Monster Monpiece Crosses 50,000 In Japan

By Ishaan . February 9, 2013 . 2:30pm

Monster Monpiece has worked its way past 50,000 copies moved between retail copies shipped and download sales, Compile Heart have announced.


The PlayStation Vita game sold 25,000 copies in its first week. Compile Heart shipped relatively few copies to stores, which resulted in shortages and additional copies were sold via download.


Compile Heart seem to have carved out a nice little niche for themselves on the Vita. Their next PlayStation Vita game, a dungeon crawler named Holy Sorcery Story, is slated for release in March.


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  • Himiko

    Very well done. So happy this game is doing well for CH. :)

  • almostautumn

    Proud to be a part of those sales— sure wish Play-Asia would just mail the damn thing already though.

  • Andrew Arndt

    would buy it if it came to the EU wont import it unles from the us is a US game jsut to pricy for me it would cause issue with bill and other games so if dont come hear i wont get it sadly

  • Ladius

    I really hope Holy Sorcery Story can manage the same level of sales, it looks really nice so far. I also wonder if NISA will end up localizing them both, considering they are still giving a chance to niche PSP games and still haven’t announced anything on Vita.

    • DesmaX

      I don’t think NISA would even try to localize this (Maybe Holy Sorcery Story… But not Monpiece)

      Maybe Aksys could bring it over

    • almostautumn

      Dude; even if this game were to get localized, half the content would have to be cut, and a good portion of the dialogue/scenarios would have to be completely re-written/made acceptable to western standards. Is that really acceptable?

      I’ve got fingers crossed for Holy Sorcery Story. As far as I see, that game seems pretty A-okay for localization, and I’m totally getting a Z.H.P vibe off of it. I can definitely go for some more seriously optimistic videogames!

      • Ladius

        What’s so controversial about MM, aside from its fanservice CGs? The story looks like regular fantasy fare, and I didn’t see anything particularly strange in terms of fanservice, even if depending on the characters the game could end up in the same situation as Mugen Souls. Then again, I didn’t follow the game that much since I’m not really invested in it, so I could very well be wrong.

        That said, my previous post was mainly aimed at Holy Sorcery Story, since that is a game I’m really eager to play. I hope it has a chance to be localized, considering NISA is still supporting niche handheld release like Generation of Chaos 6 and BRS.

        • almostautumn

          To power up cards in MM, it brings you into a still image where you touch the girls around until you find areas stimulating (noted by their pleasured cooing). When it reaches its peak, you perform the motion of male ejaculation on your Vita and, supposing you succeed, your card is powered up. This is not the same thing as Mugen Souls, because in MS it was just a mini-game that didn’t “nessecarily” deter from the game by it being removed. In MM, though, this is a feature you use throughout, and even if one were to think it unnessecary it is also not just a feature; it’s a routed aspect of the gameplay, a large chunk of its charm and individuality. In this case, it isn’t “fanservice,” no different than how Senran Kagura’s “Clothes Rip” aspect isn’t; it’s a literal ligament of the gameplay. It’s important. It’s nessecary.
          *Totally debatable, I know. But I just wanted to clarify the way I feel about it.*

          And right on with you on Holy Sorcery Story. Rogues are way too far and few between, and that artwork is just delightful. Gameplay looks very interesting too; a bit “stiff,” and for it I’m sure it’s got a highly satisfying difficulty angle.
          Has NISA ever published Compile Heart games? I really haven’t followed Compile Heart until Monpiece :P

          • Flandre Scarlet

            I imagine they could still get away with bringing it over, but they would have to likely make it digital only and just translate the text.

            Stripping girls for combat is nothing new in the west, we’ve gotten Ar Tonelico, after all.

          • Himiko

            Pretty much. Hand motions can be argued for a number of games on Vita. Only difference is, you’re not stroking Drake’s butt or something, but a monster girls from the back end of your Vita. :P

          • xavier axol

            Lol!, though it feel incredible stroking drake’s butt for
            some reason.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Mugen Souls
            Hyperdimension Neptunia

            Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2

            Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (Not yet released)

            Trinity universe
            Cross Edge

            Are compile heart games that NISA has localized.

            Also, personally, I wouldn’t really care if they found a way to edit the rubbing game to make it ‘acceptable’, because the main reason I want this game is for the characters/story/combat.

            Which I’ll be able to finally give a solid view on once it makes its way to me. Hopefully that should be in just a few weeks.

  • Watahashi

    Nice! All things considered, that’s like a 1 in 24 attach rate. Not bad for something as odd as MonMon.

    Also, what’s with the random dislikes? Am I going to get thumbed down just because I say something nice about the Vita or Compile Heart? Pfffft, console wars.

    • Himiko

      Not even console wars. Insecurity over CH. :p

    • Yea, don’t mind the haters. Had they actually tried the game they would realize that it’s a fucking awesome adventure game also featuring a TCG-element and a perverted mini-game. It’s awesome and it reeks of high production values. It’s fun and import-friendly to boot. The best part are the art and the music. Been a while since a game’s soundtrack was as good as MonMon’s. It deserves each sale it generated so far!!!

  • Lightthrower

    So much downvotes for this thread, what happened?

    • Himiko

      People mad that Compile Heart is doing good.

      • psycho_bandaid

        I dunno why folks feel so strongly about Compile Heart (positive or negative). They make games that are undeniably niche so its not like their 50,000 or so sales here is going to start a trend that many other companies are going to try to emulate. If you like their products, good on you, but if you don’t it can be safely ignored. Why all the angst?

        • Thats not only Compile Heart with MonPiece thats also Demon Gaze, Persona 4, Ys Celceta, etc. All this games could easily start something, and it already began, soon, SE will see they can make good profit on Vita, because Vita has an important advantage : Visibility.

          • psycho_bandaid

            well I think ishaan pointed out quite nicely why squeenix probably wont go all in with the vita, but that isnt really what I am talking about.

            What I am referring to is that those that dont like CH style od game shouldnt have as strong a reaction as they do. CH isnt going to influence other devs to copy them, especially established devs so there really is no reason for haters to be concerned if CH makes some money.

        • Himiko

          Since they are incredibly niche, that 50,000 is quite a success for them. When that happens, I’m happy to see some groundbreaking milestones for them as I like a lot of their games.

          I don’t know why people react so negatively. It’s something you can easily ignore. Sure you can express your discontent, but a bit silly you want the company to go down the drain and insult their audience (which i see a lot).

  • DesmaX

    … Wished God and Fate Revolution Paradox fared that well.

    But, oh well, I’m happy for CH. They’re starting to make good games

    • kool_cid414

      All I know is that if it comes out here I’ll buy it if not I’ll improve my japanese (damn you Kanji!!!) to a point I can play it and understand it. If by some miracle of Nyx and Izanagi this game comes out I’ll definitely get it too.

  • Watahashi

    Also, I just noticed that Demon Gaze exceeded 50,000 physical/digital copies as well. Looks like they’re having a customer appreciation campaign because of it.

    • xavier axol

      i knew it!!, i had the feeling that this game was gonna sell. now i’m sure that we will see an announcement of demon gaze caming over to the states, kidding.

      i know that even if a game in japan sells well, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically be localise. seem how both markets (u.s./japan) have different appeals. i might be the minority, but i would like to see the death of Fps. though it won’t happen anytime soon, may be if congress does introduce a bill against violent video games (you only see this in shooters). may be then publishers will return to make more and more rpg’s, wow! i got myself off-topic again. anyways, i’m confident that we wil see this game overseas.

    • Ladius

      That’s nice to hear, Demon Gaze looks like a fine game. Considering how many Wizardry-like dungeon crawlers have been picked up by US publishers in the last two years I think it has a chance to be localized.

    • I’m glad. I’m really enjoying it. Great dungeon crawler.

  • xavier axol

    wow! i hope the same people that bought monster monpiece, would also go about their way and get tales of heart r. if any game deserves those sales numbers is tales of hearts r, and may be namco would keep making them on the vita.

    offtopic here: i hope that square enix see this and realize that even if the vita has a small install base, it doesn’t mean that they can’t make a profit. they haven’t really suported the vita and it’s a shame that a small company show them how to take risk once in awhile.

    • Ladius

      I have to agree, Tales of Hearts R seems like the best handheld Tales games in years, and it’s obvious they’re giving it lots of love considering the new features and the higher budget compared to Innocence R, despite it being an outsourced game (Hearts is one of Baba’s favourite, after all).

      It’s probably unreasonable, but I still hope there’s a chance to see it localized in the upcoming years.

      • xavier axol

        “i still hope there’s a chance to see it localized”. you and me both, buddy. hug?

    • Zemane

      Don’t worry, the other Tales game for Vita, Tales of Innocence R sold more than 50k in the first week, and that when the Vita install base was half of what it is in Japan. So, I think Tales of Hearts R has everything to do even better than that.

      About Square Enix, if they are satisfied with Bravely Default numbers, Persona 4 Golden sold near as many copies as BD:FF in Japan, so I don’t see why they could not make a game for Vita.

    • Except, this small company isn’t taking a “risk” at all. This is a low-budget game that squarely targets the otaku market and only needs to sell a few thousand copies to make its money back. People expect grander games from a company like Square Enix. So, if what you’re saying is you’d like Square Enix to resort to developing low-budget otaku bait, I’m going to say, “Please god, no.”

      • xavier axol

        oh please ishaan don’t get me started on square enix. they aren’t great as they used to be and i can go on about it, but i rather not. though i will tell you one thing, it was square solf that made great games. but ever since the merge, it all when downhill from there. big budget or small budget has nothing to do with making a great game. it’s all about the execution from the concept to the pacing of the game. and the little details that make you resonated with the game.
        again it’s not about the big budget and it doesn’t necesarily have to appeal to “otaku” market either (and could be develop for the vita, even though the install base in small). just look at animal crossing new leaf, do you think you need a big budget to make a game like that?. not that i want such game, i prefer other concepts.
        whether you consider that a risk or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they when with it. and made it on a handheld that it not doing so well that thankfully payoff. by the way demon gaze is also a game that is doing great 50,000, i guess the “otaku” are on a roll!

        • just look at animal crossing new leaf, do you think you need a big budget to make a game like that?.

          Yes, you do, actually. You also require a significant budget for a game like Bravely Default. Or Kingdom Hearts 3D. Or SMTIV.

          • xavier axol

            feel free to bring on the budgets cost for those games, ’cause i don’t believe for a second that a game such as animal crossing new leaf require a “big budget”. may be i can understand that it’s complicated by the hardware limits or that it took too much time to makes such game. but it’s not a monster hunter game for crying out loud, how complicated can it be? feel free to also go into details.

          • If you really are interested in knowing, Marvelous AQL have stated that their average costs for Nintendo 3DS games ranges from 70 million yen ($836,000) to 150 million yen ($1.8 million). MAQL have developed 3DS games ranging from low-tier (Animal Resort, Senran Kagura) to relatively high-tier (Harvest Moon: New Beginning, Rune Factory 4, KAIO).


            Animal Crossing is a title with more content than all of those games. Bravely Default is a mid-tier (portable budget-wise) Square Enix production. Shin Megami Tensei IV looks visually better than any MAQL 3DS game released to date and also appears to have some amount of voicework. And Monster Hunter is practically a console-quality title.

            Those budget numbers aren’t peanuts. Games don’t grow on trees. They require a significant amount of money and manpower to make. As a result, publishers need to be careful about what projects and platforms they assign their teams to.

            For larger publishers especially, this means making sure that every project their teams work on makes a significant impact in the market and that they see good returns.

          • xavier axol

            may be you don’t realize this, but this is the gaming industry. “those budget numbers aren’t peanuts. games don’t grow on trees” no, those just so happen to be reasonable numbers for a handheld game. if you look at skyrim which costs about 100, 000,000 to make. It seems like 1.8 million a small investment for square enix to make if you compared that to ffxIII. and look at bend studio (the guys that made uncharted golden abyss) just 55 people, now compared that to how many developers took to make resident evil 6 or assassin’s creed 3. so where does new leaf belong to?
            look, let’s be honest here. a publisher before they tackle a project, already know how much they’re gonna spend (though, there’s bount to be some problems that are unexpected). and no you don’t need thousands of people to make a handheld game, what you need is “management” (it’s important). otherwised the project gets delay for unintended program errors, debugging, and some other stuff.
            i don’t know why you would think, that it would be unreasonable for square enix to make a vita game with a small team (so long as they are skill) on a tight budget. and making fun (or at least that’s the vibe, i’m getting) of monster monpiece would not make your comments any more valid. “you’re saying is you’d like Square Enix to resort to developing low-budget otaku bait, I’m going to say, “Please god, no.” come on ishhan, square enix aren’t as great as they used to be. though i will say that Bravely Default is an intriguing title.

          • don’t know why you would think, that it would be unreasonable for square enix to make a vita game with a small team (so long as they are skill) on a tight budget.

            If they’re going to make a game on a tight budget, then why not make it for the more successful system in the first place? What incentive is there to develop it for Vita specifically? What do you think they are, a charity service?

            I don’t think you’re actually interested in learning how the industry works. You just want to whine because publishers aren’t supporting the Vita. The majority of your comments history is this way. Please knock it off. It gets very annoying to have you cribbing in every Vita thread about publishers that aren’t on the system. Either go where the games are, or stop cribbing. It’s that simple.

          • Flandre Scarlet

            How is that any different from you showing up in every article for the sole purpose of spouting unpopular opinions and arguing with posters?

            Oh and, thanks for calling this game low-budget otaku bait. I’m sure that made everyone who legitimately played and enjoyed this game feel great. You’re a great representative for this news site.

          • One of our rules on this site is to keep discussions on-track and not indulge in pointless whining. Every single thread xavier gets into involves him whining about something Sony-related, often without any facts to back himself up. That isn’t the kind of behaviour we encourage on Siliconera.

            I don’t see how my opinion is “unpopular” either. The game is what it is. The very first trailer for it had people rubbing girls on the Vita screen. That’s how they’re choosing to promote it. That speaks volumes about the target market and if you’re unwilling to see that, then I’m afraid I can’t say anything that will change your mind.

          • I wonder how he will answer my comment as I sincerely hope he was trolling at that time. So much for open-mindedness, blah blah, my ass.
            The game actually reeks of high production values and he’d knew that if he had actually played the game. It’s an enjoyable adventure game with a simple, yet fun card battle element and a flat-out perverted mini-game. No harm done.

          • xavier axol

            when did our arguments turned me into a whinning, annoying person who wants every developer to make a vita game? just because i mention square enix and the possibility of a vita game with a reasonable budget. then you show up with an argument that blow thing out of proppotion, and i just happen to give my point of view (my mind was set on prove you wrong and giving you prefectly reasonable examples, not saying that i wanted square enix to make a vita game. but rather the possibility of it)
            you said that publisher like square enix need a big budget and that they looked at the profitability before they tackle any project (seeing the state of the vita, it makes me to believe that square enix won’t ever touch the thing.) in which case i wanted to show the other side of the coin, that publisher also know how to manage the risk from knowing how much to spend to who should you assign each project for whatever platfrom it might end up.
            note that if your statement about me” wanting every publisher to make a vita game” is true, than why didn’t i mention konami (cause i would love a mgs vita), level 5 (may be a ni no kuni sequel on the vita?), and other big publishers. but i have perfectly working brain to realize that no matter how much i try to pitch these things, it won’t make a difference (it wouldn’t happen) and i’m ok with that. not everything has to be on the vita.

          • Because your “other side of the coin” constantly switches between you cribbing about Square Enix not supporting Vita, then turning around and claiming they aren’t as good a developer anyway, then bringing up videogame budgets without any clue of what you’re talking about, then insisting that just because portable games aren’t as expensive to make as Skyrim or Resident Evil 6, it automatically means that you can just magically toss them out by having good “management”.

            You aren’t able to stay on topic even here. I don’t know how I’m supposed to take you seriously.

            No one is saying Square will not give the Vita anything ever. They’ve already published a couple of outsourced games for it and they’re doing FFX HD on PS3/Vita as well. They aren’t ready to abandon it just yet. The issue is more with you using 50,000 in sales for Monster Monpiece as justification for Square to support the Vita, which is ridiculous.

          • xavier axol

            may be you are right, after all you work on the gamng industry and i’m just a gamer. you have more knowledge about these things, seeing that you get to meet with developers and ask them questions besides other things.i don’t know much of what you do on siliconera other than posting articles and being a moderator.

            i just tought that i had a clear view of how publishers make games, that may be my comments were not so far fetched so i got fired up. but i’m not such a fanboy nor cluess to that extend, and i admit that i don’t always stay focus on the topic when brining up examples and not making my commments more clear, seeing that english is not my first language. but you really need to look up all my comments and realize that i’m not such a one track minded either. though as late i been really pushing towards one company inparticular, it doesn’t stop me from visting dragon quest VIII, etrian odyssey IV, or pojectxzone posting and really digging how nintendo do things with other publishers on the handheld side.

            as to my beef with square enix (not gonna lie), is definitely fanboyism that’s why i always have square enix in mind. only bacuase i feel disconnected with the company on the console side and always try to bring ffxiii in any conversation, but even then it doesn’t stop me from buying or saying good things about their other projects like the new tomdraider, sleepingdogs or deus Ex: human revolution. is not a excuse however, but i can’t change my mind. though it’s something that i should stop. i don’t know if you get what i’m saying, but i’m not that annoying. are we cool?

          • Gotta agree with you on this one. I love my Vita but making sure that there are more games coming to the system is Sony’s job, not 3rd parties’. Ninty learned the lesson very fast but then again, they are the most experienced player in the handheld market and have proven that cheap 1-buck iphone games are no threat to traditional handheld gaming. I was not using my 3DS a lot as of late but I am finally upgrading to its big brother to enjoy DKCR 3D to the fullest. I have huge mitts, so playing on the original 3DS is painful, like really physically painful because I have to cramp my fingers all the time.

            I hope those issues will be alleviated with the purchase of a 3DS XL. Nintendo finally made me excited for the system again. It’s selling like hotcakes and the undeniable charm of Nintendo’s 1st party games is irresistible. It’s a bloody shame they are so uptight with their region-locking as some of the English voice actors of originally Japanese games (Star Fox, Tales of the Abyss come to mind) are atrocious and some more niche titles probably won’t be released outside Japan at all but I can bear with it as the best titles will be brought over.

            The premise of a proper Zelda title on 3DS built from scratch is mind boggling.

            Sony, on the other hand, have delivered a few memorable games on Vita but the majority of their 1st party is working exclusively on PS3/4, which is a huge contributing factor to the “games sell systems, a lot systems sold incentivize 3rd parties to work on the system” vicious cycle. Sony are taking the first steps to address that issue by offering 32GB bundles and slashing the price by 5k Yen but I wonder if it ain’t too late. They have so many excellent 1st party studios yet all of them solely focus on console development, that will become a grander issue for Vita’s longevity.

            I’m a happy Vita owner and am excited for future titles but Sony need to address the hardware and 3rd party situation fast. There’s a small shimmer of hope that Thursday morning’s event (Tokyo time) will prove Sony’s dedication to address the failures of their past and support the system with their own 1st party developers.

            I am excited for Ninty’s future 3DS offerings and I hope to see some of the same magic on Sony’s handheld as well, they are the only platform holder whose internal studios can match Ninty’s.

          • I beg to differ:
            Biohazard Revelations was a console quality game, the upcoming DKC Returns (for which I’m finally upgrading to the 3DS LL) is a console quality game, ZnD:TnO 3D is a console quality game, MH4 certainly ain’t.

            MH4 textures on 3DS are a blurry mess and the models reek of low poly-counts. All the games I’ve mentioned before feature sharp textures and visually appealing, relatively hi-poly models (bearing the 400×240 px rez constraint in mind), that either surpassed their respective console version (Zelda) or are at an appropriate level (I believe DKCR 3D looks at least as good as the Wii version, if not better). Bio Rev showed what the hardware is capable of, as did Shin Hikari Shinwa (Kid Icarus Uprising).

            MH4 is a blurry, low-poly mess and it looked even worse on the TGS show-floor. By no means is that a console quality game.

          • Just because a game looks and plays simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a lot of budget, you know. The budget also goes into the man-hours gone into polishing the game, like debugging program errors, adjusting rule-sets and optimizing performance on the console.

          • xavier axol

            yeah i know, i know what you mean. it gets very complicated when a game goes throught the process of debugging and correcting program errors. and even after the release of the game, it could go wrong and they would have to fix it. before that they would have to paid microsft or sony money (why?, who knows..). but my point is that a handheld game can’t be as complicated as the console game. they don’t need a big budget to make a great game on the vita or the 3ds, what you need is a clear concept, small (but) skill team, and good management.
            i can’t speak much about the 3ds (seeing how i don’t have one anymore, and i don’t follow much of it and it’s games). but it took bend studios about two years, 55 people (some outsourcing), and good management to make uncharted golden abyss. and how about little big planet vita with it’s outsourcing to three studios with small period (i’m guessing about two years) and it became one of the most well rate it and recieved ps vita game to date (i will go on to say, that it’s the best littlle big planet game out of the four, including the little big planet psp version).

          • “but my point is that a handheld game can’t be as complicated as the console game. they don’t need a big budget to make a great game on the vita or the 3ds, what you need is a clear concept, small (but) skill team, and good management.”

            A good team helps, yes, but to say that handheld games aren’t as complicated as console games seems to miss the finer details of the process.

            How complicated a game isn’t dependent on which console it’s made for. Data storage limit on the cartridge/disc and hardware specs could be limiting factors, but in this day and age, I doubt they pose a limit for every developer barring ones that want to go for much higher graphical fidelity.

            I think Pokémon is a good example to bring up here. They started on GameBoy cartridges, and the size of even the latest games on DS don’t weight in more than a couple hundreds of Megabytes. Yet nobody can deny that there’s a degree of complexity in those games – at least for a mainstream E-rated RPG. Also, the variety of assets (sprites, sound effects, animations) that has to accompany that complexity is massive. Those assets take a lot of resources, including man-hours.

            Bottomlined, I don’t think the total budget of a game can be gauged simply by its simplicity or looks. There has been high-graphics games with poor rulesets, or ones that are overly complex to the point of user-unfriendliness even if they look fine.

          • xavier axol

            i’m not sure if pokemon is a good example though, seeing how they haven’t change the “formula” from the pacing of the game to the battle system and the environment having being reused over and over in some cases (ofcourse). so rather than worring about making the game, i believe they use their resources on making sure that it performs well on a tech that is limited (at least that’s what i get from your statement, and from previously owning few pokemon game myself). from gold and silver to pokemon platinum, i loved each one of them but i grew tired of it. can you blame me?

            the reason as to why i’m trying to make the handheld game development sound simplistic is, becuase i came to realize that there won’t be B titles games on consoles anymore. on one side we have a big budget games like skyrim, gta, and callofduty. and on the other side we have low budget downloadable games like journey, walkingdead,retrocityrampage. while games like darksiders 2 will die out, cause of the costs of a game (60 bucks is alot) and people will go for what they can get most out of their money. with the increase of triple AAA titles so does the development cost (having a massive team of developers that created games like, example: assassin’s creed 3, gta v, and resident evil 6)

            and having hd graphics is the new norm, now after seeing new titles look better each time. so people are focusing on other thing like a massive world and campaing like skyrim, dragondogma, darksouls, batman arkham city, metal gear 4 gun of the patriots, masseffect, dishonor, assassin’s creed, and the witcher. having better AI make you distinguish a good game (if you’re into fps) like callofduty to a crappy game like the new medal of honor (thanks EA). while games like journey (which still looks mighty fine by the way) focuses on the exploration side along with that great soundtrack and the atmosphere that take you breathless. makes me to believe that you can’t get that on handhelds nor can’t it be complicated as those that i mention.

            i’m sorry, but brain really can’t process the idea of a handheld game being more complicated to developed compared to a console. it’s like night and day.

          • Then you’re associating the term “console game” with only the ones that are big and expensive; of course “console games” cost bigger than handheld games in that case. That perspective just completely ignores the whole picture. There are “B” titles on consoles, and there will continue to be – especially when you’re arguing from a cost perspective. Because not every studio will have the budget of AAA games, or wants to spend an unnecessarily bloated budget for what they want to present (if they’re smart).

            The reason I brought up Pokémon is because it is a good example of a game series that isn’t complicated but still requires a lot of resources. What you argue about the ruleset being mostly the same is only a superficial look. With every generation, GameFreak has to create new regions, new monsters, new sprites, new map layouts, new moves and statistics, and much more. It’s obvious to anybody who played the games. One particular example, in case anybody forgot, is the reason GBA games couldn’t allow transferring Pokémon from GB games: Because GameFreak updated the monster data structure to the point that it’s not compatible with the old structure anymore. So, with all due respect, don’t say that they re-use old assets just because you’re bored of them. What stays constant in all Pokémon games is the concept, but that’s not part of your initial argument at all.

          • xavier axol

            “you’re associating the term “console game” with only the ones that are big and expensive” the reason that i’m point that out, is cause if you at what’s caming ahead? from the end of february to may, you will see just big and expensive games (to which i called those, triple AAA titles) competing for the spotlight. while games like sly cooper or colonial marines are left out in the cold. though i hope that the souhtpark the game does well, but tell me if what i’m saying is not a trend anymore (at least in the states & europe).

          • “AAA games take up a large part of the market” is not the same as “AAA games are the definition of console games”. You know what it takes for a game to be a home console game? Be on a home console. If you’re trying to force this generalization to justify your point that handhelds cost less than home console games, sorry, I see no logic in that statement. And your posts are hard enough to comprehend to begin with, between poor grammar and unfocused arguments. Try to convince someone somewhere else; I’m done with this.

      • psycho_bandaid

        hm? not doubting you on the budget numbers specifically, but I am surprised that a game with some many guest artists making contributions was made without much expense. I havent tried the game so I guess corners were cut elsewhere?

      • Are you serious or just trolling? (sorry, been in Kansai the last week so I’ve noticed your comment just now)

  • gamefreak86

    Honestly they should make these games M mature and leave everything in. I’m sure the sale numbers would be the same. Most vita owners are in that prime demography. So localize please :) Would also like Demon Gaze and Senran.

  • fyi1191

    Localize? I bet whatever happened with Mugen Souls, will happen to this as well.

  • I’m quite pleased to see that this has become a success for CH. Wouldn’t mind seeing a deeper sequel.

    • How deep are we talking lol? =P

      • I’m sure that’s just innuendo, but I was thinking the game could have deeper mecahnics. Not quite Culdcept level, but just a little more.

        • It was both lol. It’s nice to hear the opinion of others =)

          I haven’t played the game so I can’t really comment on the mechanics of the game first hand, only by what I’ve seen. Hope it gets localized one day.

  • NeoAthanasius

    Lord I hope the Vita doesn’t turn into a purely Otaku bait system. The Vita deserves much better than this.

    • Because of this and Senran Kagura? Please.

      • NeoAthanasius

        I’m not saying this simply because of a couple of games. But I think it could go this way because of poor performance of games by major publishers, coupled with marginally good performance by smaller publishers. The Vita has a pretty hardcore install base currently. If many of the major publishers leave Vita behind, then we could end up with more stuff like this. I’m hoping this isn’t the case. The Vita is an amazing system and I want to see it thrive. I’m happy that there are companies like Falcom who are giving it a chance.

  • Ha! Monster Monpiece rubbed and touched it’s way to victory. =^_^=

    • xavier axol

      rub, rub, pinch, pinch and release!.

  • Brandonmkii

    Makes me super sad my copy isn’t here yet. No low-tier shipping options for me, next time :c

  • Tianyu Wei

    This will never make it localized. They had the excuse of taking out those bathing mini-game in other CH games with the reason “they aren’t necessary for game-play”. How about this time?? This rubbing and touching is CENTRAL to game-play, you can’t even level up your cards without it…

    • 324234

      While they could ‘technically’ simply remove the minigame and have a set cost to upgrade, it’s pretty much the selling point of the game (and all they advertise). And even if you ignore the minigame, the cards themselves strip as you upgrade them. Agreed, it’s not getting localized.

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