Lightning Returns Had The Lowest Opening Sales Of Any Final Fantasy XIII Game

By Ishaan . November 27, 2013 . 1:35pm

Last week, Square Enix released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in Japan, and the game sold 277,082 copies in its first week on the PlayStation 3.


How does that compare to the previous two Final Fantasy XIII games? Let’s take a look. Below are opening sales figures for all three FFXIII games on PS3.




(2009) Final Fantasy XIII – 1,501,964

(2011) Final Fantasy XIII-2 – 524,217

(2013) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 277,082


Opening sales of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII were 53% of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s numbers and 18% of Final Fantasy XIII’s launch. Final Fantasy XIII-2 sales were 35% of Final Fantasy XIII’s launch.


We never expected Lightning Returns to do outstanding numbers, especially in light of the drop in sales from FFXIII to FFXIII-2, but judging by these sales, it’s probably for the best that this is the last game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It’s time to move on.


Sales data sourced from Media Create and

  • konsama

    Not trying to sound bad, but after two close disappointments it’s actually a miracle it sold, i actually liked the demo of LRFF, but still unsure if worth buying while i got bored to hell playing XIII and 13-2.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      I don’t know, I found entire FFXIII to be overly dramatic with butthurt characters going on and on about their problems in cutscenes which I find rather boring. Probably cuz’ I didn’t connect with characters. Ironic, as I adore cutscenes in RPGs, but in this case they are a chore to watch. I don’ know, I find Tales of series’s casual talk about food more entertaining then most of conversations that XIII world offered. But maybe it’s just me…

      • konsama

        That was mostly the reason why i got sick of the first game it basically went:

        Snow says something stupid, Lightining whines, posings.
        Sazh be coolest, Vanille moans, posings.

        Fang be cool, hope emo whines, snow tries to say something stupid again, lightning whines, moar poses.

        Snow opens mouth, hope moar emo whines, lightniing gets mad, poses.

        Vanille moan moar, sazh still be cool, hope tries to open mouth, lightning gets mad, even moar posings.

        Best plot ever.

        I literally couldn’t force myself to play any longer, never finished the game and only watched the vids on YT, which were mostly more of what i mentioned above. :/ Tho the paradigm system wasn’t bad at all, but not my favorite FF battle style.

        • d19xx

          Dude spoiler tag! You just summarized FFXIII’s entire plot…

        • Sydney Losstarot

          Wow you take the words right out of my mouth of what I feel about FF13. FF13 was the first FF game that I felt embarrassed playing when my family was around and I usually want people to watch me play FF games. I remember showing off FF7 to my sisters friends at her b-day party when I was little.

          • oorum

            Upping comment because yay! I used to watch my older brother play adventure/RPG video games and loved it.

          • konsama

            You tell me, my bros and my dad use to like watching my games, and let alone the story or dialogues, so much vanille moans were starting to really make me uncomfortable while they were watching the game, and i was in one part of story where you can only use her and sazh… >_>

      • Klarktastic

        Thats the problem. The characters feel bland and uninteresting and (at least ff13) felt like there where whole chunks of the game missing, which they decided to fill up using walls of text on the info menu (or whatever it was called) just look at Cid’s character for example. He has what? 1 cut scene? maybe two?

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Indeed, heck even the skits in Tales games are waaaaay more interesting and fun to watch than the same boring/emo scenes in FFXIII and worst, FFXIII-2…

    • Otoya

      True, although they show did a great advertising on the first game which I was really impress when I was at Japan…. After finishing the game only make me feel i wasted my money on such game.

      • konsama

        Pretty much, i was like super crazy hyped for XIII when it was announced, and was a bit of a reason why i got a PS3 at some point along MGS4 and other games, i guess we had our hype so high it fell harder than normal. :/

        • Otoya

          When i was at Japan, everywhere was advertising XIII-1. When US release it, i bought at day 1…. when playing the game, satisfaction dropping lower and lower until ending it become 0. LOL

        • Bobby Jennings

          Well the original XIII was so much better but then they rushed it…

  • InfectedAI

    Were 13-2 and Lightning Returns as bad as XIII or was it a case of the series reputation being irrefutably damaged by XIII?

    • Sentsuizan_93

      I’d go with the latter. XIII really divided people and that really didn’t help with XIII-2 or LR.
      And it’s a shame, cause as someone who has played the LR demo, I gotta say LR actually feels decent enough to try

      • michel

        I agree. As typical of cultural products, if you do a bad one of a popular franchise, it will still sell, because of the trust of the consumers/fans. The problems come thereafter.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Or, ya know…people could just be tired of Lightning >.>

      I know that’s one reason I don’t want this. I never liked Lightning in the first place anyway.

    • TomSkylark

      Some of both. While the gameplay was better-ish in XIII-2, story-wise it had very little to do with XIII. And yet, bizarrely, it utterly depended on the notion that players cared about the characters from XIII enough to enjoy seeing them thrown into an almost wholly unrelated narrative and setting.

  • ギャビン

    From the demo I’m not surprised, I like the way FFXIII-2 felt a lot more than this game. But we will see, still going to get it.

  • TheExile285

    Even as a fan of FFXIII, I didn’t want a trilogy of it. I feel like LR is kind of what FFXIII-2 should have been :/

    • Suriel Cruz

      For me they should let Final Fantasy XIII be only ONE game. I did like and enjoy XIII as it is, not that I don’t like XIII-2, because in fact I did get a Platinum out of it, but the story got so wrong in many ways that the Ciel concept got lost, which FOR ME it was REALLY interesting and fantasy like. With this third installment in the trilogy they just got BORED and RUSH about it, that you only got to use ONE character. And for those who came up with the excuse of; “Lightning is ONE ARMY!” That’s BS, because when you have RICH characters and even a WORLD to explore in different ways, why doing something different each time?!, when is suppose to be ONE story, ONE FANTASY.
      Anyways… Square Enix, next time thing again in doing sequels and “To be continue…” endings.

      • Kuromadou

        i heard that Square are planning to be expanding FFXV lores in sequels too :( , i think its just their new ways for milking every IPs they have ._.

        • Milking?

          …. Are you serious?

          What then, is a company to do with assets that costs more money than you’d ever be able to gain in your lifetime?

          You could take every single one of your friends, line them up, take every net worth that you have or, will have in the future. And even still would not make enough money to have a company nearly as successful. I’m not praising square, thats just a sad fact that has to do with the social economic structure of many cultures/nations, what have you. So maybe instead of complaining, you could… I don’t know, talk about what you would like in the game or alternative ideas.

          Does anyone find it odd that we use text device named discuss only to essentially whine and complain.

          In light of my own complaint, I will give YOU an example using my own approach.

          1. I dont like how there is a time limit in LRXIII. While playing the Japanese ver. and not being able to fully discern the whole spectrum of side quest rewards and items i am looking for. But the Katakana and Hiragana are still common enough for most otaku/ anime fans. While playing the game Hints are given that it might be able to permananttly activate “chronostasis”. An ability to freeze the game time allowing you to continue sidequests and other rpg needs.

          I love XIII as a story. As a visual entertainment piece as well. but the game-play was atrocious. A constant patten of attack, blast, break, ATTTAACK! until the break goes back down, whcih is not always on a.. fun level at this point… Because the game progresses so slowly. why do all my attacks look the same in XIII? the battle system, developed by our good fellows who devloped star ocean mind you, Is easily argued the most drastic flaw in my opinion of the game. I knew something was afoot when I noticed lightning running toward her enemy much in the same way the hero male in SO4.

          Just for perspective I hacked one of my PS3. I loaded FFXIII onto it and used codes to max out my crystarium (999999). The actual variable put more than that. then I have my BF play from the start. Since PS3 has no constant running storage for the hack i used, i could only use variable codes. so things like changing an attack stat or modifying the Crsytarium points on the save file. I had to max out more than 4 times…. and I still didnt complete everything because we gave up cause the game was still bogged down by the battle system. I started the game with 13mil GIL and by the time i got to vile peaks, through upgrade unlock to the weapos that was down to 2mil.

          Thats not balanced enough to tip the scale in favor of fun. LR is without a doubt the best Battle System to exist in the series of XIII thus far.

          I’m just befuddled as to why many gamer’s notion today is to complain about something so frequently as if the creators of ANY product made to contribute to the savior that is capitalism to… you know… produce… capital?

          I mean when I was young, You could contact Sega, have your parents sign a waiver and you’re free to visit there location off the Freeway in SF and test play games.

          NOW you have an even more direct lnk to these people with the boom of the nets and what not. Square does test plays in CA all the time on there site do take feedback.

          How is someone supposed to address YOUR concerns when as far as theyre concerned you done even exist? I’m sorry, but theres nothing Siliconera nor… Discus(?) that is a direct link to the people in which your complaining may make a difference.

          But forgive my rant.

          I guess my true question to you is what should they be doing with there assets? Financial plans? I.P.s? cause no one ever really seems to have an answer for that other than the whole dress up argument. BTW the FAKE screen is easily replicated using saints row and and… the default perverted nonsense they make your characters wear. You can dress your male in that as well and make him all musclebound and an american bad ass with an arrested development syndrome so bad it grants him a special personality disorder to act like a high school ass from the 90’s who had to have a dollar a day… Everyday and wore sports jackets in the summer.

          I mean cross FFX HD off your list because this is just X-2 but better and way better than 10 as far as the rpg battle. Not to mention X-2 is slightly more wacky to me only because of Yuna’s bi-polar holy woman to-hot pants deal.

          • Kuromadou

            wow i didn’t mean to rant or anything, you shouldn’t take my “milking” term too seriously. i never see that word as a mockery so i’m not even complaint, i’m understanding their behavior instead.

            what i mean is, yes i agree with your points. this is every strategy of today’s developers when they need more income in return. and to taking advantage of their IP’s through expanded universe/sequels. it does more effort than just releasing one decent game. sigh maybe because i’m not finish my writing and don’t giving any conclusion other than “boo they keep milking FF series i’m so done” if that’s your impression regarding my comment. and yes, my comments would never change anything about them lol.

            and so you know, i don’t care if they make sequels for XV,i just want they make the battle system more consistent for each installments, to me its pretty sad for using only one character :’)

          • Robert Lawson

            Dang, he got awful defensive about S-E milking their franchises.

            How much a company makes does not equal the quality of one (or even multiple) of the games made.

          • Yes, because my argument was that XIII’s battle was great. Here let me just over look the…wait… now wait… oh yeah I did not compliment the battle game play at all. I’m not going to repeat what I actually said, because it’s already written there. But my main point was what companies do with the moneys made from the horrible battle systems that are FF XIII. Make FF7 remakes? I’m sure that’s not really going to make a difference, since people are still going to argue about it. Mind you,
            I’m not complaining about arguing. But he (the person I responded to) pretty much just admitted he didn’t mean to come off how I thought he meant. So clearly we came to a semi-understanding.It just happens so rarely here, I’m sure it just graced your head.

            I like discussing a lot of the content on the site but its stuff like this that turn me off.

            You can feel free to respond. This is my much needed send off. I find it much better on FB for some reason in groups that fly off the handle less often (hey, it still happens of course). Plus I can net-peddle my wares

          • Robert Lawson

            Take it easy guy, lol. No need to get so defensive.

          • Well, in XV, you can use any of the 5 lovely gentlemen so far. But, the battle system will be different. Action RPG akin to KH.

  • Erena Arisu

    I like FFXIII series, and Lightning as well, but the end of 13-2 was unforgivable poor serah :(

  • Otoya

    Well, the previous titles was quite terrible and it cause this. No surprise in the sale.

  • Masa

    this is a good thing, maybe now they will see that people are sick of FFXIII.

    Lightning was a great character and took no crap from anyone but with each new installment she became more girly, started showing way more skin and then even got bigger breatss, kinda pathetic.

  • Shinobikens

    Unpopular opinion time. I thought both 13 and 13-2 were good games and I enjoyed them both

    • fireguardiancoty

      Me too. I even got the plat for XIII-2. I’m kinda wanting to revisit the first one sometime.

    • BizarreJelly

      So did I, there are definitely worse games out there. Not sure I could re-play them but I enjoyed them at the time, even with the plot going a little bananas in the second one.

    • Razzlero

      Same here, but I especially liked 13-2. I barely left it down until I got the platinum in it.

    • NRool

      You are my new favourite person.

    • Bobby Jennings

      XIII-2 was so much better for me. I actually played through two playthroughs and nearly got the plat. It was going to be my first plat ever :( but then the PS3 died.

    • Klarktastic

      Let me just break the circle jerk here…In my opinion the first game sucked and the second was horrible and they just had to top it off with a “to be continued”

      • Alex Shadov

        I’m with you, but I prefer FF XIII and… (|||-︵- ) XIII-2 before any WRPG, at least story wise. I hope that LR:FXIII is a little bit better… (눈_눈 ) the hope is fading…

    • LightningFarron19

      Although, there is a bit of some problem with this article:

      1. It’s not yearly sales. FF13 sold 1.5 million copies in a week, but it took a year to get to 6.2 million copies. FF13-2 was only 500,000 copies sold in a week, but it raised up to 3.1 million by the end of the year. Lightning Returns has only sold 277,000 copies in 3 days, but we don’t know what the yearly sales are.

      2. Mario 3D world had even worse sales than this. Only a little over 99,000 in it’s initial sales, but just like Lightning Returns, it will increase over the years.

      3. Just because something sells good/bad initially does not mean it stays that way in a year. Sony, who has the best selling console in history said that “Hey, the race isn’t over yet! Wait one year for full results”

      • Lucky Dan

        The problem with this article is that “your” pro Final Fantasy/Playstation/Sony instead of being impartial which labels you as a fanboy whether you like it or not.

        Mario sales are constant and even the WII U received a boost this week and is constant over the weeks but Lightning Returns isn’t a system seller and usually with these games they drop off in a matter of weeks where as Mario will remain in the sales over the years.

        With the massive install base it should of sold more but it didn’t on both systems and also, quit saying that PS3 won this generation it only picked up steam at the last 7 years only because the System went extremely cheap the price is affordable and had games released in the latter years in its end cycle.

        You definitely don’t read key points in the article, Sony stated “PS3 has a 10 year lifespan”.

        • LightningFarron19

          It’s a general rule of thumb to wait for something that comes out in video games about a year.

          Console launch sales don’t get good games until the end of the next year, handheld games don’t completely take off until after months of waiting and the console games final tally sales don’t happen until the end of the year.

          Hell, Brentalfloss even points this out:

          • Syn

            Is That You Farron, from the former SE forums???? Its Syn…….Damn, really need to change this to my twitter ID.

          • Lucky Dan

            If I were you I would be massively weary of this generation the last generation had good titles that ran great on the system and were perfectly balanced however this generation is massively weaker than the modern day computer.

            Many titles are now being produced on the PC and many if not the latter ones in the PS3 and Xbox 360 and now the start of the PS4 and Xbox One generation are now on Steam cause its much much easier to port across all 3 systems.

            Even both companies lied when they lost “money” on the systems. Sure they “lost” the profits in America but that is made up in other countries which they are charging an increase anywhere to 100 extra to 300 extra per console in those countries not to say in Brazil where it was charged a premium.

        • Somber

          Nintendo sucks.
          Sony sucks.
          Microsoft sucks.
          EA sucks.
          SE sucks.

          blah blah blah.

          So, is there anything good for you?

          • Lucky Dan

            Sigh nothing sucks Somber in terms of Consoles being impartial is being neutral not trying to put your personal opinion in, like your doing to me right now :P

            I dislike Sony and their practices but I don’t fully hate them to the extent that I want to cause a stupid console war out of it. Mainly cause of Neogaf and their Sony Defense Force with their Pro Sony propaganda I can see why people are pissed and no matter what actual facts you put out their they just shoot you down by name calling or dismissing facts.

            This freaking Console War Sucks and has dragged on for far too long and has swept up in a massive typhoon which no one can get out of. It really never happens for other products they just go “ah it doesn’t have that feature its cool I might buy it next time if i really need it” compared to console propaganda that’s been fanning around like a bushfire. I dunno the Consoles Wars is the equivalent of a Political rally now and it sucks big time.

        • Alex Shadov

          First… I’ve never spend my money on ANY Mario game.(And yeah, I’ve played some of them, the rpg series are amazing.)
          Second… I’ll buy LR:FFXIII (I’ve bought the other two(I hate the XIII 2))
          Third… I’m a Play Station fan, and a Square Enix fan too, I’ll buy almost anything they come up with, but I’m not blind, I know they make mistakes.
          I wonder how many other people think like me, and will probably buy LR:FFXIII…

      • towhomitmayconcern

        3 days? How, in any world, is 3 days a week? I doubt it’d sell as much as 13-2 did after a week, but come on is honesty too much to ask for now? I thought siliconera was different than the usual gawker bs

        I gotta second your point 3. People bashed 13-2 for not selling as much as 13, but after a year, it sold over half the amount. Sequels/spin offs don’t do as well as their original games in the FF franchise, but everyone forgets this when it comes to the 13 series.

      • towhomitmayconcern

        likewise, LR is probably gonna end up breaking a million about time the year passes. I highly doubt it’ll do as well as 13-2. Either way, its gonna do well as jrpgs go and make SE some money.

    • Demeanor

      XIII-1 was a decent effort in story and characters (tho I still don’t like Lightning at all), the usual FF supergraphics, and a plethora of bad design decisions regarding the rpg mechanics, absolutely alienating players and dooming the saga to darkness (overly long battles, tunnel exploration, lack of choices, soulless shops, weapon customization to be started in postgame, useless eidolons, no money, no towns or people to talk to, the list goes on).
      XIII-2 was a real step forward, fixing everything the first game messed up and adding cool “new” features like mission-based structure, time travel, monster raising and more. I enjoyed #2 a lot, definitely gonna pick up #3.

      • Surgeon of Death
        • Bobby Jennings


      • ReiSakuraba

        If battles took too long for you, then you don’t understand how to play ff13. It has good battle mechanics, one that really evolves ATB. Eidolons can be used for defensive mechanism as well (cancelling enemy moves, making long gui fights easier). I can understand the no money part though.

      • Alex Shadov

        OK, the XIII-2 was way better than XIII… except that I hated the character, the story, the voices, the overcomplicated … well… lets just say I hated all… I was (flame-shield activated) happy with the ending, not the DLC ending, the first one.
        I don’t like Lightning, but I still prefer her over any character in XIII-2, include ANY character, the new Snow, the old Hope… and most of all (ಠ_ಠ) Chocobocolina.

        And the fact that in the new one you can get the Buster Sword… yep, that’s probably the only reason I’ll buy the new one.

    • Alex Shadov

      Hahahaha, you are the first person which comment I read here, that is not flaming FF XIII… I think I’m in love. XD

  • Randgriz

    FF 13 – “Everyones gunna love this!” =D
    FF 13-2 – “Alright, lets try once more with feeling!” :]
    LR FF13 – “Hello.. anyone out there?” :/

    • FlyingPony

      FF 15 look promising, though.

  • whatinthewolrd

    Calling it LR: FFXIII and not FFXIII-3 is also a big mistake. If anyone here thinks that titles don’t matter to the general public they are wrong.

    • This is very true.

    • Godmars

      But ignoring FF13 makes Lightning “Returns” make no sense.

      • Nice Boat Quatro

        She returns from Dissidia 012

        • Kevin Schwarz

          Sadly, she also returns from FFXIII and FFXIII-2…that must be why.

        • Bobby Jennings

          She returns from being unplayable in XIII-2.

  • Monterossa

    They should have made all the characters return as party members and add new playable characters, not just Lightning. If Serah wasn’t playable in XIII-2 I’m gonna hate it too.

  • Thank god we can finally move on. All I want is KH3 and FF15, not Lightning.

  • Manzoku

    I downloaded the JP demo last night and played through a bit of it. I liked XIII and XIII-2 well enough. This time around, ehhh, we’ll see. The armor swapping seems a bit odd (I missed X-2 the first time around) and the sexy poses at the end of battle (when wearing some armor sets) don’t quite fit with my perception of Lightning from XIII (and this is coming from someone who liked the character well enough there).

    I’ll probably get it. Maybe just not Day One.

    • I dislike how Lightning went from a aloof older sister who genuinely had flaws, to Jesus basically. I just fail to see what they thought would happen when they made these games, did they think EVERYONE would just accept it?

      • Lynx

        Final Fantasy’s always had a bit of Norse Mythology, even when the game didn’t neccesairly focus on it but it was particularly obvious and blatant with Lightning. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the beholder.

        To be precise about Lightning;

        • Now see the concepts of Norse Mythology in a RPG is great and thats why I loved 13-2 more then the first. But once the game ended and this game came out, I really just sat there going “….Really?”

          • Lynx


            While I’m still getting this when it comes out, I would’ve loved it much more if they had ended it at XIII-2. Having an FF game essentially getting a Bad End where the antagonists when?

            Why hasn’t this happened before?

          • Well it was more like 13-2 was great until the end.
            Then everything great about 13-2, was a mute point in LR. caius? One time appearance.
            Seriously Square!?

  • Someone seems to be butt hurt.

    • Byron Kerrison II

      Or a massive troll. Been scrolling down and you’re like the 4th person he’s responded to like that.

  • Also to add my piece
    I think if Square plans on adding DLC, they should not. 13-2 did that and it pissed me off because I wanted to see the other characters, who were main or major characters, appear. To do that, I add to BUY THEM!

    If there’s a DLC for PLAY AS NOEL AND SNOW, then I’m gonna barf.

    • Godmars

      I would guess that they already have DLC planned.

  • KoRLumen

    Dafuq where are the mods when you need them? This “____” guy needs to go.

    • Lynx

      Reminder not to respond to ‘it’.

    • Arcana Wiz

      well, he only is here for a few minutes, give them time to see this :P

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That’s called a cursing spambot. Sorry for the delay in handling things.

      • TheExile285

        Stuff like that exist? >____________>

        • malek86

          Oh I’ve seen worse. Like spambots who get Steam keys in an instant.

          … orz.

      • I think Tourettes spam bot might be more appropriate xD

      • KoRLumen

        Sorry, I didn’t realize it was only around for a short while. Didn’t mean to pressure you or anything! D:

        Still, I can’t believe these things exist. =_= WHY

        • Ferrick

          rage and laziness

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Because bots can be used for all kinds of nasty things which somehow make people money. There’s not much we can do but react as strongly as we can after the crap has been sent.

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      For a second this looked like that Kingdom Hearts II scene where Roxas and his friends couldn’t say ____

      ….The word was ____

      ____ The heck? I can’t write it.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Photo? xD

  • I have to admit Mr. Troll was somewhat Amusing for a small while xDD

  • LightZero

    I think this is the first time I seen an article on this where the writer show his/her bias no offense of course. That aside I do agree with it. Thankfully LR is the last FFXIII game. I enjoy them but it’s time to move on. Either way I’m sure it will do 1 million easily LTD which is what I expected anyway.

  • Manny Being Manny

    I don’t think its so much on FFXIII-3 as much as console sales have really been down all over the board this year in Japan. I think its more notable that Mario couldn’t sell 100k.

    • Arcana Wiz

      yep, it was really surprising to see this game, who many claim to be th ebest Mario in many years, selling so little, and they already discussed mario sales in another article, where they compared to others titles.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    It’s a bit sad but it can’t be helped after the first two games were uhhh bombs.
    I still have faith that they redeemed themselves with this.

    • SerendipityX

      Huh? FFXIII was actually successful no matter how much people hated it. It damaged the brand sure but it sold extremely well off hype alone.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I didn’t say commercial bombs

  • AokiShizuku

    That’s really unfortunate for Square Enix. That explains why they released a demo AFTER release and even gave you a costume for use in the full game. I feel like I’m the only one who enjoys the game. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very fond of the XIII series at all. It just didn’t hook me in but after playing LR I changed my mind. It is a fun and addictive game in my honest opinion.. Though story-wise, it’s going all over the place. I might even go back and play the first two because of LR.

  • WingsOfEternity

    SE is like that son you have that you want to succeed, but you can tell he is no longer making the right decisions for himself and you want him to fail so he learns a good lesson.

    • Godmars

      More like a street artist who once did great things with poor and limited tools who hit it big and worries more about maintaining their new social/finical standing than their art. Which has only lost its true quality.

      • Syn

        Such profound truth right there

  • Byron Kerrison II

    At first I didn’t see “XIII” so I was like “That’s sad”. Then when I re-read the title, I wasn’t too surprised.

  • Godmars

    At the very least, its going to be interesting to see how, or even if, Square spins this. What next week sales are going to mean and if it will effect FF15.

  • Samsara09

    “We never expected Lightning Returns to do outstanding numbers, especially in light of the drop in sales from FFXIII to FFXIII-2, but judging by these sales, it’s probably for the best that this is the last game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It’s time to move on.”

    I agree with what you say,a trilogy is more than enough for any game,even the series’s enshrined “final fantasy VII compilation” but I think the graphic speaks for itself…and besides,the one who created this news is supposed to be neutral,and not take positions so clearly.

  • Bunzi

    Speaks for itself. Bad rap and a lack of quality = bad sales. Hopefully this will encourage them to move on.

  • Kaetsu

    I don’t blame them. Square Enix released a bad game(13) then they tried to “fix” there mistakes with 13-2 and although better than the original 13, it still wasn’t that great(or at least for FF standards). I think the Japanese gamers are little hurt from Square Enix after the past two FF games. They probably started to loss some faith for Squeenix. I honestly don’t blame them.

  • Unlimax

    Hmmm ..Does this means Japan are tired of Lightning ?
    ( And Toriyama Monopoly… )
    Hopefully this will bring back the legacy of Takashi Tokita in Square Enix to make a new PE .. and FF game <3

  • BizarreJelly

    Toriyama will be disappointed his waifu didn’t pull in the usual big numbers. They definitely overestimated Lightning’s appeal.

    In other news, lilyWhite is having a mental breakdown.

  • Tenabrus

    So Square-Enix is going to pass this off as a success right?

    • BizarreJelly

      I hope so, especially after them calling Tomb Raider and Sleeping dogs failures.

  • Bobby Jennings

    The XIII series is pretty good. And 270K is still good for Japan. SE is still profiting off of this no doubt. Besides I played the demo and it was great! We’ll see how much it sells later on.

  • potatoes

    I don’t think anyone expected anything different, not even SE. The game had a reduced staff and development time but despite that, I think they managed to create the best game in the trilogy. Almost everything in this game from the combat system, the character customization, the open world design, and even the difficulty of even the normal mode represents an undeniable improvement from the previous two games.

    I was never a big fan of the XIII series, but after wasting away the previous weekend watching streams from the JP release, this game appears to be legitimately good. SE shouldn’t be excused for setting the poor precedents to cause these sales but I still find it sad to see a good game doing poorly. These are my two-cents.

    • Bobby Jennings

      I agree.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      But there’s only one playable character…and it’s one of only two playable characters in the 13 verse I really don’t like.

      • sakusakusakura_nyo

        Is Snow the other one?

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          Noel, you were close!

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      Having played through it and now onto new game+ the only thing I missed from the game was the ‘bonding with the party’ element, that XIII had. (yes all the character’s had development people lol. Once the party knows they’re stuck with their fate they do band together, help each other out and crack jokes. Yes, even Lightning)

      gameplay wise it’s superior to both XIII and XIII-2 imo. I also enjoyed the ending, I’ll be sad that the series has ended and hope that FFXV will be great. However, Nomura’s never directed a FF game before, and his story telling in KH has been questionable at times (KH3D and Re:Coded) I’ll stay optimistic, just because I liked KH1,2 and BBS a lot. 358/2 days was meh. Good character development, terrible story telling – Missions -.-

      P.S about the bias part at the end by the author. This is the guy that locked comments immediately on DmC articles, because it was a game he liked and didn’t want people bad mouthing it. Double standards.

      • revenent hell

        Tell me a bout it!
        I found it odd DmC articles where always locked to comments. For a gaming site people shouldn’t be bias and allow comments even if they love something.
        Its the price one pays ya know?

      • potatoes

        I felt like the bonding was still there but with more of a focus on Lightning and her relationship with them rather than the group as a whole. LR to me was essentially the World of Ruin segment from FFVI. It was pretty touching to see Lightning save each respective comrade and further her relationship with them. I enjoyed the ending as well but I had a few gripes with it. It was lacking a bit of cohesiveness with the rest of the story but execution was top-notch. Toriyama seems stronger in directing cutscenes rather than writing.

        That’s pretty shocking if that comment about the author and DmC is true. I believe this site’s strength lies in simply delivering news. The editorializing is not appreciated.

      • Herok♞

        if you saw what happened when they let comments on the DmC article you would understand why they were locked, it was the same people making the same arguments each time and everyone got sick of dealing with it


          and yet they don’t do it in XIII threads

          • Herok♞

            Well then clearly one was a lot worse then the other, seriously FF 13 threads are pretty civil compared to this: . No one has clearly gone out their way to insult someone else or to cause trouble

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Because in 13 there are still some people who counter those argument there. Some people sincerely like 13 meanwhile on DmC, there are almost 90% only the same people who complained the same thing .

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      That doesnt say much..

    • Aoshi00

      I am waiting for my Jpn copy, if I knew about dual audio in the us ver I wouldn’t have imported..I enjoyed 13-2 much much more than 13.. I read on Amazon reviews people mostly not crazy about the time limit when you have such a rich world to explore this time around, yet you’re constantly being pressured by the timer and have to worry about extending the time to enjoy it.. Its not a racing game you know.. That’s one of my main concern Iwant to fully enjoy the world at my own pace,why I liked dead rising 3 did away with it.

      Also many have a similar question, why does Toriyama keep writing these things, he even ruined the name of one of my favorite manga artists lol

      • potatoes

        Are you referring to JP Amazon reviews? I remember when XIII-2 came out and the first JP players were complaining about how the maps such as Academia were TOO open ended and complicated so takes those with a grain of salt. I watched streams of LR for hours on end and you don’t seem to be pressured despite the time limit at all; especially on easy mode. The quests have you running all around different areas within and between locales so rest assured, it seems as if you will be able to see everything and explore to your heart’s content. You naturally extend the doomsday clock by simply doing quests so the gameplay seems to flow quite well.

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, I read from some Amz Jpn reviews, one review mentioned if one were to play on easy mode then the time limit isn’t so bad, because on normal mode sometimes it takes a long time to even finish some battles. It was a huge problem for me for Dead Rising 1 & 2. Like other open world games AC4 & GTA5 which I really like, I want to go do different side quests w/o worrying the clock ticking, occasional timed missions are ok. guess many were not accustomed to the idea of time limit in an FF?

          I could always choose the reviews that I agree w/ though and I always play to judge on my own, like movies. I just glanced thru them as a reference. I mainly regret importing it and S-E announced dual audio DLC patch after my copy was shipped :(.. and I even pre-ordered the US ver.. I have yet to try the demo, too busy w/ my XB1 this Thanksgiving.. hopefully LR is good enough that makes double dipping worth it.. and then there’s Drakengard 3 next month.. I liked 13-2 a lot though, felt like Chrono Trigger to me in some aspects.. 13 I didn’t like at all… so the sales trend is not too surprising even though 13-2 was superior gameplay-wise..

          and most reviews mentioned the story being not very good, and we all know why… Motomu’s just kinda a hack :P

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            I played through the game on normal mode and had little trouble with time management. I don’t even speak the language xD I only know Katakana. Time doesn’t progress when you’re in battle and for boss fights I’d recommend saving before doing them since they can be challenging the first time round and you can lose time by losing a lot.

          • Aoshi00

            dang, you got the game and finished alrdy? fast.. I won’t receive in a bit since I skimped on shipping.. hm.. maybe I would play on easy first and then normal the 2nd time around.. do you get better items in normal difficulty? or is easy too easy? I don’t think I would play thru the same version twice since I’m getting the Jpn ver on PS3 and would it in Eng on 360.. hope the time limit is indeed not too bad. and I hope the story isn’t too bad either and would give a satisfying conclusion.. but then again it’s Toriyama lol.. just hope it’s a decent game since I liked 13-2 a lot over 13.

  • hazelnut1112

    I guess people are sick and tired of Toriyama shoving his waifu in our faces and people don’t want FFXIII anymore. I’m glad it’s moving on after this.

    • Sardorim

      That’s where Toriyama is wrong. Lightning is our waifu, not his!

  • PersonaBull

    You’re usually better about keeping your bias in comments added down under the article, Ishaan. Usually I can just skip the comments section on literally any FFXIII-related article and move on(talk about a vocal ‘fanbase’), but you were nice enough to start it up in the article itself. /:

    That said, the numbers are a little disappointing, but not particularly surprising considering the overwhelmingly vocal opinion of the entire trilogy. It’s a little harder to be excited for a series when every single news article features a slew of parroted ‘commentary’. I enjoyed FFXIII over FFXIII-2, and I’m hoping LR will reach a middle-ground between the two for me as far as entertainment factor goes. I downloaded the demo but haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

    One thing I’m curious about, if I remember right these numbers do not include the digital downloads off PSN, correct? FFXIII-2 was not available for about a year and a half as a digital download after the physical copy, so initial release numbers would have only been from available physical copies. I don’t expect much added, but I wonder how digital sales could impact these figures since LR had a same-day digital release.

    • I’d like to know what “bias” you’re seeing here. If you’re referring to my “It’s time to move on,” well… they’ve tried pushing this franchise thrice now, and it hasn’t worked all three times. When that happens, it’s time to try something different. The market clearly isn’t responding.

      If you’re referring to the “outstanding numbers” part, how many number-3 sequels do you see that sell as well as their predecessors? In my experience this generation, by the time a game get to 3, people have had enough of it and publishers see diminishing returns.

      • PersonaBull

        Nah, the “outstanding numbers” part was impartial. I thought I had agreed to as much further on in my comment, actually. I certainly didn’t expect the game to fare as well as the initial FFXIII for obvious reasons just looking at the comments.

        What I was more pointing out is, well, look at the comments. You can’t even see a FFXIII-related article without being flooded with the same people complaining that “enough is enough” as if they speak for everyone. 277,082 is still a pretty high number of people that are still enjoying the series. And yes, I happen to be one of them, but I’d like to think I’d keep my same opinion on the issue regardless. What I was trying to say initially was that usually when you have a more personal statement to make about the article you keep it to the comments (which is something I traditionally like to see, regardless of whether or not I agree with you), but for some reason you felt your personal exasperation with the series (LR or future titles, whichever direction you want to take it) was relevant/necessary to be included in the article itself. I’m honestly not sure just how the market has not responded to this game, especially considering the lesser impact of production costs for at least FFXIII-2, when it has to-date sold millions of copies. I’m really trying not to boast when the numbers aren’t outstanding, as you’ve said, but they are also by no means miniscule. What’s more, Toriyama had already put out there that Lightning Returns was meant to be the closer of the trilogy. I’m not really sure why pointing that out at the end of your article had to be bathed in a snide dismissal of the trilogy as a whole, tying in nicely to the mountain of useless commentary from all the people simultaneously saying FFXIII killed the franchise while preordering FFXV. If you want to join in on that, I say go for it, but I would hope you could keep it to the comments section rather than presenting information through tinted glass. I’m simply disappointed, since again as I said I generally respect you for doing otherwise any other day of the week.

        • What I was trying to say initially was that usually when you have a more personal statement to make about the article you keep it to the comments (which is something I traditionally like to see, regardless of whether or not I agree with you), but for some reason you felt your personal exasperation with the series (LR or future titles, whichever direction you want to take it) was relevant/necessary to be included in the article itself.

          I’m not sure where you got the idea that I’m exasperated with Lightning. I certainly don’t think I suggested anything of the sort in my report. I quite like the idea of Lightning Returns, actually. It’s a step in the right direction.

          I didn’t like what FFXIII-2 tried to do, but I do like where they’re going with Lightning Returns. They’re emphasizing exploration and open-endedness and that’s one of my favourite things in any game that I play.

          Look, people throw the “bias” card around all the time. If you go into the Mario post right now, you’ll see people calling me a Nintendo-hater. The reality, however, is that we just report the news and try to put things in perspective for our readers. Is Mario 3D World a good game? Yes. Is it selling well? No. Regardless of whether I like it or not, that fact won’t change.

          To give you another example, I can’t stand Pokémon X/Y. They’re the most boring, bland Pokémon games I’ve ever played, the lack of stereoscopic 3D turns me off, and the framerate is atrocious, even in 2D. That doesn’t change the fact that the game is selling incredibly well, and at the end of the day, I have to call it like it is.

          • PersonaBull

            Not really sure how many more ways I can explain how “It’s time to move on” thrown in at the end of a relatively unnecessary article dramatically titled “Lightning Returns Had The Lowest Opening Sales Of Any Final Fantasy XIII Game” (as if there weren’t only three?) is not a neutral statement to make. I did assume you agreed with the bias you’re apparently subconsciously pushing, which is actually disappointing in a whole other way, but that doesn’t really change the point that the data in this article was, as you just said, put into perspective FOR your readers. You’re presenting (for a second time in its own article for some reason, looking at the usual weekly sales article) your interpretation of the data with a finality as your closing argument. This article isn’t “reporting the news”, it’s short and sweet persuasive writing that happens to have a cited source.

          • You can choose to believe I’m pushing an agenda if that’ll help you sleep better at night. I’m disappointed that people still throw around accusations of bias despite how hard we try to separate opinion from fact at Siliconera, but I suppose there’s no making the Internet happy. I won’t try to convince you otherwise.

            As for why this had to be its own post—it’s for the same reason that Vita TV ended up being its own post. The Mario article had gotten too long, and I wanted to highlight each significant release for the week. Doing that in a single article would have been impossible. The longer something is, the fewer people bother to read it all the way through.

  • almostautumn

    Ah, this makes me happy. This POS series that soiled the FF name at its first outing and was the utmost last of FF’s to deserve any sort of continuity but still recieved two has resulted in commercial failure at long last.
    Goodbye, Lightning. Goodbye, negligent story-telling. Goodbye, my frustration.
    And hello, bright future where S-E console games are enjoyable again. With Drakengard 3 and onward, things are looking bright on the S-E console-side once again.

  • Please don’t die Final Fantasy. Toriyama can get Sephiroth’d for all I care.

  • Audie Bakerson

    “It’s time to move on.”

    You mean it’s “well past” time to move on.

  • revenent hell

    Not goona lie… People are tired of these games. They want new and GOOD ones. People everywhere have said they are tired of these games. I cant understand why they made a trilogy of what most ( at least 50%) considered one of the worst games in FF history. Even if you liked it ONE was enough the second and third where unnecessary. And yet this they focused on instead of working on the games people where screaming for…..

    I know people who played FFXIII never having played another FF game and point blank said they aren’t interested in the series because while the game was ok it wasn’t anything special.

    Perhaps if SE learns to listen to their costumers they wont get poor sales.

    FFXIII only sold so well because of the FF fan base wanting to play a new FF game

  • Richard N

    Blame the stigma and whacky reputation XIII and FF in general has these days. Especially when the world has so many RPGs and great developers instead of just Square now to choose from nowadays; Tales, Xenoblade, MegaTen, Bioware.

    • Godmars

      Can’t just blame it on people saying they never wanted the sequels? That most of the active voices were saying just move past what was an early gen mistake?

      • Richard N

        That definitely attributes to it. But honestly, the FF brand just doesn’t carry the same weight anymore like it used to. Just the connotation of Final Fantasy is negative thoughts and disappointments in recent years. We got XIII, botched release of XIV, the abundance of whacky casual mobile games, and Square’s in general bad decisions and PR.

        I think most would agree as of right now Bioware probably has the throne of RPG king, for better or worse. Atlus and Nipon Ichi for us Silicon few.

  • Warboss Aohd

    An’ no one woz surprised.

  • harmonyworld

    Still waiting for this….

  • saxophone15

    I expected as much. I still expect this to be a decent game. I’m not looking forward to random people trying to “analyze” the numbers though.

  • Im not saying it’s Toriyama, but it’s Toriyama!

    Well it could also affect that it’s a sequel, for example in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 didn’t enter the Million Club. (Luv the hell outta B2W2 though)

    And FF in particular I think it was better off without sequels, they felt more unique when they were a one time tale, just my opinion though.

    Edit: And maybe because these sequels were done very shortly in between, maybe it didn’t gauged enough hype.

    • Godmars


      Isn’t the chart on the upper right about how long it took a title to hit a million?

      (or could it be the *slight* detail that out of all the sequels there, you expect a river to be cried because “one” didn’t make?)

      And its Square, not Toriyama. They’ve progressively been caring less about story and plot development, defining worlds and game mechanics, since FF7.

      They’ve just become lost in their ego and nostalgia.

      • I meant the lower right part about the one million in a month club, some 3 entries and B2W2 didn’t made it.

        “They’ve progressively been caring less about story and plot development, defining worlds and game mechanics, since FF7.”

        “They’ve just become lost in their ego and nostalgia.”


  • Ban The Jackass

    I guess whitewashing it won’t work anymore.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Lightning strikes again!

  • Arz

    okay to anybody who saw the ending (SPOILER I GUESS?)
    why do people think it’s bad? I personally don’t think it’s great either but to me it was just an ending, not something I would considered ‘terrible’.

    • Ferrick

      because it’s “just like that”

  • Kornelious

    Well, I hate to say “I told you so” but….

  • Demeanor

    I’m kinda baffled by these results. I’ve said it time and again, but as much as I hated XIII-1’s system, XIII-2 was a definite improvement and really a good quality game, despite the confusing plot.
    XIII-3 offers new features that bring it closer to a Valkyrie Profile game (holy goddess, time management, solo quest), has great graphics and offers a lot of customization with costumes and whatnot, so I really think it deserves a fair chance (of course, hopefully it will improve upon the almighty fixes already implemented in XIII-2, we don’t want to relapse in XIII-1 nightmares).
    It’s a shame the game’s popularity is still tarnished by the terribad design decisions of XIII-1 :(

  • XD! Now I have to go actually play the demo I downloaded a few days ago lol. I wanna see what they did for myself lol

  • Ferchenko
    • Godmars

      Expect more of the same reaction. Which was actually less in terms of sales.

      • Ferchenko


  • Sydney Losstarot

    I see the problem here. FFXIII LR has a black cover while the others have white covers, people don’t buy it because the game has a black cover. Should have gone with white :) (I am joking)

  • XaviIniesta

    I’m actually more interested in this one than I was in the first two games. Simply because I’ve always loved the Zelda: Majora’s Mask system of interacting with NPC’s who follow specific daily routines in real time.
    I guess the actual story and the characters are among the least interesting in the series for me. But XIII-2 improved on some things from the first game, though I felt it had more potential (for example if you could travel back in time as well, or if you would say something different to Hope after seeing a particular scene in a tower elevator, instead of just greeting him like normal, which was quite odd given the circumstances, etc), but overall it was a good game. LRFFXIII seems to have a fun battle system from what I tried so far, and the customization is really nice. But I’m mostly looking forward to the Majora’s Mask-like NPC quest system, and checking out the open world.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    well, the first game hurt the franchise, plus pushing the character down our throuths since her reveal only to give near zero char development on the first game, will make people think twice before risking it with Lightning here.

  • Yan Zhao

    Kinda expected it wouldnt sell that great, though those numbers still arent bad. Its a shame too cause LR seems to be really vastly improved gameplay wise, but the bad rep that FF13 gave FF fans isnt gona vanish.

  • revenent hell

    Ok …so being the person I am I spoiled myself to the ending and not even speaking Japanese…..and hating this series…..No matter how bad Lightning Returns may be……. The ending is F’ing touching. Seriously I almost cried a few times.

    No seriously it has the……it has so many things that make you remember……and its emotional on its own but I want so much to say what I think of it really.

  • Aqua King

    Guess the idea of ‘Everyone loves Lightning’ wasn’t entirely true. I’m sad about the ‘push’ of this game. Lightning wasn’t what made the first two entries any good. This game feels more like a Lightning dress up. A real FF XIII-3 would have probably been better accepted.

    • Audie Bakerson

      I actually would have liked an open world dress up game if it wasn’t an excuse to push Toriyama’s waifu and coupled with horrible art design (boob plate is stupid, but at least you can put it on. Who thought HOURGLASS plate was a good idea?)

    • To say “I love Lightning” is to say “I would love a wall if it had boobs”

  • landlock

    Not unexpected but FFXIII sold really well in the end. FFXIII-2 sold about the same FFX-2 which is pretty good considering FFX was much more liked then FFXIII.

    In the end I’d expect FFXIII-2 to hit somewhere between 2-3 million.

  • DivinePhoenix69

    So much XIII bashing in these comments. While i admit it isnt my favorite FF i still enjoyed the XIII saga despite its flaws and all the hate it received(which was kinda blown out of proportion imo but ehh no point trying to convince others) and this is coming from a longtime FF fan.

    Ah well, i tried the demo and i really enjoyed it so im still getting this day one regardless.

    • Loli Summoner

      As am I friend.

    • personablaze

      Glad I’m not the only one. I had lots of fun with the demo and I’m curious to see who that girl is (The girl in black).

      Day one buy for me.

  • Loli Summoner

    Aww and final games are pose to end with a bang :( *sigh* well whatever…

  • sharpshot909

    Thank goodness. I didn’t understand why there was a sequel to FFXIII, let alone two sequels. Now Lightning can finally be put to rest.

  • Surgeon of Death
    • Mr_SP

      Those guys… are really creepy. Also, foolish. I mean, Final Fantasy game… with clear action and RPG aspects… is getting returned because it’s not a dress-up simulator? What, did these people completely ignore FF X-2? It’s barely even a case of not doing research – pre-ordering a Final Fantasy game but ignoring the 13+ other Final Fantasy RPG games… you kinda deserve what you get.

      • Surgeon of Death

        I completely understand that but the 13 series (while decent RPG’s) don’t measure up to their predecessors and what Toriyama said worries the hell out of me……This series might hit a brick wall if he directs another game

        • revenent hell

          omg THAT SCARES ME….

          • The comments are scarier:

            “I’m somewhat concerned about the uncontrolled sexualisation and fanboy pandering…”
            “Shut the [front door] and get back in the kitchen you whining feminazi bitch!”

    • Tg

      Almost fooled me until I read the bottom and went, “oh”. Researched P4R and went “ooooh, no wonder.”

    • echokanon

      “I love Lightning more than any of you and I would have loved to see her in a dress-up simulator,” he shouted, “I first began this project as a dress-up simulator but I was told that the game would not sell. This is why Lightning Returns is an action role-playing game with only traces of the original plans. Now I can see that the true gamers have all come out to express their anger about Lightning Returns. This might be enough to get a whole series based around Lightning. She is the only character worthy enough to leave this whole Final Fantasy business behind.”

      Had me worried in the comment about the intention to really make it as dress up simulator, also the thing about basing her for a series…

    • Rake

      Oh boy..

  • Somber

    Another misleading Siliconera article. Although this news is a bit sad but it shows Final Fantasy fans are low in faith and confidences.

    • revenent hell

      Because most long time Final Fantasy Fans like myself are done with the shit games. And tired of being milked by a crappy (in our view) trilogy.
      Sorry, Sad, but true.

      Where’s the games we cry out for release like Agaito and Versus, sorry I mean XV?

      What about a good battle system? In the XIII games they played (and still do) themselves… That’s not fun…like at all.

      What about characters that inspire empathy? The only likable ones where Fang and Sahz , Lightning as an MC was a joke… emotionless and uncaring, Vanille was an irritating twit down to her voice, Hope was hopeless but thankfully less irritating than Vanille and Snow looked like a douche with a damn He-Man complex.

      How a bout a story that doesn’t play out like your tripping on acid? Don’t be mistaken the stories where good they just played out hideously.

      They need to get their shit together.

      • Derek E Nay

        I do have to at least give SE some credit. Only that it’s hard today to make a big game like FF7 (going with that one since most people like it) is much harder and costs much more to create.

        But I do agree. I stop caring about FF since 13.

        I was surprsied to find Dissdia was good though. Other then that, most of SE is ehhh…. (I have yet to try the music FF game and I hear great things about it.)

        • revenent hell

          Im not a rhythm game person so I cant say… But Dissidia/Duodecim are good games… They even make lightning likable. Seriously. She has facial expressions beyond serious.

          They can afford to make good games. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining. I could care less if the characters look realistic , it is a fantasy game after all, if they cut back on trying to make everything lifelike they could do it… Hell , they could do it with making the characters lifelike look how fast they spit these games out when the effort could have went elsewhere.
          Its just excuses really. Some one needs to be kicked out of the head seat and replaced. The story writer can stay because the stories are good they just played out poorly…. who made those crap decisions should go to.

          • Derek E Nay

            Oh I will agree that SE can and SHOULD work harder. I am just not going in to complete details and paragraphs about SE. I just wanted to give a quick credit for SE for why they don’t.

  • The first XIII is still my favourite. Hope is still my Favourite character cause to me, he shows the biggest character development out of all the others. Everyone bitches about his whiningness but doesn’t say anything about how he matures overtime.

    • PersonaBull

      A large part of my love for Lightning stems from her interactions with Hope and how they both grew together while sorting their own stuff out. Hope was barely able to even speak to Vanille at the start of the game. Becoming confident enough to confront Snow and eventually become the person he was in FFXIII-2 is huge personal improvement through some seriously traumatic events. The hate is just Tidus or Shinji Ikari all over again.

      • PersonaBull I like you, we should be friends. You took all of my thoughts and put them into words for me. The interaction between Lightning and Hope assisted to them to be the character where they are now. Lightning here however just felt she went down a slippery slope. :/ I’m just happy I’m able to find someone who agrees with me that Hope isn’t a bad character at all. I’m still wishing they make a DLC for Hope in XIII-2 but that ain’t gonna happen now. XIII’s saga should have just ended in the first game… >_>…

    • Sylveria

      He doesn’t mature, he just swaps personalities with Vanille. He becomes the optimistic spunky one and she starts getting depressed. Admittedly she doesn’t go in to an emo, sociopathic murder-rage. His development isn’t even natural at all, he just does a 180 after he fights his eidolon. I may not be writing the next great novel, but I know shitty character development when I see it. Then again, I don’t try and pass off my Hope and Lightning slashfic as legitimate fiction like most of the FF13 apologists I see.

      Oh, and is that what we’re calling “confronting Snow”? His attempt to murder him in cold blood, when he’s in a totally helpless position, after plotting to do so for days? Whining every 5 seconds until he does. After Snow saves his life on a handful of occasions? And you identify with and like this person? Yikes.

      • And you point? Of all the characters within the XIII’s saga, I don’t see much character development in any of the other characters. Snow typically stays the same with his ridiculous “I can save everyone” personality and then all of suddenly in what seems to be all punk and rock in LR.

        Yes, Hope did keep saying he was going to do it, and he did it. But after doing so and obviously a fail attempt, he realized that revenge won’t bring back his mother. He knew he should have asked for help eariler, but his anger and sadness from his mother death clouded him from that. From than he became more optimistic about life and so he became the man who he was in XIII-2, though I wish there was more to him. Vanille didn’t recall her memories before coming a crystal and after remembering her past, of course she would be depressed, but she still retains her personality

        Is there a problem with liking a character? I never recall identifying myself with Hope at all. I only mention how people keep saying Hope is all this or that crap without realize what the kid just went through. Think experience your mothers’ death at the age of 13 is going to be an easy experience? But nonetheless that is unrelated to this “opinionated” discussion.

        Do appreciate your input.

  • Somber

    XV is more promising. Why you people stick with your complains? XIII is over. Wait for XV.

    EDIT: I wonder why ppl have these “Sequels are bad” mindsets.

    • Godmars

      By all counts Square never admitted to the mistakes made with FF13. That means they haven’t learned from them and could apply them to FF15. Which has been announced as a trilogy.

      that’s enough to be concerned about. Especially when after eight plus year FF15 has no sign of getting a release date, but they still keep showing footage of it.

  • serpentear

    It’s about time SE realise that tits and hideous fashion cannot save Final Fantasy.

  • Xerain

    Skyrim has been soundly defeated!

  • Jonas Bern

    I’m waiting for the FFX HD Remaster… I mean, why pre-order Lighting Returns when FFX is around the corner.

  • echokanon

    The hype was lost

  • i dont care i want this game and finish the trilogy

  • Kevin Schwarz

    That’s what happens when they milk some series to the point the gameplay changes every freaking game, for the worst in this case. I know, action genre is always welcome, but this is FF we are talking about. Too bad, all is said.

  • Luis Ibal

    real shame, it seems the better of the three.. :/

  • rpgmaniac

    Good riddance FFXIII & Lightning we won’t miss u.

  • SleepingLeon

    face it we all waiting for FFXV and KH 3, yet they expect to sell this game…

  • and once agin siliconera is not the best with formulating non biaded info so…
    [PS3] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix, 11/21/13) – 277,082 (New)
    [Wii U] Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo, 11/21/13) – 99,588 (New)
    [3DS] One Piece: Unlimited World R (Namco Bandai, 11/21/13) – 83,605 (New)
    Yes it did bad but apparently every game this week did that seams like an easy fact to include in a professional article i mean it saves time and address ALL titles affected by a poor sales week.. I dont no… me dumb

    • Haha…. I just notice that… wow. What can you say? :/

  • Sylveria

    It was time to move on after 13-1.

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      before FFXIII development i say

  • Somber

    Too bad that they put best effort but always resulted in horrible scores. :/


    This really doesn’t come as any surprise. They’ve made some really daft decisions with the FF franchise ever since they formed Square-Enix and it’s pretty much fallen in quality with each release after FFX. FF used to be something I would buy without question and always enjoy it every time and now I don’t even care to hype it anymore. I’m more hyped for games like Ni No Kuni, Bravely Default/Second and even the tales of series. FFXV on the other hand.. not a single fuck am I giving to it.

  • Lawrence

    What a waste…..bunch of fools, they didn’t have time or money to work on FF7 because they wanted to throw time & money to these hopeless projects? Who’s calling the shots at Square-Enix? which one of those geniuses thought this was smart? You’d think they’d learn their lesson after the plummeting sales of FF13-2. What a stupid move, a complete waste of time and resources

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