Capcom USA Senior VP Disappointed By Darkstalkers Resurrection Sales

By Ishaan . April 10, 2013 . 10:20pm

Darkstalkers Resurrection isn’t doing as well as he’d hoped, Capcom USA’s senior VP, Christian Svensson, shares on the company forums.


In a forum thread on Capcom Unity, one of the site’s users points out that Darkstalkers Resurrection was among the top-selling games on PlayStation Network games during the month of March (the game ranked #7 on the PSN charts). Unfortunately, Svensson says, it’s not as high on the chart as it needs to be in order to be considered successful.


“Sadly, it’s not as high on that list as it really needs to be to be successful,” Svensson wrote in his candid response.


“We’re working on promotions and the like to improve the situation. We’ve not given up. But I’m disappointed in the opening sales response relative to any other fighting title we’ve put out on the same platforms given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years and the quality of the execution. It is the most fully featured and probably best project of this type we’ve done.”


Svensson adds: “And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, I’m not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand. I’m very thankful for those guys (thank you, to all of you). I’m more disappointed by my misread of the information in this particular case.”


Last week, Svensson also hinted that Capcom would probably slow down on re-releasing their older fighting games for current platforms in light of waning sales. At the time, he explained: “It seems the novelty of such projects is wearing off even within just the fighting game community based upon the sales data of our last two launches.”


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  • [ Mauricio ]

    I’m a big Darkstalkers fan and I didn’t even blink an eye for this, I want a new Darkstalkers. I hope they don’t make excuses that they aren’t making one because of this.

    • Ty Austin

      Actually, Capcom is probably using Resurrection sales to gauge interest in a new title. With sales below expectations, I bet they’re hesitant on doing a new one (I would be if I were them.)

      • Yeah, I don’t think today’s gamers would be interested in a fighting game based on Universal monsters fighting. This digital re-release was definitely to test the waters. The series was never super popular to begin with, so I don’t know if there will ever be a new entry in the series.

        • Haseyo

          I agree. MvC is the only reason many people even know some of the characters, that only being Morrigan, Felicia, and Hsien-Ko.

      • ArmoredBoar

        Sven tried to gauge interest on the series by putting the crappy PS1 Darkstalkers port on the Playstation Store when even PSN Japan didn’t have it because they knew it was terrible. Then the PS1 DS3 port finally came over here after over two years of being out overseas to gauge interest again but with a worse reaction due to the first test. Now Resurrection came out to gauge interest for a new entry when it’s just a ROM from Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection with the rebalancing actually removed in order to make it “arcade-perfect” like 3SOE (read, a lazy attempt), the game makes near the top of the charts, and suddenly: “Sadly, it’s not as high on that list as it really needs to be to be successful.”

        Let that sink in for a moment.

        • Hound

          This sums up everything very well.

          Aside though, I’m also tired of the “arcade-perfect” nonsense.
          This had me semi-upset with SF3 and had me completely put off of buying Jojo’s from PSN. If they’re going to port a game & make it into an on-line multiplayer fest, I’d prefer they’d improve them outside of HDing the graphics & throwing in sub-par training regiments & lame gallery quests. They didn’t toss in the story mode for Jojo’s, & didn’t bother doing balancing on the very old arcade games for the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

          Why should my expensive, impossible to re-sell port of a couple arcade games that have been ported multiple times already get multiplayer slapped on with no enticing improvements that’d make me say “I can’t wait to play THIS port of the game. Even though I already have and love DS3 and DS Chonicle thanks to PSN.”

          • Mike Pureka

            $15 is “expensive” now?

          • Tee Niitris

            Jojo’s was $20.

            Anyway, I will admit that online with no other extras can be off putting because not everyone plays competitively. Also, an online port is only good if the online is playable (something I heard wasn’t the case for JBA).

          • It can be, relative to the competition. Who would pay $15 for a bad port when, as stated above, someone got a superior version for a third of that? Alternatively, why pay 15 bucks for something that’s a couple decades old when you can get something like Street Fighter 4 or Blazblue for 20, with a full feature set and gameplay designed for this console generation?

            $15 is a lot to ask for an arcade emulation. I know there’s probably going to be some dissent there, but it really, really is.

          • G. D.

            this needs to be said too:

            sfiv and blazblue do not have “gameplay designed for this console generation”; don’t EVEN. the best they have is better support because fighting games matter again. whoo. 3s is still a more interesting and fun to play game, and i /really/ don’t like 3s.

            also: all those people who bought injustice for the story mode and the missions bought it to watch a movie and to grind, not to play a video game or even try to have fun with friends. it’s kinda sad that there’s so many of these people, that they pay the bills.

          • Shane Guidaboni

            3SOE wasn’t even arcade perfect. They screwed that up and supposedly there’s one last patch coming that will fix all the mistakes they made.

        • I love how he praised the effort put into it. Yes, thank you so much Sven for not having Digital Eclipse slap a ROM into a shell that runs on 360/PS3 and has some terrible, laggy online system. Thanks for the basic features and functionality.

          But wait…my psp version was $5 on PSN just before the release of this and has a lot more content than this. lollllll

          I am as on top of it as any hardcore capcom fighter fan, but I just wasn’t interested in another port. Darkstalkers 4 would be a day 1, full price purchase, however. but capcom wanted to test my love haha

    • DiosFancifulRomp

      Excuses? Capcom is a company that wants to make money. Damn them for that if you will, but why should someone make something if it will have little appeal, and possibly never even break even?

      • Um, the two are not necessarily linked together. The only thing the sales of a Darkstalkers port shows is how many people are willing to plop down for a re-release after all these years or who happen to see a review and try it.

        Darkstalkers 1 and 3 PS1 have been on PSN for some time. A collection of all 3 Darkstalkers games for the PSP with more content than this rerelease has been on PSN for some time. There’s a Japanese PS2 port with all the games. There’s MAME. It’s playable on GGPO PC. There have been a million ways to play this game over the years. I have all of them but the J ps2 game = no reason to buy this. I don’t believe in just supporting out of “love.” They’re a business…well, I’m a consumer, one with a fine sense for when Capcom is pulling “loyalty” BS.

        The BS here is that he’s disappointed it didn’t sell as much as Street Fighter, a cultural institution of a series, and now
        it’s going to be used as an excuse to not make a new game.

        In reality, a new game would have a whole new, fuller publicity cycle and you can’t tell how well it would do based on your billionth port of the game.

        • DiosFancifulRomp

          He’s not disappointed that it didn’t sell as much as Street Fighter, and nowhere does he say that. I understand what you’re saying, however Capcom has it’s own way of judging whether something is profitable or not. I’m just guessing here, but I think that Capcom knows a little more about judging marketability than just about anyone on this site. They’ve been in the industry almost 30 years here. A new game would of course market and sell better than this release, no one’s arguing that, but as the series has been publicly received, it should be no real surprise if it takes a few more years for it to come out. There’s no reason to rush a new title when there are many more that would strike more consumer interest, and while I understand the love of Darkstalkers, there’s a fairly niche community that will still support it years from now.

        • G. D.

          bit silly to bump this, but hey.

          vamp is bad, and (let’s face it) so is the ps vsav; never mind the lack of vhunt. that collection is ridiculously hard to find these days, as with sfa3 max. that ps2 collection is indeed a ps2 port and is even japan-only; you may as well suggest that people go get the dc version of the psp port instead. mame and ggpo is piracy, whatever that means to whoever.

          offering an accessible, affordable, and legal package is what we, the people, have been complaining about in EVERYTHING for ages, and it’s also apparently a bad thing at the same time. figures, really.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Having visited Unity over the years, that’s understandable. One of the most asked for PSN/XBLA ports has always been Darkstalkers, even while one of the most requested new titles has been a revival of the series.

    I suppose Sven and co. read all of those requests as people being willing to buy, but perhaps they weren’t all willing to buy ASAP. Perhaps they weren’t willing to buy for the price. Me, personally, I haven’t bought it yet. I didn’t ask for it, mind you, but I do intend to buy it at some point down the line.

    Hopefully it continues to sell over time. Either way, as always, I appreciate Sven’s candidness.

    • psycho_bandaid

      that does become the issue. Lots of games, not so much money to buy them with unfortunately. Also with digital games there is literally no reason to buy day one unless you are going to start playing right away.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Exactly. In prioritizing what to buy, digital games always get pushed back for me. I don’t have to worry about availability, there’s no “wait a month for the price to go down”, or any of the other considerations involved when buying something physically, so I end up putting those sorts of purchases off.

        • Mike Pureka

          Wait; If there’s no “wait a month for the price to go down” then shouldn’t you just buy them right away and push the non-digital ones out so that you can get the price drop on the ones that are going to drop?

          • Solomon_Kano

            Nah. If I buy a physical game full price it’s because I planned to pay full price. I’ll wait out a price drop on games I’m iffy on, but I’ll go full price if I know I want something. So in prioritizing those games I want to support at full price, I usually end up letting the digital stuff fall to the side instead of pushing another physical game to the side.

            Of course, if it’s a digital title I REALLY want then, yea, I’ll get it right away. Typically though, the games I’m more excited about see physical releases.

    • malek86

      I assume the price was a bit of a problem. Capcom has been increasing its fighting game prices for a while now. They used to cost $10, then some got $15, and now there’s Jojo that is a quite high $20 (granted at least DS has two games, but I’d imagine that they are not all that different – it feels like Capcom put two games just so they could raise the price).

      While raising the price gives you more money per game, I’m not sure it’s worth the lost sales from people who won’t buy because of it. I wonder how well Jojo sold.

      And of course there’s also the fact that XBLA sales are kinda slowing down now (if you look at charts, new games just don’t sell as much as before) and PSN users might be too used to discounts (or even free games on PSN+). Overall, this situation was probably asking for a more normal price. Just because you are catering to fans, that doesn’t mean they’ll buy anything at any price. That’s what shmups companies did, and look where they are now.

      Anyway, I assume that Darkstalkers is kinda like Megaman Legends in terms of fan requests. Now I wonder how well MML3 would have sold…

      • Solomon_Kano

        I read somewhere that JoJo’s price was due to them trying to recoup licensing costs. I don’t know how true that is, but it would be a sensible reason to hike the price. $15 is their current standard though. The MVC Origins compilation hit at $15, SF3 by itself hit at $15.

        Yea, raising the price has been an interesting move. As you said, more money per game, but that’s likely to put a number of people off from buying at all.

        As a note, Darkstalkers Chronicle on PSP (one of the most complete DS games around) is only $10 on PSN. So…

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I think they saw plenty of small indie PC games in the niche in the $20-30 range and expected folks would pay a similar premium for a known IP. I’d also expect they wish to establish price floors as things move ever more digital. Wean folks off expecting those Free-$5 points.

          • Solomon_Kano

            After looking at their offerings again, $20 looks to be one-time deal. JoJo’s is the only one at $20, so I’ll take that comment that I saw about licensing costs to be true. For everything else, they pushed up from their old $10 standard to $15 (to be fair though, they made that shift back in ’09 with MVC2).

            So, yea, they’ve done well to establish that as the floor for their fighting ports… and a lot of their other titles, really. Their HD PS2 games run for $20, aforementioned ports (and the upcoming DuckTales and Dungeons & Dragons) at $15, while SSF2THD managed to get under at $10 (though I believe it was $15 when it originally launched). For the most part though, yea, they’ve pretty much moved out of $10 digital (PSP titles excepted, with most of those being $10 or $20).

  • Ty Austin

    Really sad to hear that, especially when you consider sales of this will affect the possibility of a new title.

    Here’s hoping sales pick up so we can see DS4.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      I don’t think sales of a really old fighter should dictate the want for a completely new one. Obviously people who are new to the fighting game scene aren’t going to be as interested in this old version of a game in the series, but if they’re shown a shiny new one, they’re likely to be a lot more interested despite the series name.

      I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy this. I’m a fan of Darkstalkers. I played it a lot on GGPO back in the day, but I don’t want to pay for this. I’d rather have a completely new game.

  • XypherCode

    A new game in the series might turn tables. I’m very up for that.
    Still, I’ll be getting this once I finished some of my backlog…

  • Go2hell66

    Please don’t cancel darkstalkers 4!

    • Solomon_Kano

      Supposing it’s already in development.

  • Byas

    A relaunch that ranks #7 on the PSN chart is considered unsuccessful… It kinda remembers me of the Square-Enix comment on their western games, that sold millions and were considered unsucessful. These guys needs to stop aiming for CoD level sales on everything they make, specially relaunchs for god’s sake.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s the thing, being #7 doesn’t tell us how much it sold. Not even relatively. For all we know, the #1 game only sold 20k. Well, where would that leave them at number #7? That could be anywhere from several thousand to several hundred sold. Being in the top 10 doesn’t necessarily mean a title sold a ton, it just means it sold better than ___ other games.

      It’s not a matter of them aiming too high when, as noted here, they’ve been seeing diminishing returns as they’ve continued their ports. Diminishing returns are diminishing returns regardless of what they might’ve been aiming for.

      • Byas

        True, I got carried away when I noticed Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite on the list, but aside from those two having been ranked above Darkstalkers, we don’t even have concrete numbers… Sorry about the earlier comment.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Nah, it’s cool man. With stories like like Square Enix’s expectations for their Eidos titles or Capcom’s own expectations for some of their recent titles, I can understand being skeptical of exactly what kind of expectations they may have been holding this title to.

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Actually i think 7th seem like a good place for march.
    1.MLB 13 The Show
    3.The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    5.Tomb Raider
    6.BioShock Infinite
    7.Darkstalkers Resurrection

    That’s the rank of the first 7 from march and i think considering the kind of games that are before Darkstalkers 7th place is quite good.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That actually has me more skeptical as to how it sold. At $15 it sold less than MLB, TWD, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock? I’ll grant that those are much bigger IP, but it doesn’t bode well to me that the game only made it in behind 4 other titles that cost 4 times as much as it did.

      • TiredOfMyOldUsername

        MLB was released earlier during march and from what i heard before baseball games are quite popular.

        TWD is quite popular on PSN usually, most TWD episodes if not all that was released before ended up being first the month they were released.

        With 3.6M copies sold Tomb raiders probably sold a decent numbers on PSN too

        And Bioshock was a big PSN release and the only reason it’s so low is because it was released quite late during march.

        • Solomon_Kano

          True, they’re all very popular. It just seems so much less of an accomplishment to me that it’s behind much more expensive games at all though. Again, Darkstalkers has never been terribly popular, so it makes sense, but it’s disheartening to see it not able to use its lower price point to scrape in some more sales.

      • You’re surprised a 2D fighter from the 90s didn’t sell as much as:

        –an annual sports game
        –a highly praised game based on the most popular zombie franchise out right now
        –a reboot with a billion dollar marketing budget
        –a game that might end up sweeping GOTY awards


        • Solomon_Kano

          Never said I was surprised, I said those titles being ahead of it even at its price point makes me wonder how it actually sold. I’m aware of how big those titles are and how small Darkstalkers is, the context simply makes me wonder what kind of numbers it really did if its price doesn’t seem to have done anything for it.

          Also, wrong TWD game. Survival Instinct is an FPS that’s been getting, from what I’ve seen, horrible reviews.

          • Armane

            But it’s price compared to comparable games isn’t a good deal, it’s the same price as every other HD port Capcom have released in the last 4 years, outside Jojo. And most people who would want to play it have already done so on PS/GGPO. They even released DS3’s PS port on PSN just last year.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Right, right. I discussed as much with mirumu further up.

          • ahh, i see what you’re saying now.

  • I just didn’t buy it because it was 15 dollars. I have all the other Darkstalkers and don’t care about online play, so I didn’t have much reason to buy it at that price. I didn’t buy JoJo at 20 either. I’ll buy both of them when they drop the prices.

  • revenent hell

    I’m kind of not surprised. This is the first game out in eight years, and its not even a “new” installment to boot, also if I’m not mistaken even though The chaos Tower sold pretty ok, I still don’t think it sold terribly high enough either.

    This franchise is going to have to pull in new gamers somehow in to loving it as much as its followers and it would probably be by them making a new game, not a remake or port or compilation of the older games
    Side note :To me, this franchise has always seemed like it would be an excellent RPG I think that would be pretty cool and probably a damn good game.

  • I may not have asked for this considering I own Darkstalkers: The Dark Tower on the PSP and got that as a graduation gift from highschool years ago, however this seems to be a more refined port just not in a fiscal form. With that said Darkstalkers has always been a special case because of the unique character design/art style and gameplay, considering people have been going on for at least 4 years now about wanting a new title, this is abit disappointing but like @Solomon_Kano:disqus not too surprising considering it’s a digital release. Either way I too hope it doesn’t hurt chances of Darkstalkers 4 coming out once it gets finished if it hasn’t been worked on yet.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Even though I plan to buy this, I still find myself wishing they’d just done an HD port of PSP’s Chronicle*. As a port of the Dreamcast’s Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service, I pretty much feel like that’s the definitive version of the game.

      *Or the game that’s a port of, actually, since that makes more sense.

      • mirumu

        Yes, it’s quite disappointing they didn’t go with that version. I imported Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service back in the day and it really had everything. Looked arcade perfect with the Dreamcast VGA box. The PSP version didn’t feel quite as nice, even just because of the iffy PSP stick alone, but it was still great to have the game in portable form.

        My preference would have been for them to just release a new Darkstalkers 4 now instead, but if they had to go the HD remaster route they should have made sure to remaster the right game. It seems pretty clear longtime fans knew what version it was and many chose to skip it. I did pick it up myself just to have a Darkstalkers game on a more modern platform, but I can certainly understand why others haven’t.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, it’s unfortunate because the purpose of the port was likely to guage interest in future titles for the series. Well… half of the port has been on PSN for a good while now. Fans who wanted Darkstalkers 3 again likely picked it up from the PS1 Classics section before this was even announced. Supposing they didn’t, this still isn’t the best they could’ve done given there’s already a better port they could’ve based this on.

          So, yea, if they intended to guage interest, this was the wrong way to go about it. I understand them not wanting to jump right into DS4, but the data they’ll get from this will likely misrepresent the series’ future prospects. I hope it still happens regardless, since Ono’s stated his interest in bringing the series back.

  • Spider-Man

    Capcom expectations are always too high.

  • SilverSven

    That’s not what people meant by “new Morrigan sprite”, Capcom.

  • I really like the Darkstalkers series, no complaints about it. But I didn’t care about this port at all since I’ve already have all the DS games (PS and PSP). There was no need for me to get another port of the same game. Maybe others are in the same situation. If it was a brand new game then I would have bought it (if it looked good). At least this silly port thing will slow down, I actually see no point in them.

  • Arrei

    Question: has ANYTHING been selling “up to expectations” lately? It seems like every other report about sales from a company has said they’re disappointed by sales.

  • Shindoi Hayato

    Should have released Vampire Savior 2 and Night Warriors 2 instead.

  • HavocAccelerator

    Capcom’s sales expectations are always way higher than they should be, so I figure this is yet another case of that.

  • Alex Cattaneo

    veryy good let al the download only crap fail where the dics based version (japan and games like blazblue in the west) all succed. maybe then they will finaly get the point of having a download AND physical version.
    @ happy with my jp physical version of darkstalkers

  • Roxy

    Guess no Darkstalkers 4 due to poor resurrection sales.

    Thats the way Capcom operates

  • Waltharius Leon

    That’s sucks. I remember myself and whole bunch of people were really active on Capcom-Unity asking for a new/rerelease of DS for years. I guess a some people weren’t willing to put their where there mouth was or maybe DS is just too niche for some people. Well I did my part and I hope sales improve.

    • Or all those people bought it but they weren’t enough. Sven should’ve put that MBA to use and did some marketing research outside the echo chamber of his company’s fan board.

  • Istillduno

    Wonder what the sales are like with the Japanese disk version, I know I imported that one and I’m sure a fair few other people will have done due to it being more convenient to take a disk to a mates house or tournament than an entire console, or simply a preference for getting something physical for your money.

    • Aoshi00

      I assume the Jpn disc ver didn’t do too well either. We alrdy complain it being 1200 MS points ($15) over here, Jpn fans were none too satisfied w/ what the game had to offer at 3000 yen..

      I’m not good at fighters at all, but have always been fond of Darkstalkers’ design from the arcades (the sexy Morrigan, Felicia, & Hsein-ko).. 1200 pts is definitely a bit greedy, 800 would’ve been more enticing.. but I did buy it too and like it. I thought the achievements are too hard though, just couldn’t pull off the complicated combos at all, same for the Vault points unlocking the gallery. I thought about importing it but went w/ XBLA since it’s cheaper..

      The funny thing is that I actually played way more Puzzle Fighter featuring SD chars from Darkstalkers than the real Darkstalkers.. also the Darkstalker anime OVA in the 90s was awesome.

      I wish we could still get DS4 at some point (one reason I supported this) instead of just seeing the chars cameo in other fighters..

  • Jeff

    I did buy the game. That said, the market is oversatured, and a “new” IP that appeals to the tournament community isn’t going to sell all that well right now. I was surprised I enjoyed it more now than I did in the arcades as a kid, but I was better equipped to handle Talbain spam now.

    Most of your tournament players already have the games they want to play for the rest of this gen (usually Marvel, but others as well) I kinda expect Injustice to flop also.

    The only way a new IP succeeds these days is by having an appeal outside the FGC, like how Skullgirls had an appeal among animation fans (look at their survey data, about 70% of contributors who replied go to anime cons, only about 35% attended a tourney in the past year)

    Also, I think GGPO (not the netcode, but Ponder’s GGPO client) hurt the game, as the hardcore fans can still play it there, or they got their fill of it already. A new iteration might have helped.

    • Armane

      It wasn’t just anime cons: “In the next year, do you plan to attend an anime, comics or game convention? Yes/No”

      So your claim that it had an appeal among animation fans is unfounded.

      Hopefully they learn from the declining sales and try and reinvigorate interest when it comes to the next HD port. Personally I feel they’ve tried to pad the releases out in ways that don’t appeal; two games, lots of trials, etc. The earlier ports probably sold better because of the promise of rebalancing or new HD artwork.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Seems to me they shouldn’t have kept teasing Darkstalkers for like 3 years only to release a digital compilation on the tail end of a generation.

  • Andy

    Its sad to hear but Darkstalkers is kinda obscure in the states.
    This game isn’t even out on my REGION’s PSN I have been waiting patiently if not I’d have to grab the retail Japan copy, downside is I think all the endings are in Japanese.

  • D. Changstein

    Slow down rereleasing its older arcade games? Really? It was pretty slow to begin with in the first place. If it weren’t for a handful of sites, I wouldn’t have known Darkstalkers Resurrection existed. Marketers keep saying social media can do so much to increase brand awareness or something, but apparently either it can do so much or Capcom has done a crappy job advertising its games outside of Resident Evil.

  • katamari damacy

    Obviously. Darkstalkers the original wasn’t a huge seller, why would the HD one be? The only 4 titles that deserved HD upgrades were MvC2, SSF2T, SF3:3S, and Capcom vs SNK 2

    • AkuLord3

      Yeah errr no, any fighter deserves one hit or not and how do u know the Original wasn’t a huge seller? Maybe not the biggest thing compare to SF, but popular enough back then. That change now since not many people who what it is

    • Ni

      No. Any good fighter deserve a HD release. And for me the best Street Fighter series (Zero/Alpha) probaly will never see the HD for some long time now. Particulary I want to see Alpha 2 in HD that have the best gameplay of the Street Fighter franchise imo (I didn’t liked the V-ism in Alpha 3)

  • Pockystix

    honestly, I think people are just getting tired of rerleases of things that have already seen a port or two before.

    I’m just hoping CAPCOM doesn’t get the wrong idea again, and fool themselves into thinking the franchise isn’t wanted by the gaming community.

  • Demir

    Ok, so, I think it is pretty clear that the writing is on the wall here. If this game doesn’t reach Capcom’s, potentially too high, expectations, it is safe to say we won’t see a sequel. I understand the injustice of having to buy a game to get a new game but, unfortunately, that is the state of gaming. So, if you love this franchise or just want to see a new game but have been holding out for one reason or another the time has come to pick this game up. I can assure you that, if this game doesn’t meet expectations, this franchise will be shelfed for good.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I wonder if it sold more than JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. I mean no one expected that game to get a digital rerelease.

  • Bakuryukun

    Man, the game lands within the top 10 of the month it comes out, despite 1 of the games involved already being on the network in another form, and STILL it’s considered a failure? Geez Capcom, what do you expect to sell 10 Billion copies?

    • Mike Pureka

      You do realize that the “top 10” means almost nothing? In months with limited releases, you can sometimes break into the list with like 20k sales, which is…not good.

  • TheExile285

    How about giving us a New game Capcom?

  • The Watcher

    This game is more of a fan of the series game. Games like this aren’t going to beat or attract a lot of SF3, UmVc3, SF4 and other populated fighters.

  • LustEnvy

    What do you expect when you re-release a game that has been out so many times before? So porting over old games, and start making games! These games could have easily been added to the PSN store as PS1 classics. Just a poor attempt at cash grabbing.

    Oh, if you want a GOOD attempt at cash grabbing, re-release the Capcom vs SNK games. THOSE I will buy and play to death.

    • Solomon_Kano

      They’re re-releasing Capcom vs SNK2 as a PS2 Classic. It may be out this month.

      • LustEnvy

        A…damn. It’s a classic though… no online? I NEED online.

        • Solomon_Kano

          My favorite as well. No joke. Sven said they’ve already submitted it to Sony and now we just wait for it to release. There was an article about it on here a couple weeks ago.

          • LustEnvy

            I edited, sorry. But I have the Dreamcast version. What I need is a current system version with online mode. I never played the PS2 one. Will the PS2 classic have online?

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            No. That’s kinda the point of these HD re-releases. They add it in.

          • LustEnvy

            Jesus Christ. They add all the bells and whistles to one hell of an obscure game like Darkstalkers, but half ass the release of CvsS2? Capcom, they MUST be trolling. CvsS2 is THE best game… like SERIOUSLY. WTF…

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            It is odd. That’s for sure.

          • raymk

            If you knew anything they are trying to put the Darkstalker brand out there in preparation to make a new darkstalkers game that’s why.

    • raymk

      Darkstalkers 3 is a psn classic, the game doesn’t have online or leaderboards or trophies. Its not just a port, its and enhanced port over.

  • Doug Pendleton

    Who wants to play these old games? I am not mad at them for doing their thing but they new to make new versions and they will sell.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Was this really unexpected? I mean it looks a lot like a Darkstalkers 3 and that game was from 90s. I believe fans were expecting something bigger like Street Fighter IV.

    • Mike Pureka

      For $15? As a digital download? Really?

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        I wasn’t talking about the price but the game’s design.

        • Mike Pureka

          But why would they “expect something bigger” from this title?

  • People didn’t want to buy a lazy 20 year old port? Gee.

  • Tee Niitris

    Maybe they should’ve released it on Halloween. :P

    Too many fighters are out, next-gen is just around the corner, Capcom is still not exactly everyone’s best friend, arcade game with online with no other miscellaneous features, most popular characters are already in a new Marvel…

    I’m sure there are a couple of other reasons. This would have been a great sell 5 years ago when there weren’t so many options.

    And yes, I’m disappointed… I bought the game. :(

  • They’re the ones to be blamed for re-releasing these games a 100 times through collections and etc. Plus, it’s just filtered graphics and that’s it so I doubt it cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to rework these games. Not even arcade perfect for crying out loud.

    I’m surprised they haven’t re-released SFA3 because that’s their money maker right there. They release these other games like Jojo, 3rd Strike, and this that aren’t very popular among everyone yet SFA3 is still out there, sitting, happening to be “reworked” in that case, those throw in some crap, filtered crap graphics, and what not and that’s it. Capcom is so full of it and have been full of crap for years already.

    I bought Darkstalkers on PSN, I think what would of attracted more people would be a 10 dollar price range, not 15. Another problem with Capcom is over charging something like I said, that’s been released a bunch of times through the years. Dreamcast, PS, PS2, PSP, and so fourth. Hell, they want 20 for Jojo, a game in the US where no one has never heard of besides real fighting fanatics, and they thought that was going to sell? Give me a break. Most of these games should be 10 dollars even with the work they did on them, I don’t think they’ll lose money for having these games for 10.

    Just typical Capcom shooting themselves on the foot again.

  • LustEnvy

    They re-release not the most popular titles like Jojo, Darkstalkers, but skip their best games like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom vs SNK2, Power Stone 2, Project Justice/Rival Schools 2. Capcom, I was defending you with the new DMC. Now…. you can burn to the ground. With the release of CvsS2 as a PS2 classic with NO online, you’re dead to me. Your priorities are all messed up.

    • J_Joestar

      to be fair, DS probably has more brand recognition than Power Stones.

      • LustEnvy

        True, but Power Stone 2 has a 4 player mode, can ACTUALLY be re-rendered in HD (unlike 2D sprites), and is very easy to pick up, for countless hours of fun. Darkstalkers is ultimately a a Street Fighter clone that fails to match what it’s copying. I like DS, don’t et me wrong, but it should’ve taken a backseat to those better games. Not to mention, it has come out so many times before. That game is ancient.

    • raymk

      Darkstalkers is bigger than powerstone and rival schools. I’d love all the games that capcom has on psn and I really like that they gave me darkstalkers.

  • Mir Teiwaz

    I suppose my big question is: How much advertising did this game actually get? I didn’t even know it existed until I randomly decided to check the PSN one day.

  • Brimfyre

    Called it.

    So begins saying the brand has no value as a franchise and expect to continue seeing Morrigan cameo in a billion different games.

    • ZenTzen

      MvC:Origins never got past top 10 and that brand is more popular than darkstalkers, if they dont see that they must be blind

  • ZenTzen

    bull, not even MvC Origins which is apparently a game that people favor more than darkstalkers was never in the top 10 and Darkstalkers is going against games like Bioshock Infinite and tomb raider, saying a game like that being in the top 10, 7th place no less and saying something like that is bull

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      Top 10 doesn’t mean anything. There is no hard sales data for the games. 6th place could have sold 300k units. Then DS on down couldve sold 20k on down due to nothing big releasing these past few months. It’s not accurate.

      • Especially on PSN.

        • Guest

          and whats the problem with psn it still brings in the sales

          • No problem with it, I use it. It is just known as not being the healthiest eco-system for game sales.

  • Crazy_O

    I bought this in hope of DS4.
    Well who knows maybe after some tournaments it will sell better.

  • If companies based all their decisions on forum whiners, they would be out of business in a year. It’s too bad, but is anyone surprised?

    • LustEnvy

      Really? Complaining that they’re bringing out obscure games, but not focusing on games that DESERVE re-releases with online play would put them out of business? Ok.

      • Solomon_Kano

        He said listening to forum whiners. This, which you’re saying is less deserving, was one of the titles they’ve been requested to release for years — and it apparently didn’t sell. Hence listening to forum whiners not being profitable.

        What other obscure title have they re-released? JoJo? Because everything else has been high profile, MVC and Street Fighter.

        What “deserves” a re-release is a matter of opinion, but heaven forbid we blast them for listening to fan requests here when you’re asking that they note your requests.

        • LustEnvy

          Ah ok, that’s true then. I misinterpreted. As for games, I don’t just mean fighters. They do those arcade cabinet classics which have also been released before. They keep releasing the same stuff. Capcom vs SNK2 has basically one release for each system, no-releases since, and it’s IMHO the best fighting game since Alpha 3.

          Power Stone 2 has had one portable re-release. Project Justice for the Dreamcast wasn’t even released here, though it should be easy to port. That game is fun as hell, HD-able, and the fighting isn’t as lag sensitive (combo chains have a generous timeframe), as the others. Making a CvsS bundle with both games… I’m telling you, people would play that as if the game was just released.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’ll agree that CVS2 is very deserving of the online treatment, but the hold up on that likely has to do with SNK’s involvement rather than Capcom. There was a similar issue with the Marvel vs Capcom series as Capcom’s license had long since expired, with Activision holding the license to many (if not all) of Marvel’s characters for use in video games. While the specifics of that were never revealed, I’d imagine there’s a reason that they can’t do more than make it a PS2 Classic. Capcom knows how popular the CVS games were.

            I believe there’s also a hang up with the Rival Schools series. I read something about it a while back, but my memory of it isn’t the best. If I can find the article, I’ll link you to it.

            Power Stone though, that’ll take some real demand. Darkstalkers Resurrection only happened after YEARS of begging on Unity. Power Stone hasn’t seen a similar level of requests, unfortunately. If people really express that they want it then maybe we’ll get it. They’ve already got the PSP collection, so I’m sure they could whip up another with online. To be honest, I don’t think the chances are high though. Anarchy Reigns — the closest in gameplay to a Power Stone game any have gotten in years — sold abysmally for Platinum. I could see them taking that to heart along with the lessened requests for it.

        • Thank you.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Their expectations are definitely too high. Not one of my friends bought this as they never even heard of the franchise. And honestly, I only bought the game myself for the possible Darkstalkers 4 support, and I wouldn’t otherwise as I already have the PSP game and the gameplay is more the less the same…

    • raymk

      You buy this version because it has online play and it doesn’t have the sucky psp control pad. If you don’t play online then I guess there isn’t much reason to buy this.

  • Ni

    Called it. I was surprised that took this long to this post come out. Darkstalkers was never a big fighting game franchise. I barely see old people that know from where Morrigan came out. They must be expected Street Fighter level of sales what is not gonna happen with the Vampire franchise.
    edit: This was a really lame port btw, when they announced Ressurection I was expecting something like Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection or Chaos Tower (would be the first time for the western audience to be able to play as Dee and see that sad ending with the grown up Anita)

  • xhunter

    I don’t what’s surprising in this one not selling as much. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike didn’t get any port since Dreamcast I think. As for Darkstalker, on the other hand, I still have my copy of the PSP port somewhere. Unless you release Darkstalker 4, I won’t be buying any other games in the franchise soon.

  • ivanchu77

    I guess that means we will never see darkstalkers 4, so sad ;_;

  • Looks like capcom will cancel another mega man game they were planning to develop.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    I refuse to buy anything from Capcom after the Street Fighter X Tekken Debacle.

    • ZenTzen

      i for the most part agree with you, but this was developed by iron galaxy and those guys are some pretty awesome dudes

  • “Last week, Svensson also hinted that Capcom would probably slow down on re-releasing their older fighting games for current platforms in light of waning sales.”

    Ouch. The thing here is that, they took a risk of re-releasing an old game, instead of risking to create Dark Stalkers 4. While DSR is nice, it just feels really dated. And it wasn’t a truly bandwagon(able?) title in the first place. People are more likely to jump on newer games without experiencing the old, and old players will definitely jump on that game, because it’s what they wanted. Of course, I’ve no clue how much the budget is on re-releases with add-ons compared to completely new games.

    And regarding to the quote again, I was really hoping for Capcom VS SNK 2. Gosh, I miss SNK so much. But they’re super hipster now.

  • l777l

    Also releasing it on a physical medium might have been a better idea.

  • Eilanzer

    Why i must buy the game we all already have?! o.o
    And you expect top1 in sales…RLY?!!!!!?

  • Heartek

    If videogames history had gone in the right direction, games of this age (and even more things like the arcade cabinet) and already released countless times would now be FREEBIES bundled as bonuses with new and up to date games (i.e. for game completion) I can only understand people not dying to pay for the same stuff again and again. Give me Darkstalkers 4 and encourage me to buy it adding the old games as bonuses!

  • thaKingRocka

    In addition to the simple fact that Darkstalkers has never had a particularly broad fan base, the price point was too high. I paid way more for the game(s) on Saturn back in the day, but this is not back in the day, and the price tag was too high to cash in on my rose-tinted glasses, especially with a purchase that will be left behind with new hardware. I imagine I’m not alone in that.

  • Hinataharem

    I don’t regret my purchase

  • raulrain

    When a read the header, I thought that the game sales were really bad, but when you think that this game is:

    1. A Re-Release of a sixteen years old game (with his “newer threquel”)
    2. No much promotion for the said game
    3. Really High expectations for the sales when we all know that not that many people know these games even exists.
    4. and being 7th in the top ten of the PSN it´s a bad sign (¿?)

    It´s 2013 capcom, those numbers, are from the people that love the
    games, but there a lot of potencial buyers who asks themselves:
    “Darkstalkers its a good fighting game?, its fun? should a try it?,
    SHOULD A BUY IT?” even people who asks “What is Darkstalkers?” but ironicly maybe they know Morrigan :P, and they realize “OHH so she is from that game”, BELIEVE ME, there are people like that.

    If you want more buyers:

    Because the people who know the game, already knows that the game it´s good, it´s fun, and it´s online now.

    Cater to the old FAN, make them understand that they want the game at
    the same time, it sounds like a difficult thing to do but, thats the
    only way, to work hard in that promotion, they are the same games that
    we love, maybe we already have, but it´s online now, thats a plus. That
    sales numbers will increase with time.

    But the most important thing is that, CAPCOM and Mr. Svensson, the
    people who raised their hand with cash, they were expecting a new game,
    you need to understand the reality of that event.

  • Brandon Domingo

    Seriously CAPCOM? After being a complete milk madman, reporting old games, and making many versions of a single game (i.e. SFIV) you think it’ll sold well? I can clearly see that CAPCOM is gonna be dead in 5 years or so.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I’m really enjoying it now. The thing is, its a fighter that has an extremely unique tone. I think the timing was kinda off, I would have loved to seen this released sometime in fall… you know… October around Halloween! xD

    I kinda feel the same about the Evil Dead movie but that’s an entirely different matter all together :3 Plus i’m glad that I got to enjoy both of these NOW x3

    They should do PSN store commericals on Television. Like a quick montage… Sony is usually quite good with those. Hype to make new games Ripe for the picking.

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