Medabots 7 Didn’t Do Too Well In Japan

By Ishaan . September 22, 2012 . 3:13pm

Medabots 7: Kabuto/Kuwagata were released in Japan last week, and sold a combined total of 49,519 copies in their first week on store shelves. This number, sales tracker Media Create report, might have been lower than retailer forecasts, relative to the previous games.


The Kabuto version of the game sold through 40.11% of its shipment, while the Kuwagataversion’s sell-through was 41.67%. Media Create did not specify individual sales figures for each version, but said that the sales for each version were approximately the same.


Doing the math, that would put the total shipment of Medabots 7 at approximately 120-125k copies, with each version having sold around 25,000 copies for a combined sell-through of about 40%.


For comparison, here’s how Medabots DS, released in 2010, did at launch:

Medabots DS: Kabuto – 27,016 (65.80% sell-through)

Medabots DS: Kuwagata – 23,149 (58.30% sell-through)


Meanwhile, sales of Tekken Tag Tournament 2—also released last week—were 62,630 copies on the PlayStation 3, selling through 64.07% of the game’s shipment on that platform. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 version didn’t show up in the top-20 chart, but Media Create say it sold about 5,000 copies, with a sell-through of 49.81%.


That’s lower than 2009’s Tekken 6, first-week sales of which were as follows:

PS3 version – 103,105 copies (57.99% sell-through)

360 version – 23,261 copies (50.05% sell-through)


  • malek86

    “The Kabuto version of the game sold through 40.11% of its shipment, while the Kuwagata version’s sell-through was 41.67%. Media Create did not specify individual sales figures for each version, but said that, together, they sold through 50% of the total shipment for Medabots 7.”

    Uhm. Unless there was some other version, shouldn’t the total sell-through be around 40%, an average (even if weighted, the percentages are so close that it shouldn’t change anything) of the two?

    Or maybe I’m completely wrong… it’s been years since I last took my statistics course.

    • Herok♞

      In theory they could have shipped more of one version then the other which is why even if they both did only 40% each, 50% percent of the total copies could be gone, since one 40% would be higher sales then the other.

      • malek86

        No, that can’t be it. Like I said, the two percentages are pretty much the same, so even a weighted average wouldn’t be any different.

        And think about it, if you have 40% of a very large part of a total, that means you are actually getting closer to 40% for the whole total.

    • Good catch. This is actually something I was thinking about while I wrote the post as well, since that one line’s wording made me raise an eyebrow while reading the Japanese report. 

      I think what they’re saying is that the sales of both versions were split 50-50, relative to the total copies sold. If you do the calculation that way, the numbers add up, approximately.

      This would put each version’s sales at about 25k, and total shipment at about 120k.

      • malek86

        Yeah, that makes more sense. And it would mimic the two DS versions’ shipments, which appeared to be very close to each other.

        Low numbers anyway… sales are the same as before, but they shipped a lot more. I wonder why is it that these low rates can happen. I thought retailers ordered a number of copies depending on the demand they perceived, barring some particular cases in which the publisher wants to keep the channel from getting out of stock (such as with Nintendo games), which is probably not the case here. In fact, we don’t usually see such low rates.

        TTT2 didn’t do too well either, but I see the sell-through for that one is overall higher than before, which means Namco was actually expecting the lower sales.

        When DOA5 comes out, I hope we’ll get sell-through for that one too.

        • OK, after an hour-long debate with Laura, that is indeed what it means. 

          Yeah, I hope we get shipment numbers for DOA. That’s something to look forward to.

  • SirRichard

    Ouch, that’s quite the drop in sell-through percentage. Not that the last one’s sell-through was particularly great, I suppose. I wonder what made them bump up the shipment; did the last one’s early sales encourage a larger start?

    Also I know the 360 is nowhere near popular in Japan, but that really just drives it home: a 50% sell-through was just over 5000 copies.

  • J

    I guess this means America won’t get it now..

    • venomryu

      i can’t really agree with that bakugon was a tv show that started in japan and it was horrible a long with samurai pizza cats but when they got to usa the explode and everybody got to watch the show so it might have a snow ball chance to get over in the usa 

      • Raiyu

        That’s the thing though, Bakugan has a TV Show that continuously gets new seasons. Medabots does not.

        Without a TV show, this game would likely bomb really hard over here.

        •  Bakugan doesn’t constantly get new seasons. The franchise is dead in the west. The anime is over, and the toys have stopped being released. There’s a new anime airing in Japan, but it’s 5 minutes long…

          • Raiyu

            Well my mistake about the anime then. Let me correct myself by saying that it consistently got new seasons for the last five years.

  • :(

  • Ben Sylvia

    So much for localization :.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm, this makes me wonder does this means that Medabots brand power is considered not relevant anymore in Japan? or lack of advertisement there.

    Or the small sale here is because 3DS number in Japan is still smaller than DS base?

    All in all, i hope that Medabots can continue selling there as Medabots shouls be quite relevant for children there and give people outside of Japan chances to play the game too.^_^

  • Will Jay

    You have to consider the 3DS’s smaller install base compared to the DS one in 2010, that the DS game cost less, and that 7 only sold five hundred or so less than DS anyway.

    I imported it. It’s an amazing game, and it deserves to be localized. For one, it makes some basic design choices every 3DS game SHOULD use, but only Medabots 7 and Resident Evil make use of it to my knowledge, which is AA or some sort of filter when 3D’s off, which makes the games look leaps and bounds better than most other 3DS games. Medabots 7 is practically jaggy free, when countless other 3DS games are jaggy fests. And all it needs to solve that is a filter when 3D’s off like RE:R and Medabots 7 use.

    If Natsume is looking at this, I’ll say again if you ever localize it, I’ll buy both versions just to support the game. And I sincerely hope you do.

  • Riseabovethesky

    I remember watching that show many years ago. I thought the design of many of the robots was nice but the human characters lacked details and the story was too standard to keep my interest. I am seriously surprise it is consider popular enough in Japan to warrant a game. 

    • Will Jay

      It started as a game series. The anime was an adaptation of the second game, although it wasn’t all that faithful.

      This is the seventh game.

  • I loved the gba game back in the day. 

  • was this a cartoon at some point?

    Because the name is vaugely familiar

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Anime that aired on Cartoon Network in early 2000s, ran in the same block as Digimon Season 3 if I remember right.

      •  In the US it was on Fox Kids, and then either ABC Family, or Toon Disney. In Canada it was aired on YTV.

  • I don’t see how Medabots has earned dual releases but ok.

    • landlock

       …because they all try and copy Pokemon in that respect. Heck Capcom even did it with Megaman Battle Network.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      They have done this since GBA era lol.Not a surprising thing especially when it is a game that focus more on customization.

      •  GBA era? Try 1997 on the original Gameboy when the series started, haha.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Ehh? I never knew Medabots started from that era lol. I thought they started become famous is from GBA era+ Anime?

          • Mecha Hisui

             Medabots has always had something of a cult following in Japan since its release following the “Pokemon days”.

            By the time the anime came to America though, it was both too late and too early for marketing because the old Gameboy games were getting too old, and the GBA games came out too late.  (The main RPG one we got was a remake of “Medarot 2” in Japan)

          •  I wouldn’t say “cult following”. Medarot 2 sold over 400,000 units in Japan.

  • WingsOfEternity

    i never knew this still existed, i remember  watching Medabots on TV like 8-10 years ago

  • PreyMantis

    I think it’s the lack of marketing and exposure to the gamers are what made the game lacking in sales. Honestly, I didn’t even knew these games existed until now and I’m always into 3DS games since I own the system.

  • HassanJamal

    Oh man, loved Medabots, both the cartoon and the GBA game. I hope the games push through.

  • That is a rather aggressive first shipment on Medarot 7. Medarot DS’s shipments topped at 150k, and while I understand the goal for 7 was to always expand the franchise they should have been more conservative. I’m going to blame the game’s failure to ignite thus far on the smaller userbase of the 3DS. This game has received considerably more marketing than DS ever did.

    • Small userbase? Hardly. The 3DS has about 6 mil units sold, 3DS sales alone, in Japan. It could just be a lack of interest in the series or some other factors.

      Considering the combine sales of Medabots 7 is around the same for Medabots DS, it could be said to have performed similar in number of units sold but differ in the sell-through percentages.

      Though, I do agree that they could’ve been more conservative with their initial shipping.

      •  “smaller userbase” not small userbase. This was a comparison between 3DS, and DS. At the time of Medarot DS’s release its host platform had sold 30 million units in Japan.

        • My bad. I think that Medabots 7 did relatively well with a smaller userbase, while Medabots DS probably should’ve done better with that userbase size.

          • DS was the first new Medarot release in 5 years, and didn’t receive as big a marketing push as 7 did.

  • Rolling Guy

    Sooooo…. Where is Zoids?

  • Certainly hope this doesn’t mean certain doom for the localization possibility. I would really like me some Medabots. Plus, the more games that use AR cards, the better I say.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    And now the very tiny possibilities for localization get even tinier. That’s a shame.

  • Brandon Ramirez

    if it came to west that game would be sold out in a blink of an eye, itll sell like chocolate covered hot cakes now bring that shit over here!!!!!

  • Brandon Ramirez

    i want this game made and i want it now ill support by reserving both versions so please natsume do us a favor and localize medabots, itll get way better sales in america than japan had…

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