Japanese Players Ask For Online Training Mode In Super Street Fighter IV

By Ishaan . April 22, 2013 . 10:00am

What’s the #1 feature Japanese Super Street Fighter IV players want to see added to the game? An online Training mode, according to Capcom. The following are the four most requested features from Japan for their upcoming patch, Capcom say:


  1. Online training mode
  2. Fight request for training mode
  3. New characters
  4. Something to combat hard-to-read wake-up games


Additionally, Capcom have also provided examples of requests made for specific character balance changes. Among these are an increase to Chun Li’s vitality, a boost to Yang’s attack power, and toning down aspects of Cammy and Akuma.


You can view these requests along with responses by producer Tomoaki Ayano over at Capcom Unity.


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  • Sentsuizan_93

    Online training mode? Interesting… If it goes forward i’ll look forward to how it will be done…

    • ddh819

      maybe you can offer personal lessons

    • SuperSailorV

      there is online training in street fighter x tekken. could reference that

  • DesmaX

    “Something to combat hard-to-read wake-up games”

    What does that mean?

    • Charlottes Guradian

      They are talking about unblockables, or “hard-to-blockables”. Its when you knock your opponent down, and then do 1 of many things(such as whiff a normal move, or walk back a little, etc), then you jump in for an attack, and no matter which way you block, you will get hit. Heres an example:


      They want to remove unblockables, as they are in itself, slightly game breaking.

      • You mean like vortex combos?

        • Ty Austin

          Pretty much.

    • I’m going to guess it is people that play like a nut. You know..random ultra’s or perhaps mashing shoryu’s for example..

      • Ty Austin

        Not so much mashers. With people like that, simply don’t do anything and they’ll beat themselves.

        More for characters like Cammy and Akuma, who knock you down and there’s very little you can do to avoid damage while getting back up.

  • endril

    Will we see the end of Super Guess Fighter 4: Vortex Edition?

    • DCBlackbird

      I’m afraid its gotten too powerful

  • Anonymous

    I always wanted an Online Training mode in BlazBlue, Fighting a friend with no rules to practice

  • Tincho Kudos

    Get ready for “Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha : Online Training Edition (With almost all dlc included!)” then :P

  • d19xx

    What’s the difference between regular training mode and an online training mode?

    • Mike Pureka

      I presume an online training mode would allow another person, online, to take control of the training dummy to spar/help you train. It’s an idea that’s been around for a while, and I’m amazed at the number of people who think they have people who are willing to do nothing but help them in training mode…

    • Cometsu

      in tekken tag tournament 2 theres an option when in online player lobbies to have training mode on. basically this allows for infinite time, no ko, and i think you can reset at will on player 1 only.

      training mode but online.

      • Chris Cruz

        That’s…. a pretty good idea o_o

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          And they’ve done it once already so they know how to do it.

  • Ty Austin

    Online training mode sounds like something that will be implemented. SFxT did it so I don’t see why not.

  • The Watcher

    Thats 1 thing i like about SF X Tekken, was that me and my online buddy could practice combos and help each other out with combos. More fighting games need to do this.

  • Z

    Only new characters and stages are important :)

    Online training mode? For what?

    • Ixbran

      possibly so people can play online just for fun and not have to worry about killing your opponent. Think about it; if you could train with a friend online you both can enhance your skills together.

      So it would be a feature more tuned for players to bond and just play for fun, rather than fighting each other for the sake of competition.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      isn’t this a training mode while you’re waiting for a friend to enter your room ..or to play while you’re waiting 2 other players from your lobby that they have finished their fight ?

      training mode , but while you’re online so that the real fight starts when your friends are ready .

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        No online training is what SFxT had, an online training game where two people can join and train with eachother over the internet.

  • Prithivi

    And how would exactly an online training mode work? O_o
    I’d be something like an infinitey fight between 2 persons, wouldn’t it?
    I’d be happy to have a new SFIV version with Poison and Hugo in it =D
    (damn I love to use “would”)

    • Ooh Bee

      Same way it works in TTT2, SFXT and Injustice. Normal practice but with 2 people instead.

      • David García Abril

        DOA5 also has it. It’s pretty much standard nowadays.

        • Prithivi

          Thanks for the info guys! I’ve played TTT2 and SFxT but only pvp with some friends at home. I didn’t know the had that option!

  • DCBlackbird

    online training mode…..ehhh i know there is gonna be the one player who will use it to unleash his/her dickish impulses on us…..I’m looking at you Akuma Roundhouse Loop spammers

  • Lionxie

    If they are able to get rid of some of the vortex-ike aspects of the game i might be a bit more interested. Option selects and vortexes were pretty much my anti-fun with the game.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Can I request to forbid these types of players? I mean, Sure You Can!


    • DCBlackbird


  • CirnoLakes

    I am thinking this is a pretty good idea.

    The only type I can see really opposed to it are the fighting game elitists out there who oppose anything making fighting games easier to learn.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Those are some impressive requests. I totally agree with the list and the order.

  • Göran Isacson

    I am onboard with all these decisions, truth be told. Online training mode sounds like a lot of fun, though I do hope they make it so you don’t have to train versus some godlike ultrafighter when you just want to learn how to perform babys first unblockable…

  • maybe they mean the pucning bag mode like in super smash bros brawl while you waiting for other people to connect for example?

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