Get Acquainted With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s Volvidon And Lagombi

By Ishaan . January 3, 2013 . 9:00am

Capcom have shared more screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, highlighting two of the new monsters in the game. Below, you can find screenshots and a profile for Volvidon and Lagombi.



With its armadillo-like shell and physique, rolling into a ball shape is no trouble for Volvidon; and with that, it can quickly roll forward, backward and even sideways, depending on where you and your companions are.


Another of Volvidon’s tricks is actually spitting a paralyzing ball that will induce a Paralysis status effect to any of its targets. This is often followed up by one of his various rolling attacks, and you can’t do anything about it if you’re paralyzed; it’s best to be careful then.

Full monster profile here



In order to survive in the Tundra’s cold and harsh environments, the Lagombi sports a thick layer of fur on its back and a strong and smooth shell coating on its belly, which allows it to slide in the snow-covered areas at high speeds.


In order for you to survive the Tundra’s environments, you’ll need to defeat the Lagombi… and bring Hot Drinks. With its aforementioned shell, the Lagombi can slide away from you, towards you, and even in a circular motion to trap you in place. You’ll either need to run fast or be quick with your guarding – both options require Stamina, which will deplete faster if you stay out in the cold for too long; so again: Hot Drinks.

Full monster profile here

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  • Shadowman

    This gonna be fun on a bun!!

  • 萨夫 侯赛因

    is this a game which can be enjoyed casually? i’m just weary in case it’s one of those addictive like crack titles which can ruin marriages (world of warcraft)

    • Troublehalf

      It is addictive. I mean, I played Monster Hunter Freedom United, the only one I’ve played, and although I found it difficult, it was addictive trying to beat something or collecting enough materials to make some gear. I had some sick gear before I quit the game, got stuck on a City Siege Monster battle… But, you can enjoy it casually, pick it up, kill a few monsters or farm a few mats and turn off.

    • No, it’s very much an addictive like crack title. If you play it on a portable, even more so. It takes a few hours for the MH games to really open up and get going, too, so I wouldn’t recommend them if you don’t think you’ll have the time to invest.

      • Haseyo

        This is true, but it’s certainly nothing like an MMO where it would ruin marriages. It’ll take time to gather armor and weapons, but it’s not like you have to do a 2 hour fight without any breaks. There’s always a pause button.

        • I didn’t mention anything to do with ruining marriages because, ideally, if you aren’t an idiot, you wouldn’t let an MMO ruin your marriage either. :P

          Basically, loot games = crack. And MH just so happens to be one of the better loot games out there. :)

  • PreyMantis

    Just thinking of battling these guys get my blood going. Can’t wait!

  • ragingmerifes

    Great! More furry objects to crave my switch axe on.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Can’t wait. Between this, Soul Hackers, Fire Emblem, and Etrian Odyssey, the first quarter of 2013 is pretty well taken care of for me. Just downloaded Unchained Blades earlier this evening too, and that should last me until Fire Emblem’s release.

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