You Might Need To Wait A While For Kingdom Hearts III

By Ishaan . September 11, 2013 . 9:30am


Despite the fact that the game was revealed at this year’s E3, don’t expect Kingdom Hearts III to be released any time soon—Square Enix have indicated that the game won’t see release until some time after Final Fantasy XV.


“So at E3 this year we announced Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV,” Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto said to IGN. “Both have Tetsuya Nomura as their director, so we can’t create these two big games at the same time.”


“It’s a difficult job, as we want each game to be perfect in terms of quality.”


Hashimoto went on clarify, “A lot of people have wondered for the last couple of years if Square Enix has actually been working on Kingdom Hearts III; that’s why we announced it at E3 this year. But please, we need you all to understand that there’s a lot to do.”


Earlier in the year, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the battle scenes shown in the Kingdom Hearts III trailer at E3 (above) weren’t actually running on consoles—rather, they were running on an overspec development environment and were representative of the quality he hopes to eventually achieve.

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  • Martian Wong

    Just finish FFXV first..

    • aerosphere

      Why is that a better idea?

      • Martian Wong

        It is a better idea because it is best to finish what you started befere moving on. Beside, FFXV comes into existence first.

        • aerosphere

          3 has been talked about for along time, since 2008 to say the least, which is three years after the release of KH II. Many were thinking the game would be on PS3. That never happened.

          • Martian Wong

            FFXV has been talked about for a long time as well, since 2006…

          • aerosphere

            Well I would rather see KH3 first, but it makes sense if you would want to see FFXV released before it.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Understandable. But I can wait. Last thing everyone wants is a rushed unfinished game.

    • The Watcher


  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    So when should I be excited?

    • Lol

    • NimbusStev

      If FFXV is any indication, in about 8 years.

      • quasadra

        i guess thats fair enough.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I think this was a given though. FF15 and KH3 won’t release in the same year regardless if two different teams are working on them.

  • I’m surprised they’re talking to us

  • Luis Camargo

    So water is wet news ?

    The showing of KH3 was cleary very early development, if not only a target render. I think fans can only hope that iw will launch for PS4 and not PS5.

  • leingod

    That’s a bummer. 2016 it is, then…

  • EvE

    inb4 the next Duke nukem 4EVER

    • SlickRoach

      I think they’d have to purposely work toward making it bad for that to happen.

  • Its a Square game, I am pretty sure the fans know they will have to wait longer. Most people are just glad it was even announced!

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      As long as we don’t get slapped with KH 3 FM+2 lol

  • Searcy J. McClain III

    take your time, art cannot be rushed. Not thinking of buying a PS4 until maybe middle to late next year anyway so I have a decent catalog to browse.

    • hazelnut1112

      Same here, gonna get a PS4 when KH3 is around the corner. Will have the money for it in 4 years so it’s good.

  • Abysswalker90

    I played the first two in my early teens. I’ll probably be able to play this game when I’m about 25. KH4 will most likely be played by my future children.

  • TheExile285

    Not in any rush to get a PS4 yet so I will wait for this and FF15 before I snag one.


    • Curan_Altea

      You’re gonna be waiting for a long time.

      • TheExile285



      • zeothedeathgod

        especially for a ps4 version of KH15

  • Wake

    That’s understandable. Anyway, we’ll most likely get KH 2.5 HD to tide us over.

  • Learii

    maybe this will take long like FF XV maybe 6-9 years to come out? -_-

  • Presea

    It’s too bad it’s delayed, I was really looking forward to this coming out soon. :< But what is more important is that the game is not rushed, so when it comes out it will be in its best quality. :)

    • Steven Higgins

      It wasn’t delayed, they announced it WAY to early in the first place because some fan were complaining (I wanted to use a stronger word here but don’t feel like getting flagged) about not having any news on it yet.

      • Presea

        Ahh I see, for some reason I was under the impression it was going to be a PS4 and Xbox One launch title when they announced it at the E3 (when I think about it, that’s a rather dumb assumption of mine), so I thought it was delayed. Thanks for clearing it up for me. :)

  • Sardorim

    KHIII… I shall eagerly await it!

  • Tom

    If KH3 happens to come out sooner than FFXV I’m gonna punch somebody.

  • Ricardo C

    Why dose it seem Im one of the few that can actually wait. Is KH the only thing you guys play? Dont you guys have other games to play besides KH like Pokemon or something? Im a KH fan myself since the series started and I didn’t mind the wait for ether KHIII and Versus (now FFXV).
    With that said, I wont be getting a PS4 until one of these games come out (which turns out to be XV coming out first)

  • enorka miho

    Nomura-san.. Take your time on KH3.. Because, you need to give us FFXV first! It has been too long…. But then, do not rush for the game either.. We want quality and i believe in you!! You are one of the last hope to pull SE out of the slump!

    • Alestaos

      Naoki Yoshida says hi. I mean truely hes a passionate fan of gaming in general and actually cares about the Final Fantasy name and its consumer base, hes given us XIVARR and that game truely is one of the best FF’s in along while, especially with the source material he had to work with. Nomura isnt the last person at all since he actually has yet to deliever on the FF game he promised.

      • enorka miho

        well, that is why i said he is one of them? I am well aware that Nojima is vital when it comes to story telling as well.. though we may never see the old final fantasy like Sakaguchi can give us.. but the essence is still there… I really love FFVII:CC… anyway, i am hoping for the best because KH is my favourite game too, and that is Nomura’s baby… generally speaking.. there is where my faith comes from..

        anyway, it does not matter who is it… the most important thing is the quality they can give us.. and i thank them for that..

  • harmonyworld

    It’s been years!
    Just please!
    Which ever one…just please….finish ’em already!
    Especially KH3 since we’ve had to deal with crappy hand held KH games, which to be frank, I’m really sick of.
    It’s about time for a console KH game by now!

    • enorka miho

      Hey.. KH:BBS is a great game.. It is not by any mean crappy… And we get to play 2 slightly older key blade wielder in the series..Which I welcome the change very much.. And the story, though makes not much sense, is very very good! I really love that game!

      • harmonyworld

        Well yeah, I played that one and liked it!
        It was what made me get the psp~

    • Ferrick

      have fun on trying to figure out on what’s going on in KH3 =D

      and remember, you asked for it

      • harmonyworld

        That’s the sucky part!!
        The story is split up on so many other consoles that it’s impossible to follow the story.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Not really, the story’s rather simple, and it does love being vague lol.

        • Steven Higgins

          That’s why he made 1.5 and is probably working on 2.5

        • RichyGaming

          If you’re really interested in the story, you could look up a quick summary. Or watch walkthroughs of the game. That way, you don’t need to buy several systems for one game

    • dam4rus

      BBS is great and 3D looks fantastic. I have yet to play it, but they are far from crappy. 358 and coded is irrelevant to the main story, so you don’t miss out too much. Both the PSP and the 3DS is a great platform, you can’t go wrong owning them anyway.

      • Steven Higgins

        Not totally irrelevant, but certainly less so than BbS and 3D

      • 하세요

        358 was totally needed as we needed to know who the hell Roxas was since he’s STILL a critical character.

        • dam4rus

          Well yes, but sadly it does not add too much to the main story. It’s more focused on Roxas/Axel/Xion’s relationship, than the main plot. Funny thing is, I liked it better, than the main plot…

    • Herok♞

      I don’t really need KH to be on consoles, actually I am glad that most recent ones have been on handhelds I took those everywhere with me so I can play during my downtime, the console ones had to be played at home so its not ideal.

    • You’re going to be so madly lost at KH III’s story, the handhelds and especially BBS is fundamental to the story and KH 3D is a bridge to KH III like CoM was to KH II, such a pity you’re missing such awesome games.

      • harmonyworld

        It’s not that, I just can’t be buying all these different consoles for 1 game~

        • Dude, you only need a psp and a 3ds, a used psp is cheap as heck and you can try buying the 2ds, is ridiculously cheap.

          Or better yet, just get a Ps3. 1.5 covered one half of the saga, 2.5 will cover the other big half.

  • Grape Monet

    As long as we get HD 2.5 Remix sometime between now and KHIII, I won’t be complaining.

    • Ryozaku

      So you encourage them to milk the series? They could of put it all in on game and be done.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Finish FFXV and KH3 so nomura can work on something else!

    Like The World Begins with Two!

    • Steven Higgins

      Has that ever even been hinted at, or is it just fans wanting a sequel? We’ve know for years that there would be a KH III and a FFXV, some people even expected Versus to be rebranded as XV.
      If there has been no hint of a sequel to TWEWY, then don’t expect Nomura to make it just because the fans want it.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        The Twewy games have interesting endings, then they took it even farther with the Iphone port

  • $61526767

    That’s alright with me. I can wait a little longer cause i can play with XV first.

    • Guest

      I’m skipping XV because it’s not Versus XIII anymore

      • Steven Higgins

        No offense, but that’s a stupid reason. It’s the same exact game just with a different name.

        • DCBlackbird

          I just fear that because it still has those nods to 13 it’s going to feel….. disorienting for lack of a better term

          • Steven Higgins

            The only “nod” is the mythology behind the game. i.e. Etro being the Godless of Death. It has no real connection. There many unconnected FF games that have similar mythologies, It’s not like the events or characters of XIII are going the be mentioned, or even referenced, at all.

          • DCBlackbird

            Alrighty that puts the mind at ease. I know this game is supposed to be the most “darkest”(sorry people use that term so loosely)final fantasy yet…. but I’d like a little Gilgamesh in it…..

      • Ferrick

        full offense meant, you’re as idiotic as the guys who would avoid buying games that they claim that they are fans off simply because it doesn’t have a physical copy

        • AkuLord3

          There’s kinda a difference between not wanting a digital copy for a game on a bad download system (even if you don’t agree, its not hard to understand) to a name change…

          • Ferrick

            the same applies to psn only games too if you hadn’t realized it

      • DCBlackbird

        It might as well be they left all of those XIII easter eggs in there….. cough etrio cough

      • Chaos_Knight

        All because of a name change?

        Remove yourself from the internet, sir.

      • Sentsuizan_93

        >Skipping because of name change
        Sense made: None.

      • Not sure if retard or…

  • NightzeroAX

    As long as they want to give “quality” i’ll wait.

  • Shady Shariest

    Nomura did seem to die a little bit inside for how early this was announced…
    E3 BEFORE and after they bombarded everyone with “THIS was EARLY!” “REALLY EARLY”

  • Jake_Indiman

    I am honestly not surprised about this. But it is kind of nice for Square to appease the fans with an awesome kh trailer. But yeah finish ffxv first.

  • Guest

    Now I could actually save enough money for Ps4 and get Xbox One first just for Killer Instinct. Disqus removed half of my comment. :/ I wrote more about Kingdom Hearts and how much i love the series. :/

    • RichyGaming

      Have fun

      • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

        Disqus removed half of my comment. lol I wrote extra about Kingdom Hearts and how it’s good for them to delay it so they could actually work on it and make it much better and actually put enough time into it so that it won’t be like all the Final Fantasy games we’ve been seeing lately. I’m a HUGE fan of Kingdom Hearts and I want them to make the games succeed by giving it more time and creating something good through the story and the gameplay just like Kingdom Hearts II.

        • RichyGaming

          Yes, it’s hard to wait for KH3, and hopefully there’ll be a handful of content in there. I hope there are more tough challenges. I don’t want it to be like Kingdom Hearts 2, reaction commands kind of spoon feeded me imo. There wasn’t many reasons to use magic like blizzard, fire, and stuff. Maybe thunder, but moves like reflect, and magnet and cure were mostly used. Tetsuya Nomura stated that he plans to make KH3 crazy in terms of battle. He wants to make Sora battle in crazy air battles in midair, which means large combos and possibly more ways to recover in air and stuff. I hope Sora and Riku get their armor like Terra, Ven, and Aqua too :D

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            Yeah but the more waiting equal the better for the game. I just hope it won’t flop like the Final Fantasy games we’ve been seeing lately. Final Fantasy XV looks “OK” But I just don’t trust them with the Final Fantasy games anymore. And I always loved Kingdom Hearts over them which always makes me wonder why they never tried putting out Kingdom Hearts for consoles rather than handhelds. But I still liked the handheld games, I just thought it would’ve make better sense for them to be on consoles rather than handhelds. But yeah, I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts II personally more than anyone. I don’t really use reflect that much, most of the time I just use cure or Blizzard and Thunder. lol And I’ve beaten the game multiple times too and always goes back to playing it even after max level that’s how much I loved that game and love the series more than the recent Final Fantasy games. Even if it takes years to finish this game (FF Versus XIII shifted to FF XV and looks the same to me.) I just hope it won’t flop and they’ll actually keep their promises about working that long on the story. But just from looking at that game it looks more like a simple cash in by Square-Enix by just creating characters for girls and stuff to drool over or whatever just like the Final Fantasy XIII saga. I would rather them focus on gameplay and story development rather than go down to those methods. So yeah, I hope Square-Enix will actually make Kingdom Hearts III the way it’s supposed to be, fun, exciting, storyline development and awesome gameplay combine with the story which makes you ask for more than what you’re going to get. I would love to see Sora fight more in the air too! Large combos and exciting gameplay and variety equal instant buy! :D And yeah, they need to focus on that too the recovery in the air and stuff, and I hope they bring in more awesome boss fights too and add more side stories and quest as well. So you could actually go back and finish the stuff you missed as well. Yes! I hope they get those too. I wanna see tons of stuff implemented into this game! Which is why if it takes years to develop or anything I’ll be happy with the results if they listen to the fans and add all of those stuff that we’ve been itching for! :D

          • RichyGaming

            Well, eh… To be fair, it’s been a while since we’ve had a female protagonist (main character). Last one I remember was Yuna, but that was in a sequel. Even though I prefer male MC’s it’s not bad to have female MC’s every now and then because not every fan wants just male MC’s. And YES. I want there to be combos. I don’t like how they’ve been doing combos in Kingdom Hearts. I want to have the opportunity to make up my own stuff. Like, Sora’s aerial sweep after he launches an enemy in the air. C’mon, wouldn’t it be more sick if that gave you the opportunity to jump manually and continue from there? I like games where there are loads of super strong enemies with high Health Bars with crazy attack power. There are other stuff too but I don’t wanna bore ya, dood.

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            Yeah, I honestly thought they would’ve just make a male protagonist along with a female protagonist too as the main ones instead of just going for some guy who they tried to make look extremely good looking just for some girls (And I know most of them) Who just buys the Final Fantasy games (The recent ones including XV when it get released) Just for the sole purposed of getting to see them in action. As strange as it sounds it’s true. lol But yeah, I’m not really into those stuff and I just want gameplay and a good story. And the Final Fantasy games that they’ve been ditching out aren’t anything good to actually go back and play multiple times. But i did enjoy Final Fantasy X-2 but I just thought they could’ve did more with that game too since I bought it when I was young out of my own pocket and had no more money to spare on other stuff back then. lol In all honesty. But yeah, hopefully that isn’t the case at all for that game. Well enough about Final Fantasy and stuff i would rather hear more news about Kingdom Hearts than anything else. And yes! I would’ve loved for them to insert manual combos where you could do some of your own stuff but just doing a sweeo or whatever than lunge yourself into the air and continue with whatever you want to do there. I feel like if they add some sort of mechanics for “Extra” Such as that than you would’ve much more variety and freedom to do solely what you want. I like games like that too, as long as they give you the proper tools to handle those kinda stuff since you wouldn’t want to fight an enemy like that out of the bloom only to be like “Oh man…” And I had those kinda experiences before by not leveling up enough in other games and not having the proper tools at that time to deal with those sort of stuff. I don’t get easily bored dood. lol But yeah, it’s nice to see how much love Kingdom Hearts is getting now, I just hope they put some of our ideas as an extra feature/mode if they aren’t already doing so. I wonder if you’ll actually get to play as Kairi too if the story is connected to Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop distance.

          • RichyGaming

            Eh.. I kind of doubt Kairi will be playable. But, i’m sure she will swing that keyblade of hers again. Also, I kind of have my own idea of how I want the game to be, haha. Like, I think they should remove the power of some skills. Like how in Kingdom Hearts 2, I forgot what it’s called but Sora has this skill where he spins while getting at the enemy in midair, pretty much everyone uses it because it’s much better to aim at the enemy, you probably know what skill I mean. They should keep it, but they ought to do it like in Kingdom hearts 1 final mix, where it wasn’t something to pull Sora to the enemy. Adding to Sora launching the enemy up and manually jumping up to hit, it’d be cool if you had to move the analog stick around to do some unique skills. Like, when on ground, maybe hold down the attack button while holding the analog stick down, then flick it up and let go of x, leading to Sora using zantetsuken. Oh! And after an air combo, the finisher should be something like Sora slamming his Keyblade down. :D But they should put in a little animation of him standing back up, because if he can keep moving after the finisher, it’ll be a little too easy for the game. I hope they keep Sora’s drives too, they were sick.

  • Brion Valkerion

    I thought thats what he meant when he said “We started production on KH3” but of course this is the internet so people just saw the KH3 and probably thought, LAUNCH TITLE!

  • Guest

    That’s great news to hear, now I could actually save up money for the Ps4 and buy Xbox One solely for Killer Instinct, I just hope Square-Enix aren’t lazy on this one, and actually put enough work in it unlike all the FF games we’ve been getting lately. Since I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts! Everything about the game is amazing to me.

  • roockie112

    I just hope they focus on FFXV rather than another game of lighting cause that will really suck balls

  • Steven Higgins

    I never expected this to come out sooner that 2015 anyway. Nomura has clearly stated time and again that he plans to release one and only one KH game a year until KH III. With 2.5 not yet released I expect that to come out next year. That only leaves 2015 for KH III. Personally I’m hoping it won’t be ’till 2016 because that would not only give Nomura more time to make this game excellent, but also force him to go ahead and make BbSV2 as a game to keep up with his one game a year plan.

  • EX+

    FFXV comes first for me. Revitalize FF and surpass the legend.

    • RichyGaming

      This is just my point of view, but I don’t think it’s going to. Only because of how I saw it in the trailer. Doesn’t look like your average Final Fantasy game with turn based RPG style. It’s sort of looking more.. you know.

      • Mental

        That’s because it was originally branded as a spinoff, but I think it will try to keep certain gameplay elements.

  • DCBlackbird

    damn I was in middle school excited as an infant for this game…. now I’m a young adult anticipating this game along with a few others…

  • Fitzkrieg

    Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be at least 3 more portable games and a WiiU exclusive to tide everyone over until the game’s release.

  • Chaos_Knight

    I have no problem waiting that long. It doesn’t come out till like what, early 2016? Well that’s my guess. I’m in no rush to get a PS4. Maybe the price will be lowered by the time KH3 does come.

  • Musashi234

    2017 Got it!

  • Vesperion

    Kingdom Hearts 3 = Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Get ready guys it’s gonna be a long wait

  • Deidara19

    Cant afford a PS4 anyway at the moment, so I’m actually glad that we have to wait longer. Take as long as you need Nomura, I am in no rush

  • Thrasher429

    SE just announce Kingdom Hearts 2.5, give me a release date for FFX/X-2 hd collection and maybe a estimated time for FFXV at TGS and ill be quite happy to wait for KH3

    • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

      Really?!?! It was teased in the credits that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 would be made. But I’m glad it’s true. I’m glad I didn’t buy Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 collection then. Cause i always LOVE Kingdom Hearts II over all of the games that they’ve made. First RPG that I really got into and loved playing it over and over again even after i’ve reached max level too.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Where was this announcement?

      I mean it’s obvious it’s going to come or be made, but to have accurate info where is the announcement so we can make sure of it.

      • Thrasher429

        I’m not saying its been announced just that if they do announce it at TGS I wouldn’t mind waiting for KH3

        • Christopher Nunes

          Well the way you typed it suggested that they in fact did with the whole “Se just announce” comment, but looking at it now if you said “announced” then the game has been announced to be released but you said “announce” meaning in your sentence you want them to just get it over with and announce it.

          Sorry for the confusion there.

          • Thrasher429

            Yeah I was fairly tired when I wrote that and completely agree that the way I worded it was confusing so my apologies.

          • Christopher Nunes

            No problem. ^_^

  • XypherCode

    I hope I won’t be pre-ordering a PS5 by then.
    Let the waiting game begin (FFXV style). XD

  • Squeenix announcing the game at all is all I ever really wanted. I can wait a little longer.

  • John Lawson

    It would be nice if the KH games get proper releases on PC, after all square did sell out and put KH3 on the Xbone-head

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Not surprised. Pretty sure FFXV has been taking so many resources and manpower, they probably are doing the same thing that they did with FFXV: use only a very small team to start preproduction and once FFXV is done, then shuffle some people around so it can go into full production.

  • That’s ok, I mean I’ve already waited this long so whatever lol. Can’t wait to see how it turns out =^_^=

  • hazelnut1112

    “as we want each game to be perfect in terms of quality.”This is the weirdest thing coming from Square Enix. Could it be that they want to make a good and polished game for once?

  • 하세요

    Cool with me. Did NOT want to buy a next-gen yet.

  • DriftSlave

    It’s vaporware until it has a definitive release date.

  • Omikuji

    Saw that coming a mile away. Never once did it dawn on me that the game would be coming out any time soon, I donno how people thought it was. They really only announced it to bring back a lot of people who where waning in the opinion of the company. Which worked for many people.

    My prediction is 2016ish if they’re lucky. I could care less about KH3, but I understand how it’s a big deal for a lot of people. Tis a shame they have a hype train now when it’s so far away from release.

  • Which is exactly the reason I didn’t get hyped for it. I’m done with getting hyped for Square-Enix games, at least ones that don’t show gameplay right away. Pre-rendered trailers aren’t a good way to get people excited for new games. I was hyped for Versus back in 2006, but now that it’s FFXV and it’s 2013, I barely care about it anymore. As good as it looks, I’ve waited so long that my hype has burnt out for it. You can only keep hype up for so long before people get bored.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Totally ok with waiting. Between watch dogs, guilty gear xrd, Blazblue Cp, and a few ithers, i’m good.

  • It makes sense, 2014 for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix and Fall 2015, the earliest, for KH 3. I can wait, I don’t want a rushed game.

  • WhyWai

    LoL… it’s Square.. they announce games far too early…

    • British_Otaku

      I remember distinctly when they announced Dragon Quest X before Dragon Quest IX was out and thinking it was sort of dumb even with completely different audiences. Then I got introduced to how Final Fantasy has been treated for the last 7 years or so with FF Versus 13 and the Lightning Strikes As Many Times As We Want It Too series. >_>

      Do they have a record outside of those cases?

  • Fox

    Expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to be teased and teased for year after year, only to eventually get re-announced as a Playstation 5 game.

    Unfortunately, gamers will still refuse to acknowledge that Square-Enix is a bafflingly incompetent production house until Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XIV are released on the Playstation 9 to mediocre reviews.

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha, your words are harsh but true. Still, I combine the best of both worlds- I acknowledge that Square Enix has a THOROUGHLY embarassing history with this generation of consoles, yet am still glad they actually let us know this game exists since… hell, for all we know Nomura might just be sitting and thwiddling his thumbs while the corporate overlords decide what project to pull money and workforces from THIS week by throwing darts. Knowing it exists, if only in concept form, is enough to soothe my poor, ravaged fanboy heart.

  • Ric Vazquez

    I was expecting this since they said the same thing a while ago, basically no FFXV no KH3

  • artemisthemp

    I would presume 2.5 HD would be out before 3, so ppl could catch up in the story

  • ShadowDivz

    Whatevers. We should all be used to delays by now.

  • I waited a very long time for FFXV, I can wait again for KH3. I hope we get another HD collection before KH3’s release :)

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