Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Saw Lower Interest From Women

By Ishaan . September 7, 2012 . 12:00pm

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f sold 159,592 copies upon release in Japan last week. As previously reported, that’s a lower opening than both Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd and Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend. Sales tracker, Media Create, sheds further light on the game’s performance.


Media Create report that Project Diva f sold through 74.63% of its shipment. That’s a good sell-through figure. Part of the reason for the lower sales is, of course, is the low PlayStation Vita user base. The other reason is possibly a much lower level of interest from women.


According to Media Create, the previous Project Diva games on the PSP saw a higher level of interest from women. Media Create provide the following gender ratio percentages of participants in surveys they conducted in Japan:


Project Diva: 28.6% male : 41.2% female

Project Diva 2nd: 33.3% male : 32.4% female

Project Diva Extend: 27.8% male : 32.5% female

Project Diva f: 32.4% male : 20.5% female


This is speculation, but the lower interest from women, too, could be chalked up to Project Diva f being a PlayStation Vita title. The Vita hasn’t seen many games yet that have shown the potential to attract a wide variety of users encompassing both genders to it.


For comparison, back in March, Media Create reported that Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai for the Nintendo 3DS sold well to girls in their late teens. This could have been a result of both the game’s cuter aesthetic and the fact that it was on a system with other games that appeal to broad audiences, such as Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.


Finally, Media Create provide one last interesting piece of data. The PlayStation Vita sold 50,070 units in Japan last week, as a result of Project Diva f’s release. Of that number, around 23,000 units were the special Project Diva f Vita bundle.

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  • Laith Rem

    Get all those [delicious] bishoujo games to the Vita and the fujoshi… the women user base should rise.

    •  you mean bishounen (beautiful guys) games? Bishoujo (beautiful girls) games are targeted toward male audiences…

  • 50,000 handsets in response to one game really highlights what the Vita really needs in order to succeed.


    The combination of wide existing user-base on the PSP combined with a lack of sufficient library on the Vita means that most users are going to stick with their PSPs.  Especially since popular material is still being produced for the PSP.

    The transition from PSP to Vita will probably continue to be a very gradual one, as more must-have games come out on the Vita, more units will be sold which will prompt higher Vita game sales.  As those sales increase developers will see more motivation to develop for Vita rather than PSP and the feedback loop will continue.

    This will definitely be a drawn out process though since the PSP serves as the biggest roadblock to Vita adoption.

    • Sounds like Hakuoki could make it! :D *crosses fingers*

    • I don’t think the PSP is the biggest roadblock to Vita adoption. It’s a roadblock to people upgrading to new systems in general, but this will become much less of a problem in 2013. The roadblock to Vita development/adoption is the 3DS.

      • 3DS and Vita serves a pretty divided amount of audiences… PSP is indeed the largest road block with VITA and the inability for SONY to lower cost for VITA’s hardware and the stupid pricing scheme on memory make adoption rate even lower.

        The PSP is very cheap now, and with a huge amount of game choices especially in Japan.

        The PSPGo could of been the best device for transition to VITA if people adopted the digital distribution. I am sure a lot of people are also hesitating on VITA because they can’t play their PSP games they already own without purchasing new ones (even at discount price in the JP campaign).

        Slow adoption rate makes dev hold back on development, and less games make people not want to get it… It’s a downward spiral, and the only one thing that can drive adoption rate is SONY making a big push for the consumers and developers.

        I personally am happy with VITA. Although the memory card prices still leave a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t mind paying more money for the card if it was a fast class of memory card, but instead, the memory card just performs ok against most generic brand of SD cards… It really shouldn’t command such high prices.

        • You’re assuming that if developers move away from PSP development, they will transition naturally into Vita development. That isn’t necessarily the case, and we’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary, in fact. 

          The biggest PSP franchise (Monster Hunter) has already moved over to the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts has seen a mainline entry on the 3DS already as well, and Tecmo Koei have had no issues putting multiple Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games on the 3DS. Then, more recently, Level 5 took the very first opportunity they could, to put a Little Battlers game on the 3DS. 

          The PSP is a roadblock to adoption of newer devices in general, but if we’re talking about a direct competitor in terms of development resources and marketshare, it is without a doubt the 3DS.

          Some developers that feel comfortable in a Sony environment will probably stick to the Vita, yes. NIS likely will, and so will Gust and Compile Heart. But far more developers and consumers have shown that they have no qualms about moving straight from PSP to 3DS.

    • MrKappa

      This is a repeat of what happened with the PS3, Japan was too stubborn to move on to the PS3 from the PS2.
      Of course that in turn helped the PSP because that is where they flocked to instead.

      I don’t know what the difference is but Nintendo seems to be able to transition fine from system to system.

      With all that said though this particular game did rather fine. Selling 70%+ of their shipment is great, even if they don’t have as many female players as before.

  • “Project Diva f: 32.4% male : 20.5% female”

    Sooo… the remaining 47.1% of people who purchased the game were genderless? ;)

    • Those are percentages of the total participants in the surveys. :P

      (I’ve edited the wording a little to make it clearer.)

      • I know, I was just being silly! Sorry to butt heads with you so much lately, Ishaan. Hope you’re not secretly harboring a grudge against me for my Siliconera comments of late. ;)

        • No no, not at all! It’s all part of the fun and discussion. :)

    •  Inorite?  The real story here is the large population of hermaphrodites and/or androids that love these games!

  • The entire bundle lot is sold out… and Play-asia was charging a ridiculous amount of $750 USD for it… (no shipping)… guess how much people were making off that bundle >_>

  • JadeTsukasa

    Put all the male vocaloids and then women will show interest in Project Diva games. I love all of the games as a girl. I love the cute outfits and songs they include.

    •  All the male vocaloids (Kaito and Len) are already inside. The only other one that exist is Gackt and he is not an official Vocaloid.

      • IkouKuhn

        You mean Gakupo?
        He is an official vocaloid, but from a different company. (Internet co.)

        •  Yes, I meant the Gackt Vocaloid, aka Gakupoid. Let me rephrase what I said: He is not an official Crypton vocaloid so he is not included in the games. The official male vocaloids are all included and have been included since Project Diva 2nd. Either way I doubt a lot of women will flock to the game just because the not-that-popular Gakupoid is introduced.

  • every vocaloid games = female vocaloids singing cute songs while doing cute things to attract male audience

    >”Project Diva f: 32.4% male : 20.5% female”


    • heartless141

      If you pay attention to the numbers before that…

  • Get the Hakuouki series or Otome games on the Vita and I guarantee the female fanbase will rise rapidly… Who knows, they might pick up Project Diva f as well once they have the hardware…

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Considering now 3DS already had Hakuouki too, i am not really sure there.T_T

      • Well… It’s better than nothing… I kinda doubt females would get a Vita too since the 3DS’s simplicity would appeal to them more…

  • at least i now know that what it takes for the vita to sell like hotcakes is  to just put the games that ppl are looking forward to playing :)…. bring out a monster hunter game already!!!!!

    • Ashurei

      I would like nothing more than to see MH4 on the Vita.  Announce-day preorder from me for that one. ;_;

  •  I’m one of those females who has the previous Project Diva’s but not F.
    I just don’t have a Vita ;A;

    But in my case, getting more otome games on PSV will not help, since I was buying PD because Luka and Miku and not because Len or Kaito.

    Also, I dream of a Vocaloid game with not only the Cryptonloids, but every Vocaloid  ever…For a game like this I would buy Vita in a heartbeat.

    • IkouKuhn

      We share the same dream :)

  • Aisioux

    In my opinion the issue with PSvita sails has to do with the fact they haven’t really came out with great multiplayer aspect games. Now that the Psvita has wifi. They need to come out with God Eater Burst, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English or Japanese for the Vita… etc, etc.

    •  Dude, that would a while until my PSP is dead, no offense but they want to live in the old system for quite a while, that’s how games work. :3

  • Kuro Kairi

    I’m happy to see that over on Japan they care to attract both genders to their games or at least care who buys their games most.

    But I disagree that for Vita doesn’t have games that attract both genders equally since we all have different tastes. Its simply because Vita doesn’t have much games yet and people are waiting for that one must buy game. So far Vita has ports and new IPs but not many strong old IPs 

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