Crimson Dragon Gameplay Video Shows Off A Giant Boss Fight

By Ishaan . November 7, 2013 . 2:06pm

Microsoft have shared a brand new gameplay video for Panzer Dragoon-inspired Crimson Dragon, being developed by a team of developers that worked on the Panzer Dragoon games. The video, shared via IGN, can be viewed below.



Crimson Dragon will let you hire the dragons of friends on your Xbox Live list as wingmen. The game will be an Xbox One launch title, and will support both the Xbox One controller as well as the new Kinect device.

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  • thaKingRocka

    This is the only XB1 launch title I’m interested in. When I eventually get my system, this will be my first purchase.

    • Aoshi00

      I preordered both, but might think of dropping PS4 since there’s nothing for me at launch while XB1 has dead rising 3, crimson dragon, ryse, and I wanna get AC4 BF on next gen..just afraid I would get PS4 and let it collect dust like Wii U…

      Still a bit weird to see Eng being spoken instead of made up language like in the past Panzer Dragoons..

      • Göran Isacson

        While I can’t say this definitely, I have played Ryse at a demo-event and… I would say to save your money for Crimson dragon and Dead Rising. Ryse was really mediocre gameplay wise and had nothing you haven’t played a million times before, at least judging from the demo. It’s a hack and slash with none of the flair or pomp of God of War, Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry and the like. If there was something special about the game, the demo sure as heck didn’t demonstrate it.

        Dead Rising 3 was neat though. It’s like Dead Rising, just with even more zombies, pretty much.

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, I thought of Ryse as a maybe, doesn’t seem that groundbreaking except better graphics (I’m actually not even a God of War fan)..

          I think I would like Dead Rising 3, saw some cool behind the scene vids, this time it’s more like GTA5 w/ a bigger world and no time limit.. was hard to play DR 1 & 2 because of the time limit.. so DR3, AC4 BF (I played about half on 360, Edward Kenway’s very cool, & Abstergo Entertainment really broke the 4th wall), and Crimson Dragon are a must.. later would get D4, Quantum Break, and Watchdogs of course. Just started playing Beyond Two Souls, loving it. I wish Crimson Dragon is retail instead of digital though..

          I think I would like Knack for PS4, but other than that, just don’t have any must play… and getting both systems for $1000 is a lot.. and there’s still Drakengard 3 and Lightning Returns coming..

          • Göran Isacson

            D4, I must admit, looks pretty intriguing. Quantum Break tho… I dunno, I’m seeing some of Beyond Two Souls in it, and that game didn’t really impress me. DR3 though could probably be a very fun game, especially if the former two’s time limit got in the way of your fun.

          • Aoshi00

            I think I would like quantum break since I liked Alan wake with the supernatural story.. I just beat beyond two souls, it’s even more gripping than I expected, had drama, action, supernatural, sci fi, govt conspiracy all rolled into one. Yeah I think with the option of no time limit, I could enjoy dead rising 3 much more, explore the big world and do side missions and level up at my own pace like gta 5 before I tackle the seven sin main bosses. Also I want to continue AC 4…

          • Göran Isacson

            Ha ha man, all these big games. I usually play games with a much more smaller focus, like recently I’ve been playing Rayman Origins and Wonderful 101. There’s pretty much only one thing to do in those games, but it’s a FUN one thing to do so I prefer those. Big sandbox games like AC and GTA are waayyy too much for me to handle.

            And that kind of relates to why I personally wasn’t very interested in Beyond. Beyond’s “one thing” is it’s story, most of the game play is just to further the story rather than be engaging mechanics in and of themselves. I’m cool with that, I actually find that a very interesting path to go down for game designers in order to broaden appeal. But… the script…

            In my opinion Beyond worked when it focused on Jodie and Nathan and Aiden, and then it was mostly because Dafoe and Page are great actors. But every “villain” in that game felt flat and undeveloped in their motivations, and I didn’t care for any of Jodie’s romance options: I felt no spark between either her and her CIA boss (that guy was SERIOUSLY douchey too, very unsympathetic), or her and the native American horse rancher. The best parts of Beyond were the small, quiet moments where you make a dinner but Aiden is being troublesome, or when you pack up your belongings after the CIA guy comes in, and the Aiden-heavy sequences could be pretty cool as well like when you’re entering the destroyed lab as teen-Jodie. But whenever stuff like the government conspiracy, relationship drama and people going against Jodie just because they’re mean happened I just felt like I had read or seen that story elsewhere, and it was done better there.

            So when a game really only HAS story as a selling point and I find half of that story unengaging, I am unfortunately not very pleased with my purchase, sad to say :( I much preferred Alan Wake, they handled the supernatural aspects better and made Alans opponent really interesting and engaging. So yeah, I guess that if Quantum Break can stay on Alan Wakes level it can probably be cool.

          • Aoshi00

            My first choice of games didn’t used to be sandbox or open world games either as I think they’re too big and overwhelming I might not be able to finish.. but Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed 1-4, GTA5, etc I thought had a really engaging narrative and single player campaign, the worlds are so rich, detailed, and immersive, and told a really good story (also tied into real history), it lets me experience a vast world like JRPGs used to make me feel.. that’s why I’m finally going to give Deadly Premonition a try.

            I suppose Beyond is really a love it or hate it game like Heavy Rain, if one doesn’t like the story then it won’t connect. I was really drawn in by every situation/event and thought some segments were really cool, things not presented in chronological order was interesting as well, like infiltrating Africa or a underwater lab, or living as a homeless and helping deliver a baby! (back then I thought Lost Odyssey let the kids gather woods to prepare for their mom’s funeral as a mini-game was crazy).. I know it’s not full control and only simple command prompts, but I was really in the shoes of Jodie during her kid, teenage, and adult years, she went through hell all her life and I really felt that, for Dawkins as well (Willem Dafoe always plays great characters). Also seeing things from both her and Aiden’s perspective is very refreshing for me.. Alan Wake was good, so wonder how AW2 would be since the first ended that way.. I was trying to not mention anything related to Beyond to avoid spoilers since it’s still quite a new game :) I thought Beyond had a more satisfying ending than Alan Wake (the last bit like Terminator was cool too). I would still go back to it and make the different choices, only able to discover a handful of bonus arts :(…

            I got Rayman Origins, but not Legends yet.. I played a bit of Wonderful 101 but thought it might not be for me.. I guess my taste in video games is quite wide now (even though I don’t have much time to play), except FPS which I’m not good at it at all.. (so no Halo or Titan Fall for me, I tried Mass Effect cuz of the story).

          • Göran Isacson

            I would recommend Rayman Legends if you liked Origins. I wouldn’t say it’s SUPER different, but it’s more of the same and I liked the first one, so yeah. Also totally not gonna rag on you for not finding Wonderful 101 to your taste, it’s a VERY demanding game and that’s not everyones bag.

            Also interesting parrallel between the stories of the new wave of sandbox games and old JRPGs… I wonder if other people feel the same, that they fell in love with JRPG’s because they told big, epic sweeping fantasy stories, and then when people grew up and maybe wanted something that’s a bit more down to earth but still very vast and sweeping in scope, they move on to the sandbox games because those’re the games that can afford to make their stories as big as their worlds?

            Delivering the baby was a pretty interesting moment too, I just felt like the game dragged when it introduced the villains of that episode. Mostly because while villains like those guys CAN exist, they way they were presented didn’t really feel developed or realistic. I guess that’s my biggest sticking point with Beyond: I won’t deny there’s some very big drama in there, but to me it never really felt like anyone BUT Jodie was grounded in that drama. So many things happened in that game where I just wanted to shake the side-characters around and ask “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, THERE ARE SO MANY EASIER THINGS TO DO THIS, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE SO ELABORATE ABOUT IT”, and the answer I arrived at mostly seemed to be that they behaved in the way that would cause the most drama and trauma for Jodie- but not in a way that made SENSE, to me.

            So I guess it really depends on what you’re looking for in a story. Beyond really serves up a lot of drama and tragic events, but if you want there to be a strong thread of logic, a well-written reason and clear reason for why things happen they way they do… that game just doesn’t deliver, in my opinion. Deadly Premonition is also supernatural horror (and it shall be admitted upfront, it is WAAAYYY less prettier than Beyond), but it’s so much more funnier and since you only spend time in one location you really get to know the people and their reasons, so it’s much easier for me to connect with the story than it was in Beyond. We’ll see, maybe you will think it’s boring and we will just be total opposites about it :)

  • Andrew A

    Is this digital only? No stores I’ve seen online have it for preorder.

  • Vash bane


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