Why Monster Monpiece Is Rated "M" In The U.S. And "12" In Europe

By Ishaan . January 22, 2014 . 8:30am

This spring, Idea Factory will release Monster Monpiece in North America and Europe. Monster Monpiece is a card-battle game for the PlayStation Vita, which features monster girl cards that players can rub, in order to strip the women of their clothes, in order to power the cards up.


Naturally, the game has an “M” (Mature) ESRB rating in the U.S., but in Europe, it’s rated PEGI 12. Idea Factory explained the cause of the difference in a statement.


“The reason for the difference in these ratings is that Idea Factory International, Inc. chose to opt for a higher age rating for Monster Monpiece,” the publisher’s statement reads. “With PSN-only releases, publishers have the right to rate their own titles; hence, we decided to rate Monster Monpiece Mature due to the sexually explicit images and hand actions performed during the game.”


They elaborate: “However, the PEGI rating is still rated by the PEGI Administrator. With our sufficient material assets for their review, they rated it 12+ because of the minimal amount of violence shown in the game. We appreciate your understanding in these rating differences.”


Monster Monpiece will be available this spring as a download title on the Vita. Certain monster cards have been removed from the game, due to concerns regarding sexual content. You can read more about that here.

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  • Sigfried Silverblade

    That’s interesting.
    PEGI serioulsy considered the violence the main factor for the ratings?
    I’d like to know what they had to say about the images, as this make it seem as if they didn’t really care about them.

    • Mika Chuuu

      The PEGI system is in my opinion much better and make’s more sense.
      US = Violence good / Sex Bad
      EU = Violence Bad / Sex good

      I just do not understand why sexy/flashy images/men/women should be a problem in a game or Movies, cartoons etc.

      • Extreme sexual material will probably not go here without some eyebrow twitching either, but considering the artistic value of erotic in Europe we have a much higher tolerance for this yeah~

        On the other hand violence gets censored like without a second thought more often than not, lol.

        • karldeck

          I wonder what is going to happen in Australia after the saints row 4 and state of decay shit happened last year.

      • Ferrick

        that’s not exactly right though, especially if you consider some western games doesn’t censor the naked female body at all

      • Hikari Langley

        Yep, EU doesn’t really like explicit images also. They are more strict about it compared to US. Just depends what it’s of, really. Look at their version of Agarest War 2.

  • Herok♞

    So they self censored for the US, that’s interesting.

    • Landale

      Makes sense. They had a shitstorm on their hands one way or the other. Moral crusaders on one side, people taking offense to censorship on the other.

  • All Fiction

    American are afraid of everything that look like skin it seems…

    Meanwhile in Europe “Tities ? Fuck yeah I like it, 12+, so that everyone can play :)”

    I am European and here, we don’t have all this trauma with sex, and images like those showed in the game aren’t that much frown upon, because people who don’t like the game just don’t buy the game instead of bitching about how it is horrible and creepy or why it should be forbidden.

    • ronin4life

      Then why did your sex loving region pull DoA Dimensions from shelves over child porn laws when it contained no children and no porn?

      • Yan Zhao

        I think that was just a Swedish law, dont apply to the rest of Europe.

      • All Fiction

        One country =/= an entire continent

        • Scipio

          Same can be said about this game.

    • Crazy_O

      We got our fair share of nuts in the UK and Sweden, but for the rest of Europe – I see naked people sunbathing in public places in Germany, topless women on the beaches of Spain, Greece and Italy – Women exposing their breasts in talk shows in the middle of the day.

      Yes there are some nuts in our region – but generally speaking we are FAR less prude about sex.

    • Scipio

      I had though this level of hyperbole was devoid on Siliconera, guess I was wrong. This is one game, it does not in any way represent anything related to the potential people that might by it, other then what Idea Factory seems to think is on a costumer’s head.

      And really, this is ironic, considering there is a good portion of the European gaming press that has had the same level of “bitching” as anywhere else. Ian Miles Cheong and his ridiculous outcries? That one game journalist that stated Suda 51’s career was finished because he dared to release Killer is Dead? That recent news article hosted on ONM UK about how Senran Kagura was “damaging the industry”? Need I say more?

      Come to San Francisco and tell me how afraid of skin we are.

      • Were you not here for that whole fiasco about how NIS America cutting the loli bath scenes from their game is a threat to our Constitutional rights?

  • Tarkovsky

    Not surprised. European countries are more accepting of “sexual” content compared to North America. Dragon’s Crown and Killer is Dead reviews proved that months ago.

    • taekk

      Yeah, I got that impression from watching Benny Hill

      • Tiredman

        Funny =p I had a bunch of Benny Hill on Beta Max back in the day.

    • natchu96

      I mean, the kids will eventually be exposed to “sexual” content at some point . . . whether it’s directly or in media. Kind of a necessary part of life.

      On the other hand, violence doesn’t do anyone any good outside of self defense.

    • Adrian Duran

      America is full of prudes and sex addicts

  • luckgandor

    Supposedly, you can’t obtain all the cards in single player. You have to win online matches, or actually pay for the rest of the cards if you want to collect them all. I already felt that the decision to censor Fia was pretty spineless of them, but knowing that it has a pay2win element convinced me to pass on it.

    • Manny Being Manny

      Yeah, once I heard it was Pay2Win that sealed the deal for me.

      • Sigfried Silverblade

        Whaaaaaat!? Seriously?
        Can you offer me a link where it mentions this?
        Damn it all. That’s worse than censorhsip on my book.

    • Landale

      “Supposedly”. Do you have anything to back this up?

      • luckgandor

        Supposedly as in I haven’t played the JP version myself, but someone on GameFAQs has and confirmed it there.

        • Landale

          Pretty much all of their games have had DLC that gets you stuff you can get in game as well as unique stuff, but all of it is strictly inferior to the best that can be acquired in game. I would honestly be surprised if they actually had the best as something purchasable for once.

      • I would like to know this, too. If there’s any proof for this, my interest in the game is hereby gone.

        I wouldn’t necessarily put it past them, since Sorcery Saga had to call home for its DLC…

  • Kango234

    This is actually just getting insulting, I wonder if Americans will ever change our views on this.

  • US will only get a digital release right? How about Europe? Will there be a physical release for Europe like senran kagura?

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Nope. Digital only like NA.

  • Dragard Kaos

    A lot of the cards were removed for censorship in the US/EU release…

    • DyLaN

      30 or 40/350 removed image variation doesn’t sound a lot to me…

    • The images were swapped with other versions that were already in the game with more clothes on. The cards themselves were not cut.

    • Landale

      Images, not cards.

  • Oh joy, here come the flood gates of a Euopre vs America and gratuitous amounts of crap flinging on both sides.

  • Jesse

    I thought they said only the images were removed, and just had the same image as the one 1 level below it?

    • Landale

      They did. Repeatedly. It’s pretty much everyone but Idea Factory themselves saying cards are being removed.

  • ‘murica is too scared of repercussions and Europe embraces the human body. *sigh* First-world problems, but lord is it irritating to be from a country that censors so much stuff.

    • Brimfyre

      It’s still censored in both versions.

    • I think moe-moe animu fetish sex doll figures only barely qualify as anything resembling the “human body”

      • KnifeAndFork

        If that’s the case why aren’t they fully nude in Japan?

        What you think and what actually happens are two different things

  • Strain42

    America worries more about censoring sex while most of the rest of the world focuses on censoring violence. This is nothing new, and it’s not surprising. Different cultures embrace different things, and no one is right or wrong in the equation.

    • almostautumn

      Actually, both are wrong.

      Artistic expression > Cultural conservatism

      • Strain42

        I disagree, but respect your opinion. I don’t think things should be immune to censorship because “art” and I say that as an artist. In the same way we as people have rules like don’t murder, steal, or set certain things on fire, I believe arts should also have some similar guidelines in their cultures.

        • almostautumn

          But that guideline is smashed time after time.
          James Joyce’s “Ulysses” was pornographic at its release: it’s now widely considered a most important piece of literature.
          Cannibal Holocaust was banned for its ultra-realism: it is now of the most respected horror films of all time.
          Picasso’s cubism was laughed at and considered too obscure: it is now the most notorious artform around.

          Censorship is at all times unreasonable. And here’s the thing: if governments want to censor with the intention of attempting to do best for their citizenship, I respect this. It may not be “right” or “reasonable,” but at least it has a concrete and realistic rationale. But here, in the case of monmon, is raw cultural conservatism: there’s no rationale to it other than fear— and that’s not reasonable, but instead idiotic.

          • Strain42

            I do agree there. The entire impressionist movement of art history was a bunch of artists taking the established norms of art and bending the rules to make something that has stood the test of time, and crazy as it may sound, that’s the thing I LIKE about censorship. When you have rules for art, you have people trying to see what they can do to play with those rules and we eventually move forward.

            Let me be clear that I personally find THIS case on censorship a bit pointless. If they’d already decided to localize it they probably had a good idea who their audience was going to be and should have realized removing the stuff most of that audience was interested in the game for might sway them from purchase. So let me be clear I do not defend this censorship, or even really censorship as a thing, merely that I find it interesting to see how different cultures do react and try to restrict certain things and how artists from those cultures will overcome those obstacles.

            And call me pessimistic, but I don’t expect that a few decades from now people will be using Monster Monpiece as their example for brilliant artistic vision that was squelched by overbearing censorship :P

          • Pinkemon

            ” I don’t expect that a few decades from now people will be using Monster
            Monpiece as their example for brilliant artistic vision that was
            squelched by overbearing censorship :P”

            While I don’t usually support censorship, I gotta draw the line with pictures of little girls in skimpy underwear in sexual poses, and I can’t help but find it unsettling how people are acting like the game lost some sort of artistic treasure. I guess that’s fetishes for ya. :U

          • mirumu

            I don’t think it’s quite that simple. I had no real interest in this game being localized, and even now that it is I have no desire to buy it, but if you believe in freedom of expression you have to be willing to defend things you don’t particularly like.

            Honestly though having seen the pictures they cut I don’t really see what the issue is. There’s no nudity and it all seems pretty tame.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Certainly they’re not doing it for the sake of artistic expression and freedom and send some thought provoking profound statement to the gaming industry and society in general. They’re doing it because they know its an easy bait that attracts people to buy their product because of the perverse imagery. It’s shallow pandering at the least but a quick buck without too much development effort. We’re not talking The Last of Us technology or budget here

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Taking out some pictures in order to make something sell? Sounds in my opinion to be far more the practicing of good business sense.

            Let’s not immediately draw the line that this is cultural ‘conservatism’ either. Some folks just believe differently than any one of us. Look up Gilgamesh or any story which entered the written world from the mere spoken one. You can lose count of or have what is an unknown number of versions which had clearly been running around. The changes happened based upon who was telling the story and who it was being told to. Speaks pretty strongly to many having a rationale for such changes.

          • Whoa, wait, hold up. Cannibal Holocaust is respected? Last I heard it’s still generally considered exploitative trash, albeit exploitative trash with some fans.

            Maybe A Clockwork Orange would be a better example? Partly because the violence in that movie, as in many other controversial films from its time, comes across as downright tame by today’s standards (excluding the rape scene, which is still intensely disturbing – yet still less brutal than in the novel).

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I was thinking Black Sunday myself after the initial post, but I think it is important both sides of the argument understand the idea of to each their own opinion. I do think it is expanding far beyond for many folks when a title that is just designed for shits and grins is compared to works where the creators intention was to say something and make people think.

            Unless of course the creators intentions with MM was to inform the audience what color pantsu a stylish young anthropomorphic goblin girl really wears, we are talking apples and bok choi here.

          • Well I’m sorry if you missed Monster Monpiece’s soul-searing commentary about the paradoxically compromised state of animal rights in the first world and the toll of post-industrial society on man’s connection with nature, themes no one has ever before thought to express through the medium of fingering digital anime girls.

          • KnifeAndFork

            There are some lines you shouldn’t cross: like racist imagery and actual graphic pornography, depictions of rape, snuff, and outright insulting religions and beliefs etc

          • KnifeAndFork

            Wow I guess two downvoters are cool with racism, intolerance and rape among other things…

          • kardonius

            When it comes to fiction, damn right I’m cool with it. No actual individuals are being harmed, and there is no reasonable ‘right’ to not be offended.

          • KnifeAndFork


            So if they made a game where you play as a KKK leader hanging Blacks Asians and Hispanic characters by way of rope and depicted them as insensitive racist caricatures or made a baby raping game you’d be cool with it too? Can’t hide behind “it’s not real!” Defense sorry. It’s still the message that gets across thats why we try to instill standards of decency

          • kardonius

            Like i said, when it comes to fiction where no actual individuals are being harmed, yeah I’m cool with it.
            It may be in bad taste, but it’s not particularly different than that super columbine massacre game or whatever it was called. People can send any message they want in their fictional media in my book. The same thing applies when it comes to flag burning or neo-nazi rallies, so long as they aren’t infringing on the natural rights of others, they are free to express themselves.

          • Landale

            Can you both maybe stop this now? This is starting to go into some really uncomfortable and really irrelevant topics that don’t need to be here.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Fine I’ll stop. But if you think that the subject of molestation of females be it underage or not regardless if its 2d imagery in a game is not an uncomfortable topic as opposed to the other examples I listed had they been in a game as well, then you may want rethink that because neither is more acceptable or justifiable than the other. They’re all bad and send horrible messages.

          • KnifeAndFork

            As is been said, the pen can be mightier than the sword. We’ll leave it at that.

          • Neo-Nazi rallies are a slightly different deal, though, because they can be interpreted as not merely an expression of speech but a direct invocation to/threat of violence against individuals or groups, and that is considered to be the place where free speech ends. Not saying I necessarily believe that they should be outlawed, but this is the argument typically used in favor of doing so by countries who have done it.

            Free speech also doesn’t extend to when and where you can make use of it; for example, you can’t display pornography or hold a skinhead rally in a public space like a town square. I don’t know the specific legal reasoning behind this but I imagine it’s something along the lines of being an act of harassment or threat against the general public.

          • almostautumn

            “outright insulting religions and belief” is the imaginary and undefined standards that perpetrate modern censoring. That’s ridiculous: organized religion and individual morals have absolutely no place for consideration in the mind of a creator. If people have a problem with it than they can f**k off: they don’t have a right in determining its allowance.

      • Well in that case the US wins hands-down, because the only legally enforced censorship standards in the US are against things like animal cruelty or child pornography. Artists can express whatever the hell they want as long as they accept an appropriate age rating (if applicable), which is way better off than a whole bunch of other first-world countries.

        I think the discussion tends to be more relevant in relation to what kind of material different cultures consider to be appropriate for children. And in that respect, I tend to think that Europe has it right and America has it wrong: sexuality isn’t that big a deal for adolescent audiences, but the casual treatment of violence in American media is disturbing and I feel that most kids should not be exposed to media with graphic violence (with some exceptions made for appropriately somber treatments of violent subject matter) until they are in their older teens at least.

        • KnifeAndFork

          Exploitation of both can be bad. That’s where good parenting comes in.
          Unfortunately there’s no schooling or license to become a good parent

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      May not be right or wrong, but one side is obviously fucking stupid considering what you see in the news here in the US on a daily basis.

    • mirumu

      I can’t view them as equivalent. I really don’t think they are. Most of the vandalism Oliver Cromwell and his comrades inflicted back in the English civil war was short lived, but the puritanism they encouraged however haunts us to this day. I think we’d have all been better off if that craziness never had such a prominent place in the founding of the US. Today everyone just assumes it’s a natural point of view so we all have to live with it, but on the scale of human history that aversion to sexual content is a very modern invention.

    • seiya19

      Violence is inherently negative, even when believed to be just. It’s a source of pain and suffering for the victim, not to mention its potential impact on those around it.

      On the other hand, sex is pleasurable, healthy, and the way we reproduce. It’s a natural and desirable part of life.

      I don’t think there’s any way you can justify putting them on the same level from a rational point of view here. Personally, I’m completely against censoring either, but I can understand how violence requires a certain level of justification and filters for many. I can understand how it can shock some people and make them feel disgusted. But just seeing the naked human body ? That I don’t understand… Much less when we’re talking about swimsuit-level here for the most part, which is nothing more than what you can see just by going to the beach or public pool…

      • I think the argument against sexuality in media is that – unlike violence – it is private, or even sacred, and should not be cheapened by casual exposure in mass media. Of course, I’d say kind of the same thing (for the opposite reason) about violence: it’s harrowing, horrific and life-destroying, and likewise should not be cheapened by being presented casually.

        • seiya19

          While those views on sexuality are respectable, they’re clearly beliefs, not scientific/natural facts. And as such, can’t be imposed on the entire population as if they were. You need more than that to justify censorship directed at consenting adults. You need an objective reason.

          I would also like to add here that the way many countries turn sex into a taboo can often be an obstacle for proper education on the matter. A certain level of exposure is required to do this, yet many people often refuse to accept any kind of it.

          • Wait, who’s trying to justify state censorship? I’m sure not. I’m talking about cultural views regarding what kind of content considered appropriate for young viewers. I fully support freedom of speech; that doesn’t mean I have to approve of how people use it.

          • seiya19

            Oh, I didn’t mean you… Those “you” are rhetorical. They’re not directed at anyone in particular. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough.

            And yeah, you don’t have to approve of something to defend its right to exist. I wish more people would understand this… To be honest, I have little interest in this particular game myself. Part of what made me post here is this worring trend of self-censorship and unjustified (in my opinion) criticism of pretty much anything sexual in recent Japanese games. And while I’m not personally a fan of lolis, I’ll gladly defend their existance as a matter of principle, just like any other creative work. I believe that defending the right of others to free speech/expression is by extension defending your own.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Fingering underage girls to remove their clothes is different from just the subject of nudity. That falls under child molestation and manipulation. Which is bad.

        • seiya19

          Do you really think the concept of child molestation applies here ? Does this concept really apply to these manga designs of ambiguous age with a fantasy motif and the nonsensical nature of the gameplay ? Aren’t these supposed to be cards anyway ? Or am I supposed to believe that my hand is as big as their whole bodies and take it seriously ?

          I don’t think so… Even ignoring the obvious notable differences between these characters and real girls, there’s no representation of molestation here from what I’ve seen, either by its mythos or by its content. The whole thing is too devoided of rationality and reality to be taken seriously.

          Besides, from your perspective, how are we supposed to react to the realistic simulations of murder that we often see in gaming then ?

          • Landale

            Molestation, not really. Manipulation, yes. UK law is the primary reason the game is censored, highlighting the drawback to attempting a single version of something spread across multiple countries with varying laws.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Molestation yes really. And couldn’t they have localized different versions to different countries? Wouldn’t be the first time that happened…

          • Landale

            How often do you hear of a single company dealing with localizing multiple versions of something in different countries? Not very often outside of large companies, which Idea Factory is not.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Well if they wanted to release it in China they’d have to make even more adjustments.

            And it’s digital not retail so obviously much easier and less costly to make adjustments

          • KnifeAndFork

            First off, don’t try to justify one wrong act by trying to shift focus to another by way of faulty analogies. Doesn’t make either of them suddenly right or one suddenly more justifiable than the other. All it does is show you have no leg to stand on to support your belief.

            It doesn’t matter how far off the mechanics are from the story in the game. Does it make sense in Disaster: Day of Crisis that while everything happening around in the environment seems realistic and fits, that the MC can suddenly locate a hamburger on the street the size of a large suitcase and still consume it?
            No. Doesn’t stop it from happening just like this game.
            Are we supposed to really take anything with game mechanics seriously? No. That’s the trade off with playing a video game as opposed to watching a movie or seeing a live performance.

            That doesn’t dispute what you are doing in said mechanic.
            As unrealistic as that hamburger in Disaster is, you’re still eating it.
            As unrealistic is Stomping on a sentient giant mushroom is, you’re still doing it in Mario.
            And as unrealistic obviously a 2D cartoonish image is compared to a real photo or a realistic 3D model could be and that the image is somehow okay because it’s on a card, it’s still you rubbing clothes off a girl.
            I mean, if the cards inanimate and not sentient in any manner, why do the girls blush and look even more sexually aroused after you’ve fingered all their clothes off?

            You could try to use the too unrealistic to be taken seriously argument all you want but we all know that’s a failed argument else then why not have full nudity and vaginal imagery in there as well because who cares its not real anyway right? They’re just cards right? He’ll, why are we even using 2D drawings, if its not real and its just cards why not put photos of girls on there? It’d still be just cards….

          • seiya19

            The analogy regarding “murder simulators” is absolutely relevant to the topic in question. You don’t have to acknowledge it on every part of the discussion, but if you’re defending the censorship here with those arguments, you have to address it sooner or later. That aside, I think you’re the one that’s coming up with faulty analogies…

            First of all, your examples are flawed because you’re mixing up in-game actions with the way the player controls the game. In all the game cases you mentioned, the character performs the actions in-game, interacting with its own in-game world. On the other hand, in Monster Monpiece, you’re mixing the way the gameplay is controlled (touch screen) with what happens in-game. As far as the game is concerned, there’s no child molestation going on, as said action is not represented at all. It’s just the characters making gestures and eventually appearing with less clothes, for whatever reason the story has, if any. And as far as the gameplay mechanics works, your interaction is incoherent with what the game portrays, and limited to just basic touch screen gameplay.

            Furthermore, in your Disaster example, am I (the player) eating a burger, or is the main character eating it ? Yes, I control the character through my gamepad, but I’m not the character itself. The character is an avatar (at most), and the burger is an item. While the game simulates the act of eating a burger (I pressume), I’m not eating one. Can you accuse me of that ?

            If your answer is yes, then that’s where the murder simulators can come in… Does it make sense to put these actions on the same level as real life ones in any way ? Can the action of killing in-game be considered actual killing in any way ? Does the concept of child molestation, which is dependant on the age of a person and their capacity to give consent, apply here ? How accurately can we measure the age, mental capacity and health of fictional, non-existant characters ?

            As for your last paragraph, I have no objection with the existance of any kind of media content that hurts no real human being, and that includes any kind of simulated pornography. A lot of eroge games actually fall in your argument, and whether I personally like them or not, I’m not against them.

            Why not put photos of real girls ? Well, that is a problem for me, if they’re either non-consenting adults or underage. That would be an abuse of real human beings. I’m against any sort of real sexual abuse, just like I am with real violence. I just don’t believe in protecting the rights of the non-existant, specially in exchange of free speech/expression from us, real people.

            PS: My last post on the subject, unless there’s something to clarify. I’ll read whatever you want to add though, if any.

    • greeeed

      just like USA = not same as world
      EU = not same as rest of world

    • Adrian Duran

      Even if this was true, none of this can be inferred from the topic at hand

  • Nitraion

    Hmm soo european rating is based on violence… interesting.. :O

  • Sentsuizan_93

    In a way, the PEGI 12 rating makes sense.
    There doesn’t seem to be any “graphic” violence in this. If there was, say a bit of blood, like getting stabbed and the image was fairly graphic, this may have been a PEGI 16 instead. Ironic though. Mugen Souls was a PEGI 16. And so was Agarest 2.

  • Manny Being Manny

    So basically, IF censored themselves… theres still plenty of lewd pics in the game and it would have only warranted a T rating. Beautiful.

    I was wondering how Senran Kagura Burst got away with a T and this was M.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Rating =/= censorship

    • Landale

      Censored to comply with legal issues that can arise for releasing one version of a game in multiple regions of the world. That’s why the censoring is on excessive childlike character images and nude regardless and not simply “lewd pics”.

  • Kamakuma

    Why do I keep clicking these? >~< The arts style is really the only thing drawing me in at this point but I'll pass maybe… It all depends how my wallet feels after the beating it took from pre-orders lately.

    *puts band aid on wallet* There there… v.v

  • Sangaz

    So they removed 40 cards due to their erotic content and still rated it M for the guys in the states.

    It’s a bit petty of me but I hope IF make a real loss on this game. I don’t want them to think it’s okay to censor out content from a game they release.

    • They removed *images*. The cards themselves are still there with different images.

      • Sangaz

        That really doesn’t make it any better imo.

        • It’s a significant difference. Cutting content is a terrible thing that could’ve potentially unbalanced the game and completely ruined it, and you’d be fine to complain. But all they did here is make the cards in question use their lower-level artwork that have more clothes on. No harm done, unless you really wanted to rub near-naked lolis.

          • Sangaz

            Like I said. I know I’m being petty with this. But i just don’t like censorship, full stop. I worry that if the majority accept it, then further down the line companies will feel that it’s okay to censor even more content.

            Now if PEGI gave it a 12, then surely leaving those cards as they were would only have bumped it up to a 16 at worst.

          • You have to understand though, companies NEED to adapt these games to suit other cultures. Some territories are more strict than others.

            Different if they are removing gameplay elements, for example the situation with “If My Heart Had Wings” which removed 18+ scenes. Yes it was censored, but it also effected the game by taking out content, and altering the script, if albeit just a little, it was still wrong

            Monster Monpiece on the other hand is only changing about the artwork, and you’re not losing out on any gamepay. This is how I feel censorship should be “correctly” applied. If you still want an uncensored version that badly, you could always import it just for the art.

          • Lifesong

            Unlockable content is part of the gameplay. A part you don’t care about perhaps, but a part none the less.

          • Hikari Langley

            I wanted to rub near naked lolis… but I’ll support this game, unlike Mugen Souls. It’s nothing as bad as removing a feature, so it’s barely acceptable for me. Still love my loli action…

          • Unpopular opinion, but I don’t agree with the whole Mugen Souls boycott. The feature did literally nothing and would’ve inflated the rating for no reason. You lose nothing by not having them.

            Mugen Souls is still a bad game, though. (I say that from experience after trying very hard to like it)

          • Sigfried Silverblade

            Nice story, but short, and with stupdly impossible trophies to get.
            I do admit I would have liked it better with the bath minigame.

          • Hikari Langley

            Doesn’t matter if it did anything, it was included in the original game. Why should I have to get less? The game already isn’t enough to grab my interest as it feels like a horrid compilation of Disgaea and Neptunia.

            I felt so bad when I got the first Mugen Souls, almost like The last rebellion.

          • So a pointless fanservice minigame is a feature that would’ve sold the game to you? That reeks of ulterior motives…

          • Hikari Langley

            Of course, it’s my money. And I like the loli’s so connect the dots.
            And I’m particular about my content.

        • DyLaN

          Its just that the cards clothing wouldn’t exposed beyond what more than necessary. Better than chopping out the whole thing IMO.

    • Landale

      So, a company just getting set up in the country, a country with a habit of blaming anything and everything on video games at that, is playing it safe for their first translation. And you’re wishing for them to fail. Nice. Real nice. -_-

    • NeoAthanasius

      But it is ok! It is their game to release in any form that they wish. It would be a problem if the government was cutting content, however they totally have the right to release their game in the way they feel will be best for the company.

  • ndjn3979

    This doesn’t look like an M game at all.


    • luckgandor

      No, there isn’t any of that.

    • DyLaN

      Its the undressed lolis.

      • ndjn3979


        my virgin mind

  • TiamatNM

    so they can rate their own games for download only releases in the US? why not just leave everything in and give it an M then? lol

    • Hikari Langley

      Being scared of criticism is the only reason for this, as they haven’t really made a fan base yet.

      The images and “hand” movement isn’t anything that wouldn’t be allowed.

      • Landale

        Scared of criticism? Not likely. Wary of the country’s moral crusading politicians and lawyers with a habit of blaming anything and everything on games? Yes.
        Removing the more extreme variants of images with childlike characters, as well as the images that could, taken out of context as said moral crusaders tend to do, be accused of presenting sexual violence. Pair that up with the highest rating that would still permit open sales and they’re fairly well defended until they can better establish themselves.

        • Hikari Langley

          Would that not fall under negative criticism? I mean if they left the images in the game. I know peeps like IGN wouldn’t waste a second to complain about it being overly provocative.

          • Gigan22

            Sites like IGN and Kotaku are still going to be saying that. Many of the images left in the game are just as “bad” as the ones taken out. It doesn’t change the fact you’re still “rubbing” on near-naked 2D girls. Even with the censorship, IF has some balls to bring this to the west in the first place as it’s obviously going to catch flak from those sites. However, since the cards aren’t completely removed, now they’re only going to be able to claim you’re “rubbing” halfway-clothed lolis, not near-naked ones.

        • TiamatNM

          I just don’t see that happening cause the game is very obscure and download only. I didn’t see any real backlash for Senran Kagura Burst. Dragon’s Crown is more mainstream than MM and SK and it got kotaku and others on the internet talking about it but I never heard of any politicians or lawyers taking notice. Then if you look to other media, I’ve got a copy of the Monster Musume manga in english and it has nipples showing on a loli looking character yet somehow has “16+” on the back cover. Haven’t seen any politicians crusading against it

          • Landale

            The thing is Dragon’s Crown has no sexualized images of what could be considered childlike characters. Senran Kagura’s characters do not look as young as they are for the most part. Could Monster Monpiece have gotten by with the content intact? Possibly, but the risk of causing the company problems is far greater than either of those examples you’ve given.
            As for Monster Musume, it’s a different medium and one that frankly I haven’t ever heard of politicians going nuts over. Also, Papi is flat but aside from that her build isn’t exactly childlike, so “loli” isn’t exactly the right term.

          • TiamatNM

            well I do remember that kotaku guy saying the sorceress was pandering to pedophiles lol…though he was wrong. as for Papi that’s why I went with “loli looking” cause she’s kinda borderline and I think it would depend who you asked. She looks more like she’s in her low teens to me but I know there’s tons of people who say “pedophile!” for anything under 18 even though that’s incorrect use of the term.

          • Landale

            Trying to process “Sorceress = Pandering to pedophiles” has broken my brain.
            Aside from the lack of a chest, Papi really doesn’t look that young. The books actually come with some biology stuff on them, as well as comparisons to humans. Her torso is similar to an adult human in size, and is fairly curvy. Her lack of height comes from the way her legs are built, bending twice rather than once and not seeming to be able to be straightened out.

          • TiamatNM
          • Landale

            I look at that and all I can think is “Loli and Lolicon have no meaning anymore do they?”. Flatness being equated to them has been annoying enough, I swear I’d die if being animated was all it took to start qualifying for the terms.

    • Sigfried Silverblade

      I think even with the censorship they implemented, the game wil still get plenty of heat around the west.
      I can’t say if it would be worse without the censorship, but they choose this to try and avoid too much heat.

    • ronin4life

      Sony won’t let them. None of the Console providers would; not even the Steam platform.

      • Hikari Langley

        Nah, they weren’t going to be stopped from releasing the game by Sony. It was IF international’s choice this time around.

      • TiamatNM

        if it got an AO then yeah Sony wouldn’t let them. …but we don’t know for sure it would have gotten an AO

        • ronin4life

          Sony censored Beyond for nudity and several other games for Violence.
          Granted these were *Their* games(although they do have a history of censorship: anyone remember BMX XXX?), but that doesn’t mean they would allow anything just because it wasn’t their work without some checks. Nudity may be fine, but I imagine potentially to obviously under aged sexual depictions would have set of alarms, even if the game was passed unharmed in the end.
          We will never know, but I think the chance this was unavoidable was always there from multiple parties. And while I too find it sort of strange that a niche game obviously not meant for children absolutely needed censorship, given the exact type of content it kind of balances itself out in that regard.

  • Guest

    Why are we not all outraged that the strong artistic statement of “Monster Monpiece” has been compromised? haha

  • MrRobbyM

    America should really take a page or two…or 100, on Europe’s view on sexual content and violence.

    • NeoAthanasius

      Or we could have a proper view on both types of content. I think that the ESRB does a decent job of rating violent content in games. They could probably tweak their view of sexual content, but that might even be helped by having more ratings available to use. Most shooters are rated M by the ESRB, which seems fair to me. However in no way do I think that “Monster Monpiece” should be rated T. If the ESRB had a rating between T and M to assign, they could probably rate sexual content more accurately.

      • Lynx

        It’s not they could.

        They NEED to.
        They really need to evaluate the priorities.

        My copy of MS Saga: A New Dawn, the only Gundam RPG to date, has ‘Suggestive Themes’, for what, Tremmie’s clothing? It’s a T rated game.

        • NeoAthanasius

          Agreed! I wonder if they ever will?

        • Warboss Aohd

          Tremmie and one other, but yeah wasn’t enough for that.

  • This does actually surprise me, and is not the first time I’ve been if at least confused with the tolerance of sexual content in Europe.

    Here’s a particular example that really astonish me….
    *this is the part I say this will be a LONG post*

    BlazBlue Franchise – Now, while you may look and see just another fighting game that most over in the west will first compare to Street Fighter. Down inside this meaty fighter is the dialogue, and the visual side of things.

    Often, you have Ragna calling every Tom, Dick and Harry a “bastard”, his main argument being “shut the hell up”, not to mention he has a lolita complex. Platinum’s personality “Luna” is quite adept at throwing the “he’s a pedophile” card to get a free meal, often resulting in all the glorious profanity under the sun, aligning just right with our ear drums.

    As for the visual side of things, did the PEGI rating folk even check the Gallery? There is plenty of near naked art that has been getting progressively worse (i.e. BETTER!!) by the game.

    I have no qualms with this service, in fact I think it’s awesome to see what interesting service we may receive with these games because after all, I can’t help being a guy. But to have this content rated as suitable for 12+? I’m afraid I don’t agree,and would rather it be pushed up to 16+

  • RagingTiger44

    Rated M in North America for Sexual Explicit Images.
    Rated 12+ in Europe because of a lack of violence.

    We know where America’s priorities are…

  • karldeck

    You want to know what other games that got the same rating as this one in both territories?
    Persona 3 Portable.

  • Slickyslacker

    You know, rethinking the localization of the game, nearly 1/5th of the game’s core content was removed. This further solidifies why the game was rated M for Obamaland (where I of course live), and why it was given PEGI’s practical equivalent of an ESRB T-rating for PAL. No matter how many countries it ends up being available in (due to being a download title; though I don’t suspect that they would want to translate it into many other languages than English), this is more culturally acceptable in Europe.

    • Hikari Langley

      Ever seen what they did to Agarest War 2? I dunnno… Europe doesn’t seem too keen on this kind of stuff, but hey, I may be wrong.

      • artemisthemp

        It’s not EU, it’s UK and their choice to adapted the Swedish Loli law (Yes owning a manga with Loli in a sexy pose can get you jailed)

      • Tyler Beale

        I own the game (US version)….What did they do?

        • Hikari Langley

          Just removed Fiona from the bathing minigame. Due to get age in Gen 1

          • Tyler Beale

            The one that looks kinda like this, but see-though?

          • Hikari Langley

            Yep yep

          • Tyler Beale

            I ripped all the CGs from the game (and downloaded the DLC CGs), and I know that image is around here (on my PC) somewhere…

    • Idea Factory Intl rated the game themselves since it was a DD-only. PEGI would rate the game regardless so don’t entirely blame America or anyone else for their decision.

      • Slickyslacker

        I said “Obamaland” to just refer to ‘Merica. I’m not blaming Obama or anything stupid like that :/

    • Landale

      Roughly 8 to 11%, not 20, of the images by the count I’ve seen brought up. I was not aware the images, rather than gameplay, was the core content of the game.

      • Slickyslacker

        I should have said “nearly 1/5th was censored somehow.”

        It’s not like this game’s playerbase is going to be mostly comprised of card-battling enthusiasts.

  • DarkLight

    Lol,I lovin that European rating.

  • artemisthemp

    What IdeaFactory is trying to say is: We could have avoid censoring Monster Monpiece, if we didn’t have to comply with UK loli law.

    • Landale

      To a degree yes, was not aware the laws there were quite as strict as you’ve detailed so I’ve been assuming it’s been in part to avoid giving ammo to push those sorts of laws here in the US.

      Some of what they’ve chosen to edit out though wouldn’t fall into that particular legal issue though, but could still cause issues so it’s not entirely UK law.

      • Warboss Aohd

        i think theres a problem with lolis in a European country to though i can’t remember which.

        • Landale

          The UK. The question is which country is it that would cause the need for the non-loli images that got censored.

  • -_- Dammit North America.

    • Warboss Aohd

      it seems to have less to do with the US, and more with the fact this version of the games is going to be released in multiple countries.

      • It’s the though process and morals of North America. If North America was a little more lenient with the whole “Sex” issue then there would be no need to censor the game in the first place, and I’m sure that Europe would be fine with that since the game is rated Teen there already.

        Sex is apart of human nature and will always be. Violence has also occurred throughout history as well, but which one is the REAL problem here. Basically North America need to grow up.

        • 324234

          More likely caused by the UK laws mentioned.

          • North America still needs to change either way.

          • Warboss Aohd

            not relevant to this if it’s not the cause of this.

  • Yan Zhao

    12+ in Europe? Wow. Interesting to know that images of scandly clad females are OK with middle schoolers over there haha.

  • Sachiko Shinozaki

    I´m happy that i wont support this censored version of the game.
    I will buy the japanese version

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Im proud of my Sachi. Shes turning seven today. We are going out for dinner.

  • Basically I think it’s a cultural difference between the US and Europe. It’s often been noted that European countries tend to be less sensitive about media depictions of sexuality and nudity compared to the US, while America tends to be significantly more lax about violence.

    At any rate, I feel the European rating for Monster Monpiece more accurately captures the approximate mental age necessary to get the greatest possible enjoyment out of the game.

  • Landale

    Just to try and organize the information that’s popped up on the matter while cutting out the dramatics, please do correct me on any errors:
    1. This is Idea Factory’s first localization attempt, handled by a new branch of the company.
    2. This is one version of the game being released in multiple regions of the world with various laws. Assuming this is accurate, this is likely due in part to limited funding due to being a smaller company. One version instead of many and digital only minimizes the cost.
    3. Nothing is mechanically changing about the game. Only the removal of roughly 11% of the card images.
    4. 17 cards are being censored, some on multiple levels. Of these cards 15 seem to be in response to certain countries having strict laws in regards to childlike depictions. The remaining 2 are completely nude, though no genitals nor nipples are shown, of these 1 is covered in what could be mistaken for excessive amounts of blood on the breasts and crotch.
    5. The PEGI rating was given out by PEGI itself. The ESRB rating was chosen by Idea Factory, as permitted by the distribution method, based on the nature of the remaining uncensored card images.

    Now, given that localizations between the US and Europe are heavily imbalanced, this is a rather nice step toward fixing the issue. Yes there are flaws with this, but circumstances and culture differences make them largely inevitable.
    Refusing to support the company is actually going to hurt consumers in the long run. Limited funds mean they can’t continue, or if they can it will likely continue to be limited, either to individual regions one at a time or in terms of content for all. Moreover other companies are quite likely to see that potential customers will not purchase products that have been adjusted to fit within a country’s laws, limited the number of companies working on games. If you were thinking of buying this game, buy it. Do not, however just stop there, contact Idea Factory, explain to them how they can improve with future releases. Tell them what you think of their translation, tell them what you think of the distribution method, tell them what you think about what was removed. Money speaks, but it’s not the only thing that speaks especially not to smaller companies who do need to listen to what their customers are saying.
    They were upfront about what they were doing to the game in localization, they expressed that they did want the game to be as complete as possible, and they have replied to people, not just press, in regards to matters on this very game. This is not some company so large it can’t be reasoned with. Here’s the link, http://www.ideafintl.com/contact.php
    Here is the law in question that led to some of the censoring, note the “Pseudo-photograph” bit: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1978/37/body
    Here are the censored cards, the link was provided by Kayhil Dimas in another article on this, http://imageshack.com/a/img856/6803/0wbg.png

    • Sentsuizan_93

      In regards to what was removed, some of them, you can’t even complain about it at all. There’s no way anyone can argue with Mau Shibau’s removal. It can be argued however, that Tengu, Phantom, and Cockatrice could have stayed, and (if they’re generous) Fia.
      But seriously, after looking at this multiple times, I don’t really think this is worth dying on a battlefield for.

      • Landale

        Personally, I would agree with the ones you’re saying could’ve stayed. Better safe than sorry though in a situation involving a potential decade in jail over a game though.
        Fia is unfortunately debatable due to the nudity, despite being done in a rather tasteful way. I don’t know the laws for all the countries getting this game, but nudity is likely the issue in her case.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        There is just so much actual ero fetishes going on in these pics. Mandragora is an amputee, three of them have tentacles in one form or another and skeleton apparently really likes to play alone. These are not just fetishes which would only be picked up by a Japanese audience. What other choice could have been made.

        • Landale

          Not seeing the amputee bit to Mandragora. Her legs are simply stuck in the ground like roots. Though I’m sure that kind of immobilization is a fetish anyway.

  • AkiraScare

    M rated?!! no kid is gonna buy this…

  • Luis Es.

    Rated M but removing stuff… That’s like removing any boobs or anything someone might be offended in a rated R movie. I don’t understand this. It’s just a game as well which has no real life people in it.

    • Landale

      Please note that this is not just being released in the US. 1 version, many countries, many laws to comply with. The stuff that was removed was stuff that would put people in jail for possessing in some of them.

      • Derp Minos

        Good god stop with the joke already, there are hentai games featuring loli characters sold in europe. Stop using this stupid reason to say it’s ok they censored the game, because it’s not.

        • Landale
          • Derp Minos

            And that’s matter how? People from UK can still buy the games.
            Plus in the end the pictures aren’t even worth censoring.

          • Landale

            “Photographs (including those comprised in a film) shall, if they show children and are indecent, be treated for all purposes of this Act as indecent photographs of children and so as respects pseudo-photographs.”
            ““Pseudo-photograph” means an image, whether made by computer-graphics or otherwise howsoever, which appears to be a photograph.”
            “If the impression conveyed by a pseudo-photograph is that the person shown is a child, the pseudo-photograph shall be treated for all purposes of this Act as showing a child and so shall a pseudo-photograph where the predominant impression conveyed is that the person shown is a child notwithstanding that some of the physical characteristics shown are those of an adult.”

            “A person convicted on indictment of any offence under this Act shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than ten years, or to a fine or to both.”

            “A person convicted summarily of any offence under this Act shall be liable—

            (a)to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months; or

            (b)to a fine not exceeding the prescribed sum for the purposes of section 32 of the Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980 (punishment on summary conviction of offences triable either way: £1,000 or other sum substituted by order under that Act), or to both.”

            They can buy the games because the shit that qualifies for that has been removed. The chance for 10 years in jail is a pretty damn good reason to censor something.

        • Sentsuizan_93

          I dunno man. I don’t really see h-games with lolis up for retail in my local video game store outside of conventions.
          And no, this isn’t a joke either.
          Also, Landale never said he was okay with the changes, or that he “liked” the changes either. He merely explained why the changes happened. That’s all.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Not in all countries — check with any of the legitimate companies who sell the product; there aren’t many of them. They won’t ship certain places. Mangamer has also been very public about the concerns Japanese development companies have had about getting more involved with them to make more games available to the West. Even JAST has pulled already existent titles over perceived age and appearance issues. For a business, that situation is a real one.

      • Luis Es.

        Well I live in the US. Where there’s lots of porn and violence out there for sale. But if it’s in a video game that’s rated M which to me is the equivlent to a rated R movie. So this double standard with movies and video games and the one with violence and showing some skin is weird to me.

        • Landale

          Plenty of porn and violence around, understandable. The issue is the lolis. US law, not a problem it needs to be an actual child doing sexually suggestive stuff, you’re just creepy if it’s a drawing. UK law on the other hand has this little addition: ““Pseudo-photograph” means an image, whether made by computer-graphics or otherwise howsoever, which appears to be a photograph.”. Doesn’t matter if it’s a drawing or a real child, make it sexually suggestive or worse and you’re in serious shit. US and UK are getting the same version of the game.
          All the sexually suggestive stuff of the more adult looking characters is mostly untouched outside of a couple of nude shots.

          • Luis Es.

            Are you saying the people who made this game and the people who buy the original uncensored version are all creeps? I don’t feel turned on or disgusted by a video game character who has a flat chest wearing almost nothing. To me i don’t see it as a kid. Just an adult female with a flat chest. Which doesn’t turn me on or disgust me. That being said i haven’t seen anything that’s really sexually suggestive from this game that involves lolis. THe lolis that i have seen are just very skimply dressed. And That’s weird that US and UK getting the same version of the game if there is room to have some differences in them. Nintendo said their region locking is to have different version of the games for different regions based on the culture. And it still really bugs me that if what you say is true that any grown looking woman that have nude shots in it are getting uncensored in a M rated game. THey dont remove real life boobs from r rated movies or anything like that. If it was T. I’d be like ok that makes perfect sense. Anyhoot I’m not even going to get this game and if i wanted to try it out i’d just import it.. but i do understand why it’s censored even though i may not agree with it.

          • Landale

            I’m saying that the general opinion is, yes playing something with sexualized childlike figures is rather creepy.
            Not all of the characters depicted were merely “flat chested but otherwise adult”. Most people don’t have an issue with flat chests, though some do automatically equate that to being a loli despite all other evidence which does piss me off.
            US and Europe getting the same version is likely a budget thing, given the company working on it.
            I believe you misunderstood me. The nude shots are not uncensored, at least not the ones I’m aware of. Both Fia and Rafflesia are on the list of censored cards.
            And finally games and movies have different rating systems and criteria.

          • Luis Es.

            ohh i see i did misunderstand you then.. And yes i know they have different rating systems. But i think it’s weird for them to have such different standards. Seeing real boobs/sex scenes in a movie is imo worse then seeing some skimpy dressed females in a video game. That’s how things are and I’d totally agree with however they’d want to censor the game if it was rated T. Just my big gripe with it is the M rating. I know that the cenosring is taking nothing away from the gameplay or story at all i just disagree with cenosring in general when other mediums of entertainment don’t have such censoring.

  • KnifeAndFork

    It’s because Europe is not as hung up about sexuality as the U.S. is

    “Amy I saw your son performing sexually explicit hand actions to his video game screen while looking at sexually explicit images on it! ”

    “Oh my! Really?”

    • Landale

      The censoring has everything to do with Europe, little to do with the US. The ratings difference has to do with how things are looked at between the two after the censoring.

      • KnifeAndFork

        I’m just saying you can see boobs on European TV as opposed to U.S. tv because they don’t care as much over there about the sight of nudity.

  • Warboss Aohd

    i like how everyone assumes it’s America’s fault, and it wasn’t censored for one of the other countries.

  • KoRLumen

    I don’t get it. In Europe, it’s fine, but in North America, you have this hilarious double standard where literally EVERYTHING in mainstream media has something to do with sex, drugs, or death, but when something like this happens (especially when it concerns overseas material)? NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE CONDEMN IT. KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Give me a break.

    • Warboss Aohd

      UK law, not American law is likely the cause.

  • Kelohmello

    I’m rather interested in the fact that companies can voluntarily choose to rate their own game if it’s DD only. With that being the case, what’s stopping companies from slapping any kind of rating on their game, or rather, what happens to companies that mislabel their ratings?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      They would do so clearly at their grave risk if they give their audience what they DON’T want. I’d say it should be in practice a damn good system.

  • KrazyBean

    So basically, America is not fine with sexual themes and Europe is not fine with violence?

    EDIT: I take it back. America is not fine with both themes. Just look at all the scapegoating with violent video games over there. I’ve NEVER seen anyone complain about GTA V or the new CoD over here in Europe.

    • Warboss Aohd

      again someone assumes it was America that got it removed, and not the UK loli law.

  • TrueDefault

    What? It’s downloadable only? I was expecting physical copies.

  • Estrius Alstar

    Did you guys even read the article? The M rating was the decision of IF. I’m not even American but that cliche are retarded.

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