This Week In Sales: PlayStation 4 Makes Its Debut

By Ishaan . February 26, 2014 . 8:30am

Period: The week of February 17th – February 23rd (2014)

Top-seller: Knack – 309,304

Nintendo 3DS sales: 9,898 | Total sales: 9,390,725

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 22,253 | Total sales: 5,751,208

PlayStation Vita sales: 16,857 | Total sales: 2,496,293

Vita TV sales: 1,383 | 93,849

Wii U sales: 8,407 | Total sales: 1,643,095

PlayStation 4 sales: 309,154

<< Last week’s software sales chart

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The PlayStation 4 was released in Japan on February 22nd, and the system sold 309,154 units in its opening weekend, according to Japanese sales tracker Media Create. In Japan, Knack was bundled with the PlayStation 4 at launch, which also gave that game the #1 spot on the software sales chart.


Meanwhile, Yakuza Restoration was released on February 22nd as well. The game sold 138,158 copies on PlayStation 3, and another 82,540 copies on PlayStation 4. Other notable PlayStation 4 launch games—most catering more to western tastes—sold far less, and you can see how they did in the sales chart below.


Overall, software sales for PS4 are, thus far, rather unimpressive, but given the relatively weak launch line-up accompanying the system, the low numbers make sense. It should be interesting to see how PS4 sales hold up in the coming weeks, as there appears to be little in the form of high-profile, exclusive software for the platform coming any time soon.


Finally, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Wii U sold just 14,330 copies in its second week on store shelves, bringing total sales to a mere 50,047 copies sold thus far.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Knack 309,304 New PS4 Sony
New 02. Yakuza Restoration 138,158 New PS3 Sega
New 03. Yakuza Restoration 82,540 New PS4 Sega
01. 04. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 72,350 634,433 3DS Square Enix
New 05. Kuroko’s Basketball: Miraculous Victory 45,681 New 3DS Namco Bandai
05. 06. Yo-kai Watch 35,125 458,961 3DS Level 5
New 07. Killzone: Shadow Fall 32,336 New PS4 Sony
New 08. Battlefield 4 24,799 New PS4 Electronic Arts
04. 09. Kirby Triple Deluxe 17,665 457,796 3DS Nintendo
07. 10. Puzzle & Dragons Z 15,092 1,374,333 3DS Gung Ho
New 11. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition 14,356 New PS4 Tecmo Koei
02. 12. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 14,330 50,047 WiiU Nintendo
New 13. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 13,862 New PS4 Ubisoft
New 14. Call of Duty: Ghosts 13,701 New PS4 Square Enix
New 15. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition 12,093 New PS4 Square Enix
10. 16. Pokémon X and Y 11,302 3,961,624 3DS Pokémon Co.
08. 17. Puyo Puyo Tetris 8,859 67,204 3DS Sega
New 18. FIFA 14 8,808 New PS4 Electronic Arts
09. 19. Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost 7,763 321,054 PS3 Namco Bandai
New 20. Need for Speed: Rivals 6,602 New PS4 Electronic Arts


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • Spirit Macardi

    “Top-seller: Knack – 309,304”

    I guess a lot of people are in for some massive disappointment.

    • subsamuel01

      It’s not that bad, just not worth full price.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Its a shitty terrible single player game and has no depth

        • subsamuel01

          Its decent with co op, but yea I agree single player is pretty bad, they would have been better off with a Ratchet and Clank or a Jak game instead.

          • idrawrobots

            So that people can complain that they have no original ideas like they do with Nintendo? It’s good they tried something different. Not good that few like it.

          • ronin4life

            Nintendo has original ideas all the time too. They just “Don’t count”.

            Not that any of this Should matter: New idea or not, if it was no good then it was no good. I will not give someone props for making a bad game just because it is slightly more original than others.

          • idrawrobots

            Nintendoes what Nintendon’t.

          • subsamuel01

            Nintendo has original ideas, they just been using the same franchises for the past 20 years. I’m sure if Sony announced a new Jak and Daxter game people would go crazy, especially if it was from Naughty Dog.

          • British_Otaku

            I would have got a PS4 at launch if Jak made a come back even if I needed to import an extra expensive one. >_>

      • J_Joestar

        good thing it came in a bundle then i guess…

    • AkuLord3

      Well it early gaming of the Ps4…not like alot of its titles now are Awesome…just meh/ok

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Uncharted 4 will change everything! Well, not everything…just the sale numbers.

  • Heisst

    309k is a lower number than I expected.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      If I remember correctly isn’t that lower than Wii U Japan debut. Even though it was holiday time but late Feb. should also be the time where consumers are back on purchasing mode

      • ronin4life

        It is. But one tracker puts PS4 at ~322,000, which is higher than WiiU.

        Both of these estimations are lower than Vita however: Just showing how little a launch can matter anyway.

      • idrawrobots

        I think the Wii U, at launch, had better games. This is going to be an interesting year.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Yeah, WiiU outsold the PS3’s first year along with the Vita’s so its on track to outsell the Vita at least

      • Hound

        Actually, February sales for consoles tend to be roughly half that of their December week 1 or 2 sales. February week 3 will never sell nearly as well as December does.

      • Hound

        If you want to compare.. WiiU sold 308,000 during its debut week and 9,633 during February week 3 2013.

        During WiiU’s debut week, the 3DS (and XL) sold roughly 200,000 copies, yet only sold 75,000 Feb week 3 2013.

        I don’t think it’s helpful to compare the PS4’s debut numbers to WiiU’s at this time.

        • idrawrobots

          For long term projections it’s not helpful but it is certainly useful to compare the data.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    150 people didn’t know that their PS4 came with Knack

    • ronin4life

      Only ~150 people were actually willing to pay for Knack.

    • Guest

      I hope it was an approximation error, I mean how is even possible to overlook the bundled game :P

    • Monterossa

      maybe they just want Knack and will buy the PS4 later?

    • idrawrobots

      Does Knack come with every PS4, why is it even for sale separately?

      • nihongogamer

        Knack is free in the ‘First limited Pack’ only. I think it’ll be sold separately after initial stock is depleted/Launch phase is complete.

    • ishyg

      You did your math well.

    • MaskedHero99

      150 ppl probably dont care for the game, 150 ppl dont have internet -_- , 150 will wait later to download it .150 people never turned on thr ps4 yet

  • ronin4life

    “Meanwhile, Yakuza Restoration was released on February 22nd as well. The game sold 138,158 copies on PlayStation 4”

    That should be PS3, right?

  • Kaien

    Knack sold more than PS4 lol

    Top-seller: Knack – 309,304
    PlayStation 4 sales: 309,154

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Japanese dont like digital, so they bought physical copies of knack

      • ishyg

        Only 150 Japanese though…

        Though my senpai agrees with you, as he only bought God Eater 2 digital due to the lack of physical copies. Then again he’s just one Japanese, do you have any statistics?

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          A game like pokemon only has 35k digital sales.

          More people download games on the WiiU and the Vita than the 3DS

    • nihongogamer

      Maybe people who imported their PS4s from America to Japan just wanted to buy some launch titles? Plus the Japanese version of Knack is completely dubbed in Japanese so it’s better than importing it for some Japanese gamers.

  • subsamuel01

    Man those Donkey Kong numbers are still sad too look at, its only the second week and its already dropped by almost half.

    • idrawrobots

      I think it’s doing well in the US.

    • Shippoyasha

      I wonder if the Japanese crowd is actually turned off that it is a western developed game. It’d be a shame if true.

      • idrawrobots

        I’m sure there are certain people who are. It’s the same here in reverse.

        FunFact from the Super Mario wiki:
        In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, K. Rool’s trophy information erroneously states that Kaptain K. Rool is the brother of King K. Rool, when in reality, the two characters are one in the same. It was thought that they were two different people in the Japanese Super Donkey Kong continuity, and the editors left that information unchanged. However, the case instead seems to be that the relation between K. Rool’s personas was never made apparent in Japanese materials, so the fact that they were meant to all be the same character was an obscure detail in Japan. Therefore, this statement can be disregarded due to the writer’s lack of knowledge on the Donkey Kong Country series. However, the intro of the Japanese Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2 apparently confirms that they are the same person.

        This to me shows how little Japan cares about DKC.

        • That would make sense if not for the fact that both Donkey Kong Country Returns and its 3D remake have sold really well in Japan. DKCR was very close to 1 million sold, the last time we saw Media Create figures for it.

          Likewise, Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS has done very well, too, and that’s a western developed game as well. And of course, there’s GTAV, which is among the highest-selling PlayStation 3 games in Japan, period.

  • Guest

    Wow that Youkai Watch game keeps on giving, this week the anime did well too being the fifth most seen animation in Japan, behind One Piece.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      plus Youkai Watch may get localized soon

      • Guest

        That’d be so awesome!!!

  • 82k out of 300k isn’t too bad of a sellthrough for copy to system, I’m gonna at least say. With PS3 sales, Yakuza Restoration sold over 200k units!

    What I want to know is, how does this compare to previous entries?

    Also: Ow, Donkey Kong.

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Knack sales – 309,304
    PS4 sales – 309,154

    Now… I understand that technically, since Knack is bundled with the PS4 all PS4 sales equate to Knack being sold.

    But… on the same account, had Knack NOT come bundled with the PlayStation 4, one could take the angle that only 150 copies of Knack would have sold. Which would be WRONG, because we don’t know how many copies would have sold if Knack was NOT bundled.

    I feel like someone is gonna try and pull this BS on why Knack sucks or something.

  • idrawrobots

    Seriously, how does a game sell more than the system itself? Keep in mind this is coming from a guy that bought Smash Bros before he owned a GameCube.

    • Guest

      Maybe there were some… Collectors?

    • Hound

      If I remember correctly, Lunar: The Silver Star outsold the Sega CD and Sonic Adventure outsold the Dreamcast for quite a while.

    • zweii

      You mean Knack? They were sold without the bundle too.
      You know for the people who bought the PS4 outside of Japan,

      • Hound

        Knack was also digitally released with the console. Some people may have chosen to obtain a physical copy anyway.

        • idrawrobots

          Okay, THAT makes sense to me now. I have a sealed copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and an Animal Crossing XL.

        • British_Otaku

          I don’t believe digital sales are counted here, hence a bunch of people for every game that sells slightly under par or worse in comments about sales always try to justify it with the potential of digital copies selling.

    • British_Otaku

      Bought The Wonderful 101 before I got a Wii U… >_>
      Still not going to understand a game selling more than the console unless people preordered it separately and forgot when they bought their system.

  • Matt Dickinson

    They should just sell the controller with a subscription to PS Now

  • Herok♞

    I don’t really think its really fair to count the bundled copies of Knack since that easily skews sales. But It doesn’t really look like PS4 has any big sellers that will keep sales high for the time being, after all even with the people that picked up the system the PS3 version of Yakuza sold more so this will be interesting to watch

    • Kevin Schwarz

      I think the biggest challenge for the ps4 is today, no other than the ps3.

  • Earthjolly

    Vita only 6 thousand below 3DS xL HNNNNNNNNNNG

    • ishyg

      Still have to count the original 3DS into the equation though.

      • idrawrobots

        And Vita TV!

  • British_Otaku

    Kuroko sold really really well with 45K and mostly being a VN from what I can tell… >_> I was worried as Magi’s game got around 15K on the first week (last week) and given that it didn’t chart this week, it is just over 20K at best for what seems to be a good step up from their first Magi 3DS action game.

    I’ll like to see whether Kuroko has legs in Magi’s place and Gundam Extreme Vs FB seems to be slowing down pretty fast for Namco Bandai too not that I doubt it made the money back.

    On the PS4? Not surprised that the sales for late and less interesting ports are fairly low and I’m curious whether Battlefield > COD is a trend in Japan or it is just because anything is better than Ghosts… >_>

    I might import Yakuza Restoration if it gets to be a while of the PS4’s life without a word about it being localised.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Goddamn. Yokai Watch is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s well beyond the last numbers I remember for Fantasy Life, which is fantastic for L5.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    *enters article*
    *reads top seller: Knack 309k*

    damn bundle

  • nihongogamer

    Possible explanations for Knack selling more than PS4:

    1) 150 people imported their PS4s from America to Japan without Knack.
    2) High re-sale value in the future for a mint copy of a rare, albeit slightly mundane, game.
    3) Slow/lack of internet made the 32Gb download a little bit impossible.
    4) Exporting to Japanese people living outside Japan?

  • new_tradition

    So there was no stand alone PS4 bundle? I’m curious how much more people paid because of the game, or was it basically given away for free and subsequent bundles will cost the same..?

    (like wise, that Borderlands Vita bundle coming out this year for the rest of the world makes me wonder how much it would’ve been without the game)

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, poor Donkey Kong Country. This just isn’t fair or nice to them, not fair or nice at all. Cool to see Yokai Watch selling well though, as well as a slight surprise in how popular Kurokos Basket was… and as far as Knack goes? I dunno, witch craft man. I’m just gonna sit here and wait for someone else to make sense of these numbers.

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