Monster Hunter Through The Ages

By Ishaan . January 27, 2014 . 11:01am

Monster Hunter’s 10th anniversary takes place this year, and the publisher has a number of festivities and events planned as part of the anniversary celebration. As part of this effort, they’ve shared a look back at every Monster Hunter game through the ages.



The video above shows off opening movies, promotional movies and in-game footage all the way from the original Monster Hunter on PlayStation 2 to Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s an interesting look at how the series has improved over time, especially in regard to the animations of the various monsters, which have greatly improved since Gen 2.


Another point of interest is what the opening movies for each game focus on. I quite like the opening movie for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Freedom Unite) with its focus on crafting equipment, but I’m also a big fan of the worldview presented in Monster Hunter Tri’s opening, which is far more focused on the ecosystem and food chain.


Beyond the above video, Capcom’s first major anniversary celebration event will be “Monster Hunter the Real 2014,” which is being held in Japan from February 1st in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan. This event will feature large-scale replicas of the series’ monsters.


Meanwhile, the next game in the Monster Hunter series is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS. Japan will get this game in autumn, while North America and Europe will see it sometime in early 2015. Capcom said in a press release they plan to add “many new features” to the game, while maintaining the worldview of Monster Hunter 4.

  • Doctor Nebula

    Can one of those “many new features” be wireless multiplayer?

    • If you mean online multiplayer, both 4 and 4G (4 Ultimate) have it.

    • Tristan Diaz

      Monster Hunter 4 has online multiplayer straight from the 3DS, and so will the version for the West.

    • gk2012

      Lolwut? Wireless multiplayer has been on Monster Hunter since PSP.

      And if you mean online multiplayer, it’s been on MH since the first game.

      • konsama

        I think i missed the memo on how to get online on MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MHP3rd and MH3U for 3DS then.

        • Exkaiser

          To be fair, the PSP games could do online through the PS3 app.

          Bad luck for anyone without a PS3, sure, but people do use it.

          • LanceHeart

            There was and still is XLink Kai for people who don’t have a PS3. Granted, very few people use it anymore.

          • Exkaiser

            Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! But you do need a dongle for that, don’t you? I never ended up using it myself.

          • LanceHeart

            Yeah, there are a few compatible ones that work with XLink.

          • konsama

            If you have a PSP with CFW, you can use a plugin that can connect you to Xkai with USB instead of a dongle, pretty useful in many cases. Tho it can be quite a hassle to set up if you don’t have the patience.

          • konsama

            Yeah, but that doesn’t mean the game had online mode per se, it had to rely on extra softwares to be able to do so.

          • konsama

            That doesn’t mean the game has online, as mentioned by the post i replied to.

            Edit: Sorry man, i replied you with a message to someone else. >_<

        • gk2012

          Yes, yes you did.

          • konsama

            O really? Then please elaborate how to play those games online without the help of extra softwares and programs, just the game and their online capabilities? .

          • gk2012

            The feature is there, it’s not our problem that you fail to make use of it.

          • konsama

            lol i stop here, feel like i am discussing in gfaqs now.

        • Duo Maxwell

          You could always google to get that memo back. It’s that easy.

          • konsama

            I must be doing it wrong, cuz all i get is how to connect the game through external sofware and stuff. That guy said EVERY MH has online since the first game, so i’d like to know how to enable online in all the ones i mentioned.

          • gk2012

            Who said it was on every MH? Doctor Nebula was asking for a “new feature” that was already in the first game.

          • konsama

            “And if you mean online multiplayer, it’s been on MH since the first game.”

            This is quoted straight out of your post.

      • $1392518

        Yo boy, online been on console MHs, but MH4 online is a first for handheld MH.

        • gk2012

          Yo orange, no one said anything about MH4. Try to read what we said, yo.

          • $1392518

            judging at this point, no one should ever read anything you write. :)

  • konsama

    Well my favorite intro is still FU/2G hadns down, i’d say the least i liked was P3rd, not like i actually liked the atmosphere in that game that much.

    Man so much hype for MH4, at least there’s a lot of good to try and keep me busy from remembering MH4G is coming. T_T

    • My least favourite intro is probably the one from 3U. It just seems so… bland. Like, there’s no particular focus on anything. It’s like a bunch of random scenes of monsters and hunters.

      • konsama

        Yeah i get what you mean, that was too much into “let’s show dem new old flagship monsters” but not a real display of a hunter life or anything like MHG and FU, which are my favorite. But is still kinda fun to watch.

  • malek86

    I could never really get into any MH game after MHFU, probably because after 150 hours I was too burned out to restart everything from scratch. It also doesn’t help that I didn’t like the island enviroment of the MH3 gen, or underwater combat, or some of the new monsters’ fighting style.

    I’m not sure if MH4U can get me into the series again, but I’ll give it a chance.

    • Judgephoenix

      agreed I still go back and play in MHFU from time to time I have MH3 on 3DS but its kind of depressing without the Online and I refuse to get a Wii U. I usually tag along with a friend. Well atleast Capcom made sure to include the Online this time with MH4.

      • flameraver64

        Well, MHFU didn’t have online either unless you got XLink or had a PS3

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      I got into MH through MH3.

      Underwater combat’s just another thing to master, I hated it in the beginning, but Im pretty good at it now.

      • SlickRoach

        Someone must really have it out for you with all the dislikes you keep getting. o.O

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Brings a smile to my face :>

          Kazama’s going in for the kill

  • Azure Flame

    MHFU/2g was my favorite. It pretty much defines Monster Hunter. I also like the MH4 intro. The music is amazing. Man I just love Monster Hunter so much. Been playing for years.

  • Namuro

    The crafting scenes always fascinate me; it’s just really cool to see all the little details that they put in. I wish CAPCOM could do like a CG movie that just show the lives of the people in the Monster Hunter world… Like a documentary or something. Anyway, it’s great to see how far the series have come. Sure bring back some memories.

    While I love the crafting scenes, I have to say that my favourite opening is still the one from Portable 3rd. That opening has everything, from beautiful oriental scenery, cool combat scenes, glimpse of a life in the village and its culture, to confrontation with a mysterious monster. Every time I watch that opening, it always gets me in the mood to do some hunting!

  • J_Joestar

    I love Tri’s opening, reminds me a bit of those old school nature documentaries.
    It would be kinda interesting if Capcom would make a full on nature doc based on the MH world, it would definitely draw a lot of attention if done well.

  • Ric Vazquez

    2015, my body is ready but has to hibernate and wait for it.

  • konsama

    Man that very first promo video, shows how much MH4 is close to what they planned, big area maps, even those no existent in the first game at all, the irregular land with jumps. Man, everything just adds to my MH hype right now. OIHERGUEWGHERHEH

  • 하세요

    I started in Portable 3rd, but went back to play Tri before 3U came out. I loved P.3rd so much. I tried to go back and play Gen 2 but it felt so limited compared to Gen 3. I’m assuming it’s a “had to play when it came out” thing. I did feel Gen 3 was pretty easy once I played MH4. They brought back the pain and dropped it hard as hell. Fatalis destroyed me the first time I battled it (still can easily one-shot hunters). I’m glad MH4 brought back many Gen 2 titans and I’m excited for what 4G will bring to the table.

    MH is my favorite series now. I even got many figures and statues; even a felyne plush on my side mirror of my car xD Let the world know my passion! Even if they think it’s a silly cat ._.

  • ishyg

    So MH will get something great in only its 10th year, but MM and SF celebrated its 25th anniversary with…with…a re-release of a fangame?!

    Well done Capcom. I love you so much.

  • Go2hell66

    Nothing beats the 1st opening vid for mh freedom and mh2 on ps2.

  • Spider-Man

    I started out when I saw that Rathalos on the PS2 boxart for Monster Hunter. Ever since I’ve played every iteration I could get my hands on. Even customized my PS2 to play Japanese imports. (Monster Hunter 2) Got all the PSP games, Tri series, and 3 Ultimate.

    I’ve played every main game and G equivalents. Each in the 1000s hours, with Tri being 3250 hours, that online play really got addicting for me.

    With 4 Ultimate, I plan on beating Tri’s playtime.

  • s07195

    Dang, it’s a tie between the 2G, P3 and 4 opening movie for me. I agree that the 3G opening movie is just not very special at all.

  • Pandakids09 .

    Man i hope Capcom releases a limited edition 3DS XL like they did in Japan

  • Hinataharem

    Portable 3rd was my fave <3

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