Ragnarok Odyssey Ships 100,000 Copies In Japan

By Ishaan . July 2, 2012 . 12:00pm

When GungHo released Ragnarok Odyssey back in February, the game sold 33,496 copies in its first week. Going by information from Media Create, GungHo shipped approximately 40,260 copies of the game at launch.


This week, GungHo announced that Ragnarok Odyssey has finally reached the 100,000 mark. The catch is that this is a mix of PlayStation Network download sales and retail copies shipped to retailers (not sold).


Following its release, GungHo released several expansions for Ragnarok Odyssey, which added features like online play, game balance tweaks and more. Xseed will release Ragnarok Odyssey in North America this summer.


What else is going on in the world of Ragnarok? In the MMO realm, the original Ragnarok Online now has a separate Classic server that reverts the game back to its original state, prior to 2010’s “Renewal” update. Meanwhile, on the spin-off front, Aksys will release Ragnarok Tactics for the PSP this November.

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  • Go2hell66

    that number would be a whole lot bigger if there were more vita’s sold in japan, i think this game could easily break the 500k mark if it were released at a later stage

    • Maybe so, but then all that says is the game is not popular enough. To make people go out, and buy the system it’s on. More like a support game than a system seller.

      •  Exactly, you summed it up nicely, it’s more of a support game rather than a system seller. I’d agree that perhaps later on the Vita’s lifecycle it would sell more, but then again, I don’t really think this would be a mega hit, even domestically.

        Then again, it all depends on whether they’re reaching profitability or not. For GungHo to be commemorating the 100k mark, it’s likely that they reached, or will soon reach profitability, and want to push a few more copies. Not every game needs to sell over 500k to be considered a sucess, right?

  • creid8

    Funny, earlier today I was looking up how much this ended up selling in Japan. Latest from Famitsu had it selling 44k physical copies before dropping off the charts. Not sure how many copies are sitting on shelves, but it looks like the digital:physical sales ratio could be as high as 1:1.

    • jujubee88

      Shows the strength of the PSN and how Playstation is training consumers to buy digital. It is more a matter of “when” not “if” SCE and third parties can truely capitalize on digital distribution on VITA.

      • creid8

        What more do you think they can do? This seems to be “truly capitalizing” on DD to me.

        • jujubee88

          Sorry, I was talking more about VITA getting the typical brick and mortar consumer to slowly switch buying digital VITA games.

  • eliel

    meh i think it will sell more copies in the west :D

    • I somehow doubt that very much…

      • jujubee88

        Haha. I am buying it dude. You should buy it too! The monster designs and environment is totally colorful and pretty, not even just “as a launch game” (that is an easy cliche to say, but I found it to be true based on the Japanese demo). 

        …Er, first you need to buy a VITA. You do not have a VITA, right Ishaan? All I ever see you post on the twitter feed is about 3DS and the regular console stuff. 

        Oh, and I did see that one time you got frustrated at people commenting how they wanted a VITA game. (That was pretty funny) :] 

        • Oh, I don’t doubt that it’s a good game. I just think it’s premature to say it will sell over 100,000 in the west at this point in time. It’s too early to say, you know? Comments like that get misinterpreted all the time, and before you know it, someone has mistaken to mean that it sold very well, when just the opposite is true. :)

          • jujubee88

            Mhm, and more often than not that misinterpretation leads to people getting frustrated and saying, “Ishaan is a VITA hater!” or “You are being bought off by Nintendo” etc etc. But people are like that in real life too. Just look at Apple fanboys. :P

            But, nah, I was just attempting to get you to talk this game as a gamer who owns the platform(?). Not that I do not find the business analytics to be uninteresting – I actually find that something good to speculate on and see where certain companies can deploy resources on, etc. I just wanted more of an idea on where you where with the VITA and this game as a whole. Coming from a person who owns a VITA, I can say that this is one of the better JRPG’s to come over to the states and wanted your input on it. 

            [Insert smiley emoticon which indicates I am happy]

          • Huh? I don’t think anyone has ever called me a Vita hater or said I’m being bought off by Nintendo. Please don’t put words in people’s mouths. If you feel that way yourself, that’s one matter, but don’t talk like you speak for everyone else. 

            (The funny thing is, people said I was being bought off by Sony when I wrote a post about how PlayStation All-Stars is different from Smash Bros. Go figure.)

            As for my personal thoughts on this game… I deliberately chose not to say anything about them, since, really, what I have to say wouldn’t add anything to the discussion. Personally, I’m not very interested in Ragnarok Odyssey, since I’m already invested in Monster Hunter (and perhaps God Eater to a lesser extent).

          • jujubee88


            I was speaking for the trolls, so I guess that was me in away…But, I try and use my trolling in an ironic fashion and generally attempt to clarify that afterwords (eg “Kirby? I heard that game sucks. :>” ) 


            In that instance (again, in my previous post), I suppose I was just pointing about the internet users conspiracies combined with fanboy-ism in general. There is a lot of that, perhaps no one has accused you of being biased toward Nintendo and/or hating VITA on siliconara, but it is common to see on sites like destructoid with their journalists. Although this is Siliconera, you do not work for destructoid, so I will not touch on those subjects if you do not want me to. 

            I just wanted to discuss VITA and this game with you though. You do not have to continue the conversation, Ishaan. And I do not want to piss anyone off, so I will just shut up. 

  • jujubee88

    Congrats are in order to the GungHo crew!

    The +100k figure was no small feat, honestly any launch game can tanks from the word “go” yet this IP has got some good footing on VITA’s launch.

    The fact RO is up there with the likes of Persona for the best selling really terrefic. Especially (as Ishaan pointed out to me in another article comment thread) the VITA’s install base currently hovers just under the 700k mark and previous to these past few weeks had sold under 8k for the past for a good few weeks.

  • Some1onearth

    EU/PAL Release plz~
    I think I’d rather have the PSN download, dunno why I do but I just do. That said, I’d have to get a vita first. xD

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