Pokémon X And Y Sales Dropping Faster Than Pokémon Black And White

By Ishaan . October 27, 2013 . 5:00pm

In its second week on store shelves in Japan, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y sold 473,000 copies, bringing total retail sales of the game to around 2.34 million. Japanese sales tracker Media Create points out that sales dropped by 75% in week 2.


This drop-off in sales is a little faster than that of Pokémon Black/White, which were released for the Nintendo DS in 2010. Not only did Black/White have higher first-week sales but sales in the games’ second week only dropped by 70%.


An interesting bit of information, but probably not much reason to panic. There are a variety of factors that are likely collectively playing a role in the sales of Pokémon X and Y. For starters, Nintendo 3DS sales are nowhere near the sales of Nintendo DS in 2010. The DS had sold around 30 million units by late 2010, whereas the 3DS is only at 13 million.


Another reason is obviously that Pokémon X and Y launched soon after Monster Hunter 4, which means the two games will initially compete with each other.


How Pokémon X and Y will hold up in the long run, however, remains to be seen. In a sense, it’s unfair to compare the two games to Pokémon Black/White, which currently hold the record for the highest opening week a game has ever had in the history of the Japanese game industry. Just because X and Y haven’t managed to keep up with the breakneck pace of Black/White doesn’t mean they aren’t doing well.

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  • Dsvkb

    I think it’ll be fine. It’s competing against a money printer in Monster Hunter 4. It’ll get its fair share of sales over time.

  • Kaetsu

    That’s still not going to stop this game from making Nintendo lots of money. It’s really good and every 3DS owner should pick it up.

  • Robert Hendrie

    Who also knows how many Eshop downloads there were for X and Y this week. A lot of people might be getting it digitally

  • Minos

    Economical times.

    This might be the generation when everything goes to hell.

    • TheExile285

      I hope not….

    • Brutal2D

      You do realize that every generation says that right?

      • Minos

        Nop, it does not.

        The last Gen that had such dire situation was the NES one I think.

        • Brutal2D

          “last gen”
          “dire situation”

          WHAT? Also NES suffering? When?

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Right at the start of the generation when Nintendo struggled to even get retailers to stock their product after the video game market crash.

          • Brutal2D

            And this effects everyone…how?

          • Flandre Scarlet

            Never said it did, never had a claim. Just stating a fact.

          • Minos

            The economic crisis of the 80s:


            I spoke of the Generation by the way, not the NES itself. The NES won because it was a console made for dire economical times. There is nothing like that this Gen, that is why I am highly pessimist.

            People tent to forget how was the market before Sony, for example, I recommend that the people who don’t understand why the Wii sold so much to watch the Atari’s marketing, it is the same as the Wii.

            The Wii also had the same peripherals and games as the NES too.

            You see, gaming “Journalist” tent to ignore the NES generation and what happened in there because it “Destroys” most the things they believe in. So, you never heard of these things on articles.

          • The NES was, like, the thing that reversed that entire crisis.
            The NES didn’t suffer, it was created in an already damaged economy with a poor opinion on games.

            That’s why it was marketted as a toy and not a gaming console. People were tired of video games at that point.

          • Brutal2D

            You really need to stop.

    • This could be the generation we see many companies go under or change their structure but it has nothing to do with “economical times”.

      Gaming has seen much much worst economical contexts (2008) but the risk is there for a different reason…

      It has to do with the competition with the mobile market and gaming development costing more each generation producing higher risks.
      Things take longer and cost more to produce. Then there’s other factors to include like the way Japan treats employees and brands and how their policies aren’t working as well anymore.
      And then there’s people’s expectations. Which are more and more unsatisfiable by the day.

      This probably has little to do with the article, though, as Pokemon is ridiculously strong and this probably has more to do with MH4, stock distribution and e-shop availability alongside a smaller user base from the DS in 2010.

      • Minos


        Mobile Market is nothing but an appendix of PC market, the only companies it can hurt are the PC ones like Sony and M$.

        An Arcade company like Nintendo is not affected by it, that is why the 3DS sells but not the Vita.

        • Not really, it can very hurt Nintendo.
          Nintendo offers family-friendly games and has always marketted their games to a broader audience.
          The casual market is slipping away from their fingers with the advent of mobile market.
          It has little to do with where the companies origins but what the people expect and where they put their money.
          On that note, the PC will be an interesting opposition to PS4/Xbone due to similar architecture which will most likely lead to less exclusives and less interest in the console.

          The Vita isn’t doing bad due to the mobile market solely. It’s had some of the worst marketting and corporate decisions Sony has ever had.

          All in all this generation will be interesting. It’ll be interesting to see how developers and publishers handle the new times.

          • Minos

            Sorry, I stopped at “Casual Market”.

            There is no such thing.

          • That’s the closest-minded thing I read all day.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            No the casual market is a buzz/maketing/close word term.

            People buy games they like. And they play them as they see fit. What appeals to people varies. Word you’re looking for is mass appeal. The Wii had mass appeal, the 3DS needs more software and a lower price point to do way better everywhere outside of japan when it comes to hardware. Its getting their,

            But people who were looking for quick 5 minute session experiences can get those on a phone. That is the only market hurting Nintendo. Who didnt buy much software anyway in the first place. That is why the 3DS is feature rich. But what will you do with a multimedia device as expensive as the vita without that breath of software and planning? The vita’s problems are shown quite through this. It also lacks the emulator that made the PSP popular. (and monster hunter and other software)

          • Casual market is far, far from a buzz word.
            It may not be specific and like many terms they tend to not be literally accurate. However, what it stands for is incredibly true.
            What you described as “mass appeal” is very close to what I believe the casual market is. Nintendo has been trying to appeal to it in the past generation with the Wii and it’s more friendly approach. Tons of games people who aren’t necessarily into gaming could play.
            Games that aren’t usually labelled “games” by the gamer’s definition. Wii Sports is the prime example of this. There’s no goal in the game outside creating a simulation.
            Many people from the casual crowd/mass appeal crows/whatever term you want to use crowd did buy a Wii simply for Wii Sports and no other games.

            Now without this edge, they need to restructure and think of how to play their cards with this generation. They seem to be headed for a more traditional style which is working so far.

            Anyways it’s true casual gamers/masses/yourchoice didn’t buy much software in the first place and why the 3DS is full to the brim with little features to keep people entretained.

            The Vita is in a completely different boat. It’s one of Sony’s worst promoted consoles, if not the worst one. It has little push. And in an extremely agressively competitive enviroment like this if you aren’t quick to fix your flawed market objectives you’re screwed. Nintendo knew this and that’s why they dropped the price of the 3DS and created a much more agressive push for the system.
            Sony on the other hand is trying small things that while help don’t solve the core of the problem: lack of masses interest. (And now I’m referring to a general mass of people; casual gamers and otherwise)

  • Adrián Alucard

    Well, it’s not a good pokemon game at all.

    No dungeons, no puzzles, no interesting stuff once you beat the elite four…

    I think all Nintendo titles pass a “casual filter” because they stopped to do hard and complex games. And that’s sad, they were the only ones making hardcore games few years ago

    • Brutal2D

      Excuse me, I seem to have drift in some alternate dimension between getting a drink from the fridge to the computer.

    • Chaos_Knight

      This isn’t Zelda. >.>

    • Norman Fong Ochoa

      And by the way, do you EVEN know the franchise -and the other ones better than Nintendo? If not, shut down you look more gorgeous.

    • James Williams

      I agree with this guy, iv’e done the elite four and lost complete interest in the game, there’s nothing to do post game which is just boring, all the gym puzzles were easy as was all the other areas, i hope they actually give us some DLC because it might put some more life into it Ala Fire emblem.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Go do the looker quest :p

        • James Williams

          Oh boy an extra 40mins of content!

          • Brutal2D

            There’s no pleasing people like you.

          • James Williams

            I’m sure i will be when the Z version comes out, or if they actually bother to add more content to the game, i remember slapping 80+ hours on black 1 and even more on heart gold!

          • Brutal2D

            I don’t see how, they all do the exact same idea.

          • James Williams

            Did you play em?

          • Brutal2D

            Yes I have besides hey you pikachu, ranger games, and conquest. I don’t make assumptions unless I can back them up.

    • Zeik56

      You might almost have a point if you weren’t trying to imply that any previous Pokemon has not been “casual” and has actually been “hard and complex.”

      Pokemon has always been one of the most casual RPGs out there, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Adrián Alucard

        Pokemon breeding and training was complex, now is the most easy thing in the game, thanks to the super training, hordes and stuff like that.

        Dungeons were’nt hard at all, but they were big enough and has little puzzles, now the entire game is a passage, like FF XIII

        • FlyingPony

          Pokemon training isn’t that complex if the goal is to just finish the game. Just tedious, I went out with over leveled pokemon against the elite four, and it was easy win. Especially when I have the legendary at my disposal.

          The battle frontier, or competitive battle, on the other hand, was very complex. The IV, EV, moveset, item hold, pokemon type, battle style (physical sweeper/sp. sweeper/ sunny day team/rain dance team/etc.). Very complex and lots of stuff to grasp.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            true, the story of pokemon itself wasn’t complex AT ALL. just fighting gym leader and beat the evil team then becoming champion, then searching for the secret legendary also joining events.. The only thing in pokemon is just the competitive battle frontier / wi-fi battle

        • Zeik56

          The old method of EV training was nothing but pure fucking tedium. There was nothing complex about fighting the same enemy over and over, it was just an obtuse system that they kept hidden for far too long. (Having to manually keep track of the EVs you’ve gained was the wooooorst.)

          Bringing that system to the foreground and implementing a better way to train your Pokemon was absolutely one of the best things they did with X/Y. I refuse to believe anyone legitimately believes the old method was better.

          Ultimately the goal of EV training was to prepare for competitive battling, which has not gotten any less complex. Cutting out some of the grinding doesn’t diminish that.

        • Brutal2D

          “Pokemon breeding and training was complex, now is the most easy thing in the game, thanks to the super training, hordes and stuff like that.”

          If you want to waste time for no reason, breeding was never needed to complete the game. How is that even a logical complaint?

          “Dungeons were’nt hard at all, but they were big enough and has little puzzles, now the entire game is a passage, like FF XIII”

          When were dungeons ever considered hard? When you were 12?

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs.

  • Azure Flame

    The game is alright but I was always tempting to play Monster Hunter 3 ultimate more than Pokemon.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I actually stopped playing X and Y to go back to playing MH3U. There’s nothing wrong with the new Pokemon games, MH3U just has that “something” that keeps pulling me back in.

      • Azure Flame

        I know right? I usually play Pokemon for about an hour, then I switch to MH3U for hours. My play time is over 440 hours. Still not bored of the game. Monster Hunter in my opinion has much more replay value than Pokemon.

  • Narrator 1

    When Pokémon and Monster Hunter compete…

    The 3DS wins.

    • Ferrick

      and nintendo swims in an ocean of money, scrooge McDuck style

      • Slayven19

        I like these 2 post, not a negative vote either.

        • KyoyaHibari

          Don’t jinx it man, that just inclines trolls to screw things up lol.

          • Kaitsu

            He jinxed it. GG

    • J_Joestar

      Still waiting for the day…

  • This could really use a more sensitive headline, in my opinion. Someone would read it and go like “HAH, I KNEW IT. THAT GAME WAS TERRIBLE I WILL GO AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GAME/MARKET/NINTENDO!” then you express how it’s an incredibly small drop relatively (75% vs 70%) and provide a lot of reasons -why- this is happening and why it’s unfair to compare the two.

    Not trying to offend anyone in Siliconera but it seems like one of those types of incredibly misleading headlines what was used here.

    • Norman Fong Ochoa

      I agree with you… headlines like this give a bad impression. Talking about professionalism…

    • It is not like only nintendo get sensationalist post at Siliconera, Sony and Microsoft got fair share of those too.

      • Never intended to say it was “nintendo only”. Or a generalization attack. Just pointing out this one case. Sorry if it mixed up.
        Doesn’t mean I think they always choose the best headlines, but I was only pointing out this one time.

    • Skyer Ist

      I agree. I love Siliconera, but those headlines are pretty stupid. Also, X/Y selling amazing compared to first main Poke games on DS – Diamond / Pearl. Also, 1st and 2nd week of sales – one of the best on the market. And not just MC reports sales in Japan. Enterbrain reported bout 591K 2nd week (physical + DL cards): http://www.famitsu.com/biz/ranking/ X/Y sales – absolutely great sales for Pokemon.

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      This is not Siliconera’s first misleading headline and will not be the last.

    • School Idol Addict

      Yeah as much as i like Siliconera, they seem to have way too much misleading titles here.

      • Like IGN’s article about FF15 being part of FF13?

        • School Idol Addict

          I don’t visit IGN so i don’t know, but i know it isn’t uncommon for gaming websites to have misleading titles, but here it seem to happen more then the average, but i guess lot of the misleading titles are because Siliconera also cover japanese games.

      • IGN is way way waaay worse. They once said had an article titled “Spock in Transformers 3”. I got intrigued about a crossover with Star Trek, only to read the article and find out that Leonard Nimoy was just an actor in the film… -_-

        • School Idol Addict

          I don’t read IGN, so i don’t really know how it’s there, but out of all the sites i read Siliconera have by far the most misleading titles, but i guess lot of the misleading titles is because siliconera also cover japanese games. Still, they could pay a bit more attention to titles.

    • Kaihaku

      I don’t think it’s personal… I think it’s click bait… And it worked on me.

  • It’s a healthy competition good for the consumers.

  • I suppose the hype is getting slower than expected but probably will rebound again whenever they release Z or hoenn remake. But seriously pokemon XY could help for some more post game contents.

  • Arcana Wiz

    X&Y are doing great, they arent going to be the best selling games form the generation but they wont be the worst too, and black and white were released in the mid to end of the ds lifetime, after diamond/pearl and their third game, so i’m more curious to see the sales of the next titles of the 3ds.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Black and white had the highest debut in the series. ;P

      And the shortest legs

  • Godman

    The first week was obviously everyone who bought into the hype (Myself included lol). The game isn’t bad, just a bit disappointing, you have to admit the game was highly overhyped. I guess I’ve been spoiled by B&W2’s vast content so I’ll only hold to that thought until Pokemon Z comes out, where I know it’s going to get better

    • Arcana Wiz

      yeah, i think if the third game comes out, it will have much more have post game content, all gens excluding B&W 1 and 2 followed this pattern of post game being extended only in the third title.

    • Zeik56

      I was pretty disappointed with B/W2 honestly. The only new thing I really enjoyed about that game was the PWT.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Pokemon Z better have the B and W2 treatment

      • Sardorim

        Pokemon Z better have a bigger Post Game! Like how Emerald not only got a much better story over Ruby/Sapphire but it also got a waaaaay better Post Game.

        • s07195

          Um, I don’t recall much post-game other than Rival rematches and Battle Frontier at all… and completing the Pokedex to get the National Dex and Johto starters.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        You mean Pokemon (X+Y)^3

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I don’t think that’s any reason for concerns. Pokemon will still sell no matter what.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    This is the same for every fast-selling game. Nothing to see here, move along…

  • Andres Pena

    I liked pokemon xy, but it just seemed too easy, like there was only 3 people who had 6 pokemon on their team , one of them being the champ :/ , and I wasn’t too keen on the whole only 69 new pokemon, maybe in the next game it will take place in a diff part of kalos with more new pokemon and in the post game you can return to the old part. There’s also a feeling that they were holding back to put more stuff in xy2 or version Z, like a hard mode, battle frontier, etc….

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Gamefreak is planning some surprises Im betting

    • For me, I’m not much of a fan of adding a new batch of 100+ Pokemon.

      It was appealing back then but now it lost it’s flavor for me.

      “Oh, new Pokemon game? What’s are they adding? More Pokemon?

      If you ask me, I’d rather have them focus on more gameplay content or improvements rather than making more Pokemon. Since honestly, out of those 120+ new ones, I’m probably only going to care about 3-7 of them while the rest of them sit in my box only to rot to death with their only purpose being to stand for a futile effort to try and catch them all knowing that it’s nearly impossible considering all Pokemon are only obtainable through multiple versions, some not even compatible with each other and even if I get near the goal, it’s just going to be increase by another 150+ since the new version is around the corner so my only consolation prize is a stupid certificate from a game no one will care about anymore and me slowly getting bald as I pull my hair out from all this BS.

      Which Is why I appreciate some of the gameplay additions X and Y did. Pokemon Amie is cute and fun to play around with and comes with some benefits, Super training is a god send and I freaking love it, and Mega Evolutions are pretty fun.

      While I agree, it does lack endgame content, however I am pretty satisfied with the game. This coming from a person who felt the some of the previous Pokemon games felt very lacking.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      pokemon main series usually made it easier from time to time
      if they weren’t easy, kids won’t be interested to play anymore

  • AuraGuyChris

    Maybe the amount of people who know that there’s a lot of something missing in these games realized that waiting for a third version/sequels is better? Just throwing random assumptions here.

  • Ty Austin

    Content wise, I feel Pokemon Black/White is a lot stronger than X/Y. BW had a good story (as far as pokemon goes) and quite a bit to do (this is coming from a guy who hadn’t finished a Pokemon game since Red/Blue, all the others up until BW couldn’t hold my interest.) But playing through X/Y, I just don’t have that same feeling as I did with BW.

    But I think one of the main factors was just how much effort Nintendo put into the visuals for this one. This is the first 3D game in the series, all the pokemon created up to this point have to be remodeled in 3D. That’s a lot of work. I have a feeling Nintendo is really trying to set in a good framework for future games (new graphics, features like EV training, wireless play, Online storage, etc.)

    I’m thinking future 3DS installments will be much stronger, now that they’ve established a base.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      X&Y have quite a bit to do in them actually

  • Jettythesunfish

    X&Y is amazing, no doubt about that. But to be honest, I’m still a bit sour about the fact that we only got 69 new Pokemon (40 of which they revealed early on). And why stop at 69? Quite a random number. Every gen since Johto has advertised over 100 new Pokemon. I mean I wasn’t expecting a HUGE roster, but at the very least, maybe over 90-ish? Hopefully Gen 7 gives us more to look forward to. And I hope Game Freak doesn’t set our hopes up again and reveal an entire batch of Pokemon only for us to realize that there’s a small roster. Seriously, that was a let down. In regards to that, there are quite a number of Gen 6 Pokemon I do love, like Noivern, Sylveon, Aegislash and Talonflame. Roster number was a let down, but there are still some great Pokemon in it.

    Post game isn’t too much of a big deal.I mean after I beat White, the most of what I did was leveling Pokemon thanks to the Nimbasa City stadium so I could take on the Battle Train. I mean Black 2 and White 2 at least had the PWT going for it. The most of what I’ve been doing in X is the Battle Chateau to level up and the Battle Mansion with some friends. But I don’t have many complaints with that.

    Battles are still very fun to witness. Mega Evolutions were a nice touch, but some things bother me about it. Like why give TWO evolutions to freakin’ MEWTWO of all Pokemon? I mean I like that they powered up old ‘mons like Mawile but why MEWTWO? Oh, and wasn’t the point of Fairy type to have a match over cheap Dragons? So why make MegaGarchomp? That thing already dominated the metagame! I don’t hate Megas (I love MegaLucario and Mawile finally has a place in my team thanks to MegaMawile), but I’m not TOO fond of them.

    Overall, Gen 6 was enjoyable.

    • Zeik56

      I think they’re reaching the point where they need to stop trying to add 100+ new Pokemon every gen. If they keep that up we’ll soon get to the point of having an unwieldy number of Pokemon trying to be crammed into a single game, which will not only make developing a new game that much more difficult, but also that much more likely of useless Pokemon.

      Unless they decide to cut out a chunk of old Pokemon completely to be replaced by a bunch of new ones (like how a fighting game does not always carry over its full roster) I think they’re going to have to find something else to hang their hat on and get people excited about new Pokemon games.

    • Lynx

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the third game.

      Because Plot.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Its going to be fine, I really hope they are not going to leave us hanging with out any DLC of some sort, I’m not talking about Free pokemon like aways , I’m talking about side Quests or something. They could do something like that now. XY was amazing but felt way to easy and the story seemed to be a step back from how it was in BW 1 and 2. Other then that I think every 3DS/2DS owner should own it ^_^. the minigames and Character customization is addictive

    • You know, looking at that image, it makes me wonder why doesn’t Nintendo make a Pokemon game where Trainers can battle against Pokemon… by themselves. Alone. With nothing but their clothes on their back and their hats! Maybe even tag team with another trainer or a Pokemon! And no, I’m not talking about Super Smash Brothers.

      • Zeik56

        I think they’re too attached to the idea of Pokemon being your best friends. They aren’t monsters to be defeated, they are potential companions.

        • Ever heard of the trope “Defeat means Friendship”? Nintendo/Game Freak can do it. Why let another Pokemon do the dirty work of fighting gods, when the trainer can just work to do it him/herself and catch them? Or, just spar with them.

          If I use the example of the Pokemon Manga, Giovanni, (Ex-)leader of Team Rocket, he doesn’t need to use his Pokemon in Gym Battles! He didn’t even us any special equipment of sorts. All of it was his natural strength!

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        ……..you mean something like monster hunter? <3

      • Well, in the Safari Zone you throw rocks at Pokemon. They should just make a full game set in a Safari Zone.

    • Jettythesunfish

      Woah, where did you find this pic?

    • Hinataharem

      Those pokemon steal your soul if you wield them. Why are the trainers still conscious?

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        he made a very close bond with it Or…He one hell of a Trainer

        • Zeik56

          I think the more obvious answer is that he’s just an empty shell being wielded by the Pokemon, not the other way around. Just look at those soulless dead eyes.

      • hazelnut1112

        I was thinking the same thing, surprised they are still alive.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      so human fused (I knew reburst did it first) with pokemon and become like this. EPIC!!
      Pokemon Frontier on the way!!! Spirit Evolution!!

  • Scissors

    You can really tell who read the article and who just read the title in this comments section.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      you must be new

  • Ran-san

    Sales may have lowered due to competition but Pokemon X and Y did pretty good with itself. The transition the series went through with the 3D’s and its new mechanics are pretty interesting.

    • Guest

      B/W sold so much during launch period in 2010 because of DS very big userbase. But lifetime, D/P (first main Poke games on DS) sold more than B/W. X/Y (first main Poke games on 3DS) launch sales – way higher than D/P launch sales. Pokemon Company expects X/Y to sell like D/P lifetime. http://kotaku.com/everyone-gets-pokemon-x-and-y-at-the-same-time-heres-1440558100 So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Game is selling great and not only physical, but digital, too (don’t forget). And not just MC reports about sales in Japan. Enterbrain counts physical sales + DL cards http://www.famitsu.com/biz/ranking/ 2nd week is 591K. Great sales!

  • Skyer Ist

    B/W sold so much during launch period in 2010 because of DS very big
    userbase. But lifetime, D/P (first main Poke games on DS) sold more than
    B/W. X/Y (first main Poke games on 3DS) launch sales – way higher than
    D/P launch sales. Pokemon Company expects X/Y to sell like D/P lifetime. http://kotaku.com/everyone-gets-pokemon-x-and-y-at-the-same-time-heres-1440558100
    So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Game is selling great and
    not only physical, but digital, too (don’t forget). And not just MC
    reports about sales in Japan. Enterbrain counts physical sales + DL
    cards http://www.famitsu.com/biz/ranking/ 2nd week is 591K.

    • J_Joestar

      yeah, Nintendo stuff in general tends to fare better in lifetime sales than the initial early burst of sales.

  • samsneeze

    Pokemon X and Y are fun, but the post game is absolutely barren and the series staple of catching them all is impossible until late December. It’ll most likely be the best selling 3DS game over time, but that largely depends on how well they handle releasing content for the game at a later date.

    I’m all for dropping twenty dollars to be able to download and visit other regions.

    • DLC was the plan all along. Let’s wait until the first batch comes.

    • Lynx

      You realize first Pokemon games of every gen never have much post game, right?

      The amount of complaints towards X/Y’s postgame is ridiculous. I don’t recall having this many complaints towards Red and Blue’s, Ruby and Sapphire’s or Diamond and Pearl’s.

      • samsneeze

        Ruby and Sapphire did have post game. Discovering the three Regis and Rayquaza’s dungeon were good for their time. Red and Blue were the first games and are, by extension and rightfully, excused. Looking at what they did with the following gen, it shows they were at least aware of their need to build onto the game’s end. Diamond and Pearl are the only odd ones out from what I remember of it.

        It honestly wouldn’t be as bad if the game had things to do outside of battling.

        • Lynx

          -Discovering the three Regis

          Which you could do before the post game.

          -Rayquaza’s dungeon were good for their time.
          I’ll give you Sky Pillar.

          -Red and Blue were the first games and are, by extension and rightfully, excused.

          Not…really? They shouldn’t be excused. Hell, Japanese Blue didn’t add much and that was the third game released.

          -Diamond and Pearl are the only odd ones out from what I remember of it.

          Because of Kanto being tacked on, GS suffered massively as both regions had to be scaled down to fit everything.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Wait for me, I will buy my copy in a few weeks :D

    I’m currently swamped with work u.u

  • Fact is, the more “must have Day 1” a game is, the faster it’s sales will drop after that long awaited Day 1.

  • darryl scott

    i think everyone that wanted it already have it

    • British_Otaku

      I don’t. I’m playing Phoenix Wright first then I’ll get Pokemon Y later, you can expect sales to be pretty high and emb and flow with the season and perhaps announcements of Pokemon related stuff like Smash Bros or Pikachu’s game getting announcements.

    • Not I. I’m holding out for awhile as there are other games I’d like ot play first. Just like British Otaku I too will be playing Phoenix Wright before I play Pokemon. There is also Rune Factory and Etrian… I like to finish one game fully before moving onto the next one so I’ll most likely be getting Pokemon for myself as a Christmas gift.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    whut? I thought the sales will be rather balanced because I heard younger ppl don’t have time to buy because they’re on exam time.

    but the reality isn’t..
    so, MH wins

    I was sad that on amazon, many ppl gave some bad score. The reasons were:
    1. Persona/SMT rip-off system? wut? srsly? I knew Megaten was first, but this has nothing to do with pokemon.. ahh maybe Sony fanboys
    2. People hate the new pokemon, they said designs were horrible
    3. Some of them didn’t like pokemon in full 3D
    4. Some expected Mega Evolution as Digimon’s X antibody
    5. Saying MH is way more worth playing

    what a drag, especially Sony (Vita) fanboys

  • Wiccan1109

    When the 3DS came out, the games didn’t interest me at all so i never saved for it. Then the last few months, all this amazing stuff has come out for it and i just dont have the cash for a 3DS right now. Literally the only thing stopping me buying this game and i got a few friends in the same situation. When i eventually buy one, this’ll be one of the first games i get for sure, but couldnt say when that’d be. Black and White were fairly late in the DS’s life, most people who wanted one, had one, so i think that helped it a lot.

  • Caimdark

    Apparently Siliconera never heard of digital.

    • 하세요

      I highly doubt the digital sales are worthy enough to turn the tables of the situation.

      • Caimdark

        With the difference so marginal (75%-70%) and digital sales growing so fast, you’d be surprised.

        • Sorry, but no. Media Create estimated that first-week digital sales were around 55k via download cards at retail. Download sales are prominent, but nowhere near notable enough to be making a difference, given the data. Not until Nintendo themselves provide that data.

  • XypherCode

    Another reason could be the Lumiose City bug that surfaced really early on. Some people might’ve been holding off because of it.

  • Rytan

    Keep in mind (for at least the regions that celebrate it) that a lot of sales for both Pokemon X/Y and the 3DS will come with Christmas. I get the feeling both will be the most demanded items on Christmas lists this year. …Probably not as much as PS4s and Xbones but hey.

    • Kelohmello

      Considering we’re talking about japanese sales here, and neither Xbone nor PS4 are going to be released til 2014 there…

  • Kelohmello

    Everyone bought it already, there’s no one to sell it to anymore.

  • Enzo

    It’s to be expected. B/W came out towards the end of the life of the DS, so by then, Nintendo had already sold A LOT. They should compare D/P sale during its first weeks to that of X/Y, first entry games tend to have a big launch week in sales. then start dropping because not everyone has the system yet.

  • ddh819

    how are the numbers if you adjusted for the respective installed bases?

  • KoRLumen

    I bet it’s cause everyone and anyone who wanted to buy the game already owns it by now, so demand just went thbbbllllttt

  • subsamuel01

    They still have oversea sales

  • Clover

    I am not surprised, given the amount of 3DS sales there have been vs DS sales. Also, given that we are getting close to Christmas shopping season, I am sure many parents have told their kids to ask Santa for the game (and system). I say wait to evaluate sales until after the holidays. Most families I know, the children in the family only gets games and console systems on their birthday and for Christmas (or the respective gift giving holiday). My BF’s little brothers are sharing a 3DS and a single Pokemon Y game until the one brother’s birthday, when he can get his own, which is not until next year. You figure you are dropping $210-240 + tax if you did not already have the 3DS system before XY came out. Not exactly money that families will just drop.

    For those comparing the numbers to BW, the DS was already out for 5 years and 4 months before BW came out, and have sold about 153.93 units, factoring all versions (the original DS, DSi, DS Lite, etc.). The 3DS has been out for only 2.5 years before XY was released and has sold only 32.48 million units. Huge difference. I do not think it is so much the game, but the lack of folks who have the 3DS console. I personally only bought the console for Pokemon XY. Also helping BW numbers was the fact that the DS already has two major releases of Pokemon games (DPPl and HGSS), that I am sure any Pokemon fanatic already had the system at that point.

  • So it looks like everyone who wanted the game bought it in the first week. Or they’re just waiting for Pokemon Z, because we all know its going to be better than X and Y.

  • KuroNathan

    is this also tracking the download sales? or just physical copies?

  • Khoko

    I enjoyed the game but I felt like they were sort of lost while making it which is odd because it’s the same team it’s mechanically the same it’s just graphically different. The lower number of pokes was annoying but not a major issue. It just felt like this was the first pokemon game like they had a bunch of ideas and no idea how to employ them. I’m hoping we get some new content or something.

  • NimbusStev

    That’s one way to spin the data. But when you take the handheld sales into consideration, you end up with results that show X&Y are actually doing better than B&W.

    According to Media Create, by the week of September 27, 2010 (roughly 2.5 weeks after its release), Pokemon Black and White had amassed 3.76 million total sales. Now this article says that the DS had sold 30 million units by that time. Which means 12.5% of all DS owners owned B&W at the time.

    About the same amount of time after release, Pokemon X&Y sales are at 2.34 million with only 13 million 3DS owners. That reveals that 18% of 3DS owners have purchased X&Y.

    So when you look at it this way, X&Y actually have a bigger install-base percentage wise than B&W did. All about the numbers and how you represent them!

    • That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t change the fact that fewer copies of the game were sold, and that Pokémon X/Y were likely far more expensive to develop than Black/White or Diamond/Pearl. There’s no spin here.

      • NimbusStev

        Yeah good point, they certainly did make less money on this iteration. “Spin the data” might have been too harsh of a statement. I mainly just wanted to point out that there are multiple ways to deem a game successful or unsuccessful besides pure sales numbers.

        • Right, of course. That’s why I noted all of the other factors I did. Plus, this is the first game in the new generation, so from here on out, they’ll be able to reuse a lot of the Pokémon models and animations for future titles. :)

  • Yan Zhao

    Why does it matter if it drops in the 2nd week? Most people who gives a damn about the game bought it at launch. This is perfectly normal.

    • Because it’s far more important how the game sells over the period of 1 or 2 years, rather than how much it sold in its first week.

      • Yan Zhao

        My point is having a decline for a game like this after the first week is perfectly normal. If a high number of people buys it the first week, there’ll be less people to buy it down the line, because only so many people plays video games.

        Besides the difference between this and Pokemon Black/WHite was only 5% for its week 2 sale. Nothing new.

        • So far, yes. Future drops remain to be tracked.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Everyone who still hasn’t picked up a 3DS will most likely get the game later on(most likely this holiday or tax return season). Yes there are Pokemon fans who don’t currently have a 3DS.

  • Matt Hajducky

    This is also a messed up point of view, since the first week sales were 70% greater than Black and White. (X/Y-4 million+ unites first two days, B/W 2million+ units in first two days). The first week sales are 3x larger than that of D/P and thats the best selling Pokemon game of all-time so..I think it’ll be fine come Christmas.

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