Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate With Jinogre, Barroth And An Angry Nargacuga

By Ishaan . October 5, 2012 . 8:30am

Earlier in the week, Capcom Japan shared new screenshots for the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, showing off what the game looks like as an HD re-mastered title. Now, we have another batch of screenshots courtesy of Capcom USA, and these are in English.


Capcom USA’s screens are more interesting than the ones Japan showed off. They show off some of the monsters from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd that are now in 3 Ultimate (like Jinogre above), a new hunting area (the lush forest below) and a very angry Nargacuga (last screen).  Take a look at them below.




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  • Rishtopher

    I wish there were some way to import your characters from MH Tri to this.

  • Sweet Jezus!

    These are nice screens xD

    so the Jinouga’s Localized name is gonna be Zinogre? 
    (I know it says Jinogre but that’s because the character used for Ji can alternatively be read as Zi)

    • No no, that’s not an official localization. I just got tired of using “Jinouga” like some other places do, and “Jinogre” sounded nicer than “Zinogre”. :)

      • Eriol

        I had understood Zinogre was the actual localized name, along with Duramboros for ドボルベルク and Lagombi for ウルクスス. Huh. Guess I misread.

        Along the same lines, is “Lush Forest” also your own moniker for the Mountain Stream? ;)

      • Sheimi12

        While I agree that it sounds nicer I am pretty sure that Zinogre is official

        according to Yuri from unity anyways

  • this will make Wii U.

    JPN and their love for monster hunter is insane.

  • Sheimi12

    you mean barroth right? barioth is the ice cat (or sand cat thing) thing and I don’t see him here

    • Ah, that’s correct. Fixed, thanks!

  • Eriol

    Poor Barroth, always gets confused with the swifter, white Barioth.

    At least you didn’t get Barrioth’d.

  • Blesmi

    The many reasons why I still think Barioth should have been called Walrex.

  • shion16

    Loading time, the screenshots could look incredible cause tthey are screenshots.
    But the most important part should be the loading times.

    • $29082171

       Actually, on-screen footage generally looks worse than the actual product. So the fact that these screenshots looks so good means the playing it on the actual system will most likely look even better.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    OMG, this looks amazing. Now i just miss one piece of information…That this game is now the biggest to date.(BTW i dunno if Freedom Unite was already topped)

  • Areuto


  • Honestly, I want a Wii U for this game. AND I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT WII U.

    •  I feel you, is the exact same situation for me.

  • konsama

    God, so they really went with “Jinogre”… I thought they’d just leave Jinouga or at least put it a better localized name…


      It’s possible that Jinogre is how the Japanese wanted it to be, but for obvious reasons, they can’t pronounce it that way, hence “Jinouga.” 

      • Ferofax

        The way it was written, it’s like JI-N-O-U-GA, or JIN-OUGA, or Jin Ogre. If they wanted it to be Jinouga, they would have written it as JI-NO-U-GA, or JINOUGA. So it’s Jin-Oh, not Jino. Westerners would no doubt almost always say Jino instead of Jin-Oh.

      • konsama

        I know that, i meant that the name Jinogre sounds so unfitting for the monster imo that i was looking forward for a localized, more fitting name, like they did from Liolaeus to Rathalos.

  • Spider-Man

    Player 4 is levitating in the Jinouga screenshot. 

  • XypherCode

    I’m drooling right now…

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