the same individual that leaked details of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale before its reveal, and provides a few other alleged details on Mirror of Fate, too. The game will supposedly feature two playable characters and include co-op play. The “Mirror of Fate” title comes from being able to use the 3DS cameras to solve puzzles in some manner.


Castlevania: Mirror of Fate will supposedly be revealed at E3. Or perhaps, we’ll even see it as early as Konami’s pre-E3 conference.


A big thanks to all our readers that sent in a heads up!


Screenshot from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia on the Nintendo DS.

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  • More Scottish accents please!

  • Code

    I heard about this, this morning >3wo>;

    • neo_firenze

       My thoughts exactly.  My thought process from reading this article:

      “Mercury Steam… Lords of Shadow”… eh, that’s nice but I’m not too interested.

      “Meanwhile, another separate rumour claims that Castlevania: Mirror of Fate has been in development for nearly 1.5 years and will be a 2D side-scrolling game.”  Now I’m listening!

      Yesterday I just woke up at like 4:30 a.m. feeling kinda sick with a huge craving to play SotN, which I did at the crack of dawn.  Hugely satisfying and it really put me back in the Castlevania mood.  Now I need to get around to actually finishing OoE, and hoping for a new 2D game!

  • eilegz

    Not iga castlevania…. =/ stay free konami

    • Vampiric

      he could be still making it

      • Farid Belkacemi

        According to some rumor, he’s making coffee for H.Kojima everyday… :D

        • eilegz

           a kinect game too

  • Guest

     I guess they don’t have faith in IGA anymore

    • That is immensely disappointing as Iga made some of the greatest Castlevania games out there. I think after OoE and the 360/PS3 multiplayer game, they kind of thought he had lost his touch (though OoE is an absolutely amazing game and the second hardest game I’ve played in the past seven years).

      •  “I think after OoE and the 360/PS3 multiplayer game, they kind of thought he had lost his touch” What does that even mean?  Seeing how Konami like to use the crap out of their best workers, i don’t see what you mean by that

    • Vampiric

      who says he isnt involved? All the rumors state is those 2 are involved in some way.

      For all we know the main iga team is directly involved

      • Guest

         Is your last name Dragon?

        • Vampiric

          no its power ranger

          • Guest

            You sound a lot like Vampiric Dragon of Gamefaqs: positive towards import games, negative towards people.

          • neo_firenze

             OK, stop it with the hostility.  I don’t know who either of you are, but this is the second straight topic I clicked on where you’re being a bit too personally insulting to Vampiric’s comments that weren’t making personal attacks on you. 

  • SirRichard

    Honestly, I really liked Lords of Shadow, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mercury Steam taking another shot at the series. It was the best 3D game the series has had (not that that’s a particularly high bar, granted) and while it was highly derivative of other games (God of War being the big one) it was a fun brawler with fast combat and a nice difficulty kick to it before you get the combat down.

    If it’s a 2D sidescroller, who knows, maybe it’s not a Metroidvania but a classic platformer? I certainly wouldn’t mind that, though the bit about puzzles probably discredits that (or puts it in that same pseudo-Metroidvania spot as Simon’s Quest, which is a bit worrying). Still, I think it has potential.

    • Vampiric

      the rumors state its like the ds titles which means metroidvania

      • Vampiric

        more specifically its probably like portrait of ruin

      • The name sure makes it sound like a Metroidvania game too.
        Hope they ditch the anime art style for this one.

        •  Since Order of Ecclesia dropped the anime art style, that’s very probable.

  • Im not a fan of Metroidvanias because Im not a fan of Metroid (probably why i liked Other m so much) so I hope this is more like old Castlevanias or just something different. I need to get around to playing Lords of Shadow. too.

  • TomSkylark

    As much as I wouldn’t be thrilled by a follow-up to “Lords of Shadow” in terms of gameplay, optimistically speaking it’s possible that they might have worked out some of the kinks for an awesome sequel, right?

    No, I still just want another fantastic Metroidvania or a spiritual sequel to Rondo of Blood. Sorry.


    Another once splendrous Japanese franchise sentenced to infinitely circle the drain overseas.

  • eliel

    i wonder if there be a multiplayer mode that’s like Harmony of despair but with there main cast, if so that would be great :D

  • Ooooh, please be real, please be real. I’ve been hoping for a new Castlevania game since Lords of Shadow(Which was awesome, by the way)!

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    Sweet! Lords of Shadow was great, I’d love to see Mercury Steam take on a 2d Castlevania!

  • Hmm. I really hope this ends up being like the GBA/DS Castlevania games. The 3DS could really use a game like this right now, and it would certainly push me even further to buying a 3DS.

    • Code

      In the same boat. I think a good 2D Castlevania would really add some additional weight behind picking up a 3DS soon >w<;

    • kupomogli

      I already own a 3DS and feel that I wasted money purchasing the system.  I own six games, the Mario titles, Resident Evil titles, DoA, and Tales of the Abyss(which I already own on the PS2.)  This Castlevania will atleast make my purchase seem worth it.

  • lords of shadows was a alright game that looked awesome but it didn’t really feel like a castlevania, give me a old style rondo of blood or metroidvania and i’ll be happy

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    don’t care I just want to play a new 
    Castlevania game  if its for the 3DS ok wooo  its body is ready 

  • Was just thinking about a Castlevania game for the 3DS..this is going rock- “being worked on by David Cox of
    Konami and Enric Alvarez of Mercury Steam, both of whom served as
    producer and director on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, respectively.”
    well i guess i’ll wait and see but i really hate it when companies drop away their already team for a game and give it random others.  Fine they did it with them to make a Ps3 3D castlevania but i figured the original Team would do 2D :l.  Konami i’m starting to not like you

  • It’s nice that they still are all around for this “Alternate Storyline” where Mathias was adopted by the Belmont and be renamed Gabriel. I know, the irony. But I also know that, just like every other fan of the series, there is still one huge hole in the original continuity left unexplored in a main Video Game title. And that’s the events of 1999: The Demon Castle Wars.

    We ALL want to experience young Julius finally defeating Dracula once and for all! As well as knowing just how affected the world was during Dracula’s Demonic Conquest! It was mentioned in supplementary material that Dracula’s Power was beyond peak levels, and Julius beat him almost single-handedly (of course, we all know that Alucard helped, too)…

    OK, sure, we know about the outcome. But we want to play in this era’s version of Castlevania! At least make an MMO version of 2d Metroidvania, or expand Harmony of Despair even more!!

  • Farid Belkacemi

    The 3D Castlevania was “confirmed” in my mind when I saw that Konami told n1ntendo to delete their article, plus they told them there was a typo in the title (Mirror of Faith at that time). Finally, I google translated the dutch article and you know what : this game was supposed to be a E3 surprise ;)

  • eehhhh. . .

    I could rent it. . . last one really didn’t do anything for me

  • Göran Isacson

    I’m a fan of the 2D Castlevania games- haven’t played Lord of Shadows yet so I can’t talk about that one, but I adore those little games and their rich sprite-art and inventive powers. Sure, they’re nowhere near as challenging as Castlevanias of yore, but eh- I’ve grown so used to the Metroidvania style of acquiring a buttload of powers and then absolutely overwhelming my enemies that I’d totally be good with another such game.

    My fear is that they will resort to using 3D-models and the game will be in 2.5D. I really adore the many funny little extras and details in the sprite-games, and I can’t help but feel like that element was lost in what I’ve seen of Lord of Shadows. Essentially, I’m hoping for a sprite-game… but I won’t be holding my breath for one.

    • The Rondo of Blood remake for PSP was also a 2.5D game. So, I don’t see anything about that being an issue. In fact, Dracula was AWESOME in 2.5D form!

      • Göran Isacson

         Indeed. And I didn’t think that game looked as pretty as the sprite-games like Order of Ecclesia or Dawn of Souls as well. I should have clarified that perhaps, but yeah- I think that games graphics lacked in comparison to it’s sprite-counterparts.

        • Nah, I think more about the gameplay more than the art style, which is almost ever-changing in most of the series. I want my Castlevania to stay a 2D/2.5D Platformer, both in Metroidvania style or in Classic Level Progress style.

    • boundries_san

      What lost in Lord of Shadow is easily the souls of Castlevania lol. While it is not a bad game.(I finished it here.) It does not give me the feeling of playing Castlevania here.

      Here hoping that Mirror of Fate will be able to bring back those feeling back here.^^

      • 60hz

        totally agree… but i actually didn’t like LOS, found it to be a bit too derivative of GOW

        • Not just derivative, but also outlandish. I can understand their sentiment about the series’ original timeline being all over the place, but this reboot just doesn’t make any sense. And where does Dr. Frankenstein fit in all this, especially in the year 1047? Castlevania isn’t even explored in the story outside of the 2nd DLC chapter, and even that felt like it was shoehorned in, almost like they even forgot why the series was called “Castlevania”.

  • Can they please give Castlevania back to Japanese people, please?

    • boundries_san

      Lol on this, i too think of this the first time i see the maker for this game lol.

    • What makes you think they’d do a decent job with it? All signs point to them being incapable of making a competent 3D Castlevania. 

      • True, the Japanese Studio lacks that ability. But I think he’s talking about the series’ story being rebooted and it’s 2D roots.

      • 60hz

        ugh wasn’t a fan of LOS… plus castlevania lament of innocence was pretty damn good, i think when it came out folks jsut wanted another Devil May Cry but if you take the game for what it is, a 3d castlevania, it’s actually damn good at it…  i agree with Nicolai… LOS looked nice but was really jusst a GOW rip off at a lower frame rate…

      • KuroiKen

        What? But Konami of Japan still made the best games in the series, both 2D(Symphony of the Night) and 3D(Curse of Darkness, Lament of Innocence).
        Lords of Shadow was indescribably lame, I dropped it after 2nd boss.
        Besides, this game is 2D, so no westerners needed at all.

        • Unfortunately, you’re only as good as your last game, and their last Japanese-developed attempt at 3D Castlevania was Judgement. I know that must seem like an unfair comparison, but it was Iga’s idea and they went with it, and it was poop.

          Now, I fully agree that the 2D games on DS were fantastic. Order of Ecclesia is one of my favourite DS games in general. But if they’re going to go ahead with Lords of Shadow 2 as the future direction of Castlevania, it makes better financial and management sense to have the 3DS game be connected to it in some way. 

          • I’m afraid of LoS’s story direction with the series, but whatever works. Also, Shanoa, FTW!

          • KuroiKen

            I seriously think, that a game that only sold 2.9% in Japan, but is actually considered a part of a japanese originally series, can’t be good.
            Japanese gamers rarely buy bad games(there are exceptions to that as well). Seriously hope Konami drops the idea of co-developing with westerners, and continues to develop the series as it was originally (under the title of Akumajo Dracula in Japan, not Kyassuruvania).

          • But, you’re assuming that Japan cares about an internally-developed Castlevania in the first place… The reason Lords of Shadow happened is that Konami saw an opportunity for an audience in the west, not in Japan. And it looks like they were right.

          • eilegz

            Sure if IGA could have the same budget that mercury steam and kojima got…

            Besides making a wii game with low budget its never a good combination

        • z_merquise

          ” Besides, this game is 2D, so no westerners needed at all. ”

          There are developers in western countries that can develop quality 2D games too. One example that I can think of is Wayforward. We haven’t seen what this game looked like yet so it’s too early to say if it’s good or not.

  • Oh, Ishaan, I read that Paul Gale Network article a bit closer and from the looks of it, I don’t believe Mirror of Fate is a Lords of Shadow Sequel. In fact, it is written that the 3DS’s game is Mirror of Fate and the Wii-U’s CV game is LoS2, only that it will play like Mirror of Fate, being that you will play the game like you would in an overgrown DS.

    So, Mirror of Fate MIGHT not be in LoS continuity… hopefully.

  • I heard it’s a co-op game like Harmony of Despair. If its true I hope the co-op is optional.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    I dunno, I didn’t like how LoS worked out, but I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they’ll come up with.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    The involvement of Cox and Alvarez does not fill me with confidence. Say what you will about Lords of Shadow, the general consensus was that it wasn’t really a Castlevania game (which, considering it didn’t start out as one, isn’t even remotely suprising). 

    Plus, while 3D spinoffs are fine and all, I want the primary games to remain in 2D, regardless if they pick the Metroidvania or Classicvania style. But I’m not sure if Cox and Alvarez are qualified to make a 2D platformer.

  • As long as Mercury Stream uses some classic Castlevania tunes we’re cool. Still can’t believe they only used Vampire Killer for a 10 second music box loop. WTF MAN!?

    • Actually believe it or not they did have 1 real CastleVania remix inside. Waterfalls of Agartha is a reimagining of Waterfalls from Super CastleVania 4. I think even in an interview with the composer they said that SCV4 was their inspiration for the music.

      I do agree with you though. Maybe they are saving the classic stuff for when a Belmont fights Dracula :P

  • vrakanox

    Obligatory post.

  • I can’t help but feel excited about this, being a huge fan of the 2D Metroidvania games. However, I don’t know how to feel knowing it’s prolly not Igarashi and his team working on this….I’m really, really hoping the second part of the rumour (the LoS team working on this) isn’t true.

    I can’t think of a single 2D Metroidvania title made by Igarashi and his team that isn’t great. So I don’t know what to expect out of another group of people picking up from there on. I think we’d get something entirely new…and then I don’t know if I’d like it. So….E3 can’t come any sooner :x

  • Seeing as how I was one of the people who was throwing this information in Isshan and Spencer’s faces, it will be interesting to see what comes to be truth from these speculations. While I have not been inherently thrilled with any of the 3D Castlevania games, they weren’t necessarily bad but gameplay wise could have been much better than what they were. I do not feel that a western company handling it is bad, they just need to be abit more competent about it. For the detractors saying that those companies shouldn’t is a very ignorant claim and on par with saying that Retro Studios ruined the Metroid series when most people with a bit of common sense know that’s not true, regardless of it being 3D or not which is also ignorant for saying that japanese companies don’t know how to make a decent 3D game from a series that used to be 2D.

    As much as I would not like Mirror of Fate to be part of the main Castlevania storyline, we shall see in the next week or so.

  • indigozeal

    The problem here (besides the continued farming out of venerable Japanese game series) is that, by evidence of LoS, Cox and Alvarez have no bloody idea of what they want to DO with the franchise creatively.  We want to be like God of War; wait, we want to be like Dante’s Inferno; hey, Lord of the Rings is cool, right?  C’mon; Castlevania’s one of gaming’s very cornerstones.  It shouldn’t be LIKE other things; it should be its own thing. 

    • To be fair, Castlevania has been aping aesthetic influences since day one. Where do you think all the iconic monsters in the early games came from? In its early games Castlevania’s aesthetic consisted of nothing more than a hodgepodge of horror movie pastiches.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Dear God, I hope this is true. Lords of Shadows was a big surprise for me, so I’m very excited to see MercurySteam’s continued involvement in the franchise. Absent from this article, though present in IGN’s report on the same, is that LOS2 is also apparently in development along with this. A LOS2 slated for every viable platform possible (minus 3DS due to MoF), from Wii U to Vita.

    Hopefully they’ll do what I hoped for when LOS released and keep the rebooted world on console and let the portable editions remain as they’ve been across GBA and DS prior.

    • We wish! LoS continuity should stay out of Nintendo Handhelds!

      • Solomon_Kano

        Indeed. The GBA Castlevania games are what got me into the series, so that would be nice. I loved LoS, but I don’t want it continued at the expense of the terrific CV games Nintendo’s gotten out of Konami.

        Then again, I could care less if they can manage to keep the core of what made those games so appealing. Ideally, it would have nothing to do with LoS though.

  • A 3DS Castlevania sounds great, but where the hell is Igarashi’s team in all this?? I need my Igavania fix, damn it!

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