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Monster Hunter 2 Left The Biggest Impression On The Series’ Director

By Ishaan . October 14, 2014 . 5:30pm

Although, probably not for the reasons you might think.

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Looking Back At Monster Hunter Tri, The Game That Elevated Monster Hunting

By Ishaan . October 10, 2014 . 5:31pm

On the day of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s release, we look back at the origin of current-day Monster Hunter—Monster Hunter Tri.

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Monster Hunter, Resident Evil And Other Capcom Games Discounted On Nintendo eShop

By Ishaan . August 28, 2014 . 11:32am

Grab Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS for $8.99.

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Resident Evil 5 And DmC Devil May Cry Are Still Selling

By Ishaan . February 10, 2014 . 11:07am

Capcom’s older games such as Resident Evil 5 and DmC Devil May Cry are continuing to sell.

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Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 Artbook Details Gen3 Of Monster Hunter

By Ishaan . January 29, 2014 . 9:00am

There’s been a lot of Monster Hunter talk lately, and Udon Entertainment’s release of another Monster Hunter artbook couldn’t be any better-timed.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Goes On Discount Sale

By Ishaan . January 28, 2014 . 8:59am

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available at a discount in North America and Europe via the Nintendo eShop.

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Monster Hunter Through The Ages

By Ishaan . January 27, 2014 . 11:01am

Monster Hunter’s 10th anniversary takes place this year, and the publisher has a number of festivities and events planned as part of the anniversary celebration.

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Club Nintendo Members Vote On Their Favourite 3DS And Wii U Games

By Ishaan . January 4, 2014 . 3:29pm

Nintendo of America asked Club Nintendo members to vote on their ten favourite Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games in 2013.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 50% Off In U.S. And Europe For Four Days

By Ishaan . September 19, 2013 . 8:50am

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is on discount sale in the west.

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Capcom Undergoing Lay-Offs, Senior VP Christian Svensson Steps Down

By Ishaan . July 11, 2013 . 11:30am

Capcom is undergoing a staff re-oraganization today, and it has resulted in the resignation of its Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson.

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This Week In Sales: Minecraft Reaches Japan On Xbox 360

By Ishaan . June 15, 2013 . 3:00pm

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition launched during a quiet week in Japan.

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Club Nintendo EU Lets You Gift Monster Hunter 3U To A New 3DS Owner

By Ishaan . June 3, 2013 . 11:45am

Club Nintendo in Europe are running a “Monster Hunter: Gift & Hunt Together Promotion”.

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This Week In Sales: The Golden Week Effect Fails To Impress

By Ishaan . May 8, 2013 . 12:30pm

Last week in Japan was Golden Week, an annual week-long holiday during which sales usually see an increase across the board. This year, however, was a little underwhelming.

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Club Nintendo Europe Promo: Register Three 3DS Games To Get A Fourth Free

By Ishaan . April 22, 2013 . 9:00am

Register three of eight select 3DS titles on Club Nintendo and you’ll get a fourth game from the list for free.

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Region Free Multiplayer Headed To Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Next Week

By Ishaan . April 10, 2013 . 10:03am

Off-TV play and region-free multiplayer are being patched into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate next week.